A University Education Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Hayley

I made a really stupid bet with a friend a few months ago. I quickly came to regret it, but at the time I had no idea what far reaching consequences it would have for me, and for my mother.

My name’s Hayley, I’m 18 and in my first year at university. I share a flat near the campus with two other girls. Simone’s a huge black chick who throws the discus for the British junior team. She’s quiet but very clever, as well as being incredibly fit and unbelievably strong. Amy couldn’t be more different. She’s a Californian babe, really smart too, with a peachy complexion, long flowing blonde hair and a fabulous bod. Probably most of the men on campus fancy her, including the faculty staff: which is a shame for them, because Amy’s openly, in fact proudly, gay. Within a few weeks of us all moving in together Simone, who was previously entirely straight, had dumped her boyfriend and started sharing Amy’s bed. I made it clear from the start that I wasn’t interested, and Amy never tried anything with me.

One day we were sitting around talking about our families, and I showed the girls some pictures of my parents. There was a head shot of my mum which extended as far down as her cleavage. She and I look quite a lot alike — curly red hair, pale complexion and freckles, but Mum’s boobs are rather bigger than mine. Amy stared at the photo and purred, “Wow, your mom’s a real doll. I could imagine having a wild scene with her.” I burst out laughing in disbelief, pointing out that Mum must be at least 40, and she’d been very happily married for 20 years. Amy just shrugged. “I like older women. She reminds me of my first lover. And let’s face it, when I make a play for another woman I’m irresistible, right Simone?” Our friend smiled in an embarrassed sort of way and cast her eyes downwards.

I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but a wicked plan formed in my mind: one that might give me a bit of a laugh, and take Amy down a peg or two into the bargain. I challenged her, “So you reckon that if you tried it on with my mum you could get her into bed? I’ll tell you what — I’ll invite her up here for the weekend, and I’ll bet you twenty quid nothing happens.”

I sat back smugly waiting for Amy to start making excuses. Instead, she grinned like a Cheshire cat and said, “Okay, that’s a bet.” I stared at her askance, then turned to Simone, Amy’s current lover, and asked what she thought about it. Amy interrupted. “In fact, I’ll bet I can get your mom into a threesome with me and Simone. You up for that Sim?” Simone gave a sort of half-smile and shrugged her acquiescence.

Of course, I wasn’t in the least bit worried. The idea of Mum having an affair, let alone with another woman, especially one the same age as me, seemed beyond ridiculous. If Amy wanted to throw her money away, though, I was happy to take it. Anyway, I hadn’t seen Mum since I started at uni, and it would be a nice break for her. She lives in a small isolated village and doesn’t get to visit a really big city very often. Dad’s a member of a fishing club and goes away for matches some weekends, so I found out from Mum the next time he’d be away and invited her to visit me then.

Mum duly arrived on the Friday evening and I watched Amy like a hawk when I introduced them. Apart from turning her charm onto maximum warp — Amy can be incredibly charming — she didn’t make any moves. The next day I took Mum shopping in the city centre. The students’ union usually put on a disco on a Saturday night, and that day it was a ’70s and ’80s night. I told Mum that and tried to get her to buy some trendy clothes. She wasn’t keen on even going to the dance at first, but eventually I persuaded her into a nice outfit. In the evening Amy, Simone and I helped with her togs and her make-up, and I was amazed by the result: it hadn’t occurred to me that my mother could look glamorous – Amy was positively salivating! What a pity, I thought, that she’d picked such an impossible target.

At the disco we bought a round of fruit margaritas then went onto the dance floor for a bop. Mum insisted she didn’t want to dance with us, but her feet were shuffling along where she sat and her hands were moving to the music. After a while Amy did this cute little girl thing she’s got and, batting her big blue eyes at Mum, asked her for a dance. I can never understand why people fall for that act of Amy’s, but it seems to work every time, and in seconds Mum was up swinging her hips and clinging to Amy’s hand as they danced. After that an old rock ‘n’ roll song came on and they started jiving together, throwing themselves all over the place. I found it slightly embarrassing, they even started to get their own little audience. At the end Amy threw herself into the air, into Mum’s arms, and gave her a big lingering kiss on the lips. Rather than being repelled, as I would have expected, Mum seemed to love it and appeared to be groping Amy’s bum. They walked back to our table still holding hands, Mum’s face flushed and her eyes shining.

