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A Teacher’s Career Change

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Life can be difficult especially when you have very little money from your job. Some people try to earn extra income through investments while others do two to three jobs just so they can pay the bills, feed their children or have a better tomorrow. Sadly this is the way the world is and nothing can be done to change it.

However, there are people especially women who take a shortcut by using their sexuality as a tool and get around the problem much faster (or so it appears). Through Instagram and Tik Tok plenty of females become enamored by the glitz and glamor of the modelling as well as adult industry and try to enter it as a quick way to money and fame. Little do they know that it is not that easy.

This is the story of one of my teachers who sought to choose this path as she wanted to be rich and famous. Let me introduce myself. I am one of the junior producers of a web series and this happened when we were looking for new talents who were bold enough to do nude and intimate scenes.

I personally contacted the advertisement agency and placed the ad in a popular newspaper which read:

“Actress wanted who can do hot scenes. Talented candidates who are bold enough to show skin can apply. Excellent pay and other perks…”

We didn’t expect much response but we were wrong. We got a ton of applications and we decided to conduct an audition.

On the day of audition, dozens of young women showed up. Some were absolutely gorgeous while others weren’t that great looking. Anyway, we were a panel of five producers along with the director and script writer. As we entered the hall, we were greeted by the girls. We asked them to take their respective seats. Then I asked my secretary Shahana to start briefing the girls before the audition begins.

Just then a woman ran into the hall. She was late and was panting a little. I was shocked to see her. It was my college teacher Dr. Maheshwary! “What the hell is she doing here?” I thought to myself. My secretary asked her to take her seat. Only the seats at the back were vacant and she sat in one of them. Just then she looked in my direction and our eyes met. She went completely pale when she saw me. She was already of very fair complexion and going pale made her look like a ghost.

Shahana started her briefing:

“Dear ladies! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to enter the entertainment industry. However, we need to make sure that you are worth every penny that we spend on you. Our producers don’t want to invest in the wrong girl. As you may have seen in this advertisement, we need actresses who are bold enough to do intimate scenes in front of the camera. And we are dead serious when we say it. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR SKIN WHEN ASKED WITHOUT QUESTIONING! So if there is anyone who is not comfortable, this is the time to leave!”

About 20 girls got up and started to leave the hall. I wondered why they came in the first place. I thought the ad was clear. Since Maheshwary didn’t leave, I guessed that she was in dire need of money.

Shahana continued:

“This audition will take place in three rounds viz. Dialog round, bikini round and interview round. The dialog and bikini rounds will take place in front of everybody while interview will be personal. Are there any questions?”

One of the girls raised hands. Shahana asked, “Yes?”

“Ma’am, are you going to provide the bikini for us?” the girl asked.

“Well… you won’t be wearing an actual bikini today. Just your underwear will do,” Shahana replied.

The girl was visibly nervous. “What’s the matter?” Shahana asked.

“Well…. err…. Ma’am, I didn’t wear my panty today…” the girl said.

All the girls started laughing and giggling. Even Shahana couldn’t hold back her smile.

“Whose fault is that my dear? You have to work with what you got. That’s all I can say now,” Shahana ended the conversation.

The audition started. Every girl was called according to alphabetical order. In the dialog round each girl was given a solo dialog first to perform in front of the camera. There were şişli escort also groups of two who had to perform a dialog role play. The girls who couldn’t perform were sent home immediately. It was sad to see the tears in their eyes as they walked out. But this is showbiz and talent is of utmost importance regardless of how much one is willing to shed her clothes.

Surprisingly Maheshwary ma’am was able to deliver her dialogs without any problems. Mrs. Sudha who was one of the senior producers was frowning at her profile. Dr. Maheshwary was in her mid-30s even though she only appeared to be in her mid-20s. Mrs. Sudha was not very convinced that she would survive in the industry for long due to her age. Further, she was married and that was another issue for Mrs. Sudha and couple of other producers. I intervened and said that I know this woman and that I can vouch for her.

Finally the dialog round was over and roughly half of the girls were eliminated. It was time for the bikini round after the break. During the break time Mrs. Sudha saw me talking to Maheshwary ma’am. She walked away without saying much.

“Ma’am, why are you at the audition. Any urgent need for money?” I asked.

