A Visit to Daddy’s

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Just a little setup here. This isn’t done in the style of my other stories exactly. I haven’t put anything up on Lit in a LONG time because when I manage to find time to write, I tend to work on longer pieces that I sell on Amazon. But I miss the interaction I used to get from Lit. I won’t lie, I particularly miss making naughty new lady friends who like to share their fantasies, photos and videos with me. 😉

This was written directly to someone, a fan from Lit who became a special friend. She contacted me when she was barely 18 and now she’s getting close to 20. She’s amazing. She’s smart and driven, kind, pretty and possesses a big, beautiful backside and thick thighs. She’s my ebony princess. This is just a little something I sent her as a thank you for a sexy picture she sent me out of the blue the other day.


You’re in town visiting, our first in-person visit ever, and we’ve just come back from a movie. We enter my little house and suddenly I step up behind you, wrapping my arms around your middle. I press myself against the soft but firm globes of your luscious ass. I’ve caught you by surprise and your instinct is to pull away. I hold you tighter as my lips find the side of your neck. One hand glides up your body to cup and gently squeeze your breast as my teeth carefully nip at your earlobe. You pretend to struggle, just a bit.

“Don’t pull away, babygirl,” I whisper into your ear. “Daddy has something he wants to give you.”

“Yes, Daddy.” You sigh with a dreamy smile and melt back into my embrace.

My hands roaming your body, my mouth kissing and sucking at your neck, and my hardening cock against your full ass all have your excitement growing. Your breathing deepens. Your every exhale is a soft, quivering moan. I know you well enough to know your pussy is getting wet by now. All I can think about is tasting it.

I walk us over to the back of the couch and pin your hips up against it with mine. Both my hands move up under your shirt, roaming the soft skin of your belly. Before they reach your breasts, you suddenly pull both your shirt and bra off over your head in one swift move. You’re baring yourself to me, telling me you want my touch.

“Good, girl.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

I roughly spin you around to face me, then sit you on the back of the couch. I get my first good look at you in a while, your seductive curves, your milk chocolate skin and dark chocolate nipples. My cock is so hard. I want so desperately to rip off your pants and bury it in your pink little pussy, but that’s not the plan.

You spread your legs wide, allowing me to stand right up against you. My cock throbs through my pants as I press it against you. Taking your face in my hands, I spend a moment examining you. Your kind eyes, your nervous smile, your full, sexy lips…they draw me to you. Our eyes close, our lips touch, and for a moment all the air is gone from the room. My heart pounds, my head swims and for just a moment the entire world melts away. Our tongues slowly enter each other’s mouths as we continue to kiss passionately. You press your bare breasts against my chest, moving around slightly for the sensation of your sensitive nipples against the fabric of my shirt. I grind my cock against your pussy through two layers of clothing.

You pull your face away, this time your hands hold my face and you look into my eyes with longing. “Daddy?”

“Yes, baby?”

Your breath quivers, “Daddy, are you going to fuck me?”

“Mmmmm, not yet. Maybe not even today.” I grin when I see the pout forming on your face. You want me. “Don’t worry, babygirl, Daddy will take good care of you.”

With that, my mouth moves down your neck and across your collarbone. You experience a little shudder as my beard drifts over your pert nipple. Your fingers are suddenly in my long hair, gripping gently and moving my head downward until my lips are not more than an inch away from your sakarya escort nipple. You feel my hot, moist breath wash over it and close your eyes in expectation.

I wait, letting excitement build. My hands gently firmly cup both of your beautiful breasts. When I just can’t wait any longer, I extend my tongue and let the tip trace a light circle around your areola. You sigh and grip my hair tightly with one hand while other other moves to play with your other nipple. I suddenly engulf your breast with my hot mouth. My tongue flickers across your nipple, you grip my hair almost too tight and smash my face against your breast.

“Mmmm, Daddy!”

My hand moves between your legs. Even through your panties and a layer of denim, I can feel how hot and wet your pussy is. That perfect little pussy I’ve only seen on the screen of my phone and iPad. That bright pink candy surprise hidden behind a delicate layer of chocolate that I want so badly to eat.

I pull away and stand up. Once more our lips meet, our tongues dance and I want to make you mine. I spin you away from me, pin you against the back of the couch again, and reach around to unfasten your pants. I kiss at your neck and bare shoulder as one hand slides over your soft belly, down into your open pants and under the silky material of your panties. My fingers wander down over the baby soft skin of your clean shaven mound toward the object of my desires. The tip of my middle finger reaches the top of your wet slit. I apply gentle pressure an a slight circular motion. You moan loudly at my manipulation of your little clit.

