A Visit to Daddy’s Office

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I’m woken up by Daddy kissing my head. “Good morning sweetheart, I have to leave now. Have a good day.” I reach up and put my arms around daddy’s neck, pulling him back down to me.

“Sweetheart, Daddy has to leave now, and you need to get up too.”

“I don’t have work today, Daddy. I don’t want to get up. Come back to bed Daddy, please,” kissing Daddy and pulling him down to me.

“I’ll make it worth your while, Daddy.”

“I don’t doubt that for a second, sweetheart,” Daddy chuckled, “but I still have to leave and making Daddy late will earn you a smacked bottom.”

Daddy swats my bottom making me yelp and roll over in bed, giggling. The covers slide off me and I lie on my back spreading my legs just a few inches, hoping Daddy might be tempted to stay after all.

“Oh my sweetheart, I know what you’re doing and you are making Daddy’s cock so hard, but I have to leave so please behave.”

I get up on my knees in bed and move over to Daddy. “Okay Daddy, I’ll be good,” kissing him, biting his lower lip lightly. “Have a good day daddy.” I laugh with a groan, as Daddy leaves me naked in bed.

I get up and go into the bathroom, still feeling a little excited. Oh god, I wish Daddy didn’t have to get up so early. My kitten is wet now and no Daddy around to take care of me. I guess I’ll just have to take care of myself, then. I get in the shower and the hot water feels amazingly good running all over my body. I reach down and feel my smooth lips, stroking, feeling the tingle deep inside. I slip a finger inside my lips, imagining Daddy is there standing behind me playing with my wet aching kitten. Gasping, I start rubbing my wet little clit. It’s like Daddy’s there and I can hear him whispering in my ear, ‘Is Daddy making his little girl’s pussy feel good? Cum for Daddy, cum for Daddy like an obedient little girl,” and I cum so hard my legs shake and I have to hold on to the wall. I open my eyes and smile. I am definitely sneaking in to the shower with Daddy when he gets home.

I get dressed and go in to the kitchen to get some coffee. I pick up my phone from the kitchen table and see that I have a missed call and a text from daddy. I open the text:

“Call me ASAP, young lady.”

Oh my!!! Young lady? What did I do? I wreck my brain trying to remember something I might have done but I can’t think of anything. I call Daddy


“Hi daddy. It’s me. I just got your text. What’s up? ”

“What’s up?????”

Daddy’s voice is ominous and I hear him standing up to close the door to his office.

“What’s up is, I’ve just received an email informing me that I have been issued a speeding ticket because a car registered in my name have been caught by a traffic camera. Guess whose pretty little face turned up in the photo?”

My heart drops. Oh my god, I used daddy’s car last week to do the weekly food shop. Daddy’s car is so much more fun to drive, than mine. I didn’t realise the traffic bahis firmaları camera had gone off.

“Uhmm I …..I wasn’t……I mean I didn’t realise I was speeding.”

“You didn’t realise???? Do you know how fast you have to go to make one of those cameras go off?”

I stutter a quiet “I don’t know Daddy.”

“It’s a good thing you are not working today, because you are going to get in your car and drive VERY carefully to my office, RIGHT NOW!!!” Daddy is using his you-are-in-so-much-trouble-you-have-no-idea voice. Daddy never raises his voice to me, he doesn’t have to. That tone in his voice is enough to make me shiver in my panties. Mostly because I know they are about to be taken down.

“But, Daddy I …..” I stop myself, there is nothing I can say now that will make this any better, except “Yes sir, Daddy, I’m on my way.”

“Good, I’ll see you in a little while then. And sweetheart, drive carefully.” Daddy’s voice is a little gentler.

I pull up to the office building and park my car. I’m in sooooooo much trouble. My tummy is in knots and I’m cursing myself for being so irresponsible. Especially in Daddy’s car. If it had been my car, I could have just paid the ticket and hoped he never found out. I get out of the car and walk in to the building heading for reception. The receptionist looks up and smiles as she sees me

“Hi, Alexandrina. He’s expecting you. I’ll take you in there right away.”

We walk towards his office, and in my head I hear a voice singing ‘dead girl walking’.

“I don’t envy you him today, he’s in such a foul mood. Maybe you can cheer him up,” she says and smiles. I wonder if she means that or knows that Daddy’s in a bad mood because of me. She takes me through the outer doors and tells me to go on in.

I knock on your office door, feeling so nervous I’m shaking.

“Come in.”

I open the door and walk inn closing the door behind me. Daddy’s working on his computer and looks up as I enter. I stare at the floor, too nervous to look him in the eyes, I can feel the tears already pressing in my eyes.

“Come here, young lady.”

I walk over to him still not meeting his eyes. Daddy can see how nervous and upset I am.

“Sweetheart, look at Daddy.” I look up and see him looking at me with tenderness in his eyes. Daddy pulls me into his lap and hugs me tight and my tears start rolling down my cheeks.

“You better save those tears sweetheart,” he says, holding me and caringly patting my bottom, letting me cry into his shoulder.

Daddy pulls me away from his shoulder, wipes my face and points to the screen. There is a clear image of me in Daddy’s car on the screen. The information in the photo tells me I’m going 55 mph in a 40 zone.

“Would you please explain this to me, young lady.”

“I don’t know, Daddy. I didn’t know I’d done it.”

