Kas 03

A Surprise, Home Early

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It has been two long weeks since I last seen Barb. The house seems empty without her here. Not to mention the lack of physical interaction. Missing her naked body walking around the house. Her work trip has been one of the longest ones that I can remember. On the bright side, she is due back Friday.

It has been a long day, so I decide to clean up and take a much needed long hot shower. Standing under the hot pulsating streams pounding my tense shoulders, I imagined Barb kneeling in front of me taking me in her eager mouth. She had the amazing ability to take me to the brink, and agonizingly stop just before I wanted to give her the well deserved cum prize.

I look down to reality. Sadly, she was not there. My hard cock is aching for her mouth. Her pussy. Anything on her sexy body. Her body is well portioned, and her red hair and freckled skin is sexier than hell. But the feature I enjoyed the most, when she looked at me with her “fuck me” eyes. One look from them and she could have me do anything. She is a professional and confident woman, but bring her into the bedroom, she was surprisingly naughty and had a insatiable sexual appetite.

As I turn off the shower, I stroked my cock a few times. God, I need to take the edge off, since she wont be back for a couple more days. If I don’t, I am going to go frigging nuts. I dried off, and I grab my robe to wrap around my naked body. Off course, I cannot keep a certain part of me covered. Hell, I am home alone and nobody will see me. Even if they did, it’s my house and if I want to walk around naked I should be able too.

Entering the bedroom, I look at our inviting bed. In a quick motion, I drop my robe to the floor and lay on the edge of the bed. My cock still hard from the fantasy of having Barb kneeling before me in the shower. I take the coconut oil from my nightstand, that we used for massages, and I take a good portion into my hand. Then I take things into my own hands. The mecidiyeköy escort feel of my hand lathered with oil, feels damn good. My mind starts to wonder into another fantasy of Barb.

Closing my eyes, I start to drift away thinking about her laying on the edge of our bed. Her fiery red bush inviting my tongue to worship her slightly parted pale pink lips. The pink contrasting her red pubic hair is a scintillating sight that I can never tire to see. I kneel between her parted thighs, while I feel the heat radiate from her glistening lips. Her legs wrap around my head, using them to guide me on what pleasure she expects from me.

As I am stroking my cock, I’m wishing I had Barb here right now. We need a good hard fuck, to make up for all the lost time. My oily hand gliding the length of my shaft, imagining I’m in her hot, wet pussy. I’m starting to feel very good. Then I feel a hand grab my wrist. Holy shit! Who? I’m start to feel fucking awesome and I was stopped mid-stroke. My heart sank. I open my eyes, not knowing if who I will see.

“Why don’t you let me join you?”

My heart went from missing a beat and scared shitless, to being gratefully surprised. I was still trying to get my bearings about me as I laid there. There Barb stood seductively smiling.

“I have been watching you for sometime.”

“Really? How long?” I asked in a tone a teenager who just was caught by his parents would use.

“I was watching long enough to undress and I was even playing with my pussy, while I watched you stroke that cock I missed. That was hot as hell!” She stood before me naked. Her nipples were hard and her face was flushed. I could tell she had been toying with her clit.

Instead of me dropping between her thighs, she dropped between my thighs. Taking my balls in her mouth, while she stroked my cock. Holy shit! She was driving me nuts. As I looked down at her, I watch her mouth take my cock deep. nişantaşı escort She used her mouth and tongue to drive me to the edge. Then she stopped. She stood up and l looked into her eyes. Damn! I missed those eyes. That smile.

Wickedly she says, “I am tired from my flight home.”

What the hell? Really? We are done? I need a release because I’m frustrated as hell now. I felt like a child throwing a tantrum in my mind.

“So, we are going to orally please each other only tonight. Then in the morning when we are refreshed, I going to fuck your brains out all morning.” she says and jumps on the bed. Quickly she straddles my face. I thought thank God!

“She misses you and needs some special attention. So, treat her right.” as she lowers her face to take me back in her mouth.

I grab her ass to push her pussy in my face even more. My tongue was darting in and out of her tingling pussy. Then my hands take her hanging globes and tease around her nipples, but not touching her nipples just yet. Her juices taste heavenly. I missed how good she tastes and how much I miss eating her pussy the past two weeks.

Her head bobbing up and down the length of my cock, feeling her moaning as she greedily sucked. I always have enjoyed her moaning while she sucked me. It brings the oral experience to a whole new level.

Then I did it. Hoping she will enjoy it. I took my oil soaked finger and slowly inserted it in her tight ass. In a flash she rose up and gasped, “OHHHHHHH…please don’t stop! I want it all!” After a deep breath, she went back to being a greedy nympho. Sucking me for all she was worth, faster and more intense.

I had her clit in my mouth, a nipple being teased by my fingers, and her ass filled with my finger.

“God don’t stop! I want another finger in my ass. It feels so good! It feels like a cock.” she blurted out. I knew her fantasy of having two cocks at once was a big fantasy etiler escort of hers. So, I gave her another finger to fill her ass. Her gasps and breathing make it difficult to keep sucking me, so she starts to stroke me instead.

I continue to finger her puckered hole, and she says something inaudible. Her pussy is starting to spasm as I have her clit still in my mouth. Her hips start to buck uncontrollably, I suck her clit even harder and thrust my fingers deeper. Then she hits that point. She thrusts herself off of me, gasping in and intense erotic euphoria. Her body shaking uncontrollably as wave after orgasmic wave flows throw her.

As she starts to come to back, she jumps on my cock. “Your tongue on my clit felt unbelievably awesome. So, I don’t know if I can make this a good fuck session. But I want your cock in my pussy and I want you to fill her with cum. No matter how quick you cum.”

I took that as my cue to fuck her and cum quick, she is tired. I quickly roll her over, so she could enjoy herself and not totally exhaust herself. As she looks up at me, I thrust deeper and deeper in her, I kiss her and explore her mouth and lips with my tongue. If this is an appetizer to tomorrow morning, I can’t wait. Several deep thrusts later I felt her muscles clench around my cock.

“I missed your tight pussy.” I grunted.

“Oh really? Show me just how much you missed me fucking pussy.”

At that moment, I drive as deep as I could into her pussy. That is all I needed. My hot milky spurts start to pulsate out of me and into her dripping pussy.

I barely could grunt out, “How’s that?”

“Yes! Yes! That is what I want! I love feeling your cum hitting me deep inside!” she says breathlessly. I look into her eyes and start to passionately kiss her, with me still spasming inside her. I didn’t want it to end. Yes, ordinary missionary position, but it felt damn good.

I lay next to her. I could slowly feel our breathing becoming more controlled and in sync with each other. Her eyes closed. She looks so peaceful after sucking and fucking me like a nympho five minutes earlier. I kiss her cheek that was beside my lips. She didn’t move.

“Goodnight my love. Welcome home.” I whispered.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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