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A Toilet Slave’s Journey

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I was brought in after being arrested for public urination. I was drunk and had to piss, so I did behind a grocery store and got arrested. Little did I know that the local pleasure house has a deal with the police that if they bring in a certain amount of people for the house then they all get to try out the merchandise before it gets sold. I was thrown in the back of a truck and given something to knock me out cold.

I slowly awake and look around at my surroundings. It’s a plain white room with tiles all over the floor and half-way up the walls and a drain in the middle. Its cold in the room and as I wake up I realize that I’m gagged and handcuffed sitting on the floor. There is a leather collar around my neck. A man walks in, he’s tall with sandy brown hair and a sinister smile on his face. He’s followed by three other men who are all quite strong looking. The man walks towards me and crouches down.

“Why hello there. So I’ve been told that you were a very bad boy and now you need to be punished. But quite how badly the punishment is is up to you. So I’m going to remove your gag and your cuffs and if you want this to go as nice and easy as possible you will stand up and not move afterwards got it?”

What the hell is this guy talking about? Im confused but I’m not stupid. I’m going to take the easiest way out by following what he says. I nod my head at his question.

“Okay good. Smart boy,” he releases my cuffs and removes the gag and steps back to see what I’ll do. I slowly stand up and wait.

“Now strip,” he says.

“What?!” I ask.

“You heard me boy. I said strip. Do it now before I have to do it for you.”

I hesitate, this seems wrong but I don’t know what else to do. My hesitation was apparently too long because the man walks over to me with some scissors and cuts my shirt off.

“Now,” he says, ” Would you like for me to cut your pants off with these or are you going to strip like I fucking told you to.”

“I’ll strip,” I say as I start to take off my pants.

“Master,” he says.


“From here on out you will refer to me as such. Got it?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes master.”

“Good boy.”

I am now standing nude in front of four men I have never met and cover my crotch in embarrassment. The man walks over and slaps my hands away.

“Don’t you ever cover yourself in front of me” he grabs my dick roughly in his hand “This here belongs to me now. You don’t get to decide what happens to it. All of you is mine but especially this”.

He lets go and walks around me to look me over before leading me to the back wall and tells me to bend over and hold onto a bar in front of me “Now you are not to move from this position got it? If you do I will tie you down but I’d like to see you hold it on your own”.

This position is so humiliating. I’m bent over in front of a group of men I don’t know completely naked and I have a feeling its only going to get worse. But I also know I can’t fight back against these guys and taking the easy way is probably for the best.

I hear the sound of a bottle cap opening and then a few seconds later the man, Master, is holding onto my ass with one hand. I feel something touch my asshole and I jump a bit and pull away. This gains me a slap on the ass, and I am quick to say “sorry master,” afterwards. “Good boy. Now I said don’t move,” he says.

What was at my hole was his finger I realize as it returns to me and starts circling it again, covering it in lubricant. The finger starts to push into my ass and I feel my hole resisting, but the amount of lube added means the finger eventually slips in. It’s a foreign feeling to me having something up my ass and as he starts to move it in and out I squirm a bit but stay in position.

“Easy boy you are doing just fine. This will all be over soon and then if you keep being such a good boy we can make you feel really good afterwards,” says the man as he starts to add a second finger. Once inside he stretches them apart from each other and I groan at the feeling and Master moans “Oh fuck… nothng better than a streched out hole.” He does this a few more times and then takes out his fingers. My ass feels weird but it’s a relief to be empty again.

“Okay boy now you stay there for a minute while I get something and don’t you dare move or look behind you got it?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good Boy.”

I hear him walk away and the temptation to look around is killing me but my ass is still sore from being slapped and I don’t know if its worth the risk. I hear the sounds of water running behind me and am very confused as to what he could be doing but I still keep my eyes forward. I soon hear him come back with what sounds like a metal cart or something with wheels and the temptation is just too much, so I glance back behind me and am confused by what I see.