I had a quiet word with Amy after that. I told her to call the bet off and I’d bursa escort pay her anyway. I still didn’t believe she could possibly succeed — Mum was too old and conventional for that — but it would have been worth twenty quid just to stop Mum embarrassing me in front of everyone I knew. Amy refused, claiming she didn’t care about the money, she really did have the hots for Mum now. I was convinced that it as just her ego talking, that she really did believe her rubbish about being this irresistible lesbian sex machine, and that she was enjoying winding me up. She turned away from me, put her arms round Mum’s neck from behind, and started kissing her neck — and Mum just let her, even leaning back to make it easier for Amy!

I was furious with Mum for showing me up like that, and with Amy for insisting on trying to carry out her ridiculous plan. Simone was watching them too, with a smile on her face. I told Mum I thought we should leave, but she virtually told me to piss off. And all the while Amy was draped all over Mum, petting her and leering triumphantly at me over Mum’s shoulder. I stormed out of the place and hung around for a minute or so, expecting Mum to come chasing after me. She didn’t, and I peeked back in to see her and Amy heading happily back to the dance floor, with not a care in the world about how upset I was. Almost choking with angry tears I ran round to a friend’s digs to spill my heart out. He’s not my boyfriend, I just wished he was, and I’m afraid I made a complete prat of myself. After a good cry, a couple of beers and my first spliff I pretty much threw myself at him. He tried to let me down gently but I ended up storming out of there too, in floods of tears.

I walked the streets for an hour or so, trying to clear my head, then slunk back to the flat feeling completely miserable. The light was off in the lounge so I stumbled to the sofa, where I was sleeping while Mum was with us, and slumped onto it. I switched on a table lamp and something on the floor caught my eye. It was a little red pair of thong undies that Amy had leant Mum earlier on: and it was soaking wet and, oh shit, it smelt of sex! Looking around wildly I noticed a chink of light under the door of Amy’s bedroom. Standing outside the door I heard a slurping sound, then Mum’s voice moaning “Oh God Amy, that’s incredible!” Then there was a throaty laugh — Jesus Christ, Simone was in there too! I almost burst into the room, but I felt too humiliated, and too afraid of what I would see. They say it’s a complete gross-out to imagine your parents having sex: well, try and imagine your mother having lesbian sex with two of your best friends. I staggered to my room and collapsed on the bed, thinking I might throw up. I was sick at Mum for doing that, sick at Amy and Simone for doing it with her, and felt almost suicidally guilty because I blamed myself for it happening at all.

When I woke up sometime the next morning I felt, and looked, like shit. Things were quite tense between Mum and me until I took her to catch her train. Simone had gone out training and Amy, very sensibly, stayed well out of my way. As Mum and I left the flat, though, she let Amy more or less snog her, right in front of me, and Mum groped Amy’s bum. Just before Mum got on the train I kissed her and told her I loved her, but I felt cold and empty inside, as if something had died. Things were pretty dodgy between me and my flatmates for a while after that, and I seriously thought about moving out. But the flat was cheap and convenient, and gradually the three of us got back onto something like an even keel. I wasn’t sure I could ever trust Amy or Simone again though. I knew I would never invite Mum again, which meant she’d never see Amy again, and hopefully back in her little rural environment with Dad she’d just go back to normal.

Then one day, as I wandered towards the kitchen to make a sandwich, I overheard Amy half-whispering into her mobile ‘phone. “Yeah I know Jackie, I am too. I’ll see you baby. Look, I gotta go. Mwah.” After the kiss she clicked off the ‘phone and breezed past me with a too cheery “Hiya!” My mum’s name is Jackie, but she lived hundreds of miles away, Amy couldn’t possibly have been speaking to her. But then Amy was going for a weekend away, to see friends she’d said, but she’d previously told me she hardly knew anyone in Britain. When she went out for a tutorial I sneaked into her room and broke into her computer. I was horrified to see my suspicions confirmed: the conniving bitch had booked a train ticket for the weekend to the nearest station to my family home. The pit of my stomach turning to lead I called Mum for a chat and, sure enough, Dad was away on a fishing trip at the weekend.

