A Train Game

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Damn I hated train rides. They were always boring and long. However, this one took the cake, I mean, it was hot and sweaty this time, which made things worse!

As I straightened my tie and pants in my sweaty seat, a huge, tanned man came up near the pole I was seated next to.

Oh my god, he was so cute! His long jet black hair flowed down his strong, jacket covered back. His dark, sensous eyes, scanned around the train as he stood there, his prick only inchs away from my hand. His hard, square chest, seemed to rise up away from his body longing to be touched with every breath he made. His long, thick, legs stood un-natually steady on two huge shifty feet. And most importantly of all, the bulge in his tight black jeans told me I had to get this guy at my house!

I couldn’t stop staring at him, and while my hazel green eyes swooned over his amazing body, I didn’t realize his prick was getting closer and closer to my hand that rested on the pole.

“How am i…wait…wait a second…did he just do what I think he just did?” I thought to myself, as I looked up at him timidly. “Did he just rub his dick against my hand? No…no, it had to be a mistake, it had to be…He did it again! this time the train didnt move an inch!” I thought happily to myself.

As I stared into his dark, mysterious eyes, they seemed to lighten alittle bit and gleam at me as he smiled. I could’ve melted at that moment. Alright Mr. Playful, i’ll play your game, I said to myself as I rubbed my hand against his dick, trying not to be obvious.

When I did this, I noticed him smile a little bit, and nodded for me to follow him as he stalked toward the sliding doors.

“Oh please dont leave!” I almost called out, as I got up and followed him. This was rush hour and it was very very crowed, and I almost lost him twice in my pursuit.

As his dark hair vanished in between the cars after walking through the sliding door to another car, I hesitated. What was he up to? “Forget that! Dont let this one get away!” I screamed to myself as I walked through the door.

As I walked through, two powerful hands grabbed me, and pulled me into powerful lips that kissed me passionatly. “Oh dont stop, please dont stop” I murmured as he broke the kiss and stared at me. All his response was, was a smile and another nod telling me to keep following him. At this time, I realized we were in the middle of cars and the sound of the train moving began to give me a headache, so I gladly followed him into the next car.

As I kept following my mysterious boy toy, I checked him out from the backside. He had the tightest, cutest little ass you have ever seen. You could bounce pennies off of it! I wanted to reach out and grab it, but people were already staring at us. Two giants lurking around train cars, heading for the back of the train didnt seem very normal.

Every time we ended up between cars, my mysterious man would grab me and pull me into his now famous passionate kiss. And every time, my dick would get harder and harder, wanting to do more, but not getting the chance to. Damn he was so sexy.

By the time we got to the back of the train, rush hour was in full swing and there were no more seats left, so we stayed near the door, just staring into each others eyes, ignoring the glances and stares of some of the other riders.

“Whats your name, boy,” He aksaray escort asked me, looking around first before settling his eyes on me for my answer. This was the first time he had talked to me since we had met, and his voice was low and inviting.

“Mikal, and whats yours?,” I asked trying to be cool, while my eyes darted from to part of his lovely body, before settling back on his eyes.

“Aww, that doesn’t matter really, just relax, we’re gonna get off at the next stop,” he said leaning his back against the door, and flinging his hair from his face smoothly.

I put a strand of dark hair behind my right ear and nodded, turning to face the door he was leaned against. I was suppose to be going to work, but I couldn’t let this guy outta my grasp! I’ll call in sick, damnit!

On the next stop, we both walked out calmly, looking around, not really looking at each other, just strutting along, like two guys just out to be out. However, our raging hard-ons that were suspiciously half poking against the material of our pants didn’t help matters much.

As we walked up the steps toward the street, I felt His hands on my ass. He had such strong hands, I would’ve turned around and started making out with him right then and there. However, I wasn’t very open with my sexuality and I liked to keep my business, my business. But, if he kept rubbing my ass the way he was, I was about to come out to the whole world.

“This way,” he whispered into my ear as we reached the street, and dissappeared behind a wall to the far left side. I jogged to keep up with him as he walked, seemingly aimlessly, around the busy streets, of what looked like 42nd street. What were we doing on 42nd street? This was one of the busiest places in Manhatten, how were we going to get privacy here?

“Over here,” He said, running into a multiplex like a mad man. Why is he going into a movie theater? “Stop asking so many damned questions!” I scolded myself. “Your with this hot guy and your questioning it? Are you an idiot!?” Alrite, suck it up Mikal.

As I walked into the multiplex, I saw couples everywhere. What is going on? I saw men with men, women with men, and women with women. This was the weirdest multiplex ive been in.

“This is kind of like…a Sex Multiplex,” said my mysterious tour guide noticing my state of awe and the increasing bulge in my pants.

He grabbed my hand and lead me to an almost empty movie that was playing. As I looked up at the screen, I saw it was blank, the movie had played itself out and no one had rewound it or played another movie. This place was strictly for sex! I loved this place.

Before I could find a seat to sit down on, I felt my mysterious man, fondling my body parts and opening my pants. I wanted him so bad, I quickly sat down and spread my legs.

“Oh no cutie, not yet, I dont rush things,” He said, pulling out a long blue cloth from his back pocket.

“Oh really? What do you have in mind?” I asked looking at the cloth in confusment.

“You’ll see,” he said covering my eyes throwing me into complete darkness except for a little light near my nose.

While I tried to adjust to the new darkness, I felt him tugging at my pants and boxers. I left my ass off the seat and then back down as I felt him pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles. I felt my hard-on aksaray escort bayan twitch a little bit when it bounced out of my boxers and felt the cool air against it’s hot skin.

