A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 10

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After Jessi left, I spent the rest of New Year’s day alternating between trying to read the novel I had started reading the day before and pondering her parting request that I think about whether she alone could be enough for me. Of course, I knew that what she was really asking me was to consider ending my friends-with-benefits relationship with Jessika.

As the afternoon and then the evening wore on, I came to understand that I had no idea what I was going to do, mainly because I could not decide on what I really wanted. At the beginning of the fall semester, I had decided that my divorce the year prior and my subsequent new outlook on life afforded me the chance to follow through if an opportunity presented itself. Taking such an opportunity with a student was something I had only done once before, and that had been prior to my marriage. Jessika had given me an opportunity beyond anything for which I could have hoped, and we had both taken advantage of that opportunity at the end of the semester.

What I had not anticipated was the complication of Jessi. Yes, I had been fascinated with the slender blonde all semester, and I had tried to learn more about her as class went on, but I had never intended to be involved with both women. However, when Jessi had propositioned me after the semester was over, I had not been able to resist her offer. At this point, though, I knew that what I had thought would probably be just a sexual relationship with the younger woman had since turned into a relationship that looked like it was progressing to be more than either of us had expected.

And because I had not expected to find myself in a situation in which I would be torn between the two women, I had no idea how to proceed. Jessika’s friendship, as well as the intensity of our sexual relationship, was not something I wanted to give up. But I could not deny my feelings for Jessi, nor her feelings for me. Even if I did not have to decide anything right away, I knew I could not keep being intimate with both of my paramours without hurting the young blonde woman.

At about 11:00pm, I accepted that I was not going to resolve my dilemma that night and decided to go to bed. When I did so, I expected that my uncertainty would keep me up. However, I must have fallen asleep right away because the next thing I knew, morning light was streaming in past the blinds. I thought that I might have had a dream or two during the night, but there was nothing I could remember, and I felt well rested.

As I looked at the side of the bed on which Jessi had slept just the night before, I was also a bit surprised to find some clarity about my problem. It would be difficult to end things with Jessika, and I did have some concern that it was crazy to pursue a more than just physical relationship with someone twenty-four years younger than I was, but I knew I wanted to keep Jessi in my life

With a course of action in mind, I happily went about my day. I finished reading the novel, and I created and revised many of the exercises I planned to use for me classes in the coming spring semester. I also answered several emails, and I even made what I expected to be the final revisions on the story I had let Jessi read. Throughout the day, Jessi and I texted back and forth a few times, but we did not touch on anything serious, and I did not tell her about the decision I had reached that morning.

My only concern, and I pushed it away each time it occurred to me throughout the day, was telling Jessika what I had decided. I genuinely liked the brunette, and I did not want to lose her as a friend. I was hoping her assurances that she did not feel anything for me but friendship were true, as that would make all of this easier. However, I was somewhat worried she might be upset about an abrupt ending to the sexual part of our friendship, especially since I knew she did not entirely approve of my relationship with the younger woman.

I had texted Jessika that morning, to see when she was coming back, but I had not heard from her all day. I suspected she might have decided to stay an extra day with her family, so I did not really think about it again until my phone rang at just after 6:00pm. The caller ID showed Jessika’s cell phone number.

“Hey Jessika,” I answered the phone.

“Are you home?” she asked.

“I am,” I replied, somewhat taken aback by her abrupt manner.

“Are you alone?” she followed up.

“Yes,” I confirmed.

“Great! I am walking up to your door now,” Jessika informed me before ending the call.

I was looking at the “call terminated” message on my phone when there was a knock on my door. Setting the phone down on my desk, I hurried from my home office and toward the front door. As I strode through the hall and then the living room, I tried to formulate what I would tell Jessika. I would have liked more time to plan it all out, but she was here now, so I had to tell her something.

When I opened the door, seeing Jessika torpedoed all my plans. casino ┼čirketleri The curvy brunette was smiling up at me, her gray eyes smoldering. As my eyes travelled down her body, I saw that she was wearing a light brown leather jacket over an emerald green scoop-necked sweater, which of course revealed an impressive amount of cleavage; light blue jeans that hugged every curve of her legs and buttocks; and thigh-high boots that matched her jacket.