I was as moody as hell once Amy had gone away on her trip. Every time I closed my eyes I started having visions of what she and my mother might be doing together, behind my father’s back. Simone tried to cheer me up, but eventually I got on her nerves and she told me where to get off. Angrily I turned on her and snapped, “You know where Amy is this weekend don’t you? She’s in my house, escort bayan screwing my mother. Don’t you even care? I thought you were supposed to be Amy’s girlfriend!” I instantly regretted taking it out on Simone. Because she’s such a big, strong girl you can sometimes forget she’s just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Her lower lip quivered and it looked as if she was about to start crying. Feeling ashamed at myself I screeched in exasperation and stalked into the kitchen to draw myself a glass of water.

A moment later I felt Simone’s huge, powerful hand on my shoulder. She spoke to me in her surprisingly gentle voice. “Look Hayley, you’re too tense, you’ll give yourself a terrible headache. Why don’t you let me give you a massage?”

Whatever I’d expected her to say, that was the last thing I would have imagined. Trying to keep my anger out of my voice, I said “Simone, I know you’re upset too but, I’m sorry, I’m just not a lesbian.”

She shook her head at me, a serious expression on her face. “That’s not what this is about. You really are very tense. My sports science course includes massage, I’m thinking of becoming a therapist when I graduate. It really would relax you, and giving massage relaxes me too. And I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” I had to admit, my neck was aching with stiffness, and it wasn’t really Simone’s fault, Amy had just manipulated her the way she seems to manipulate most people around her. So, still rather reluctant, I agreed. Simone told me to strip down to my underwear, which seemed reasonable enough, while she got things together.

After about five minutes I went into the lounge, where Simone had set up a proper massage table. She’d laid a number of coloured bottles out next to it, and had changed into a knee-length white cotton coat, like a lab coat. Her legs and feet were bare, and it looked as if under the coat she was just wearing her underwear too. She told me to lay on my front on the table, and the first thing she did was unsnap my bra. I whipped my head round and frowned at her, but she held up her hands in appeal. “If I’m going to massage your back properly I can’t do it with that thing across it, can I?” That seemed reasonable too, but I was damned sure I’d be doing it up again before she started on my front.

I gasped and shivered as Simone poured a thin stream of cold oil down my back. The scent of lavender filled the room. A moment later Simone’s big warm hands were on my skin, rubbing the oil into me, spreading a warm glow across my back. She really was a good masseuse, and worked her thumbs into tight little knots in my neck, my shoulders and down my spine. Despite my initial nervousness I could feel myself really relaxing, and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Simone laughed gently when I murmured that if she did turn professional she could sign me up as her first client. When she finally finished on my back she disappeared into the kitchen for a moment, and returned drying her hands. “I don’t want to get oil on your nice clean knickers.” I’d been nervous that she might try and pull my knicks down to do my bum but she worked over them, her strong fingers and thumbs kneading my buttocks like fresh dough. I thought I might have trouble walking in the morning, but it was still a wonderfully relaxing sensation, and I felt incredibly pampered. Apart from me sighing contentedly occasionally, and the slight squeak of Simone’s oily hands on my body, the room was completely silent, and the atmosphere was almost trance-inducing.

Next Simone poured oil onto my calves, and massaged my feet then my legs. She was gentle with my feet, which felt brand new when she moved on, but she dug her thumbs quite painfully into my calves. As her slick hands glided across my knees, onto my thighs, something changed in her touch. It started to become less firm, less like pummelling, more like caressing. Her soft palms started stroking my inner thighs and I shuffled on the table, moving my legs wider apart to give her better access. The heat I’d been feeling before was that of my muscles being agitated by Simone’s hands. Now a quite different heat was developing, a delicious warmth in my pussy, that spread out through my stomach and into my chest. Despite my scorn for lesbianism, I could feel a damp patch developing in my pants: Simone couldn’t fail to notice it. I gasped as the tips of her fingers brushed across the gusset of my knickers. She half-whispered, “Remember, I promised I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. If you tell me to stop, I will.”