After what felt like hours, I finally felt his warm breath against my hard prick. I moaned and shifted in my seat. However, to my disappointment, he didn’t put my aching dick into his mouth. Instead he teased me, breathing all over it, bring it up to his mouth then moving away, licking it for only a second, then moving.

“What do you want me to do with it?” he asked, licking it with what felt like the tip of his hot tongue, then moving away once again.

“Please…please do it,” I moaned, feeling as if I was about to explode.

“Do what?” he asked, teasing me some more with his warm breath.

“Please, suck it, suck it,” I whispered, yurning for my dick to be inside his warm mouth.

“Well, alright,” he said, plunging my dick into his awaiting mouth. Oh god! it felt sooooooo fucking good. As he sucked my hard dick, he played with my balls with his hand. I was just about ready to explode. As his tongue swirled around and around the head of my prick, his fingers pinched my balls. That’s it.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!OOOOOOHHHHHMMMMMYYYY” I screamed before I lost my voice in a wave of extasy and pleasure as I bolted shot after shot of warm cum into my mysterious man mouth. I must’ve spurted about 20 rounds of cum into his mouth before I finally settled down.

“Oh man..that was” I began. “Shhh, keep the blindfold on,” he said. I heard him stand up and zip down his pants. Finally I was going to be able to repay him for his amazing blow job.

I flinched as I felt his thick dick head on my lips. I wasnt bad at sucking dick, but I wasnt hardly as good as he was. As I opened my mouth, he moved his hard dick away. Was that suppose to happen?

“Oh, im sorry, did u want to suck this?” he asked as if he didn’t know. “Yes, let me suck it, please” I begged, opening my mouth, and kind of searching for his prick with my tongue. He layed his dick on my awaiting tongue. Trying to please him as much as he pleased me, I began to swirl my tongue around on the tip of his dick. Teasing me again, he moved it away, making me call for it again.

“Do you like it when I tease you?” he asked, letting me have his wonderful dick in my mouth. I started pumping my head up and down his shaft hungerily, ignoring his question. I worked my right hand around to his pucker hole and began to ease my index in.

I heard him moan in satisfaction and he let me take over from then on. As I pumped up and down on his hard pole, I started easing in more and more fingers into his asshole, while playing with his balls at the same time. I didnt have to hold his dick in place since it was hard as a rock and was already stiff.

As I kept pumping the juices outta his dick, he ripped off the blindfold in one quick swipe, and exposed my eyes to the actual image of his dick. It was huge, I hadn’t noticed before, but from the sight of it, I almost gagged. How did I get this monster so deep in my throat? How did I not notice how big it was? It had to have been 10 inchs at the least. And almost as thick! This dick was mind boggling.

“Like my prick huh?” he asked, noticing my state of amazment at the sight of his monster. His voice jolted escort aksaray me back into reality, and I nodded a quick “yes” and began again with the task at hand.

Just as quickly as I had rebegun, I was instucted to stop.

“Get up, and bend over,” he told me, moving to the side, to give me room to move around. As he moved to the side, I noticed that a new movie had finally begun, and it was of two women getting it on. This did nothing for my hard on so I turned around and stuck my ass into the air, waiting for him to insert his huge dick into my pucker hole.

As he positioned himself behind me, my lust got the best of me, and I pushed his jimmy into my ass with one swift, painful motion. I groaned alil at the pain, but the fullness I felt quickly overpowered any sense of pain.

“Oh no you dont, I told you I dont rush things,” he said, pulling his wonderful dick out of my ass and snickering alil bit.

“Please…fuck me, please” I begged, knowing he liked to be begged and wiggling my ass in his face.

“You have a nice ass,” he said, grabbing my ass with one of his strong hands, and rubbing his dick against one of my ass cheeks. He was driving me crazy!

I couldnt take it anymore “Fuck me! Fuck me now! Fuck my nice ass, fuck me fuck me fuck me,” I chanted, trying to push myself onto his hard prick, but not getting successful.

“Does my little cutie want his man to fuck his nice…tight…fuckable asshole?” he asked, bending over with his dick at the enterance of my man hole, growling each word into my ear.

“Yes! Please! Please fuck me!” I muttered, rubbing my ass on his manhood. At this, he jammed himself into my manhole with nothing but strength and force.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm” was all I was able to say to describe the mixture of pain and pleasure he had just given me. Since his prick hadn’t been in my ass long enough to let me get used to it, it still hurt when he put in again.

“Do you like that?” he said as he started easing out and in again. All I could do was grind into him and mutter little words that made no sense. My dick was stiff as steel now, and I began to jack myself off.

“Dont do that” he said, seeing that I was beating myself off. I did what he said, and stopping beating my meat as he began to fuck me senseless. With every strong thrust, my dick was hump the chair which added to my extasy.

As he pumped in and out, I felt his balls expanding and his thrusts getting more and more excited.

“Cum in my asshole! Cum in me!” I screamed outta no where.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggmmmmmmmmmmm” he belted as he sent wave after wave of hot cum into my asshole. That was it for me also.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” I yelped like a little girl as I came on my chest and on the chair that help me from falling over from pleasure.

With every spurt of cum that came into my asshole, came out of my prick onto my chest and chair. I had never came that hard before. I felt my mystery man soften and plop out of my ass.

“can you find your way home from here?” he asked rubbing my ass, and pulling up my pants and boxers.

As I zipped up my pants, I collapsed on the chair. “Yeah” I said, feeling extremly tired.

“alright, ill see you around” he said as he walked away and dissappeared out the enterance. I didnt have the energy to run after him. However, I was very grateful that I had the pleasure to met him and get fucked by him. I would never forget that day. And I still havent. I still wonder into the multiplex looking for “Him”. And then…one day…

“Hello Mikal” said a whisper from behind me that I recognized.

Thank you god!!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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