A Special Love

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Inseparable Fiona and me, friends for almost our whole lives, her family had moved next door when we were three and we remained like sisters for the last forty seven years.

That weird thing where twins know what each other are thinking…that was us too.

We grew up during the sixties and seventies and, I thought, shared everything our fears, our loves, hates and even our first passionate kiss, as a practice run before Fiona went out on her very first real date at the tender age of sixteen, it was clumsy and childish but it was still, I suppose, our first real kiss, just two good friends trying to get through life without a manual.

I married Pete when I was twenty five and Fiona married Kyle three months later after meeting him at our wedding, we both had two kids and within a few months of each other, girly nights out, family holidays, husbands playing golf and following the football together, us two at the gym twice weekly and swimming most Sunday mornings…there was nothing we didn’t know about each other.

Neither of us looked our age, why should we?…we had worked hard not to and on our nights out we often received lots of attention from much younger men….teenage boys even!

This was something we both loved and we had laughed about many times, it was very gratifying to two women of our age so we would often play along and flirt more than a little… though it never went any further.

It seemed we were at the ‘top of our game’ until six months ago when Fiona had tests done and believed for a whole three weeks that she was going to die from some sort of cancer, devastation, floods of tears all round and everyone’s lives in absolute tatters for twenty two days until the results came back as negative, we both felt as if our life was restarted at that point, I never want to go through that again, it scared us all shitless!

After that it was almost back to normal, except, now I noticed a change in Fiona, she got a little more serious at times than I had ever known her, hard to explain but somehow ‘different’, after a scare like that who wouldn’t be? She’ll settle down again and be her old self I thought.

One warm summer night in June Fiona and I decided that enough was enough football and arranged to go see a 70’s style band playing at a local venue, there was a European cup final on TV but our brains couldn’t have taken one more match, and besides, we both had new dresses to show off.

Saturday night arrived and I jumped in the shower to begin the getting ready process making my entrance down the stairs ninety minutes later wearing my new pale pink strapped dress, it clung to my size 12 curves and created a real feel good factor, it also showed off my tan from last month when we all went to Turkey, added a pair of pink high heeled sandals, that always enhanced my long slim legs, with a quick spray of perfume I was ready to go just as Fiona and Kyle pulled up outside to collect me.

Both Fiona and Kyle mentioned how good I looked on the way to the gig before Kyle dropped us off, then grabbing a take-away and driving back for the boy’s night in with the football.

We had ordered a taxi to take us home.

The club was busier and noisier than we had expected but after fighting our way to the bar we ordered two doubles each, to save having to go back too often, and luckily found some seats near the stage just before the band came on.

“The bartender was cute.” I said as I sat down at the table.

“Yeah…… he was ok,” came a very half hearted response.

“You ok?” I asked.

Fiona just nodded and carried on listening to the band

The band was made up of four guys, two that probably was, and two that definitely was not around during the era of the music they were playing.

The lead singer was a gorgeous young guy with highlighted dark hair, a great voice and sparkling blue eyes matched with a smile to die for, his whole face lit up when he smiled and I made several remarks to Fiona that appeared to go unnoticed.

The music reminded us of the nights we would go dancing before our married life and Fiona seemed to respond to this a little better laughing and giggling at our memories.

About this time, two young men walked across and asked if we would like to dance to the slow song the band had just started to play, I accepted immediately but Fiona explained that she didn’t feel like it just now so I took to the floor with the guy and began to slow dance to the beautiful love song.

As I looked toward the stage I noticed the singer looking directly at me, he sang the words with his lovely smile and this, along with the sparkle in his eyes and the soft lights in the darkened room, gave me a strange feeling.

“Whoa.” bursa escort bayan I thought.

As I got back to my seat I giggled and explained to Fiona what had happened,

“I was sure the singer was singing that song just to me and it actually made me feel horny and…”

Fiona stood up and said she would get the drinks as she brushed past and headed for the bar.

“What the hell is wrong with her,” I wondered

As my thoughts about Fiona lingered I was startled by two men standing behind me.

“Mind if we sit here… there’s no more seats in the place?”

It was the singer and the drummer, apparently his brother.

“Thanks, he said as they both sat…… its just during our break if that’s ok?”

“No that’s fine…really” I said

We started chatting as Fiona made her way back with the drinks and I could see a disappointed look in her eyes when she got closer before she sat, cross legged and arms folded just half listening whilst making no effort to join in as I flirted with the men.

The singer, Jason, did most of the talking he did seem to like talking about himself, his brother also sat not saying much, just having the occasional glimpse across to Fiona and smiling, then their break was up and it was back to the stage before kicking in another glam-rock hit from

the 70’s.

Fiona didn’t seem to be enjoying the night at all, I mentioned about the singer directing his lyrics towards me again and it was as if he meant every word and again and……

“Will you grow up? Fiona suddenly snapped, that’s what these people are paid to do, its not you… it could be anyone!”

“Oh, I said, taken aback, what is wrong with you? do you want to go home? Babe…whats wrong?”

