A Vacation to Remember Pt. 05

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I stopped fucking her for a brief moment in order to wipe the sweat from my brow, once I was done I resumed my deep, long thrusts as I continued to use my thumb on her clit. I studied Alison’s face and just like yesterday my eyes were quickly drawn to her rosy lips, I could look at her flawless face all day. I watched her eyes roll back as her face reflected how good we were both feeling. I decided to look at my daughter’s amazing body, I looked down at her small breasts, I loved how pink her nipples were and put one into my mouth and sucked on it, as I nibbled on it she let out a low sultry moan. I then looked further down, I watched my cock penetrate into the tightest pussy I have ever had.

I looked back up and leaned in to kiss her and locked my eyes to hers, we were now face to face and all I wanted was to fill that pussy up with everything I had. “My God Allie, you have no idea how good you feel.” I whispered while looking right into her blue eyes. Once I said that she let out a slight moan as she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me, her pussy tightened like a heavenly massage. “Ohhhh baby… Mmmmm, So…” I started to say but couldn’t finish that sentence as I felt her tighten it more as she smiled right at me

“Do you like that?” she whispered as she looked right at me, I could tell she tightened her pussy more on purpose. “I really love…” she started to say but stopped to let out a very sweet sounding moan as I suddenly started thrusting really fast. “Ohhhh… Shit.” she said as she pulled me deep into her by grabbing my butt with her hands and shoving my cock all the way into her. “Ohhh… Daddy… Fuckkkk.” she moaned as she finally released me. “Please, more.” she said as she looked right at me. I pulled her legs up and hung them at my shoulders, then I grabbed her hands by her wrists and pulled them down next to her ass and held her them in place and as I looked at her wonderful face I started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. “Holy Shit!!” she screamed as Chelsea quickly jumped from the side of the air mattress and covered her mouth. “Mmmmm.. Mmmmmm… Fuck!” she again screamed when Chelsea accidentally removed her hands for a second.

“Damn, she’s loud.” Chelsea said as a whisper to me and that made us both chuckle, she then watched her aunt’s back slightly arch. “That’s so hot… Holy fuck, I want that too.” she whispered to me.

I smiled at Chelsea and put all I could muster into every thrust. Allie’s pussy was pulsing as it squeezed me, I wanted so badly to fill her again, but I also wanted to fuck Chelsea a little bit more. As I thrust into her the sound of our skins slapping and wet pussy sounds was getting loud again, she squirmed as I kept my speed and I could feel that she was getting close, I then looked up at Chelsea who was studying my face.

“You’re so sexy grandpa.” she whispered with an unbelievable smile. I looked at her face, her baby blue eyes, her lightly freckled nose, her sensual lips. I wanted to fuck her just as hard, but Allie’s tightness was making that near damn impossible, with every thrust it was very successfully, I might add, trying to milk me again.

“Fuck… Allie, Holy… God…Da…Mmm!” I grunted. I kept my pace as I felt her legs start to shake. I kept that pace as I saw her eyes roll backwards. I kept that pace as I felt my cock on the verge of exploding.

Chelsea released the hold she had on Allie’s mouth and I could finally see the pure blissful face she had, she was on the verge of another orgasm and I was going to oblige.

“Ohhhhh… Mmmmyyyy… Goddddd… Fuck Me! Fuckkkk Meeeee… Daddy!” she again screamed as Chelsea again put her hands to cover her mouth.

That caused Chelsea to laugh softly. “Damn, you’re tearing that pussy up.” She whispered and smiled as she said that to me. “Am I next?”

“You bet your… Sweet white ass you are.” I grunted and said that to her without thinking, I was barely hanging on as it was. I looked down at Allie’s tight body as I continued to pleasure her. How did I get so lucky? I thought to myself, I mean seriously, this was by far one of the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on, and here I was enjoying her body completely. I lost myself in thought for a brief moment but was abruptly brought back to reality as I finally felt her orgasm. I stopped thrusting in a desperate attempt to delay my need to cum as Allie’s pussy tightened and pulsed on my cock. Once her orgasm had subsided a bit, I laid down. “Get on top princess, it’s your turn.” I said to Chelsea who gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen from her.

As soon as I was inside Chelsea’s hot teen pink pussy, I was quickly reminded of just how much of an amazing cockrider she was, she grinded on me at full speed for a few seconds before switching to bouncing, the air mattress, somehow, had managed to keep up with us and all I could do to fight off the need to cum was to think of random things: eating a sharp, dry pinecone, but that failed almost immediately as I looked up and saw Chelsea red cheeks and her eyes full of pure rize escort bayan lust looking down at me. “Shit…” I said softly, I know, I can think of cactuses and sand dunes and hot fucking deserts, yeah. I closed my eyes and for a brief moment it did start to help, well… at least until I felt Alison’s mouth start to suck on my balls. “Holy… Mother of…” I lost all focus, my cock gave me the ready for lift off signal, there was no going back.