“Hi Mark,” Jessika said, drawing my eyes back up to her lovely face. I stared at her smile a bit – I had somehow forgotten how sensuous her full lips were – before meeting her eyes, which were shining with amusement and perhaps something else as well.

“Hi Jessika,” I finally said.

“May I come in?” she asked with a flutter of her eyelids.

I laughed and motioned her inside. Jessika stepped in, making sure to brush up against me as she did so. I closed the door behind her, and when I turned around, I discovered she was only standing a foot or two away from me. Without intending to, I dropped my eyes to her cleavage, drinking in the expanse of slightly tanned skin on display while also thinking about what was not on display. Any resolve I had to go through with ending the sexual part of my relationship with the thirty-one-year-old woman dissipated as my penis began to harden.

“Um, Mr. Warner,” Jessika laughed. “My eyes are up here.”

Looking up again, I saw the brunette was smirking. I felt myself grinning at her as I decided the teasing could go both ways.

“And what cute eyes they are too, Squeaker,” I informed her.

“I think I’ve told you before not to call me cute,” Jessika snarled, but her eyes were smiling. “Or Squeaker, for that matter.”

“But you are cute,” I pushed on. “Especially your breasts. You have really cute boobs.”

The brunette’s eyes narrowed, and she took a step closer, so that we were nearly touching. She put her hands up to the sides of her bosom and pushed it up, revealing even more of her skin, as well as the edge of a black bra, in the process.

“My boobs are not cute,” she scolded me. “They are, from what you have told me, magnificent.”

“Yes they are,” I agreed before leaning down and kissing as much of her exposed flesh as I could.

Jessika moaned, let go of her breasts, grabbed my head with both hands, and held my face to her cleavage. I put my hands on her waist and then ran them up her sides until I could feel the swell of her chest. Moving my hands to the front of her torso, I began massaging her bosom even as I kissed up to her neck. The brunette moaned again when my fingers found her hard nipples through the layers of sweater and bra.

“They are also very cute,” I added, as I raised my head up, so that my lips were next to her ear.

When she opened her mouth to protest, I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth. After a heartbeat, Jessika kissed me back with just as much vigor, her fingers intertwined in my hair.

When we broke our kiss, I whispered, “Your pussy is awfully cute too, Squeaker.”

“Fuck you,” Jessika snapped, but I was not too worried she was really upset, as she had dropped her right hand from my hair and was using it to grasp my hard shaft through my jeans.

“No, it is you who is going to be fucked,” I told her before kissing her again.

However, as we kissed, my mind was racing. Over the time she had been gone, I had forgotten how easy everything was with Jessika, from the teasing to the dirty talk to the raw sexuality. My younger blonde lover was exciting and fun, but there were always a lot of potential minefields for both of use to wade through when we were together. Being with Jessika was nothing like that.

“Oh, I am counting on you fucking me,” the curvaceous brunette replied once our lips had parted. Her words pulled me back to the moment.

I gave her breasts a final squeeze, then lowered my hands, grasped the bottom of her sweater, and pulled it up over her head. Jessika finished taking it off and tossed it carelessly to the side as I none-too-gently pushed her bra up, exposing her lovely brown areolas and hard, thick nipples. Once she was so exposed, I immediately leaned forward and took one of those delicious nipples into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it as the brunette moaned and rubbed my shaft more vigorously.

After spending some time giving attention to both of her nipples in turn, I pulled back, grabbed my lover’s hand, and led her to the kitchen. I could tell that Jessika was a little perplexed by my actions, but she followed me willingly.

Once we were in the kitchen, I turned her toward the table and pushed her torso down until she was bent over, her hands on the table’s flat surface. Brushing her long, wavy, chocolate brown hair to one side, I kissed the back of her neck as I pushed my hard penis against her rounded derriere and mauled her large breasts with my hands. Jessika pushed her bottom back against me as she began to moan louder. casino firmalar─▒

“Get your pants off,” I commanded her, and the sexy brunette immediately complied, wiggling both her jeans and panties down until they caught on her boots.

