A Visit to Australia

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I met John and, through him, his wife Laura online. We played out involved and erotic fantasies over the medium of a chatroom. As hot as they were, they were still missing the extra level only being in person can provide. Unfortunately, meeting in person was pretty much a non-starter as we lived on opposite sides of the planet. However, after about 6 months of chatting online I got the opportunity to go on a study abroad program in Australia. I decided to leave the US a week before the rest of the student group on the pretext of visiting some friends. I guess that wasn’t entirely untrue, but the true nature of my visit would remain an erotic secret.

I boarded the plane by myself and flew to Sydney. It was a grueling 24 hours of travel. A long, cross-country flight followed by an even longer cross-ocean flight. By the time I landed I was exhausted. John met me at the airport. This was the first time I had seen him in person. He was a handsome man, about 5’10. His hair was salt and pepper with matching stubble. In good shape, but not jacked. He greeted me with a hug that lasted a bit longer and he held me a bit tighter than would be normal for friends greeting each other for the first time. I didn’t mind though. I’m sure he knew that though as he had to have felt the bulge of my semi-hard cock pressing up against his thigh, just as I felt his.

After gathering up my luggage we got into his car. It was about a 90-minute drive to his place. Along the way, he pointed out the many sights in Sydney, but to my travel addled brain the car ride was mostly a blur. We finally arrived at his house at around 8 PM local time. Laura came out to greet us. She was older than John, 55. Her 5’7 frame carried her soft, round ass, soft stomach, and big soft breasts perfectly. Her hair was dyed a tasteful red that contrasted nicely with her milky skin. She wore white yoga pants that had gone through the wash one too many times and a top that was a little too low cut for polite society, but not overtly slutty. She also gave me a long, tight hug and I felt like I was going to be swallowed up by her breasts. Just like her husband, I’m sure she must have felt my cock pressing up against her thigh.

“Welcome to Australia!” She said cheerfully.

“We’re glad to have you,” John followed.

“I’m thrilled to be here, it’s great to finally meet y’all” I said.

They both chuckled at my use of stereotypical American slang. Laura motioned me in wile John helped me with my bags. I followed them into the house and through the living room. As I entered, I couldn’t help but notice Laura’s black, lacy panties hugging her ass and showing through the white yoga pants she wore. Laura went into the kitchen and John led me to where I would be staying.

“You’ll be staying in the guest bedroom. Ours is right next door, so if you need anything we’re right nearby.”

“Perfect,” I said.

“You must be exhausted. If you want to go ahead and knock out that’s fine with us, but Laura’s got dinner just about ready if you’re hungry.” John said

“I need to eat; I’ve hardly touched anything since I took off. I’m about starved,” I said.

John laughed and said, “I’ll let you unpack for now. Dinner’s ready whenever you are.”

John started to leave. I was between him and the door and as he walked past, I felt his hand brush softly against my ass. The small amount of contact sent a chill up my spine and my mind began racing with thoughts of what the next week would entail.

After I finished unpacking, I walked into the kitchen. John and Laura were already sitting, and dinner was already served and waiting. I sat down at the empty seat and smelled the meal before me.

“It smells absolutely fantastic,” I said.

“Why thank you,” Laura said.

As she spoke, I noticed her top seemed to have sunk lower down her chest. Her big milky tits were nearly spilling out of her top now. In my delirious state I must have stared too long because when I was finally able to break my gaze away and meet her eyes, her face was flushed. The look on my face must have betrayed my embarrassment, but she simply smiled and took a deep breath, causing her tits to rise and give me an even better look. I glanced over at John who winked at me and smiled. The rest of the dinner passed uneventfully, I tried (and failed) to maintain eye contact while I told the couple about my trip, my life in the US, and what I planned to do after my stay with them. They told me about interesting places I should be sure to see and other interesting things about the new country I found myself in. By the end of dinner, it was nearly 10:30 and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I helped Laura gather up the dishes and put them in the sink, then headed off to bed. Despite my exhaustion, it took a little for me to fall asleep. Before my eyes shut for the final time that night, I heard moans and the sound of flesh against flesh muffled by the wall. I fell asleep fully erect.


