A Stranger to Guide Us Ch. 08

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story owes a great debt to “Six Times a Day” and its author, spacer_x, along with many others.


Dinner was supposed to start at eight pm. Josh paced the length of his room back and forth, his semi-hard cock bouncing freely. He was horny, but he’d promised Lana that he wouldn’t touch himself. He couldn’t stand the thought of slogging through dinner with his mother — her being the cause of his boner — and some stranger, without the benefit of a pre-dinner wank.

For what seemed like the hundredth time he looked at the last text conversation on his phone.

Josh: Can I seen you tonight?

Lana: Eager boy! I love it. Yes, I want to see you tonight. Do you have a hard cock waiting for me?

Josh: You bet I do. About to tame the beast right now.

Lana: Don’t you dare. You will not touch yourself until I say so.

Josh: When should I call you?

Lana: No touching!

Josh: I have a dinner thing with my mom tonight. When will you call?

Josh: When will you call?

Josh: Hello?

And that was where she left it, over an hour ago. He did some quick math in his head. He had an hour more until dinner started, probably two hours of vapid conversation while trying not to stare at his mom’s tits, and then very likely another hour on top of that before he could meet Lana at the Kit Kat Club. His balls felt like lead weights clunking around in his sack. Pornographic images of his mother, of Lana, and of every woman he’d ever met flickered through his mind in a most unhelpful way. The more he tried to ignore the pressure in his groin, the more he dwelled on it. It went on like this, buzzing around in his head until the doorbell finally rang, at which point he was delighted to have some distraction, however tedious.

“Josh, can you come down?” came a call from downstairs. “My friend Maggie is here.” Josh double-checked himself in the mirror. It occurred to him that he’d managed to seduce one older woman (though “seduce” was probably not the most accurate term when it came to Lana). The chance that he might score twice in a row was not inconceivable. Maybe he shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Maggie, this new friend of mom’s.

He took the stairs two at a time and arriving at the bottom, nearly shouted out in surprise. Standing in front of him, in his own living room, and standing right next to his mother, was Lana.

She had a pleasant but wholly unreadable smile plastered on her face.

“Josh, this is Maggie. Maggie, Josh,” said Allie.

Lana put her hand out to shake, which Josh dumbly accepted. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said Lana. “Your mom’s told me all about you. You sound like a wonderful young man.”

Allie led the way into the kitchen, followed by Lana, with Josh lagging behind, unsure if this was reality or some terrible dream. They gathered around the high counter.

“I still have a little cooking to do,” said Allie. “Josh, can you pour some wine?”

Josh took the wine bottle and three glasses from the shelf. As he set the glasses down on the counter, Allie turned her back towards the oven. Josh took this as an opportunity to shoot a hard, questioning look at Lana. Lana put a finger to her lips to silence him. Josh grimaced, trying with all his might not to shout out the question that was on his mind. Lana snatched the wine bottle from his limp hand and poured two normal sized glasses and a third glass that nearly overflowed. That she handed to Josh.

Without taking her gaze from him, Lana called out, “You have a lovely looking yard, Allie. Can I take a closer look?”

“Of course. Josh, can you show her the way out?” Allie replied.

Josh strode towards the back door and threw it open, stepping into the twilight. He heard the door close softly behind him. He rounded on her immediately. But before he could even speak, Lana was on him, kissing him deeply, wrapping her arms around him. Her soft curves crushed into his chest and legs. She felt so warm. He knew it was a ploy, but all his anger fell away nonetheless.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he whispered as they finally pulled apart.

“I’m here for dinner, of course. Your mother invited her friend and co-worker, “Maggie.”‘

“That’s… that’s impossible. How do you even know my mom?!”

“You told me everything I needed to know, Josh. You told me her name. You told me where she worked. You told me about her likes and dislikes, her personality, everything.”

Josh stood there, agape. He was seething. He’d trusted her, and now she came marching into his house ready to burst all his secrets wide open. Not knowing what to say, he stood, arms folded, looking out into the darkening backyard.

“Most importantly, though, you told me how much you loved her. You wanted to be together. I’m just here to help make that happen.”

“What do you — what, now?!” Josh exclaimed.

“Maybe,” she said. “We’ll have to see how it goes. But I couldn’t let you two staying sar─▒yer escort in this holding pattern forever.”