With an apologetic look at me, Jessika turned and started to lean down in order to remove her boots. However I grabbed a hold of her hair and used it to pull her up and turn her back toward the table. The brunette grunted and put her hands back on the table in front of her. Still grasping her hair, I delivered three fairly hard smacks to her incredible behind, making it quiver and her yelp.

“Fuck, Mark,” she groaned. “I’m sure I’m dripping now.”

I was in the process of pulling off my own jeans, underwear and socks when she said that. Unable to resist the temptation, I slid my hand between her legs and then up to her downy pussy. Slipping my fingers between her labia, I determined that the brunette was indeed quite wet. I pushed two fingers deep inside her wetness as I used my other hand to finish divesting myself of clothing, save for my shirt.

After exploring inside her pussy for several seconds, I pulled my fingers from the warmth of her as I stepped up close behind her again and pushed my erection against her still slightly reddened behind. With my left hand I again latched on to one of her large breasts; with my right hand, two fingers of which were still coated with her juices, I reached up to her mouth. Jessika sucked those fingers into her mouth and cleaned then thoroughly.

After several seconds of those fabulous lips sucking on my fingers, I pulled them from her mouth and while also releasing her breast with my other hand. I next grabbed one of her full hips with my left hand as I used my right to guide the head of my penis between her labia and into the entrance to her wet pussy. Once I was ready to push inside of her, I grabbed her other hip with my right hand and held her tightly as I thrust hard.

Jessika grunted then moaned as I buried my hard shaft inside of her. I let her grow accustomed to the feeling for a couple of seconds, and then, my hands still firmly gripping her curvy hips, I began to move in and out of her, slowly at first, then picking up speed. Before too long, I was pounding her from behind, her butt quivering with each thrust.

Jessika, now grunting and moaning louder and with more urgency, began to push back against me as I thrust into her. I let go of her hips, reaching around her torso with my right hand to grab on to one of her swaying breasts even as I took a firm hold of her hair with my left hand.

“Talk… dirty… call… me… names…” the brunette panted, and I was happy to oblige.

“You like getting fucked from behind, your pants around your legs?” I asked her as I pinched and pulled one of her nipples.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned.

“Slut,” I growled, and I felt none of the concern I had when I used the same word with Jessi.

“Yes,” Jessika agreed, followed by a long, low moan.

“Oh fuck,” she then whispered. “Don’t stop. I’m gonna cum.”

I wasn’t sure if she meant she did not want me to stop what I was doing physically or she did not want me to stop with the dirty talk, so I kept up both.

Leaning forward so my chest was pressed up against her bare, sweaty back, I began thrusting even harder as I whispered in her ear, “You like it rough and hard, bitch?”

“Uh huh,” the brunette breathed, arching her back and neck as she shuddered.

“And you like being used like a cheap little whore?” I continued.

Jessika grunted out something I could not understand, and then I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft, more pronounced than I had ever felt with her before, and her body stiffened. Thinking about what we had discussed the last time we had engaged in phone sex, I released her now damp hair, reach around her head, and clamped it over her lips just as she started squeaking. Her muffled squeaks were cut off by a long moan.

“Did you cum from me violating your little pussy?” I asked the brunette as I continued pumping my penis into her as fast and hard as I could.

Jessika nodded her head and made a sound I took to be an “uh huh,” followed by a moan that escaped thorough my fingers clamped over her mouth.

Suddenly, Jessika pushed back against me and grunted, then shuddered. Renewed spasms gripped at my still pumping manhood. Realizing that my sexy paramour had climaxed a second time, I pushed harder toward my own climax. I withdrew my hands from her mouth and breast and grabbed a hip with each, pulling her tight against me as I hammered into her.

When I removed the hand from her mouth, Jessika gasped and her head dropped. Small squeaks escaped her lips and her body trembled while I pushed inside her as far as I could and exploded. As I ejaculated, I still held her hips tight, but I also leaned forward and kissed her neck, ignoring the sheen of sweat on her skin.

“Fuck that was good,” Jessika g├╝venilir casino murmured, her head still hanging. “I have only felt that once before – two in a row, that is.”

“Glad you liked it, cutie,” I whispered.

“Don’t call me cutie,” she managed to scold, although she was not able to put any venom into it.