There is a metal stand with a bottle hanging from it and a tube coming out of it. I have no idea what I was expecting but it wasn’t that. Master sees me turn around and grabs my head and turns Bostancı Escort it back forwards. “I told you to stay still kitten and now you’ve disobeyed me,” he growls. “You were doing so good too. So as punishment we were going to take this nice and slow to get you used to it but now it’s going to be just as fast as it normally is. I’m still not going to tie you down though because I like the challenge of making my boys stand there and take it.”

I don’t know what he’s talking about but I do know that I fucked up, so I stay where I am and promise myself I won’t move until told again. There are once again hands on my ass and then something is touching my asshole, being slowly pushed inside. Its wider than Masters fingers and I groan at the stretch but stay still. Then all of a sudden it pops into my ass and my ring grabs onto the smaller neck of it.

“Feeling full boy?” Master asks.

“Yes master,” I respond.

He laughs, “Well you better get used to it boy because this is the least full you are going to be in a long while that’s for sure. Now because you were just too curious and disobeyed me we aren’t going to take this slow. So no matter how much you wish this was a slower process remember you made this choice when you moved without permission”.

And with that I hear a click and then feel something warm in my ass. Water I realize. From that bag. Its coming into my ass and filling me. There is so much of it and I don’t know how it’s possibly fitting inside me. My whole body feels warm as the relentless rush of water enters my bowels and fills me to the brim. Master starts playing with the plug in my ass. Tugging on it and pushing on it and I let out a groan at the feeling. His other hand reaches lower and starts to play with my balls and dick.

“You feel it now boy? How full you can be. How good it feels to be this full? Well don’t worry because here your job is to be full all the time. You will never have to feel empty again. We will just keep filling you up over and over and there is nothing you can do about it because you are mine. Your body is mine. And that’s what I want it to do.”

My dick starts to harden at the feeling of his hands playing with it and I’m more confused than ever. I don’t want to be full of water, and yet I’m getting hard. The water stops and I feel like a balloon about to pop. He pulls out the plug and I squeeze my anus tight to keep the water in.

“Now boy we have one more challenge for you. You are going to stand up and turn around and walk over here. Then squat down. But you are not to spill any water,” he says sternly. “And because I’m a nice man I’ll give you a choice. Do you want a plug to help you or do you want to do this without one?”

I think it over but I’m so full I don’t know if I can hold it without a plug, so I answer him with “I’d like a plug please master.”

“Oh what a good boy we have here! Now I want you to beg me for it,” he says with a grin

I almost break position. My hesitation must have been too long because I feel another stinging slap on my ass. Master leans over my back to speak into my ear. “I want you to beg me to plug up this slutty little ass of yours or you aren’t getting the plug at all got it?”

“Yes master,” I reply. “Please Master can I have the plug?” “No. Not convincing enough. Try again.” The pressure in my ass and stomach is killing me and if I don’t get the plug soon it’s going to leak out, so I say, “Please master. Please plug up my slutty ass.”

“Good boy.” I feel another plug enter my ass and it’s a relief to know I won’t spill all over the floor.

“Now stand up and get over here.” he points at the ground in front of him. I slowly stand up, groaning at the full feeling in my stomach, and walk towards him.

“Squat down.”

“Yes master.”

I squat down and the feeling of going to burst gets even worse. The man walks around me and I feel him crouch down behind me. He starts to play with the plug, jiggling it around and making me almost move position. He stops and says, “Now I’m going to take this plug out and you are going to tighten up your ass for me and not spill a drop until I tell you to.” The plug gets slowly pulled from me and as soon as it’s out I squeeze my ass shut before anything escapes. But in this position with no plug its getting harder to not let go.

Master gets up and walks to somewhere else in the room. When he comes back he places a floor length mirror in front of me. The sight shocks me. Here I am naked, collared, and squatting on the ground with a stomach full of water in front of men I don’t know in a place I don’t know. It’s shocking beyond all belief and I gasp at my reflection.

“Now slut you can release but look at your reflection while you do it. Watch yourself spill all over the ground”

I don’t want to but Master comes behind me and grabs my hair to hold my head forwards and I know better than to close my eyes. I hesitate a second more before I let go. I watch my reflection as I push all the water out of my ass. And I let out a Anadolu Yakası Escort soft moan at what a relief the feeling is having it out. The humiliation of it all turns me bright red and I break eye contact with myself once I’m done.