Without warning, I forcefully bend you over the couch. I grab two handfuls of material and pull down. Your pants and panties slide down over your wide, womanly hips and spankable ass. I find myself staring, transfixed by the sight of a fantasy come to life. This beautiful young woman not quite out of her teens, bent over and presented to me for the taking. I quickly try to estimate the number of times the thought of you like this has made me cum on lonely nights in my bed alone. Or, honestly, at least a few times lying in the arms of another woman and even once with my cock spraying cum into the hungry mouth of an ex-girlfriend. And there it is, finally, ready for me to claim.

You cry out when my big hand suddenly comes crashing down on one side of your ass, then the other. Your beautiful brown flesh jiggles and shakes and my cock twitches inside my pants. I get to my knees and plant kisses all over your amazing butt as I help you step out of your pants. I move your feet farther apart and lean in, getting my first in-person, up close look at your pussy. Aesthetically, it’s perfect. If I were designing a woman, she would have your small, beautiful pussy.

I have you step back toward me, you rest your shoulders on the back of the couch and play with your nipples while I get you in position. Legs spread, back arched downward, ass and pussy on glorious display. I’m ready.

“Baby, reach back with both hands and spread your ass for Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy!” You reach back and grab two fleshy handfuls and spread your cheeks, looking back at me over your shoulder. “Like this, Daddy?”

“That’s perfect, princess. Daddy can see everything now.” I suddenly slide a finger into your soaking wet snatch. “I can see your tiny little pussy.” I draw my finger, slick with your juices, up along your crack to your pucker and quickly but carefully slide it into you. You gasp in surprise and discomfort. “And I can see your inviting little asshole.”

“Mmmm, Daddy, you have to be careful with my butt. It feels kinda good but-“

“Don’t worry, angel,” you groan in awkward pleasure as a pump my finger in and out twice quickly, “Daddy’s going to train this ass right.” You groan again as I very slowly slide my finger out of you. “But not today.”

I lean in and playfully bite your buttcheek. It makes you jump and escort sakarya you let go of your ass. I lay into you with three semi-hard smacks to the butt.

“Keep those cheeks spread, babygirl!”

“Y-yes, daddy!” You know I’m not angry, that it’s just play, and you get off on playing along. “I’m sorry, Daddy! I’ll be a good girl.”

You pull harder, spreading yourself even more open than before and I can resist no longer. I ease myself between your legs, mouth watering at the thought of the tastes it’s about to experience. My tongue dances playfully around the outside of your pussy lips without touching them. You moan quietly and move your hips around, trying to guide my tongue to your honey pot. I pull back, again focusing on your backside. I kiss the sensitive skin between your pussy and your asshole and you quiver. From there I glide my tongue up to your pucker and kiss it.

“Do you want Daddy to lick it?”

“Lick what? My ass? No, Daddy, I want you to lick my pussy. My pussy needs you so bad, Daddy.”

“Too bad you’re not the one in charge.”

I bury my face in your butt, my stiff, muscular tongue prodding and prying at your little hole. Wiggling against it, trying to push inside. The cries of my little girl, who didn’t want Daddy at her asshole, quickly changed from objection to pleasure.

“It feels weird, Daddy. I shouldn’t like it…but I do.”

Suddenly, my lips are at your pussy. My large mouth covers the entire thing and my tongue slides easily between your folds. Your juices flood my mouth. So much better than I even imagined.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Daddy! Oh thank you, Daddy! Mmmmm it feels so good.”

You grind yourself against my face. You bounce back and forth between moans and whimpers. I think you’re going to cum already. I switch things up, suddenly focusing my lips and tongue on your clit while sliding a finger inside your wetness. Your velvet walls grip at my finger, it’s so tight and silky smooth inside. I shudder to think how heavenly it will feel to slide my cock into you. But first things first, I suck your clit into my mouth and batter it with my thrashing tongue while keeping a slow, steady rhythm fucking you with my finger. Your moans turn to whines, your legs start to quiver making your meaty thighs jiggle.

“Oh! Oh…Daddy! Oh, oh, oh fuck! Oh god, Daddy! I’m gonna cum! You’re making me cum, Daddy!”

With that you explode. Your legs half collapse, your wonderful thighs clamp against the sides of my head, your entire body shudders and you let out a moaning scream like I’ve never heard. Your body bucks, strong thighs taking my head with it. Slowly, as your cries subside into delirious whispers, your thighs relax and release me. You collapse backward, your head and shoulders on the seat of the couch, your backside up in the air resting on the back of the couch.