Then she took him by the hand and led him back inside.

“Oh good,” said Allie as the pair made their way back into the kitchen. “Dinner is ready, so grab a seat.”

Josh made sure to grab the bottle of wine from the counter before he sat.

“Dig in!” said Allie.

Now that his initial burst of adrenaline had subsided, he could process what was happening. His two favorite women in the world were seated here, at his dining room table. And what’s more, they genuinely seemed to like each other’s company.

Both women were dressed to kill, looking more ready for a nightclub than a simple dinner at home. Lana wore a black dress that covered her cleavage but pulled tight around her chest, gathering her tits up into an impressive stack. It was cut quite short and showed off her long, olive legs.

Allie wore a white dress that was more modest around the thigh, but with a deep gouge down the center that emphasized the swells of her breasts. They were already chatting away and acting as if Josh wasn’t even in the room. As Allie talked and laughed, her tits were constantly given to that mesmerizing wobble as they bounced against each other.

It was nearly impossible to look away, then he remembered Lana’s lessons about acting more adult, so he dove into the conversation, though not without taking the opportunity to give Lana a bit of a hard time.

“So, Maggie,” he emphasized her name. “Where are you from?” Without missing a beat, she went off on a long story about her growing up in the Midwest. He couldn’t tell what was fact and what was fiction, but she told the story with charm and wit. Apparently she’d already related these tales to Allie, because Allie kept prompting her for punch lines and additional details. They roared with laughter, and Josh noticed that Lana kept a constant eye on the level of drink in each person’s glass.

They continued through salad, main course, and dessert in much the same way. As always, Josh and his mother fell into their natural rhythm and were completely at ease in each other’s company. While Josh never would have believed their special relationship could accommodate a third, Lana proved him wrong.

With the wine starting to go to his head as well as his bladder, he left the table for the bathroom. With the door closed and the lights dimmed (and bladder drained), he was able to take a moment for himself. The dinner couldn’t have gone more smoothly. But what would happen next? What did he want to happen? He couldn’t be sure. Probably just surviving dinner without his mom figuring out who “Maggie” really was, and what she’d been doing with her son for the last few weeks.

Still, somewhere in the back of his head, tucked away under all the wishes that this evening simply blow away, uneventfully, there lay a seed of lust. After all, Lana knew perfectly well about how Josh felt about his mother, knew that he desired her in a way that sons should never feel. In fact, it was obvious to Allie herself, though they both seemed intent on repressing it. The only thing he could be sure of was that Allie did not know anything about he and Lana. He didn’t want her to know, not because he thought it might blow his chances with her, but because he didn’t want her to feel like second-best. He loved his mom first and foremost. Lana had simply gotten to his pants first.

So there lay the dilemma: the instant availability of lustful consummation with Lana, or the love and devotion to his mother that would quite possibly never be fully realized. He felt like he had to choose, in order to spare both their feelings. With a strange finality burning inside him, he knew he’d made his choice.

When he re-entered the dining room area, he found Allie and “Maggie” speaking in hushed voices and giggling. Lana had a hand on his mother’s knee, which he found incredibly erotic. Allie’s back was to Josh, so she hadn’t seem him come back. Lana had, though. Without taking her eyes away from Allie’s, she slowly stroked Allie’s knee while they talked. She knew it would drive him crazy to see such a sight.

It did, so much so that Josh tripped on the a strip of floor trim and caught himself. Allie perked up and spotted him, blushing deeply.

Lana didn’t miss a beat, though, taking their private conversation and putting it right in the center of the room. “I see what you mean,” she said. “He’s quite a handsome young man.”

Allie blushed even further. “I didn’t say… well, yes, of course he’s handsome.”

“Josh, come over here,” said Lana, waving him over. Once he was at their side, she looked him up and down. “You must work out.”

“Yeah,” said Josh, unsure where this was going. “Yeah, when I get the chance.”

“Well you must get quite a few chances with muscle tone like that. Lift up your shirt.” And before Josh could respond, esenyurt escort Lana lifted up the front of his t-shirt and revealed his stomach. He was no Adonis, but there was the shadow of a six-pack in there.