“Just shut up and take it,” I teased her, which prompted a chuckle.

“Fuck you, Mr. Warner,” she replied, and this time she almost sounded like she meant it. “I will report you.”

“And I will report you for giving a happy ending to a massage,” I shot back.

Without saying anything else, Jessika rocked back against me, throwing me off balance so I had to step back, which caused my now soft penis to pull free of her warm pussy. As I stumbled to stay upright, she turned on me, her eyes narrowed.

“That is just low, Mark Warner,” she snapped.

I put up my hands as I took a step back from her. I had experience with Jessika being stronger than she looked, and a clear memory of a playful punch that had not felt very playful flashed through my mind.

“I will not tell anyone,” I assured her, before adding with a wink, “If you make it worth my while.”

The lovely brunette stifled a smile as she shook her head and tried to look aghast.

“You think you can blackmail me into serving your perverted desires?” she hissed.

“I do,” I told her.

“I don’t,” she countered. “Not with you standing there wearing just your shirt. That just looks goofy.”

Pulling off my shirt, I tossed it to the side so that I was standing in front of her naked.

“Not as goofy as standing there with your jeans and panties around your legs,” I pointed out.

The sexy brunette flipped me off with both hands, but I saw that her face had reddened at that last comment.

“Help me get them off,” she told me, sitting down in a chair and holding her legs out straight.

“What is in it for me?” I asked.

“I’ll let you fuck me again,” she offered, batting her eyes up at me.

I could not help but laugh, and after a second or two, Jessika joined in.

I knelt down in front of her and grabbed hold of a boot and started to pull. However, something occurred to me so I stopped to point out a problem.

“I am not quite ready to fuck you,” I said, and Jessika looked down at my flaccid penis and nodded.

“I see that,” she agreed. “Is there something you want me to do to get you ready?”

“Why yes there is,” I responded. “When I have your boots and pants off, you will get on your knees and suck my cock until it is hard. Then I will fuck you on the floor.”

Jessika caught her breath and bit the side of her bottom lips. The amusement in her eyes was replaced by what appeared to be smoldering lust.

“I can do that, Mr. Warner,” she breathed, her respiration noticeably quicker.

“Then let’s get these off of you,” I told her as I pulled off first one boot and then the other. While I did that, Jessika unhooked her bra and tossed it on top of my shirt on the floor. She then kicked her legs to help me pull her jeans and panties off so that she was only wearing a pair of blue socks decorated with big snowflakes.

“Cute socks,” I observed.

“Oh shut up,” she laughed as she removed the socks, tossed them aside, and then slid from the chair down onto her knees. Looking into my eyes, she opened her mouth wide.

I stood up and moved to where my groin was within a foot of Jessika’s lovely face. We both stayed where we were for several seconds, each waiting for the other to close the distance. Finally, with an exaggerated eye-roll, Jessika leaned forward, grabbed of my now semi-hard penis with her hand, and slipped the head of it between her soft, full lips.

With a sigh every bit as exaggerated as her eye rolling, I put both my hands on the back of her head, not pushing it but holding it in place. The brunette, her lips spread around my quickly hardening erection, winked at me and began working her tongue along my shaft.

“That feels fantastic, Squeaker,” I told her. “What an incredible way to become fully aroused.”

Jessika shook her head, which produced a not at all unpleasant sensation in my now fully engorged member, and again rolled her eyes. Deciding I could not let her insolence go, I pulled her hand off of my shaft, then renewed my grip on the back of her head as I began to thrust my hardness between her sensuous lips. The brunette reach up, grabbed my buttocks, and began to pull my groin toward her face.

“So that is how you want it, huh slut?” I laughed, and I began to really pump my rigid shaft between her lips and deeper into her mouth, although I was careful not to push further in than I knew she could handle.

My brunette partner had a different idea however, which she communicated to me when she began pulling even harder on my bottom, forcing more of me into her mouth. Seconds later, she was fighting to pull back as she gagged. I immediately released her head, and Jessika let my penis fall from her lips as she coughed out thick saliva.

“Are you okay?” I asked, knowing we had gone too far.

“Yeah,” she managed between coughs. “Always wanted to try that.”

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