A Trample Party Pt. 01

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Trust, it’s one thing that can make or break a friendship. It’s something that can take a lifetime to gain, and be gone in a second. It’s also one feeling that doesn’t require words to describe; enough can be said with body language alone. Rare is it to find friends you instantly feel you can trust within a day or two of meeting based on instinct alone, but it does happen, and it did with the girls and I.

Trample is probably one of the strangest ways to form trust, but nevertheless, it does work. What happened between Cindy, Christie, and I was all that in a nutshell. They trusted me enough to invite me into their home, and I suppose you could say it was trust on my part to let them both stand on me without worrying if I’d get hurt. However, if you were to be in their presence, trust would be the last thing you’d worry about because of the happiness that radiates off of them. That happiness gets you out of any funk you may be in, and genuinely makes you feel accepted. Plus the fact that they’re so intuitive about things… it’s like they know you before you know yourself. For shy guys like me, it gave me a whole new level of confidence; the way they seemed to figured me out. Most would say I’m a lucky guy, but when you’re around these girls, you don’t feel lucky, you feel blessed.

These are just some of the things that ran through my mind over and over as we sat through a half hour or so of tales about how the girls’ old boyfriends couldn’t take a hint that they wanted their feet admired. Pedicures, asking for foot massages with and without saying anything; both even tried standing on the guys they were with only to be disappointed by them not being into it and asking them to get off. The ladies each had their own story to tell.

I threw in a few stories of my own. Some were of victories and some were of disappointments, but my last story was these girls being my greatest victory. Most would like to think that while sharing stories like that, that I would eventually become the footrest for the girls, but not this time. We all played it off in a casual setting of sitting around and telling stories. Perhaps it was the way we approached the stories that made them just as interesting to listen to as it was to do another trample session. One thing I liked about sharing stories with them is that they always had their focus on me as I was telling my tales, of course we all gave each other our full attention, but with their eyes both looking at me with a look that begged to know more, it made me wish I had more to tell. Not a lot to catch up on, but I felt it was worth a mention.

As if on cue, as soon as I finish with what I’m saying, there’s a knock at the door.

Cindy jumps from her seat and over my legs as I’m still sitting on the floor, and with another two springy steps, she gets to the door. I have never seen anyone be so excited to answer the door, it’s like she’s expecting to see the Publishers Clearing House team on the other side. She opens it, screams in excitement as only girls do, and literally picks up and swings around this tiny, five-foot-nothing girl who couldn’t have been more than 105 pounds soaking wet.

After a few spins, this poor girl is flung like a top right at me! Needless to say, I’m a slow poke and can’t even get my feet out of the way before she trips over them. On the plus side, I’m the one who catches her on the way down, and yeah, because she’s so small, there isn’t much to catch.

Without missing a beat, Christie perks up and says “Hey, no falling for him, we found him first!”

All of us laugh along with her, but this stranger and I are both blushing red.

“It’s not my fault! Cindy threw me into him!” she replies. “Sorry hun, these girls have a strange sense of humor,” she says sliding off my lap and swinging her legs off mine, “I’m Kacie, by the way,” holding her hand out to shake mine.

“I know. It doesn’t take long to figure that out,” I reply, honoring her greeting. “I’m Brian.”

Cindy is still in hysterical laughter along with Christie as Kacie gets up and charges at Cindy in a playful manner, trying to shove her back but with no success as she remains stationary.

With me being temporarily off the hook, I take a moment to grasp the situation, and finally get a decent look at this new chick. To put it simply, Kacie is pretty much a smaller version of Christie, just with longer, all brunette hair. Her face glows just like Christie’s and even has the same dark eyes. Not long after glancing her over, I notice her perfume is still lingering on me from her landing. I can’t tell what perfume it is, but it’s definitely the kind that once it gets into my nose, it makes me feel all warm inside… yeah, that kind.

I’m broken from my trance when Kacie squeals from being picked up like a baby by Cindy.

“Put me down!” Kacie exclaims as Cindy rocks her back and forth with ease.

Christie gets up from the couch and heads over to help with Cindy’s playful assault by tickling Kacie at first, then I see Christie and Cindy’s ad─▒yaman escort eyes lock. Without a word said, Cindy turns so that Kacie’s shoes are within Christie’s grasp.

Kacie squeals even louder as she tries kicking her feet away from Christie’s hands, “No! Not my shoes! Ahhh!”