“There,” she said, slapping it with a hand, “good genes and a good workout routine and look what you get. Feel it.” Allie didn’t raise a hand, but her eyes were transfixed on Josh’s bare stomach. He was close to her, very close.

“Go on,” said Lana, and she took Allie’s hand and pressed it to his stomach. Her hand was like fire. He felt his flesh move underneath her, felt the heat rising from under his beltline.

“Yes, it’s good, isn’t it?” said Lana in a slow and soothing voice. “You know, Josh, your mother’s been working out, too. Have you noticed?”

“Of course I have,” he said. “She looks great.”

“Well don’t tell me, silly. Tell her. Your mother’s a woman as well as your mom, and a woman likes to be complimented.”

Josh turned his head from Lana to Allie, who’s eyes seemed fixed to her hand, still grasping Josh’s abs. He could feel the wine sloshing around in his brain, eroding barriers one at a time. He wondered if she was feeling the same. She looked up at him slowly.

“You look really great, mom.” He tried to convey everything he wanted to say into the phrase.

“Thank you, Josh.” He thought, perhaps, that she might be trying to say something, too.

Then the moment was startled by a phone ringing. Lana was already in her purse, grabbing for it. “Oh, shit,” she said, “It’s my business partner. I need to take this. Is there a room I can use?”

“Sure,” Allie said. “Use my bedroom. First door upstairs.”

“Thanks,” said Lana. “I’ll be about 15 minutes. Do you guys want to watch a movie or something? I’m having such a good time and I need to let some of this alcohol wear off. You can get started without me.”

Then she shot up the stairs and Josh and Allie were alone.

There was a long pause. Allie had pulled her hand away from Josh’s stomach when the phone rang, but he was still standing unusually close to her.

“So…” said Allie unsurely.

“Movie?” offered Josh.

“Yeah. Sounds great.”

She insisted he leave the dishes for the morning and went for the living room. Josh kept the lamps dim. Something about the situation seemed that it would evaporate in too harsh a light. Josh sat down on one end and Allie took the middle, so as to leave room for “Maggie” when she returned, she explained.

The air was heavy and silent. Josh didn’t want to get into a prolonged discussion about which movie to pick so he just popped in what he could find within reach, some comedy they’d both seen too many times. His mind was on what might happen in the next few minutes. The last time they’d sat together on this very couch, Allie ended up with her shirt off and her head resting in his crotch.

He sat and they watched in silence for several minutes. Lana was not here, so they could try to get comfortable with each other again. But she would come back eventually, and he was sure his mother didn’t want to let things progress to far with an outsider in the house… that was if she even wanted things to progress again at all. He couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with her and felt the old familiar tension build up in his stomach again. To act or not to act. He’d made his decision earlier in the evening. He would not let Lana come between them. No matter how pleasurable it was. He loved his mother and wanted her, completely, though he was willing to settle for only what she would offer.

Just then, Allie gave a little start and rolled one of her shoulders.

“Are you okay?” he asked tersely.

“Yeah… yeah.” She stared straight at the screen as she spoke. “It’s just my shoulder. I must have pulled it earlier.”

The wave of danger and opportunity stole over him as he realized what she meant by this. “Do you want me to rub it for you?”

“Oh… only if you don’t mind.” Her breathing came in short, shallow huffs. She turned and offered her back to him. His hands found her body immediately, and she softened at his touch, her shoulders dropping down in relaxation.

He was here, touching her again, letting his fingers run over her shoulders and neck, gently brushing away her hair. She felt soft and yielding, a mature woman. A certain heat rose from her, and a smell of intoxicating perfume. He hadn’t noticed it before, but now that he was so close, he couldn’t have pulled himself away if he tried.

He didn’t have to say a word. The moment his fingers snagged on the bra straps, she pulled them aside, bringing the shoulders of her dress down. The dress was already cut deeply at the neck, and now her breasts practically fell out of front by there sheer weight, still clad in a gauzy black lace. He wanted to seize upon them, to squeeze her tits and pull her nipples, but he couldn’t bear the thought of her becoming upset, of pulling away.

As avrupa yakas─▒ escort his hands rubbed over her shoulder and down the her chest, moving ever downward, both began to breathe deeply. He could feel the alcohol now, and was sure she could too. The barriers had been washed away. They were free to act.