“Oooh, god, daddy.” Your voice is a breathy whisper. “So much better than I dreamed.”

I just smile to myself, watching your pussy tremble, glistening with your juices and my saliva. You continue to express your satisfaction in indiscernible mumbles. Your body relaxes and your breathing has almost returned to normal.

Suddenly, I wrap my arms around your thighs, pulling you toward me and bury my face in your pussy. My tongue eagerly assaults your hypersensitive lips.

“OH!! Daddy! Daddy, what are you-”

Your words are cut short by a deep breathy moan as I angrily attack your rock hard little nub. You grind your pussy against my face. Holding your clit firmly between my lips, I thrash my head around, tugging at it. Every muscle tightens and you cum again. Shuddering, shaking, and calling out to me, your second orgasm seems more powerful than the first.

I don’t let up. I continue devouring your pussy like a starving man. Your cries become more strained as the pleasure grows to be almost too much.

“Oh fuck, Daddy! Oh fuck! Fuck!” sakarya escort bayan You paw at my head between your thick thighs. “Daddy, it’s… ungh… it’s too…I don’t… oooohhhh… I don’t think I can…” without warning, I slide my thick thumb into your tight asshole. “Oh! Oh! Daddy! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming again, Daddy!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

I keep going. Sucking at your nub, licking the length of your slit, burying my tongue as deep inside as I can manage. All the while wiggling and pumping my thumb in your hot ass. Your body shudders and shakes, no longer having the strength to buck wildly as you had moments before.

“Daddy…please. S-stop, daddy. Please stop.” Your voice is so soft and weak. “No more, daddy. I can’t… take anymore.”

I relent, satisfied that I’ve pleasured you to your limit and beyond. I ease your backside over the back of the couch and you curl up on your side. Your eyes are closed and your plump lips are stretched into a permanent smile. I grab the fuzzy blanket off the armchair and drape it over you. Your eyelids struggle open to show me the gleam in your eyes and your smile parts just enough for a whispered thank you.

You drift off to sleep and I watch you for a while. Your blissful expression only slightly relaxes with your slumber. I softly stroke your hair. The backs of my fingers caress your cheek. I count myself lucky to have you here with me. I start a fire in the fireplace so it will be the first thing your beautiful brown eyes see when they open again.

Over half an hour later, that’s exactly what happens. We wake on the couch, the living room is lit only by the flames from the fireplace. You sit up and wrap the blanket around your naked body, looking around for me. From the doorway to my room down the hall, you see more flickering lights.

As I place the last of several candles lit around the room, I look up and see you in the doorway. You smile and I can’t help but smile back. You step into the room, slowly letting the blanket slide down your body. With ever inch of luscious chocolate skin you expose, my cock grows harder. By the time we meet in the center of the room the blanket is on the floor and I once again wrap my arms around the plump curves of your naked body.

We kiss as I guide you to the bed. You settle back on the welcoming comforter as I pull off my clothes. I’m crawling up between your thighs as you settle back against the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. You stroke my hair as my mouth meets your pussy. My tongue slides between your lips, I thrill at tasting you again. Your juices begin to flow.


I look up at you from between your thighs. “Yes, princess?”

“I want your cock.” You smile and bite your lip. “Please, fuck me, Daddy.”

I crawl up your body, dropping kisses along the way. On your thighs, up across your belly, between your breasts, until we’re gently kissing. You reach down and guide my cock toward your silken opening. I lean into you, my cock eases inside. Your tightness grips me, a shiver runs up my spine. I’ve wanted to be inside you for so long.

My dick eases in and out, we moan together. I thrust gradually faster, gradually harder. Our eyes lock, your moans grow louder.

“Harder, Daddy! Fuck me!”

You pull at your nipples, tugging on them as my cock pounds into you. I feel the cum welling up in my balls.

“Oh god! Oh Daddy! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop!”

“Baby! I have to stop! I’m about to-“

“I don’t care, Daddy! Cum! Cum inside me! I want to feel your seed filling me up!”

After that, there was no holding back. I thrust hard a few more times. Then once more, driving deep and letting my cum explode inside you. Pulse after pulse of thick, white seed floods your tight, little pussy as you scream out your own orgasm. We rock and thrust against each other, rutting like animals, squeezing every ounce of pleasure out of each other.

Breathing heavily we fall away from each other. I roll to the side and lay beside you. You roll toward me and rest your head on my chest. I wrap my arms around you, kiss your forehead and we drift off to sleep. We’ll need the rest for later. I plan to make the most of our time together.

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