“Yes I want to go home” she replied.

I called the taxi company to change our booking time to now and the car was outside within ten minutes, where I gave him Fiona’s address knowing that the boys would still be watching football.

Something was wrong and I needed to know what, I knew Fiona’s house was empty tonight as the ‘kids’ are having a sleep-over at a neighbour’s house.

We sat in almost silence during the taxi ride, the silence only broken by me shuffling around due to my panties feeling moist and warm, becoming almost uncomfortable some of the time.

“Wow,” I thought, that singer did more to me than I realized…its years since anyone had taken me that far…..and certainly without even touching!”

As we entered her sitting room Fiona made straight for the brandy and poured two large ones before sitting down on the sofa and staring downward as if in a trance.

“Well what is it?” I asked, do I get to find out what is wrong or are you just going to sit there and say nothing?….babe please tell me your not ill again…please?”

“I am sick…she started…sick of living a lie, sick of pretending to be what everybody wants me to be, sick of not doing or saying what I really feel inside….sick of ……just ‘everything’ as it is.”

“Oh baby,… I said almost with a cry in my voice,… tell me what it is and I’ll make it go away”

“You will?”

“Yes anything I can do for you, you know I will…..hey this is us… remember?”

“Then kiss me.” Fiona said looking straight into my eyes.

“Oh baby” I whispered as I leaned forward and gave her a friendly kiss on her cheek.

“No….I mean kiss me” she said.

“You mean?…Oh my God” I whispered as I stared back into her eyes,…. you mean?……..”

“Yes.” she said nodding her head.

“Your serious aren’t you….. when did this happen?” I asked her with a disbelieving tone

“All those years ago during our first kiss and I’ve wanted it again ever since” she stated.

“But Kyle and the kids…..”

“I love them all dearly, she said… of course I do but it was always you that I really wanted, I married Kyle because I couldn’t have you and hoped it would make the feelings go away..

but it never has, then, after I got the all clear on my tests it made me realize how fragile life could be and I promised myself I would do something about it, when I saw you tonight flirting with that singer, I was jealous…stupid as it sounds I was jealous and realized I had to do it soon so…. well I guess I just have”

I was shocked by her words, never in a million years would I have guessed.

We had seen each other naked many times in locker rooms whilst swimming, chosen each other’s underwear and even waxed each other’s bikini line, though in hindsight, that was usually Fiona’s suggestion… and many other things but never… never ever suspected anything.

“What do you want Fiona?…I do love my husband and the kids”

“Yes I know but nilüfer escort don’t you think we could also share a ‘Special Love’ too,… just you and me?

As she spoke those unforgettable words it seemed to make it acceptable to me…

“‘Special love’….of course it is” I thought

I’m still not sure to this day why, but I leaned forward again, I kissed her softly and very sexily on the lips, she let out a quiet little moan and it actually made me quiver as I stroked her face with my hand.

“Does that answer your question baby?” I whispered.

“I think it does,” she said

With a smile broadening across her beautiful face she returned the kiss whilst placing her arms gently around my back and moving her lovely 36c breasts close against mine.

We stopped for a short while just holding each other close and, I suppose, both of us having thoughts about where it should go now until Fiona stood and motioned for my hand before leading me up the stairs and into her bedroom without saying a word.

We both stood for a few seconds and looked at each other in a deep, almost serious, way.

Fiona looked beautiful in her new dress, a silky type with a scoop neck and a gathered empire line that enhanced her breasts and shower off her size 12 figure at it’s best, the bright dip dyed colours showed off her tan and made for a gorgeous, sexy vision standing only feet in front of me.

Now she was different, I was looking at her and seeing this beautiful woman…where I had looked and only seen a friend for all these years.

Just as I began to wonder how it goes now… Fiona suddenly took the two steps forward and placing her hands either side of my face she cupped my cheeks gently and then pressed her lips to mine she kissed like, I imagined, only a woman could do, it was a beautiful warm feeling that was running through me now and this, somehow, let me know what we were doing was ok.

At the same time I could feel her warm hands slide down onto my bare shoulders before making their way to the zip at the back of my dress and slowly begin to move it downwards until it stopped and her hands came back up where she expertly hooked a finger beneath each strap pulling them out and letting go allowing my dress to fall free to the floor.

I stood in just my white lace underwear and pink shoes watching, engrossed, as she removed her own dress very slowly and seductively before throwing it over a chair and turning back to face me, then slowly removing her bra to leave her lovely 36c breasts on show…..my, that really was a sexy woman.

I too decided to take off my bra and did this whilst staring intently into Fiona’s beautiful hazel eyes and threw it towards the chair, at the same time stepping out of my dress leaving it crumpled on the floor, this moment was extremely intense, the sort of scene you would expect from a movie but it wasn’t a movie… this was Fiona and me, and I was wet now…very wet with the juices that were flowing freely from my pussy, Fiona looked down and could see the damp patch at the front of my white panties which were now transparent enough to show my dark pubic bush hiding behind the lace and cotton fabric and she smiled.