I woke up the next morning şırnak escort at 11:30. Feeling much better than I did yesterday, but still not fully adjusted to the new time zone. I put on shorts and a t shirt and walked out into the kitchen. John was sitting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper.

“He’s alive,” he joked

“More or less. Yesterday really took it out of me, but I’m still a bit jet lagged, and the time zone shift still feels weird.”

“We’ll take it easy today, hang out here and get you settled in. There’s coffee in the pot and fruit and yogurt in the fridge. Feel free to help yourself.”

I made myself a bowl of yogurt with fruit and a cup of coffee and joined John at the table.

“Laura went into Sydney to run some errands. She’ll be back in a couple of hours.” John said. “In the meantime, we got the place to ourselves.”

We chit chatted for a bit about the local happenings in Australia and joked about the depressing, but funny parallels between Australian and American politics. After I finished breakfast, I cleaned my mug and bowl and sat back down at the table.

“I hope we didn’t keep you up last night,” John said, referencing the noises I heard through the wall the night before.

“Only a little, but I was fine with it,” I said with a smile.

“Do you want to see what happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“We made a little video. Consider it a welcome present. Do you want to watch it?”

Trying not to sound over-eager, “Sure.”

John got up and walked to the living room and I followed. The laptop was already plugged into the TV. Clearly, this had been planned. Thinking about how excited he was to show me made me more excited to watch. He started the video and sat on the opposite end of the couch from me. The shot was static; a camera mounted on a tripod at the base of the bed. Laura was lying on the bed wearing a pink nightie. A flash of her lacy black panties peeked out tantalizingly from between her legs. On screen, I saw John walk out from behind the camera and lay on the bed next to her. He kissed her while his hands began exploring her body. They were on their sides, facing each other now. John pulled up her nightie, revealing her ass. The panties framed it perfectly. Small enough to make her ass look like it would explode out, but without digging in and pinching it. His hand followed the curve of her hips and ass, then found its way to her crotch. He rubbed his hand over the soft fabric covering her pussy. She subtly spread her thick milky thighs and moaned. On screen, I could see John’s erection growing in his briefs and a wet spot forming on the front of them.

I glanced over to John on the couch and saw a similar sight. A bulge was growing in his pants. He pretended to ignore it, but I could tell how turned on watching the tape with me was making him. I could feel my own erection swelling in my pants. I pretended to be adjusting my seat while I applied pressure to my cock through my shorts. The feeling was heavenly.

On screen, John helped Laura remove her nightie. She was now only wearing the lacy black panties. He began to play with her tits, sucking on one while he massaged the other nipple with his hand. He pressed his cock into her. Their bodies seeming so desperate to consummate the act they forgot to remove the thin layers of fabric separating them.

I looked over at John again. His hand was now clearly over his cock. He was applying pressure and rubbing rhythmically, transfixed by his actions the night before now displayed on screen. I followed his lead and began to rub myself through my pants, no longer worrying about the pretext of pretending to adjust my seat.

In the video, Laura was now sucking John’s cock. He was seated, up against the headboard while her ass was pointed directly toward the camera. She still wore the black panties which hugged her ass perfectly. I couldn’t see John’s cock, but movement of the back of Laura’s head and the eyes closed pleasure on John’s face made my imagination run wild.

John got up and walked towards the kitchen. As he passed in front of me, the bulge in his pants was unmistakable. I was transfixed by his erection, so much so I didn’t see him staring equally as hungrily at mine. I heard bottles opening and ice clattering coming from the kitchen. I didn’t pay much attention as I couldn’t peel my eyes from the screen. John was removing Laura’s black panties and getting ready to go down on her. They angled themselves so the camera could get the best view of the action. As John’s tongue began to work on her slit, I watch the deep and ragged breaths and moans heaved Laura’s soft breasts up and down.