“So there was no emergency, you were not even running late, you just didn’t pay attention to kaçak iddaa what you were doing?”

I nod. “I’m so sorry daddy, I don’t know what happened. I feel so stupid for acting so irresponsible.”

“You’re right sweetheart. You acted completely irresponsibly, putting yourself and others in danger, and to make it worse you did it because you weren’t paying attention. After driving home today, it will be a long time before you are allowed to drive again.”

I look at daddy with wide eyes. How will I get around? Daddy can’t just take my car away.

“Don’t look so surprised young lady. Until you can show me what a responsible little girl you can be, daddy will be holding on to your car keys.”

Daddy stands me up and rises to his feet in front of me.

“Go to the middle of the room and strip completely nude.”

“Oh no daddy, please, not here.”

“Are you talking back to your Daddy?” I look down. “No sir, Daddy.”

I move to the middle of the room and kick off my shoes, strip off my top and open my jeans sliding them slowly down my legs. I stand up, wearing nothing but my white lace underwear now and give him a pleading look.

Daddy gives me his very stern look “You know better.”

I do know better. One of daddy’s rules about spankings is that I always have to be completely nude. That means no items of clothing, jewellery or bands in my hair.

I sigh and unfasten my bra, sliding it down my arms before I slip my thumbs inside my panties and pull them down. I remove my ear rings and necklace and unfasten my hair clip. He’s watching me with an impatient frown on his forehead. When I’m done, he opens a drawer in his desk and takes out a wooden ruler. I close my eyes and bite my lip nervously. He takesoff his suit jacket and roll the shirt sleeves up. Walk around the desk, move the chair standing in front of it and clears the desk.

“Over here! Bend over, elbows and hands on the desk.”

I do as I’m told, feeling utterly embarrassed being naked and exposed in the middle of daddy’s office. I bet the paper-thin walls will keep no secrets either.

“Do you have something you would like to ask Daddy, sweetheart?”

I know what he wants me to ask and it never gets easier. Another one of Daddy’s rules is that I have to ask him for my punishment spankings. This is supposed to help me accept my punishment and show daddy the proper submission.

I take a deep breath “Yes sir, Daddy. Will you please give me a punishment spanking on my bare bottom for acting so irresponsibly?”

“Yes sweetheart. I most certainly will.”

I feel the first hard smack of the ruler hitting the very top of my bottom cheeks, covering both cheeks. I grit my teeth and stifle a yelp. I don’t want people to hear me, although they probably heard the ruler connecting with my poor bare bottom. Daddy keeps spanking me, hard and fast. Covering my bottom with hard smacks, focusing om my sit spots and the crease between kaçak bahis my bottom and thighs. I try to stay quiet but soon I’m crying and sobbing, begging daddy to stop, promising to be a good girl.

“Reach back and spread your little bottom cheeks nice and wide for Daddy, so I can spank those tender spots properly.” I reach back and spread my bottom cheeks open for him. I hate it when he spanks the tender spots between my bottom cheeks right over my pussy lips. It hurts like nothing else and I cry harder in anticipation of the pain.

I yelp and scream as daddy smacks my most tender spots with the ruler. Daddy places the ruler on the desk in front of me and places his hand on my sore bottom. I’m crying hard. My hair is sticking to my face and I’m trying to catch my breath. Daddy is stroking my bottom tenderly, his hand sliding down between my legs and I cringe.

“Oh my, what a wet little girl you are. Daddy spanking your bare little bottom for the whole office to hear is making you dripping wet, isn’t it?”

I’m still bent over the desk sobbing like a little girl, feeling embarrassed that my kitten is reacting like this to me being spanked. I hear Daddy’s suit trousers opening and feel his hand on my hip. He rubs the head of his cock over my wet lips and I can’t help but moan. He positions his cock over my opening and slams in to my soaking wet pussy. I scream out in pain and pleasure and arch my back. His hands are digging in to my hips as he picks up the pace of his thrusts. He ramshis rock hard cock deep inside me, hitting that special spot inside my wet little pussy. He leans over my back and whisper in my ear;

“Is daddy making his little girls pussy feel good? Do you need to cum for daddy?”

His words are pushing me closer to orgasm “Oh Daddy, please may I cum. I need to cum, Daddy.”

“Yes Alexandrina, cum for your Daddy. Be a good obedient little girl and cum hard, right on your daddy’s hard cock.”

I cum hard, pushing back as I explode on his cock. Feeling it pulsate inside me and Daddy thrusting so hard. In my hazy state, I’m vaguely aware that Daddy is fucking me with punishing speed before giving me one last deep thrust, filling me up as he cums inside me.

I lay breathing heavy over his desk feeling the weight of Daddy on top of me. It feels warm and comforting against my sore bottom. He eventually stands up pulling his cock out of me, making me gasp. Patting my sore bottom gently he tells me to stand up. Daddy pulls me in to a big strong hug.

“You took that spanking really well sweetheart. Daddy’s very proud of you. Now you need to get in the car and drive home. When you get home, I want you to put the car keys on my desk in the study. Daddy will keep them until I think you can be trusted with them again.”

Daddy kisses me tenderly on the forehead and tells me to get dressed. When we are both dressed and presentable, he opens the office door and takes my hand. Suddenly, I realise I am going to have to walk through the office, having every person in there know I just had my bottom bared and spanked like a naughty little girl. I bow my head and blush, but not before seeing Daddy smirking at me.

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