Without a word we both walked to the bed and she held my hand as if lowering me down onto the soft quilt before sliding down along side me and kissing me gently on the lips again, we were now both laid on our sides facing each other and Fiona then began to run her hand slowly from my under arm downwards over my hip onto my thigh and back again at the same time delivering small gentle kisses all over my face, my body was beginning to quiver slightly and I had never known such a feeling, that touch…that sweet soft touch…..that beautiful simple action that I had felt before though not like this …….was……my vagina ‘burst’ at that point and I moaned loudly whilst my whole body writhed as I rolled to my back with every single part of my body tingling…

“My God!” I shouted..

as the juices began to slow down I opened my eyes again to see her beautiful face looming over mine, that gorgeous smile of hers broadening, I felt her hand slip inside my panties and begin to slowly massage my pussy through the sopping wet pubic hair.

I lifted my head up and kissed her passionately on the lips, my tongue traced the outlines,

her tongue came out and touched as if in battle before lifting my hand to softly stroke her ample breast, I lowered my head and began licking around her nipple and very softly nibbling at each one in turn, her breathing got deeper and heavier as she now began to writhe beneath me.

I ran my tongue all over her chest and slowly began to go lower as if making patterns, slowly I türbanlı escort went lower, further down over her tummy until I reached her knickers, these were wet too now and, as I began to lick and kiss her pussy through the damp material following the crease of her vagina beneath them, I could smell the scent of her inner body and it excited me, each time I crossed her clit she would give a little shudder through her whole body, somehow this made me shudder too.

Hooking my fingers each side I started to slide her black pants down over her hips resting at the thighs whilst licking and kissing the beautiful thing they had revealed, she was getting wetter by the second and I wanted to enter her now. I eased the panties down over her ankles and discarded them to the floor, now she was completely naked. Her innermost privacy was revealed to me in a different way to ever before, and yet it seemed so natural.

I very gently eased her legs further apart and once again began to lick and caress every single part of her pussy finding the touches that she liked best and concentrating more upon them, my tongue darting in and out then up to her clit looping around in a teasing way before running across and then sucking gently on it, all the time Fiona seemed to be building up pressure ready to explode at any second, I placed two fingers inside her and began working them slowly against the front wall as if motioning some one to come to closer, she loved this and her body began to shake almost immediately I could feel the gush of warm fluid run over my hand.

I quickly removed my own panties as I shuffled around and placed one leg between hers before edging closer until our vaginas were touching each other, we both started to gently slide them against one and other… we could now see each others faces and Fiona looked a little red all over her body, even through the tan, she seemed a little flushed in the face, all these years of knowing her yet not knowing if that was normal in these circumstances….. but she had a warm smile across her mouth that almost seemed fixed so I assumed it was ok.

I expected this action to build and get more intense but it didn’t, we both seemed content with just rocking gently against the other for a while until I started to feel myself getting ready to explode yet again and Fiona appeared to get the feeling at almost the same time, then there was a gentle splashing sound from my pussy and my juices began to flow once again, pulsating and spurting like an opened champaign bottle as I groaned and writhed pushing a little harder on to Fiona’s pussy until it eventually began to slow and my fluids reduced to a tickly trickle, the feeling was

Not only of tremendous pleasure but also of tremendous love, just as I had finished groaning she began to buck…. now she was pushing a little harder against me, as she groaned and writhed ….. never letting the contact break until I felt her warm cum escape and roll down my vagina to my leg, she groaned even louder now and more fluids appeared in several spasms to join the rest on my inner thigh until she slowed and finally we both collapsed relaxing our bodies on the soft mattress… it was, without doubt, an extremely beautiful experience… different to anything either of us had known before and the strange part was the feeling of mutual love that we both felt at that moment… something was right… something was very right.

We showered separately and as Fiona walked naked from the bathroom I was almost dressed but my eyes fixed firmly on her beautiful body, I immediately felt an urge to start all over again but the taxi was on it’s way and Kyle would be expecting me to arrive with the taxi for the return journey to his house, I just hugged her for a while and without saying anything we kissed once more before I made my way downstairs and outside to the waiting car.

As I arrived Kyle was in the porch and gave me a quick peck on the cheek before heading

towards his waiting ride…

“You girls haven’t been misbehaving with any good looking guys tonight have you?” he joked.

“No” I answered…. not interested, see you tomorrow… oh are you bringing Fiona with you to collect your car?”

“Probably” he answered as he closed the car door and was gone.

Pete had drunk a few beers and was getting ready to go to bed when I walked into the sitting room

“You going up?”

“I think I’ll watch a little television, I answered, wind down a little we had a real enjoyable night”

As I sat on the sofa I began to get pangs of guilt running through my head but each one extinguished as I remembered the ultimate pleasures of that evening, actually making excuses and reasons for myself.

I even convinced myself that I hadn’t cheated on Pete because it was Fiona, now that is stupid.

This wasn’t an affair…was it?… its Fiona.

Its not like I picked up some stranger in a bar….was it?

This was after all a love….a ‘special love’….wasn’t it?

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