I was rubbing my cock through my pants and squirming with pleasure and anticipation as John returned from the kitchen. He set my drink on the end table next to me and sat on the couch, this time much closer to me. I stopped rubbing myself, a bit embarrassed to have been walked in on in such a şırnak escort bayan state of single-minded self-pleasure. I reached for the drink on the table next to me. The ice rattled a bit in the cup, my hand was shaking with anticipation. I took a sip and as I went to put the cup back, I spilled a bit on my shorts. John and I both looked at the wet spot on my pants. I couldn’t tell how much of the wetness was caused by the drink and how much was caused by the pre-cum leaking through my shorts. John reached over and placed his hand on the wet spot on my shorts, right on top of my throbbing cock. He began to rub it slowly and softly.

“We can’t have you wearing wet shorts.” He said, almost matter-of-factly. Although he tried to suppress it, I could hear an edge of sexual excitement in his calm words.

He continued to rub my cock. He gripped it tighter and started to rub a bit harder. My own hand felt its way across the couch, onto his thigh, then onto his erect cock. The bulge felt huge in my hand. I began to rub it, softly and slowly. I could feel his cock straining against the fabric of his pants. After a moment he stopped and stood taking off his pants and shirt. I followed suit. We both stood there, admiring each other’s naked bodies. He reached over and began stroking my cock and I returned the favor. The combined feeling of my cock in his hand and his in mine was sending me to the edge. He must have sense I was on the verge of orgasm because he suddenly let go.

“Wait here,” he said. I loosened my grip on his cock and let it slide out of my hand as he walked away.

I sat back down on the couch and turned my attention to the screen. John was now fucking Laura from behind. Her arms were out in front of her, her face against the bed and her ass was in the air. At some point while John and I were enjoying each other she had put her panties back on. John rhythmically pumped in and out, fucking her with her panties pushed off to the side. Laura’s ass greedily ate up every inch of his impressive cock. I sat on the couch and stroked myself trying to keep the same rhythm as my hosts on screen. John returned with something in his hand. He held them out for me and I realized they were Laura’s panties from the night before, still covered in the fluids from their love making session. I took them, held them to my face and inhaled deeply. The smell of their sex was intoxicating. John sat down next to me, his thigh pressing into mine. I handed the panties back to him and he smelled them the same way I had. Then he took them in his hand and began using them to stroke me. The feeling of the soft fabric and his strong grip ensured I didn’t last long. I came hard. He used the panties to catch every drop of cum, soaking them and adding my cum to the already filthy panties. As I came, I wrapped my hand around his cock. I began to stroke him I used my free hand to take the panties from him and repeated his actions. I made sure to coat his cock with my cum. The sticky, white substance covered him from base to head. He moaned with pleasure as I stroked. He didn’t last long either. He came forcefully. I used the panties to clean up what I could from his cock. They were absolutely soaked now. We sat there a moment, radiating in our post orgasm bliss.

“Fuck, that was hot,” I said. I returned my attention to the TV where I could still here the moans of pleasure I had heard the night before.

“You’re telling me,” John said.

I looked down at his cock and could see it was already hardening again. It was covered in a mixture of both our cum. The sight quickly made me hard again. As John was watching the screen I got on my knees between his legs. He spread his legs, presenting his cock to me. I took it gingerly in my hands and stroked it several times, getting his cock back to a full erection. Then I started at the base of his shaft and licked him thoroughly, greedily lapping every drop of our combined cum that still stuck to him. When I had ensured his cock was cleaned, I began to suck him. I swirled my tongue around his head and worked his balls with my hand. I sucked up and down his cock trying to fit as much of his impressive member as I could in my mouth. I could hear his breathing getting ragged. My own cock was fully erect at the thought of the pleasure I was giving him. I couldn’t resist stroking myself as I sucked his dick. I could tell he was getting close. He squirmed a bit in his seat and tried to hold back his moans of pleasure. I intensified my effort, leaving my own cock alone and using both hands and my mouth to bring him to release. Finally, he shot his load into my mouth. I tried to keep it all in, but some trickled out around his cock. I continued to suck him, my spit and his cum mixing and covering his shaft as his prick spasmed. Finally, he pushed my shoulders away from him, signaling to me to stop.

“My turn,” he said, simply.

