A Taste for Chocolate

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It was a beautiful hot sunny day in Southern California. Anna loved such days. While most people dreaded the heat she absolutely loved to sit by the pool or work in her garden in the scorching heat. Anna was so terribly excited because her daughter Alison was home on break from college. How she had missed her so.

Alison or Ali as Anna called her for short brought along her new college boyfriend Tyrone to visit as well. Anna found him to be quite attractive. Apparently Anna had passed along her taste for dark meat on down to her daughter. Anna had almost exclusively dated black men in her youth before falling in love with her husband Mark who was of European descent. He had stolen her heart and so she married him.

She still found black men very attractive and still fantasized about them while masturbating or making love to her husband. Of course she didn’t tell him that. Anna got to know Tyrone over a few days and really took a liking to him. She could see why Ali found him to be so appealing.

One day while her husband was away at work Anna and Ali decided to sunbathe in the backyard by the pool. Tyrone was sleeping in so mother and daughter decided to go topless. Nudity was no big deal in the family so neither istanbul escort one thought twice about or felt the least bit awkward. They had been lying out there for sometime and dozed off for a bit. They were awoken by the sound of Tyrone entering into the backyard.

Since nudity was no big deal the girls didn’t freak out. Tyrone wasn’t seeing anything he already hadn’t from Ali. Anna however was something else. For a woman of about forty her body held up just fine. He could see where Ali got her good looks and good body from.

Anna went into the kitchen to make some lemonade and Ali said she had to go use the restroom upstairs. Tyrone went with her. After a few minutes Anna had wondered what had happened to them so she headed up the stairs with a couple of glasses of lemonade. She reached Ali’s room and found the door slightly ajar. She looked in and saw Ali kneeling before Tyrone’s black monster cock sucking and stroking it for all she was worth.

She stumbled over her feet into the door causing it swing wide open and the glasses of ice cold lemonade tumbled to the floor making the carpet all squishy. That’s not all the was feeling squishy to Anna avcılar escort right now. She felt a dampness in between her legs. “I’m sorry..er..uh…” Anna was at a loss for words. “It’s okay accidents happen,” Tyrone said.

“Since you’re already on your knees why don’t you join your daughter and myself in the festivities.” Anna and Ali looked at each other stunned. Ali was about to protest but Tyrone grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved his cock back in her mouth. She dutifully continued to suck on his massive erection. Anna was torn. His cock looked simply delicious but she was married to a wonderful man and he was her daughter’s boyfriend.

She looked over his chiseled ebony body and at her lily white daughter sucking him off. She and her husband had engaged in a few threesomes before getting married but nothing like this. She knew her husband would not understand. So she would join in on the fun and never speak of this to her husband.

She crawled over next to Ali and waited for her turn. Tyrone plucked his pole out of Ali’s face and plunged in deep into Anna’s throat. He placed his hands on the back of her head and begun to literally fuck his girlfriend’s mother’s face şirinevler escort as the daughter watched in stunned amazement. Tyrone was living his ultimate three-way fantasy.

Before long he had both Anna and Ali on the bed. He fucked Ali on all fours while Anna laid beside her and masturbated furiously while watching her sweet lil’ Ali getting from the rear. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling the room. He grabbed onto Ali’s hips and pounded her into oblivion and she loved every second. Ali was yelling and screaming and let out a wail as she came with a vengeance.

Anna had to chuckle to herself. Like mother, like daughter she thought to herself. “Your turn mama,” Tyrone said. He spread her legs wide and plunged himself deep within her. Anna couldn’t believe how something so big could fit inside and feel so freaking’ good! Her eyes rolled to the back of her skull and she forgot all about Ali and concentrated on her pleasure.

He placed her legs over his shoulders and slammed it on home. The bed was squeaking like a hungry pig as she being fucked harder that she ever had been before. He squeezed on to her titties and held on to them for support. She was on the verge of her own orgasm as he nailed her dripping and content cunt.

She let out a wail of her own as she climaxed clutching onto the bed sheets. He yanked his meat out of her and shot several thick wads of his cum on her belly, boobs and face. She looked over at Tyrone and then over at Ali. “Your father will be home soon. Let’s get cleaned up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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