A Tropical Welcum

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I am Helen Troy, just turned sixty this year 2017, semi-retired and of sound mind and sounder body…Ha, ha. I am a Social Scientist an Advocate and a writer. I am a radical Feminist, an activist Socialist and a volunteer agent for UNESCO which sent me on an assignment to Costa Rica regarding some heritage sites…I was totally excited since I’d always wanted to visit that part of the world. It occurred to me that my Gypsy clairvoyant Rosa had predicted an exciting journey for me two weeks before, Hmm…I had read about and seen pictures of Costa Rica; which is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. A quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys and quetzal birds. I was totally excited.

I arrived in San Jose on a hot Friday afternoon and was picked up from the airport by a young hot looking dude called Ramon and promptly taken to the Government guest house in an exclusive area. The high-fenced backyard was landscaped and carefully decorated in a neo-abstract style, complimented by potted desert plants. The pool looked very enticing as my clothes were literally stuck to my skin. The place was quite an Oasis. A rustic Eden set in a bloom of colors-orange, alizarine, viridian, and lavender.

Ramon who was biracial in his late 20’s had an aura of sexy ruggedness and macho male ness. His hair was very curly and his smile simply turned me on, as did the big bulge in his khaki pants. He had been assigned to escort and take me around. There was lots of food, booze and even some pot for my enjoyment. He introduced me to Luisa the housekeeper, a Hispanic woman in her early 40’s pretty with long hair and warm hazel eyes. I was surprised that they spoke English well. Ramon and I became friendly fast as we ate drank shared a joint and laughed a lot. The possibility of sex was very strong. When he finally made advances on me I responded eagerly. Well I had not been fucked in a very long time and I was long overdue. His foreplay was so fine-tuned I was soaking wet in no time. He undressed me then himself. His flat rippled belly descended to his groin, where amid the thicket of hairs sprang a huge thickly veined, cock, fully erect and propelled by a big scrotum. What a magnificent specimen I thought. My cunt began to drip onto the futon.

“What kept you waiting so long” I chided as he joined me on the futon. He growled. Then abruptly, without a word, he put me on all fours, doggie-style on the futon. I gasped as he guided the huge cock into me. He thrust and I screamed, he thrust again all the way inside, pulled back and thrust harder. I started to feel good. I swung my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. I was lost to the good feeling but acutely conscious of my cunt opening wider and stretching deeper; feeling the vibrating cock moving circularly inside me. My head floated as my body moved in a surreal dance. I lost all sense of time and place while Ramon fucked me and fucked me, plunging deeper, furiously, as he stroked my clitoris simultaneously, wrenching sharp cries from me. We were both sweating, my juices dripped freely onto the futon and in rivulets down my inner thighs. sinop escort Ramon seemed tireless as he pumped into me. I felt my pussy contracting around the big dick, milking it, sucking it inwards. I let out a loud scream as I came with a shuddering explosion…”Yea woman, yea, come for me, come” said Ramon rubbing my ass cheeks. He pulled out his cock, covered with my syrupy juices saying, “That gets me started” then, shoving his dick into my mouth.

After a brief respite, Ramon spread me on the futon and began to eat my cunt; devouring the labia and clitoris, licking my asshole, slurping into my rectum, making me gasp and whimper… Guitar music washed over us. Then he got between my legs his cock again rock hard as he pushed into me to the hilt, plunging deeply in and out of my slippery cunt. He was rampant with an extravagant lust as he fucked me and fucked me so deep the head of his cock entered my womb; his lips fastened to my tits, sucking hard. I lost control as a powerful, violent orgasm again rocked my body. I heard Ramon howling while his hot cum cascaded into my womb. He spent the night with me fucking me intermittently. I was insatiable and he was indefatigable.

In the morning I woke Ramon up by sucking his cock, making him rock hard again. I pushed him onto his back and mounted him. His burnished-bronze skin moist with desire…I sank slowly all the way down his big cock with a long-drawn sigh until my dense, soggy pubic hairs mingled wetly with his. I rocked back and forth, up and down in a slow, measured rhythm, on Ramon’s cock which was so hard and rigid. I groaned softly with the feel of the cock inside my twat. He thrust in and out of me from below in sync with my movements, his cock streaming with my thick juices. I began to moan and cry out loudly, bringing Luisa to the scene.

“Madre di Dios” she said softly as she stood transfixed at the wide-open doorway, watching us. “Holy mother, this is fantastic” she muttered as she maintained eye contact with me. I moved steadily, fluttering and squeezing my strong inner muscles, conscious of my potency. My vigorous cunt hugging his dick, my breasts bobbling, my ass undulating provocations, making him moan and thrash. I looked into his eyes whispering obscenities, moving up and down the cock slowly, sweetly, moving in counterpoint. Luisa was beside herself as she watched voyeuristically, her hand under her dress stroking her cunt feeling her own sensations rising to the boil, her cunt juices dripping onto the carpet. Frantically she stroked her engorged clitoris. I watched her for a while as I rode Ramon in full control my eyes burning into his. Ramon was totally calm…Concentrated, passive, He could go on forever without coming. I fucked him and fucked him we were combatants in a love zone. I felt like a sexual genie unleashed.

“Do you like this, huh, does it feel good?” I asked in a tremulous voice as I spun in a vortex of pleasure my cunt massaging and kneading his cock inside with strong pulsations…Ramon began to groan with pleasure, echoing my sobs of ecstasy bringing on the high tide of a powerful orgasm. I collapsed sinop escort bayan on top of Ramon, muttering wordless sounds. I heard Luisa making a keening sound as she collapsed on the floor, her body wracked with spasms while Ramon gushed hot semen into me. With both Ramon and Luisa gone for the day I acquainted myself with my lovely surroundings even took a brief walk in the neighborhood.