I twitched as Simone’s knuckles rubbed more firmly across my pants, pressing the material against my wet slit. I didn’t want her to do this, not really, but I couldn’t bear her to stop. My pussy felt on fire, and she hadn’t even touched it yet. A moment later that changed, as I felt one of her fingers stroked along the bare flesh of my labia, inside my knicks. I still lay with my eyes closed, barely moving, hardly daring to breathe as first one finger, then a second, slid inside me and began to stir around. Instantly the fire inside me became bursa escort an inferno, shooting right up my body and into my brain. I had only had sex twice before, both hurried little shags with my clothes still on, and it had never felt as incredibly wonderful as this. As Simone began pushing her fingers in and out of me, fucking me with them, she whispered, “I don’t think I’m a lesbian either, not really. I just like doing nice things with beautiful people, whoever they are. I’ve always thought you were beautiful Hayley, ever since I met you.” I shuddered as her fingers slid up the length of my pussy and started stroking my clit. Jeeesus that was good, I was going to explode at any moment. I felt my knees draw up under me, so I was kneeling with my bum in the air, my head resting on my forearms, my hips thrusting back, pushing my pussy more firmly onto Simone’s probing fingers. Then she stopped. It took me a second to realise that she had pulled her hand out of me, and as I glanced over my shoulder I saw she was wiping her hands on a towel. “I forgot you don’t really want this. Okay, you can go for a shower now.”

I turned onto my back, leaning on my elbows and staring at Simone incredulously, desperately. “Simone, please, you can’t stop now, I…” I was finding it difficult to put my feelings into words. “You can’t leave me feeling like this. I’ll do anything you want, anything, if you’ll just keep doing what you were doing for me. Pleeaase.” A few minutes earlier I wouldn’t have believed I would have begged a woman to make love to me, but I felt myself relax as Simone smiled broadly and dropped her towel. Confidently she reached her powerful hands out for my knickers, and I lifted my legs to allow her to pull them off. At the same time I shrugged off my bra. Then I lay back and my stomach lurched as I felt Simone’s fingers graze across my slit again, then enter me. My legs bent at the knees, I shamelessly spread them as wide as I could and sat up on my elbows, watching as Simone pressed her hand into me. My head snapped back and I gasped as she started stroking my clit again, while with her other hand she resumed the finger fucking she’d been giving me. My whole body felt heated, and electric sparks were shooting straight up from my pussy into my brain.

I didn’t think the fabulous feelings my body was experiencing could get any more intense, but then I felt Simone’s warm breath on my pussy. A moment later a bolt of lightning seared through me as, for the first time in my life, a tongue stroked along my slit. It was such an amazing sensation that I nearly fell off the table! Simone’s strong hands locked onto my thighs and she pressed her face into me, her tongue deep inside my pussy, her nose tickling my clit. I pushed myself onto her; it felt as if she was turning me inside out with her amazing tongue. When she started pressing my clit again with the fingers of one hand while, beneath her tongue, she finger fucked me with the other hand, I just couldn’t take any more, and I screamed as my first orgasm came on me like a tidal wave. Simone hugged me to her and kissed my tummy as I shuddered back down to planet Earth.

After a few moments I felt Simone’s muscular arms reaching under me, and she scooped me up and carried me into my bedroom. I still felt weak from the immense power of my orgasm, but I felt so tender and loving towards Simone and, as she walked, I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her, pushing my tongue between her lips and teeth. I didn’t know or care any more if I was straight, gay or anything, all I knew was that I wanted more of the incredible joy Simone had just given me, and I wanted to give it back to her as well. I lay on the bed and watched as she quickly stripped off her lab coat, bra and pants. When she lay beside me and fed one of her massive black tits into my mouth I accepted it eagerly, and sucked hungrily, my tongue flicking happily across her big nipple. She gave her characteristic throaty chuckle and reached between my legs again, stroking my lips gently with her fingers. I stroked my own hand across Simone’s dense pubic bush, much thicker than my whispy ginger pubes, and pressed a finger inside her. She gasped and pushed her tit still further into my mouth.

When, a few moments later, Simone gently pressed a hand to the top of my head I knew what she wanted, and against all my expectations I wanted to give it to her as well. I slid down the bed and pushed her knees apart with my hands. Staring at another girl’s vagina for the first time made me feel weak with lust. Her gash was slick with her juices, and as I inhaled her rich, musky aroma made me feel faint. I pressed my nose to her and breathed deeply. With that first contact my lover’s breathing deepened, becoming almost a growl. Resting my hands on her thighs I extended my tongue and licked the rim of her pussy. Simone gasped and put her hands on the back of my head, trying to pull me further into her. As she had done for me, I stroked her clit with my fingers while I lapped at the heart of her pussy and rimmed her lips with the fingers of my other hand. I felt my feet pushing against the bed, really trying to get me as deep inside Simone as possible. Despite my inexperience, I could feel her heating up and redoubled my efforts. Unlike me she came quietly, with just one huge sigh as I tasted a new wetness engulf my tongue.

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