She’s no match though as Christie quickly removes one shoe, then the other with ease, revealing Kacie’s small size 5 socked feet! With laughter filling the room, Cindy finally puts the little lady down. She plops onto the floor as if all the energy had been drained from her legs in her struggle, then reaches for her shoes that Christie drops next to her. I’m thinking that as quickly as she goes for them that she’s simply going to put them right back on.

“You guys suck,” she adorably pouts in a huff.

“We love you too darlin’,” Cindy playfully replies as her laughing fit subsides.

To my surprise, Kacie seems to roll with the punches well as she shoots Cindy a quick, sassy smirk and then turns her attention back to her shoes, undoing the laces. “So what’s up?” she asks without making eye contact with anyone.

“Oh, you know, pushing buttons, sharing stories, pushing more buttons, things like that,” Christie vaguely replies.

Kacie glares at her for a moment, seemingly puzzled from the response. “Ok?” Looking at me, “how about you… Brian? Is it? What’s your story?” she asks as she sets her shoes down and carelessly removes her socks without a second thought. She exposes these amazingly cute feet; her toes adorned with a stunning magenta color, and it makes the task of answering her tricky.

I honestly can’t remove my eyes from this girl’s toes. “I um… well you know, I watch movies, test limits, share stories, stop drooling…,” and catch myself mid-sentence as I feel the embarrassment turn my face red! I swallow my pride and return my focus to her eyes.

“Well that’s… less than helpful,” she replies smiling, seemingly amused, almost like she wants to laugh but doesn’t entirely know what to make of my comment. She stuffs her socks into her shoes, taking her focus off me as she sets them aside.

I cover my face with both hands and take a deep breath, thinking to myself ‘what the hell was that?’ I’d say I’ve done pretty well so far, and this new chick shows up and totally throws me off my game. She even landed on me and I did ok with that, but as soon as the socks come off, break out the bumbling idiot moves~

“Smooth,” I hear Christie say as her arms wrap around me from behind and pull me back into her. I didn’t even notice that she had moved.

I sigh in shame, “Yeah, I know,” my hands dropping into my lap.

“Ready for round two?” she whispers into my ear as we both look towards Kacie.

“What? With her here? Nooo, I can’t.” I reply back in a whisper.

“Oh come now hun, you can’t tell me you don’t want her walking on you too, am I right?” she says bringing her head forward so that we’re looking face to face.

“Well, yeah, but you saw what just happened. She’s not going to let me live that down.”

“Sure she will. Things like that don’t bother her. Come on; let’s do round two with her.”

“You can really make that happen?”

“I can make anything happen,” she replies with a striking amount of confidence. My smile is all the reassurance she needs. “Just follow my lead,” she says as she returns to her feet.

As she ascends from the floor, I watch as she catches Cindy’s attention, and again with the eye language; Cindy knows exactly what Christie’s up to. “Hey, I know a game we can all play.”

“What, keep-away with Kacie’s shoes?” Kacie replies in a sarcastic tone.

Christie giggles softly to the remark, then tells Kacie, “Close, but No. It’s a little game I like to call Three’s-a-Crowd.” I see Christie biting her lip gently as her and Cindy lock eyes. We all look at Kacie who is looking back up at Christie with the biggest imaginary question mark hovering above her head. I too have never heard it been mentioned like that before, but I know where Christie’s going with this, Kacie doesn’t.

“Three’s-a-what?” Kacie questions.

“Three’s-a-Crowd,” confirms Christie, “it’s simple; all you do is try to get three people to pile onto a forth volunteer without causing anyone to fall off.”

“Like a dog-pile, or sit on them, or what?” Kacie questions further.

“It’s even easier than that, just stand on them.”

Kacie’s eyes practically become bug-eyed, “Stand on them?! Oh, I am SO not it!”

Giggling again at the small girl’s remark, “I never said you would be, that’s why we have him,” Christie coos as she turns towards me, swinging her right leg around, and tapping me on the stomach with her toes.

“You’re going to stand on him?” Kacie states with concern as she looks at me.

“Well let’s see, there’s me, that’s one, there’s her,” pointing to Cindy, “that’s two, so for a crowd, that means you’d have to join in with us,” Christie matter-of-factly ad─▒yaman escort bayan points out.

Not really knowing what to say, Kacie continues looking at me, alternating glances between Christie and I. After grasping the concept finally, she curiously asks me,

“You’re going to let them stand on you?”