“My Goddd…” Chelsea whispered, I loved feeling Allie’s lips sucking on my balls then her hands slightly squeezing them. “Grandpa, I’m getting close… Fuckkk.” Chelsea said before leaning straight and grabbing the back of my thighs, she switched from bouncing to grinding and started going fast. I watched as her magnificent blue eyes rolled backwards, as her cheeks started flushing heavily, as her mouth opened to let out her sweet sounding moans. I looked at her beautiful face, her sweetly shaped lips, the freckles that adorned her nose. I watched her breasts bounce up and down, as she switched back to bouncing. I lowered my gaze and saw her bald teen pussy, I loved as my cock disappeared and reappeared, again and again, the tightness trying to squeeze more cum out of me.

“Chelsea, baby… Mmmmm, you feel so good. ” I whispered back to her as I put my thumb on her clit and started to rub.

“Ohhhhh… Shhhhhiittttt…” she moaned slightly louder then she should have as I saw her bounce harder on my cock. The entire living room amplified the sound, but I was so lost in the moment as I witnessed this teen beauty on the verge of another orgasm that I didn’t care. “Shhhiittt… Fuccckkk, I’mmm… Shhittttt… Cum..ii…Fuckkk!” she said in a low whimper as I felt that pussy clamp down on me. I quickly grabbed her hips and thrust into her harder and harder. “Wait… Shhhhh…Fu… Ahhhhhhh!” Chelsea said louder as I felt her start to shake wildly.

Her orgasm had pushed me at the edge, I was ready to cum again. “I’m almost there princess… Shit…” I let out a slight moan.

Chelsea’s face was completely flushed and she breathed heavily as she resumed her bouncing. “Looks… like grandpa .. Ahhhh.. Mmmm, God! Looks… Like he’s… About to… Cum.” she moaned those words so sweetly as she stopped bouncing and I noticed her chest as she breathed heavily. “I think Aunt Allie wants this one.” She finally mustered as she got off me.

“I do…” Allie said, licking her lips. “…I want to swallow that huge load.” She grabbed the base of my cock and completely engulfed the head, she stroked my cock with long tender strides as her tongue worked on my cockhead. I felt myself beginning to shake, Allie skillfully started bobbing up and down as her hands started twisting as she continued to stroke me.

“Shiitt…” I whimpered as I looked down at her, she opened her eyes and stared right into mine.

“I guess I’m about to get my reward.” Allie said to me as soon as my cock was out of her mouth, her hands continued to stroke me, and just like that I came, my first shot hit Allie right on her face, the stream landed on her hair, her right eye and part of her cheek, she quickly put my cock back into her mouth as I shot another strong cumshot into that amazing mouth, then another and another and another before I finally emptied out. The entire time I was cumming I whimpered and Chelsea whispered to me that she loved hearing me whimper.

“Looks like you missed some.” Chelsea said as she approached Allie then proceeded to lick up the cum that sat at her face. I literally wanted to see this again and again, that was an image I will carry with me to the grave.

“Looks like the sun’s coming out, I think we should…” Chelsea said as she hinted to Allie about going upstairs.

“I guess you’re right.” Allie said as she got up. “I guess we can continue tonight.” She said to me, they both waved to me and left. I laid there, completely exhausted.

I looked around and realized that it would be a moot point to even try and get some sleep, so I decided to get up. After I deflated the air mattress I put the sheets into the washer, got my clothes and took a long cool shower.

That shower felt heavenly and gave my muscles a nice relaxing feeling. Once done I went downstairs and made some coffee; black, no sugar; after which I finally had some time to finish that damn novel- no shocker that the killer was apprehended. The story was well laid out and despite the main character having been written in all clich├ęd, he still managed to capture you, bring you in and make you feel his plight.

The dark navy sky had now turned bluer, the sun at a distance rose timidly and the allure of an amazing morning hung in the air. I opened the door to the yard and smelled the morning air. It was a perfect morning. I felt sore all over but it was a great way to start my birthday. I found myself remembering the lake, we would go fishing every summer and camp together, Tim caught his first fish there, Allie learned to swim there, and it was also where I proposed rize escort bayan to Claudette. I miss her, she was so beautiful, Alison kind of reminds me of her. That lake had so many memories, the whole family loved it. I felt for the first time missing those days as I sat down and sipped my coffee. I wondered how things would change now? Don’t get me wrong, I am loving fucking all these beautiful women, but… I hoped that the structure of it all wouldn’t change just because I was sexually active with them.