I got up on the couch and he got down on his knees. My cock was already escort şırnak wet, but he let a big ball of spit fall from his mouth onto my cock. He used his hand to rub it in, covering my cock with his spit. He stroked my shaft for a bit, then took it in his mouth. He worked his tongue expertly. He knew exactly how to swirl it, how to time his mouth and his hands. He masterfully played with my balls while his mouth worked the head.

As he sucked me, I watched the action on screen. Laura was on top now. Her ass bouncing up and down on his cock. Every time she came down, the force of the slap would ripple throughout her body, and her ass would shake divinely. Her moans were mounting as she approached orgasm, becoming higher pitched and louder. She began to pump desperately on John’s cock. With one final push, she slammed all the way down, shuddered and collapsed onto his chest, her body shaking with pleasure.

The sight of Laura coming on screen and John’s expert technique were too much for me. I came again. My eyes rolled back in my head as I shot my load down John’s waiting throat. I eagerly gobbled every drop, his practiced mouth not losing anything as I had earlier. He bobbed his head up and down my cock several more times, being sure to gobble every drop, then got up and sat next to me on the couch. We were both exhausted, as were the John and Laura on screen. We lazily played with each other’s semi erect dicks as we watched the end of the video. Laura lay on the bed, legs splayed, panties still pulled off to the side exposing her pussy, still leaking cum. Her inner thighs were shiny and soaked with fluid. John got out of the bed walked towards the camera, disappeared behind it, and the screen went black.

We were still seated there, hands on each other’s cocks and black panties soaked with our cum off to the side when Laura came home. She opened the door and walked in, then stopped, staring at the scene in front of her.

“You little fuck,” she said to John. “You told me you’d wait for me.”

“Sorry,” John said, feigning sheepishness.

“I’m going to have to punish you for this,”

“Oh noooooo,” John said.

I could feel his erection returning in my hand. He was clearly excited about whatever punishment was coming.

Laura walked over to the couch and grabbed the panties we had been playing with.

“I see you got my panties ready for me,” she said. Her voice was dripping with a seductive honey.

She stood in front of us and held up the panties, still wet with our cum. After holding them up for us to admire, she bent over so her breasts were nearly falling out of her braless blouse and her skirt hung in front of her. She slid off the panties she was wearing, stepped out of them, and put the dirty ones on and stood up, all in a way that ensured the only thing we saw was her breasts in her blouse and the middle of her thighs.

“I’m going to change into something more comfortable,” she said, then left the room allowing our imaginations to run wild.

John stood up, got the panties she had left on the floor, and returned to the couch. We took turns sniffing them and rubbing them against each other’s cocks as we had earlier. These were a simple soft cotton variety, but the smell of her musk after a day of errands in the hot Australian sun made them just as alluring as the black lacy pair we had been playing with earlier.

After a bit, Laura returned. She was wearing a skirt that did nearly nothing to hide her big round ass. It was so short even a bit of her crotch peaked out when viewed from the right angle. Her top was just as revealing. A blouse, hanging loosely with only one button done in the middle, allowing us a fantastic view of her breasts and stomach. She stood in the middle of the room in front of us and watched us play with her panties for a moment

“Now boys, you started without me, so I need to get caught up. I need you to turn me on as much as you can, but as punishment, you can’t touch me. You need to put on a show.”

We both nodded eagerly in agreement. She walked to the kitchen got a chair and put it in the center of the room.

“Take center stage” she said.

We got up and she took our spot on the couch. John sat in the chair and I stood next to him unsure of what to do. Being in the center of the room with an audience got my nerves up. It felt naughtier and more erotic to be performing for someone else. After a brief hesitation I got to my knees and began to blow John. I moved slowly, licking each part of him wanting to impress Laura. As I stroked and licked him, I glanced back at Laura. She was sitting on the couch, legs spread teasing her pussy. I could see the cum stains we had left on her panties and started to get even more excited. I returned my attention to John and took his cock in my mouth. Doing my best to imitate the expert moves he had practiced on me earlier. He was putting on a show to. Spreading his legs squirming as he used his big hands on the back of my head to guide me. I could feel his breath speed up and his cock began to twitch as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. I didn’t want to end the fun too early, so I stopped short of making him cum. John started to stand up, evidently to change positions, but I stopped him. I wanted to put on a show.

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