He ruffles my hair “Good boy. How’s it feels being a dirty little slut? Shitting out all that water in front of us?” He smirks, “A dirty boy like you needs to be washed off after that.”

He gestures to the other men, and they all circle around me with their dicks out. Master pulls his out too and tells me to stay where I am. After a moments’ hesitation all four of them start to piss all over me. They cover me entirely in piss. One has aimed at my face while another seems intent on covering my ass in piss. The other two aimed for my dick and torso. The humiliation is immense and I look down in shame.

“Alright boy you stink like piss so let’s get you actually cleaned up.” He takes me over to a shower in the corner of the room and turns on the water.

“Hands on the wall boy.”

“Yes master.”

I lean over and put my hands against the wall and the water runs down my back. Master comes behind me and starts to rub my cock while rubbing his hard dick against my ass.

“You were a very good boy and you deserve a reward. Now whenever you are ready you can cum,” he says. His other hand starts to play with my ass again. One finger slips in and wiggles around. Then out of no where he touches a spot inside and I let out a moan “There is is,” he says with a chuckle. He rubs that spot and my cock until I can’t take it anymore and cum all over his hand. He takes that hand and uses it to stroke his dick until he cums all over my ass. It all gets washed away soon enough and that’s the end of the shower. I get towelled off and left standing in the middle of the room.

Cuffs are reattached to my wrists and ankles, and I am lead out of the room. “Welcome to the Pleasure House boy. You will make a great slave I’m sure of it.”

I am lead to a room called The Toilets and what I see stops me in my tracks. There are many rows of naked slaves tied up with various tubes and dildos in them. But then I see a man come up to a girl with a ring gag in her mouth, and he pulls out his dick and without entering her mouth he pisses in it. Its then when I realize what kind of room this is and I want nothing to do with it. I pull back on my binds and master turns around.

“Don’t you start now boy. You were being so good, and I was going to start you off easy. Now you are going to come with me over to your new station, and we will start your training. Any attempt to escape isn’t going to work and is going to make it much harder for you. Now come with me and don’t you stop until I tell you to.” He slaps me on the ass again and I follow him, realising I have no choice.

He takes me over to a station and gets me to bend over a padded bench with a hole in the middle. My knees rest on a pad on the ground and my body down towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. My ankles are strapped down as well as my back and arms. My head rests on a little stand for it and my collar is attached to the floor, so I can’t move. I hear him behind me doing something and then feel his slick fingers at my asshole.

“Now we are going to start you off with something nice and easy. It will be just water for now until you get used to being full and in a bit we will get you used to being used at both ends. For now though you can suck on this.” My head gets released and my body is pulled up and a dildo gets attached to the floor below me. As I’m pushed back down I see where this is going and Master confirms it with an “Open wide,” and a slap on the ass. I open my mouth and the dildo slides in, and I am secured once more. There is very little room for me to move my head up and down the shaft of the dildo and when I’m all the way down it just about touched the back of my throat making me gag.

“You will get used to the feeling of something in your throat soon enough boy don’t worry about that. We will get you trained up nice and good. Now to get you filled on this end.”

His fingers are back, and they stretch me for a few seconds until they are removed, replaced with a small dildo. Its not much of a stretch for my ass after what its been through today to my relief. I feel it pop in and my anus lock around the flanged base. For a few seconds nothing happens. And then I feel warmth rushing into my ass for the second time that day. More water running right into my colon and down into my guts. I groan at the feeling and go too far down on the dick in my mouth and gag a bit. All pride I had is now gone. Drool running down the dildo in my mouth, strapped down, and being filled with water at the delight of my new Master. There is nothing left to do but submit to what’s happening and hope its over soon.

“Well slut have fun,” says Master. He slaps me one last time and then I hear him walk away.

I am left there for hours. The water never stops. It pauses for a while to let me sit there Pendik Escort full and stretched out but then it starts again and I’m filled up more. I’m so full and to my dismay I have been hard the whole time. There is no way I can get out of this, so I try my best to relax.

Eventually I hear someone come up behind me and there is a hand on my ass.

“Hey there slut feeling full yet?”