The next day Ramon took me sightseeing the lovely city of San Jose. When we got back and feeling horny I asked him to stay awhile, but he had to attend to some urgent business. Disappointed I deiced to swim the horniness away. I was startled and somewhat frightened as I stepped out of the patio naked.

By the pool side lay a naked muscular handsome young dude sipping a drink and smoking a joint. He was also startled since he was unaware of my arrival. He smiled sweetly and beckoned me to join him gazing lustily at my hairy cunt. His name was Gaston, an Afro-Costa Rican in his early 30’s and was the maintenance guy for the premises; he comes over to swim now and then. Holy fuck what a windfall I thought as I sat down on the towel covered rubber mat.

His skin glistened like polished mahogany and oh my God, his 12 inch very thick dick, a veritable pussy stretcher was fully erect pulsating and very inviting…My cunt ached as I took a few drags on the joint and drank some of the rum and coke. We talked and laughed for a while feeling comfortable with each other. “This is my lucky day today” he said beaming. Then he made me stroke his dick and sucked it while he ate my soaking pussy. He pushed all of the cock into my cunt and we fucked slowly, spinning on the rubber mat like two gyroscopes…intense, poignant; I watched him intently as he moved in and out of my cunt slowly, rocking inside me gently, drawing it in and out to the rhythm of my breathing for a long time…My cunt pounded with lust, gripping and milking the hard cock as Gaston fucked me hard and fast…enjoying the exuberance of our fucking…I was far away and gone, but alive with feeling, shuddering as Gaston stroked my G-spot.

My clitoris was large and hard…My body moved in anticipation of every rhythm change, every shock sound and exploding in all directions, on and on until I finally erupted mightily with a scream, my nails clawing Gaston’s back as he convulsed between my legs, grunting and spurting hot thick semen into my cunt…We rested for a long time drinking and sharing the snack he had. Gaston fucked me slowly in every position imaginable, also fucked my ass, my very first time and I came and came, again and again. He fucked me intermittently for two hours. Every nerve in my body sang in jubilation as he fucked me with dedicated intensity. He finally exploded with a roar flooding my cunt with gallons of hot cum. When he pulled out of me a river of cum rushed out of my pussy to puddle under my ass…Oh my God, it was simply incredible. We slept soundly afterwards. When I woke up Gaston was gone.

Ramon showed up on Tuesday and took me to the UNESCO center to meet the dude I’d be working with. He was an Amerindian called escort sinop Peru, a nickname. Muscular with a chiseled body and face, an ex-baseball player he was ruggedly handsome and very friendly. After checking out the site he took me to lunch where we became acquainted. Peru showered me with compliments and flattery, made me feel good. Later at the guest house I asked him in for a drink; soon the intimacy turned into a full blown sex heat. He loved my lush naked body and when he undressed my jaw dropped at the sight of his massive horse-cock, fully erect and throbbing; a cunt-seeking missile.

“Holy shit! That is one monster cock” I exclaimed. He just smiled spreading me wide on the bed and with his very long, huge tongue Peru lapped my cunt to a glorious orgasm. Then he began to shove his prodigious cock into me. I whimpered and mewled and moaned; I cried out and grunted; I screamed and wailed in exquisite pleasure…I have never ever had such a cock inside me…I writhed and thrashed as the monster cock soared into my entire body until I was completely filled with it and he began to fuck me. He fucked me and fucked me with very powerful thrusts…My orgasmic screams could be heard for miles around I was sure, the silk bed sheets totally soaked with my gushing juices. And still I screamed and screamed as I was fucked and fucked endlessly by Peru, the room filled with the wet slurpy scluck, scluck sounds from my twat…I exploded in a blinding long orgasm that shook my body violently and passed out for several seconds. Still he fucked me with a smoldering intensity as I came no-stop, then Peru with a deep thrust exploded into me an avalanche of hot cum his hard body shaking mightily…He finally pulled out of me with a loud pop and a river of cum rushed out of my cunt to puddle beneath my ass…Peru stayed all day and fucked me intermittently all over the house and still I wanted more more, fully saturated with orgasmic ecstasy.

Friday afternoon, I rested my tanned naked body on the towel covered mat at the poolside enjoying the sun after a few laps in the pool. Then I sensed a presence; opening my eyes I saw Luisa standing over me naked. I was amazed at the hairiness of her cunt, thighs and legs…She lay beside me. We never said a word to each other… Her breasts were like fruits with nipples like rubies, sweet and hard. Her eyes were like Nefertiti’s; her cunt deep and strong like a mare’s cunt; she was a tempest, her orgasms a hurricane…I wished I had a dick to fuck her with. I lost all earthly conception of time fucking Luisa…her flesh was warm and comfortable…I cuddled her my hands stroking her breasts, nipples her vulva clitoris, her hair…Stroking, stroking. I heard birdsong and smell the scent of blossoms.

My hand was wedged between her wet tepid labia. She was soft fire and damp heat, ripe, scented and damp, her cunt the color of autumn. So much of her is mystery to me. She is sea foam and moonlight, pulsing darkness and lupine fields, earth womb and bubbling cauldron of heat…We ate each other’s cunt hungrily, lapped assholes sucked clits. For two glorious hours we engaged in divine Sapphic fucking with no holds barred. We came and came our bodies wracked with spasms…Gypsy Rosa may have foreseen my exciting journey but did not tell me that I will receive such a Royal Tropical Welcum. Within a week I was fucked more than I have been fucked recently. And the fun had just started.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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