I could still taste them.

My inner thoughts were interrupted when I heard the screen door slide open, I turned around to see Jen standing there, she was wearing a white trimmed cami night dress. I looked at her for a brief moment and smiled at her, she reciprocated.

“Morning handsome, are you hungry?” She asked me as she walked to meet me in the yard. “I can make anything you want, eggs, bacon, toast… The works.” She finally stopped as she leaned in and kissed my cheek. “And if you’re hungry for something else…” She whispered in my ear as her right hand slithered into my shorts and squeezed my semi-erect cock. “I know that I am very hungry for this, I would love nothing more than to suck every single, last, drop of your delicious cum… Mmmmm.” She finally let my cock go and pulled her hand out. She turned and walked back into the house, I looked back at her and saw her lift her night dress to show me her beautifully, nice heart-shaped ass, and to show me that she had no panties on.

I was now turned on again.

As I closed the screen door I looked right at Jen, up and down, she looked scrumptious. I was about to walk up to her and kiss her when suddenly out of nowhere Chelsea popped into the kitchen and completely caught us by surprise.

“Morning.” Chelsea said in sing-song as she came up to me and gave me a tight hug. “Happy birthday grandpa!” She said finally releasing her hold.

“Thank you so much Chelsea.” I said to her as I looked right into her eyes.

“You hungry sweetheart?” Jen asked her daughter.

“A little, whatcha gonna make?” Chelsea replied as she walked towards Jen. “Eggs and bacon?”

“If that’s what you want, sure.” Jen replied as Chelsea walked into the living room. “I am so going to fuck the shit out of you once I get the chance.” Jen whispered to me as she walked past me and got eggs and bacon out of the fridge. Suddenly I felt myself getting hard, the thought of fucking either Jen or Chelsea as the other was nearby without them finding out would be such a victory for me.

I wonder if I could do this, I thought to myself and walked carefully and got right behind Jen, I lifted her night dress and cupped her ass.

“What are… Chelsea’s right there.” Jen whispered to me. I didn’t answer and moved my hand down and started to play with her pussy lips. “Jack… Chelsea’s right…” She stopped and let out a low yelp as I introduced two fingers into her now increasingly wet pussy. I shushed her as I moved my other hand around and skillfully played with her clit. “Jack… We… Plea… Chelsea…” She said as I noticed her bite her lip. I continued to play with her for a few moments more and as I looked right at Chelsea who was now watching something on the TV I pulled out my throbbing cock and put it right at her entrance.

“If you want it, all you have to do is push back.” I said as sexy as I could. “I want you to want to fuck me and I want to do it here and now, just like this.” I held my cock steadily at the mouth of her juicy wet pussy.

I looked around to see Jen’s expression, she looked at Chelsea then down at the eggs she had not yet started cooking. “Jack… She’s right there.” She said in a low whisper to me.

“Just push back… I will take care of the rest.” I said again and continued to look at Chelsea, she had perched both her legs on the couch and was focused on what she was watching.

Jen hesitated and to make the deal even more tempting to her I pushed my cockhead slightly in. “There, I helped a little, now it’s your turn.” I whispered as I grabbed her waist.

“Jack… She’s…” Jen said as she pulled forward and me out of her. “I can’t… Not like this.” She said as she looked at Chelsea.

I again put my cockhead at her entrance. “Just push back, I’ll take care of the rest.” I again repeated. I looked right at Chelsea and again noticed her just staring at the TV.

“Please Jack… I…” She said and stopped as I grabbed her waist again.

“Push back… Take me in…” I whispered again.

Jen stood there and looked down. “I can’t do it, I can’t…” She looked back at me. “But I won’t stop you if you pulled me back.” I looked right at Chelsea who took a quick look into the Kitchen and smiled before going back to the show. And with that I pulled Jen by her waist and I felt my cock go inside her wet, juicy pussy. “Ohhh… Jack…” She slightly moaned as I felt my cock completely penetrate her. “…Ohhhhh my.” She let out with a whimper as I slowly increased my thrusting. I escort rize looked down and saw her ass in all its glory.

I continued slow thrusts, I knew that I had to be very careful. I looked down again to see Jen’s amazing ass before looking up again and noticed Chelsea was no longer in the living room. I stopped as my heart almost jumped out of my chest and that’s when I noticed that Chelsea had laid down on the couch to watch the TV. Once I knew that we were still in the clear I resumed my thrusting.