A little cough came suddenly from the doorway. Lana stood there, a hand on her hip and an eyebrow cocked. She said nothing and only smiled, rather like a lioness.

“Oh god,” said Allie, her voice choked. “Oh god, no.” She stood up, fumbling with the shoulder straps of her bra. “I’m so sorry. Josh, I’m sorry.” She was practically in tears as she shot past Allie and ran up the stairs. He heard the door to her bedroom slam.

Josh looked at Lana, helpless. He had no idea what to say or do. Part of him wanted to chase her out the door and berate her for setting him down this path. But a greater part of him just wanted help. He had no clue what to do.

Lana seemed to understand the situation completely.

“Sit here,” she said. “Do nothing. Say nothing.” Then she crossed and brushed back his hair from his forehead. “Everything will be fine. I promise.”

Without another word, Lana started up the stairs. He heard a knock, then the creak of his mother’s bedroom door open and close.

He sat for nearly twenty minutes in complete silence. Listening for a sign as to what might be happening a floor above him. Then the door opened and he heard Lana’s voice.

“Josh, can you come upstairs please?”


When Josh reached the top of the stairs, he found the door to his mother’s bedroom cracked open. It was dark. The hall light was off and only a tiny nightlight on the far wall illuminated her room. Lana was sitting on an ottoman near the door, but his eyes were drawn to the bed. The drapery had been lowered on his mother’s four-poster bed so it was shrouded in a wispy, lilac fabric. He saw a shadowy figure shift around on the bed and knew his mother had to be inside.

The whole effect was bizarre and mysterious. He was reminded of the dream state he’d felt walking through the Kit Kat Club the first time, following Lana through the dark hallways, being led towards god knew what.

Lana made a gesture towards the chair beside the bed, and Josh sat.

“Allie, I think you have something you wanted to tell Josh. Isn’t that right?”

“If you say so… Lana.” She said the last word with some venom, but mostly she sounded exhausted.

“You and I already talked about all that. I apologized for lying about my name and you forgave me, so let’s not start all that again.”

From behind the veil, Allie gave a heavy sigh, then began.

“Josh, first I want to apologize to you. The last few months, everything’s gotten so… so out of control. I never wanted this to happen. Any of it.”

Josh leaned in, struggling to find the break in the drapery so he could get to her. “Mom, it’s okay. I…”

“No, don’t speak. Please. Just let me get it all out.”

Josh fell back into the chair, silent. She continued.

“I am a terrible mother. No, don’t say anything. I know I am. I was a good mother once, I think. But these new… sensations… I can’t square them against what I know a ‘good mother’ should look like. And I’ve… well, I’ve accepted that.”

She took a pause, then continued.

“There was a night. God, it seems like a long time ago, but it was probably a couple months. You might not even remember it, but there was a night that you came home late. I had been watching TV on the couch and I fell asleep. You can in and I woke up, but for some reason I didn’t want you to know I was awake. You came into the living room. I sensed you looking at me. Then I realized that my shirt had ridden up high and you could see… well, maybe you could see some of my body. I was going to pull it down, but something stopped me. I wanted… I… I didn’t stop you from looking.”

“It’s okay, Allie. Keep going,” said Lana in her low, smoky voice.

“You went upstairs. A few minutes later, so did I. I was just going to go to bed, really, but I heard a sound, like moaning. I knew you were watching a porno. I knew you must be… be masturbating.”

Josh knew exactly the night she was talking about. Of course he knew. It seemed impossible, but it was the same night that he felt something awaken inside of him. Something that seemed wrong but inexorably enticing.

“I listened at the door. I touched myself too. I couldn’t help it.” She gave a little shudder then continued. “I cried all night. I knew it was wrong. A mother, doing — that — and thinking about her son. I could be arrested. I should have been. I mean, god, in any other civilization I would have been taken out and stoned to death!”

She paused for a long time. Josh was silent, as was Lana. He shot her a furtive glance, but she seemed to indicate for the silence to go uninterrupted.

“You see, since your father passed away, I had just closed off that part of my life. I suppose I thought about sex from time to time, but more in an abstract way, like an old hobby that I should pick up again if I only had the time. I didn’t even do it to myself. There was just no spark there. My life was you, and my job, and my home.

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