A Visit from an Old Friend

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I feel that this addresses a need that has long been ignored and I am happy to present it for your enjoyment.


It’s been a while since you have been to this place. It’s almost the same, only cleaner; you know the sterile look, not lived in. You know no one is here except for two people, your self and the man up stairs. You walk upstairs and down the hall, as you pass the window you pause and look outside at the snow falling and know that it will be getting worse as the day and night progress. Then you turn and continue down the hall to the end room and open the door and enter looking around. There, lying on the bed is a man on his back sound asleep with a comforter over him. It is not cold in the room but not hot either.

Then you hang your jacket on the back of chair, Next you unbuckle your jeans and slowly remove them followed by red silk panties, laying them both on the chair in a heap. Still standing you continue to undress now unbuttoning your blouse from the bottom to the top and finally removing it, adding it to your pile on the chair. Finally you reach up caressing your breasts and slowly unhook the clasp on your bra and remove it, letting your lush supple slightly large breasts escape from confinement. Reaching over and dropping the bra on the chair is automatic, not really tuzla eve gelen escort thinking about it as you turn around and look at him noticing that he is still asleep. Walking around the bed now completely nude, you approach him and slowly lift up the comforter and move it aside not being surprised at seeing his naked body. For the first time sadness appears on your face because you know that body has seen better days in the past.

He still has not moved. You glance at his face and realize that he is not asleep as his eyes open. Quickly that wonderful smile is back on your face, you don’t want him to know of your sadness. Then you lean over and kiss him on the cheek. He looks at you and smiles. You smile back; whispering in his ear, then start kissing him again. First on his hairy chest stopping on to his nipples and using your long tongue you flicking at his nipples first this one then that one and back again getting the hair around them wet and matted down. You are not surprised that even men can get hard nipples; it is rewarding to see the hard nipples knowing he is enjoying your tongue at work.

You look down at his hopefully rock hard cock but see a short limp noodle amongst the thin still black hair. You reach out with your left hand and tuzla yeni escort start caressing his cock. It is so soft and flaccid. Next you start playing with his balls and licking the sides of his cock both up and down. With your right hand you lift his cock up and pull the fore skin back, Kiss the head, then slowly engulf his cock fully in your warm wet mouth going easily all the way down to the base. Your right hand moves back to his nipples.

You start to work in earnest up and down, over and over. The cock finally responding to your ministrations is no longer flaccid but semi hard. Saliva is rolling down his cock getting on his nuts and your hand. Even though your hand is wet you still move it down to your pussy. As you continue to suck his cock you start fingering your clit and finger fucking yourself, Next you take your pussy soaked hand and slowly insert a finger in his ass hole as far as possible. As you do this you feel his cock pulse wildly and become harder, fully erect now. You smile inside as you continue to suck, slobber, drool and penetrate his ass. DAMN you have not seen him this aroused before. You actually think you can taste pre-cum. Even though he is enjoying this, your mouth is getting tired so you stop and move up and put your left breast over tuzla gen├ž escort his mouth and lower it down. He greedily lifts his tongue and laps at your titty and nipple. Then he starts sucking hard on your wet nipple and titty making the nipple harden and stand up. You wet your hand with your own pussy juice and use it to wet your other tit and nipple, caressing, pulling and tweaking it to spasms of delight.

Finally you can take it no more and back off. You get on the bed and turn facing his cock and back your pussy into his face lowering it down to his waiting tongue. You wiggle around until he is licking you right on and beside your clit. Ummmmmmm. You lean over and start sucking his still hard cock. Using your elbow as a rest you manage to insert your finger in his ass again, wiggling it around and toying with his sphincter. Your tongue licked dripping pussy, and his sopping wet fully erect cock needs release. The moment arrives and finally it happens, not as strong as it could have been and not as hard as you wanted but the edge was off. There was no cum in your mouth but the once hard cock was very quickly becoming flaccid again and he had stop licking. When you got off and looked at him there was a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, even though he never moved his body.

You got dressed reversing the steps as before but not as slow. Then go over and cover him up, kiss his cheek, whisper in his ear again, turn and leave. Now sad again knowing what an accident can do to a person, but also happy that for a short time you could bring happiness to your friend now trapped in a useless body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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