“Jack…” Jen said as she used her hands to stop me. “I can’t… Not like this.” Jen collected herself and pulled me out of her and turned around to face me.

I looked her right in the eyes and put my hand around her throat. “Turn around, bend over and open your pussy to me.” I said as I squeezed. “I won’t repeat myself.”

Jen looked me right in the eye and turned around and did exactly what I asked of her. I am suddenly so happy that I watched that 365 days movie earlier this week, who knew that women loved being dominated like this.

Once she assumed the position I started to fuck her again. I looked up and noticed that Chelsea was still laying down and had not noticed anything, so I increased my speed. I could hear Jen’s low moans and her whimpers as I continued to look right at Chelsea. I wanted to get caught, I really did, so I grabbed my phone from my pocket and snapped a quick video, about twenty seconds and I sent it to Chelsea. I heard her phone ding and after a few seconds she got up and looked right into the kitchen. As I continued to fuck Jen as quietly as I could I received a text, it was from Chelsea:

Chelsea: Wow grandpa, you even got mommy involved.

Me: I would love it if you got involved too, so do you think she’ll freak out?

Chelsea: Yea, she totes would

Me: Call her name, I want to see her reaction

I sent the last text and waited, Chelsea looked right at me as I felt my eyes roll back for a second.

“Mom? is the food almost ready?” Chelsea said.

Jen looked up for a second before answering. “Not yet…” she said to her in a normal voice. “… Oh my…” she said to me in a whisper.

Chelsea stood up and walked to the kitchen. Yes! I want to get caught. I thrust harder and pulled Jen’s hair back. “Oh… Fuck!” Jen said in a loud moan, she was losing control of herself.

“Wow mom, looks like you’re having some fun.” Chelsea said and as soon as she did Jen looked up at her daughter.

“Chelsea…” she said before one of my thrusts pushed her at the edge, she started to moan loudly, and Chelsea being the all caring daughter covered her mother’s mouth.

“Shhhh…” Chelsea whispered. “… Just enjoy it mom.” She then looked at me. “Fuck her good grandpa.”

I smiled at her and proceeded to thrust harder and faster as I looked right at Chelsea’s baby blues and mouthed the words: I love you. Chelsea smiled and mouthed back to me the words: Me too. Chelsea then proceeded to remove her clothes and got next to her mom and bent over too. “I want some too grandpa, I’m sure mommy won’t mind sharing.”

“What?… Really? Baby I don’t think…” Jen said before Chelsea shushed her again.

“I want to feel grandpa’s love too.” she said to her mother. “I’m ready for you grandpa.”

I pulled out of Jen and moved slightly left to Chelsea, I used my hand to position my cock at her pussy entrance before pulling inward. Her pussy as always felt wonderful. I started slowly until I felt I was lubricated enough and increased speed.

“Oh my God grandpa… Fuck you feel so good.” Chelsea said as she looked right at her mother. Jen was shocked, she simply stood there as her daughter was being fucked by her grandfather. “Yes! please give me more!” Chelsea said loudly, It was now Jen’s turn to cover her daughter’s mouth.

I caressed Jen’s face and smiled at her. The act of fucking both mother and daughter next to each other was slowly pushing me to the edge. “Ohhhh God…” I moaned softly.

Suddenly we all heard a door open upstairs and we all froze. Jen quickly walked out of the kitchen since she was the only one still dressed. I honestly didn’t care anymore if we got caught, I was in love with my granddaughter, so I continued to fuck Chelsea, I watched her round ass jiggle as my cock penetrated deep into her. Chelsea covered her own mouth as I continued to pound her. I could hear Jen talking to someone, but it was too low to tell who it was. In my attempt to hear who was upstairs I stopped paying attention to what I was doing and started fucking my granddaughter very hard, this caused the desired effect I would normally attempt to achieve but at the wrong time.

“Grann…ppaaa… Ohhhh myyy… FUCK!” Chelsea suddenly screamed as I felt her pussy tightened around my thickness, it pulsed and vibrated as I felt her shake. “Ohhhh mmmyyyyy Fuckkkkk… Gran… Ohhhhhhhh.” She said lowly now as I slowed down.

My heart was at my throat, I know that Jen and whomever she was conferring with must’ve also heard. I continued slow strokes. It felt like forever before I finally saw Jen come around the corner and enter the kitchen. “So, how long have you been fucking my daughter?” she asked me. I studied her for a moment, was she asking out of curiosity or possibly out of anger? maybe it was jealousy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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