“Well… what can I say dear? Circumstances force people to do all sorts of things,” she replied.

“What kind of circumstances may I ask?” I pressed on.

“My husband and I separated a few months ago. I also lost my teaching job when a more tenured professor took charge. I have been burning through my savings all this time and now I can’t continue like this anymore,” she said with a drop of tear rolling down her eyes.

“Oh no no… don’t cry,” I urged wiping her tear with my handkerchief.

“Anyway, I am sure you will do well in the audition. But are you really comfortable with this skin show?” I asked.

She got really shy with the prospect of stripping in front of her former student. But she mustered the courage and said that she would definitely give it a try.

The bikini round began. A ramp was set up and the girls were to take their clothes off at their seat itself and then walk to and fro in the ramp in their underwear.

The girl with no panty was called Ashita and when her name was called, she got up from her seat. Every person turned and looked at her making her very nervous. But eventually she removed her T-shirt and jeans revealing her bare bottom. Everybody were either murmuring or giggling. As she did cat walk through the ramp the male producers feasted their eyes with her beautiful ass and pussy.

She was selected for the personal interview without much of a problem because if she can show her ass and pussy in public like this, then she can practically do anything on screen.

Many girls were very reluctant because after the dialog round their enthusiasm was gone. Further, although they were excited in the beginning, when it came to actually taking the clothes off in public, they couldn’t do it. They were very politely asked to leave.

It was time for Dr. Maheshwary to show her magic. She looked at my face from her seat. I nodded my head in approval. But as she started stripping, her hands were trembling. Obviously she was very nervous.

Then she started walking through the cat walk ramp towards us. But she was not doing any cat walk. Instead she was shivering with shame and fear and held her hand to cover her skin as much as possible. As she approached our table, Mrs. Sudha lost her cool. She snapped at her.

“Why the fuck did you come here if you don’t want to take your clothes off? Do you think we are idiots who have nothing else to do? This is serious business and if you don’t cooperate you will be sent home. Is that clear you idiot!?” Mrs. Sudha was showing her disdain as she didn’t like her profile from the beginning.

Maheshwary ma’am started crying because first of all she was stripped to her underwear and she was being insulted in front of everyone. The other girls had this sympathetic expression on their faces but they knew that every other girl in the hall is their competition. One less is always better for each one of them.

Sudha looked at me with fire in her eyes. I understood that she wants me to talk to her privately.

“Please come with me,” I requested Maheshwary and she followed me

I said that there is no need to cry as showbiz is an ultra-competitive and cruel world. Girls these days are willing to do practically anything to land a chance in series or movies and here she was not even willing to cooperate on a simple bikini cat walk. I asked her whether she really wanted to do this.

She said that she wanted to but it was not so comfortable taking clothes off in front of strangers like this. It was her first experience. I told her that in that case I will request the others to give you another chance tomorrow. In the meantime I asked her whether she was willing for a private photoshoot in order to make her more comfortable. She agreed saying that anything to boost her confidence is okay for her. I gave her my hotel room number and asked her to go home return in the evening.

I pleaded with Mrs. Sudha and other producers to give her one more chance and arranged for a private cat walk and later an interview just for her tomorrow. The three male producers agreed but Sudha was very reluctant. Finally she said a reluctant yes.

The rest of the day went smoothly. At the end of the bikini round only 10 girls were remaining. It was time to wind up and call it a day. I returned to my hotel room and it was 5 PM already. Maheshwary ma’am was to arrive by 6 PM. So I took a quick shower and then set up the camera and lights and waited for her.

At sharp 6 PM she knocked on my hotel room. I greeted her and asked her to sit down. For the first 30 minutes I gave her a big lecture about models and actors and their lives and she understood that behind all the glitz and glamor there was a lot of struggle and humiliation which the public never sees or realizes.

Then I told her that the way to survive in this field is by always saying yes. The moment someone says no, the chance is given to another person. And of course there is no shortage of girls in this world who want to enter this field.

After my explanation she was more comfortable and was ready for the photoshoot.

She was wearing a white top and light blue jeans with sunglasses. We started with a simple photoshoot. I asked her to stand in different poses that girls usually do in Instagram. We also took help from a fashion magazine to help her pose.

Then I told her that in this particular series that she is auditioning for there are bikini scenes, topless scenes and a couple of nude scenes.