It’s my master. I am relieved by this because he might let me empty out and hopefully will let me cum.

“What can’t answer me with that dick in your mouth?” He laughs. “Your training for today is almost over slut so let go get you emptied out.”

He clips a chain to my collar and then releases my binds. “Ah just a second. We’ve gotta get this hose out of your ass first before you get up,” he pauses.

“Well would you look at that. It looks like someone likes being filled,” he grabs my dick and starts rubbing it, getting me harder than before. He lets go and then his fingers are back at my ass hole and are playing with the dildo plugging it up. He pushes it in and out and gets a moan out of me when he jiggles it around. Finally, he pulls it out and I do my best to clench down and hold in the water. Thankfully he shoves a new plug in quickly and then I’m allowed getting up. I groan at the sensation of my now heavy stomach being pulled down by gravity. The relief of not having that dildo in my mouth is great but doesn’t last long.

“Open up Slut,” says Master as he takes the plug off the end of the water hose and shoves it in my mouth. “Taste that? That’s your ass juice you are tasting. But don’t worry its a taste you’ll get used to,” he chuckles and then grabs the chain attached to my collar, and we head off down the hall to the back of the room.

We enter another room which seems to be for cleaning all the slaves as there are many shower heads along one wall as well as a few large bathtubs. I am lead to another part of the room that has a bunch of raised oval rings on the ground with a drain in the middle of each one. Master leads me over to one and says, “Okay boy now squat down over this.”

I do, and he walks behind me and grabs my plug “Don’t you dare let go until I say so,” he says. I wouldn’t dream of it, so I make sure to clench tight once he pulls it out. He comes over to my head and takes the plug out of my mouth.

“You can release once I come,” he says and takes out his cock “Now open up and make your Master feel real nice.” I open my mouth and he thrusts in his cock. I try my best to make it good for him and make him come fast because I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold the water. I swirl my tongue around his dick and suck on it which pulls a groan from him. Soon his thrusts speed up, and he grabs onto my head and moves it up and down on his dick. He pulls it down one more time and starts to come just as I choke on his cock.

“Okay slut let go,” he grunts out and I relax my ass and push the water out. It comes out in a torrent and I groan with relief as the water leaves my body. Once Master is done coming he pulls my head off his cock, puts the plug back into my mouth, and grabs the chain once more. “Good work boy now lets get you cleaned up.”

We walk over to one of the shower heads, and he gets me to bend over and hold onto the bar in front of me on the wall.

“Before we clean you up I have one more surprise for you my slut. Just a preview for what your life is going to be like from now on.”

I feel his dick at my ass, and he pushes in slowly. Once in he stays where he is and there is an expectant pause for something to happen. Just as im wondering what he’s doing I feel it. A feeling similar to earlier but not quite. A strong warm sensation fills my ass and I finally clue in. This man is pissing into my ass. His hot fresh piss fills my ass, and I am violated in a way I never thought possible.

As he does this he reaches down and starts to play with my hard dick. Pulling it and rubbing it as his piss fills me. “That’s it my little toilet. Feels good to be filled, doesn’t it? This is all you are good for, taking all the piss you can.” I shake my head no at this. It don’t want it to feel good, and I am worth more than being a toilet.

“No? So your cock isn’t hard in my hand right now? It feels pretty hard to me. In fact, I wonder if you could come from this. From having your piss filled ass fucked by the man who filled it. Let’s find out shall we?”

He starts roughly fucking my ass. His balls slap against mine, and he continues playing my dick with one hand and the other reaches up and pinches a nipple. I let out a moan around thr plug in my mouth, and he chuckles into my ear, “Come on toilet boy you know how good it feels. Let go and come on my dick like a good boy and I’ll finally clean you up and let you rest. You are a dirty little slut that needs to be cleaned and the sooner you come the sooner we can do just that,” a minute or two later I come, and he does too. Adding more liquid into my ass as he does.

He pulls out and tells me to release everything right here. I do and am overcome with embarrassment as he stands there and watches. After its done he rinses me down and sprays a bit more water into my ass to clean it out. Once that’s done and I’ve pushed it out he takes me to the resting area for all the toilet slaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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