“I already have actually,” I tell her.

“Shut up! You have not!”

I chuckle a bit, “Yeah, I have, both her and Cindy.”

“Shut UP,” Kacie yells with a jaw-dropped smile!

“You don’t believe him?” Cindy questions her as she walks over to me.

That shuts her up real quick, but I can tell for a moment that she has a hard time believing me. Then something clicks. She glances down at her feet for what seems like long enough to recall my idiot remark as I was looking at them, then she looks back at me.

“You’re serious,” Kacie says to me. “He’s serious,” looking up at the girls. “Wow, where’d you two find this one?”

“He was at the theater yesterday when we saw The Dark Knight at the replay event,” Christie replies.

“You went to that too?!” Kacie asks excitedly, straying off subject briefly.

“Who didn’t?! That movie was legendary!” Christie spouts out, getting caught up in the moment with her.

“Oh I know! Heath Ledger was so yummy! Why’d he have to pass away?” Kacie bluntly adds with a pouty face.

“I know! I couldn’t stop thinking about that little detail while watching that movie. I couldn’t help but tear up when I saw his tribute at the end, it was so sad…”

I look up at Christie after she mentions the tribute and see her starting to get choked up a bit. I guess she’s a softy for that type of stuff, but it doesn’t surprise me since she’s so caring any way. “How about a moment of silence for him?” I suggest, hoping to lighten her mood a bit.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Christie agrees as a lump forms in her throat.

We all close our eyes, and for what seems like several minutes there is nothing but silence in the room. None of us are paying attention to time, but I hear Christie breaking the silence by sniffing a couple times as she becomes momentarily overwhelmed in emotion. I look up at her again and see a tear glistening down her pretty cheek.

I empathetically take her hand in mine, saying “He’s in a better place now,” to break the silence; feeling Christie’s hand squeeze mine.

“Amen,” Cindy and Kacie reply softly, one after the other, followed by Christie after swallowing deeply.

“Oh sweetie, it’s okay,” Cindy says to her, noticing her reaction and giving her a reassuring hug.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry hun,” Kacie adds trying to help.

With a teary chuckle, “It’s ok. I know you didn’t. I can’t help it sometimes though. But, I’m fine now,” inhaling deeply and sighing heavily, “I’m good,” Christie replies wiping her cheek dry.

“You sure?” Cindy asks.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Christie says looking back at her with half a smile returning to her pretty face. She actually takes another minute or so to compose herself; it’s a girl thing I suppose.

As quickly as she strayed off topic, Kacie gets things back on track. She glances at her feet once again, then she appears to have an epiphany. “Well! I guess I should keep up my end of the deal, huh?” she says smiling at me, then up at the girls.

“What? Wait… what deal?” inquires Cindy.

“Oh man, I can’t believe of all of us, I’m the one that remembers this,” Kacie replies getting back to her feet, then continues “but remember back when you two were having trouble finding someone to stand on and I didn’t believe you’d find anyone?”

Christie’s eyes widen as she recalls the memory with Cindy, sharing the same surprised look.

Kacie’s eyes slowly trail back down to me, “You told me that you would find someone, and when you did, that I had to stand on them.”

You gotta be shittin’ me! I can’t begin to describe how bug-eyed I am hearing her say all this! My ears feel like they’re hearing an imaginary winning bell! She leans over and makes my day yet again!

Gazing straight into my eyes, which I swear she learned from Christie, she says “You know what I told her?”

My voice cracks and the only real response she gets from me is my head shaking ‘No’.


You know that feeling you get that feels like a black hole opening up in your stomach? Your heart skips a beat or two, and your throat tenses up? Okay, imagine all that happening in a split-second, and on top of it, your face blushes a deep red… well, for me that would be the second time since I’ve met her… but all that, simply from hearing this beautiful minx coo the word ‘Deal’, and letting it roll smoothly off her tongue.

“Oooooo! I do like the way you think!” Christie chimes.

So do I! But I can’t mutter the words! They just stay in my head. Oh well, probably for the best.

Kacie gently places her tiny bare foot on my right thigh, and fetish or not, no man could escort ad─▒yaman avoid a boner in this situation. Holding her hand out to Christie for leverage, she steps up, placing her other foot on my other thigh.

“You know, it’s hard to walk on someone when they’re sitting up,” she points out as she looks down at me, hinting for me to lie back.