I told her that we will start with little skin show and then move over to higher exposure. I had some costumes for her. I gave her a miniskirt and top and asked her to change and come. She went to the bathroom and returned wearing the dress giving her the naughty schoolgirl look.

We did some photos in that dress. As time progressed, she was becoming more and more bold. We did bear shoulder shots, belly shots and thighs.

I also made her do some up-skirt shots too where a little bit of her panty was seen. Then I gave her a beautiful rainbow bikini and asked her to wear that and come. This time she smiled and went to the bathroom to change. She came out looking absolutely stunning.

We did even more exposure with her cleavage and ass crack too. It looked like she was getting a little aroused too with all this skins how. Then she asked me whether actresses actually go topless in movies or whether it was some computer trick. I said they do go topless in movies.

Now that I have seen her ass crack and cleavage, the obvious next stage was taking a bare back picture. I took another magazine to show her how nude and semi-nude photography is done and what type of poses are required. We did a few pics where she covered her breasts with her hands. Then I showed her the pictures where the boobs are shown.

By now my college teacher had lost all her inhibitions and was ready to do anything that I wanted her to. And frankly I was enjoying her submission. I took a lot of topless pictures with her gorgeous breasts with erect nipples. However, I pretended to act like a professional photographer and controlled my erection as much as I could.

I then said that this is enough photoshoot and that these pictures are more than enough to show the other producers and the director.

“Are you sure that they will give me the role?” she asked in expectation.

“I said, I can’t guarantee anything but I am sure this will improve your chances in getting a role. But remember that there was this beautiful girl who went bare bottom. That is even bolder than your bare top poses,” I reminded her.

She then said, “If you want I can pose more. You did tell me that there are a few nude scenes in the series.”

I knew she was horny and was ready to be ravished. But I just wanted to help her get the role.

I said, “We have scripted three nude scenes so far in which two are sex scenes and one is a masturbation scene. If you want, we can try the masturbation scene.”

She asked whether if she has to masturbate in real. I said that it is not required and that just pretending would do. But I added that the scene will look real if she actually did it. She replied that she had never masturbated before but she knew about how it is done. I asked her to give it a try so that I can film her doing it.

She slowly slid down her panty revealing her cute butt and slightly hairy but beautiful pussy. She sat on the bed and started rubbing her clit and vulva. But she wasn’t showing much emotions and looked really nervous and started sweating.

I sat close to her and caressed her back and said, “Please relax. There is nothing to worry. If you are not comfortable then we will stop right here.” To this she said that she wants to do it. The desperation in her voice was clear. She must have been in deep financial trouble the details of which I didn’t ask.

I talked to her for over 20 minutes about the funny things that had happened during her days teaching us in college and how life had changed so much. I also told her about some of the interesting people she will eventually meet in the field. Her breathing normalized and she was now completely relaxed.

Then I took out a cute looking vibrator from the draw and gave it to her and said that she can use this. I had actually brought it for my girlfriend but I thought it is better to give it to Maheshwary ma’am now. I will probably buy another one for my girlfriend later. For 5 minutes she looked at the instruction manual and we started the shoot again. She turned on the vibrator and started masturbation again.

This time I knew it was working. Very soon she reached climax and I shot the whole thing. She looked really beautiful as she climaxed. Then I showed her the video. She really loved it. I joked that she would make a great adult star. She laughed and said that web series these days have more or less become adult films.

Then I said, “Okay dress up now, I have to go to the other producers.” While she dressed up, I transferred the pictures and the video to my computer and selected the best pictures to show the other producers. She dressed up and we went to the other producers together. The producers and directors were shocked that within a few hours I was able to transform a shy person like her to a complete exhibitionist. They said that they can consider her for the role without the personal interview.

Mrs. Sudha looked at me in appreciation and said, “Good job!”

I smiled proudly. As we came out of the discussion room she asked me whether I would like to have dinner with her.

I said yes and we went to the restaurant and had a fine dinner. We had such amazing time together that we forgot that she was once my teacher. We behaved like really good friends.

But deep inside me I knew that this was only the beginning of her ordeal as an actress. In the past few years I have seen the dark side of the industry where women are treated as nothing more than pieces of meat.

I was wondering how to break this to her or whether I should.

(To be continued…)

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