As I start to oblige her, she’s already taking baby steps up my hips and stomach as if her weight would force me down faster. Truth be told, her weight doesn’t even register to me. I could’ve leaned back on my arms and still held her weight on my chest if she had gone that far, but she stays on my stomach until I am flat on my back.

“She’s a natural already,” Cindy mentions with a chuckle.

Soft, girly laughter fills the room briefly and all I can do is smile along since the nervous feeling hasn’t quite left me yet. Feeling Kacie’s small feet press lightly into my gut gives me butterflies, and looking up at her and the other two is enough to turn me into liquid happiness! Even on my tender abs, she still feels great!

Christie guides Kacie up to my chest where she keeps this ‘massaging’ walk-in-place routine going. She decides to add to the fun and take Kacie’s place on my stomach; stepping onto me without a second thought, I can definitely identify her foot placement. Being fairly light weight herself, she isn’t difficult to handle, but with the soreness still present, her steps are very obvious. Noticing my tenseness under her feet, she reminds me to relax, loosen up my abs, and not focus on the soreness and it will go away.

Trying not to focus on the soreness is freakin’ difficult, especially with her toes pointing more prominently into me. However, I manage to do it by simply looking up at their faces one at a time as Kacie is much shorter and therefore it’s not a stretch to see Christie behind her. Focusing on their pretty smiles and adoring eyes distracts me enough, and actually helps me to imagine that my soreness is energy building up to handle more.

“My turn,” Cindy chimes in as she moves around behind Christie.

Christie scoots up closer behind Kacie, and the pressure builds up quite a bit on my chest.

“Ready?” Cindy asks me as a courtesy.

I’m willing to bet she would’ve got on whether I was actually ready or not. She just strikes me as that kind of lady when it comes to this. Either way, a strained “Yep” escapes my lips.

She takes her time getting on after hearing the struggle in my voice. First her left foot, resting the ball between my hip bones, finding a comfortable spot to plant her step, she slowly applies her weight, fully aware that she can push my limits pretty quick. To everyone’s amazement though, she’s on full-weight on my lower stomach with her feet mainly facing sideways, and I am still handling it pretty well!

Taking in the feeling of the three ladies on me, I let out a heavily strained sigh, allowing Christie and Cindy to really sink into me. I can see the clear look of concern on Kacie’s face, so I smile up at her to let her know I’m alright.

“Looks like we have a crowd,” Christie cheers as she looks down at me over Kacie’s shoulder. I get that warm, reenergizing feeling back as I see her smile again, and hear Kacie and Cindy giggle along.

“Are we killin’ ya?” Kacie asks after seeing my face starting to turn a reddish color, this time from built up pressure rather than embarrassment.

“I’m fine,” I manage to reply, weakly, but I say it.

“You are incredible,” she continues with amazement. “At first glance, you don’t look like the kinda guy who could handle this type of thing.”

With a bit of effort to take a breath in order to speak, “It’s not like you girls are heavy enough… for me not to handle.”

“Aww, how nice.”

Shortly after that, all three girls lean to one side and step down simultaneously. Surprisingly I don’t gasp for air this time as compared to how I did with just the two earlier, but more or less simply take a deep breath and relax almost completely.

“How was that?” Christie asks, keeping her left foot lightly rested on my torso.

“Felt great,” I respond with my eyes partially closed.

“Not so bad was it?”

“Not at all.”

“So, is that it? Is that all we’re gonna do to him?” Kacie wonders.

“I don’t know about you, but I plan to keep going for a bit,” Christie replies looking at her, then back down to me, “You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not,” I tell her with a grin.

“Can I do it more too?” Kacie asks politely, as if she really needs to.

With a slightly weakened laugh, I tell her to feel free with joining in. It seems like when they stepped off, I had a dash of confidence come over me, and as a result I’m not as nervous with all of this.

“Well here, move over closer to the couch so I have something to hold onto,” Kacie suggests.

“Sure,” I reply, scooting towards the foot of the couch.

As I make my over, Christie steps over me and heads over to turn the radio on. Cindy decides to take a rest and plops down on the couch a few feet from where my head comes to rest on the floor. Then, just as Kacie takes her last few steps towards me, Christie squeals in excitement after hearing her favorite song, ‘Give Me Your Eyes’ by Brandon Heath, playing on the radio.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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