A Son Shows his Mother

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This is a story about a son’s love for his mother, and her surrender to it. She is a very naive person, who needs his love and guidance.



Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to cope with a son who wants not only to have sex with you? But wants to genuinely take you to bed, to not only love you, but make rampant love to you? This isn’t a fad, I already know that. I thought it was at first, but now I know different. It is also the most confusing conundrum I have ever faced or had to deal with.

You see I know he loves me, not only as his mom, but as the woman he desires above all others, to the extent that he has finished with his long term girlfriend, to kind of concentrate on me. To make me realise and understand, that I am the one, the only one.

This is difficult to relate because it is kind of already in two parts. Part one, are of his attempts to seduce me and get me to be his. And to be honest, being his, has a great appeal to me. Why you may ask, well, I’ll try to explain. But please forgive me if I come across a bit disjointed about it.

I had my son at an early age due to being raped by a member of my family, not a close member I hasten to add. And no one has ever known who the father was but me, no one. I refused point blank to name him. Anyway the perpetrator of this deadly deed is now extinct, the bastard died sixteen years ago. But he did give me the light of my life, my blessed son Liam.

He is now eighteen, but it all started several years ago, more or less when he reached puberty. I noticed him looking at me, being nice to me. Though he has been like that throughout his life. But I could tell he was noticing me in other ways. I just ignored it, but I knew about it, and was well aware of the effect I had on him.

Even dressing down didn’t work, I tried ignoring him when he got too close sometimes. I chastised him on many occasions. But Liam was Liam, and so on we went. He grew, and is now a strapping young man, big really. Plays sports, keeps fit, and doesn’t drink, yet! Certainly not into drugs, and doesn’t smoke, so all is well in those directions.

He is, even in my humble opinion, very good looking, tall at 6ft 1″ a good weight, and is Mr Confidant himself. He has girls chasing him, and I keep hoping that one day he will meet Miss Right. But up to now it’s still me who’s Miss Right. I am flattered beyond belief by him, I could not wish for a better son, in fact he is not only my son, we are best friends too.

I have never married, never wanted to be, and I’ve never even met a man who I would even consider settling down with. I have had plenty of boyfriends, had plenty of sex, but the sky as yet has never lit up for me, and I doubt it ever will. But Liam thinks he can light me up, and if I were to give him the chance, if I were to succumb to his ways, I think he would.

And that is half my problem, he seems to know he has me partially hanging off him, he too knows I love him, as a mother yes. But he knows I love him properly, though it doesn’t detract from me being his mother too. I love being with him,, he makes me laugh, he can make me cry, we discuss things, and he even asks me about sex, or he did do. That was until he told me he was practising for the real thing. When I asked him what that meant, his answer was as blunt as you like, Me!

By the way my name is Georgina, or Georgi to my friends, I am only thirty three yeas old, Liam as I have said is only just eighteen, so the age gap is in real terms, quite close. Which I suppose is why we can relate to each other more as friends, rather than mother and son, get me?

I am fairly good looking, though if you listened to Liam, I am Gods only gift to the female world worthy of consideration for beautiful sexy woman of the planet. I have dark brown hair, a soft face, a good body, and as I’ve said I have had boyfriends. And my extreme bits are still very sensitive to the right touch or squeeze.

I am quite tall for a woman, around 5ft 9″ or so, I think I’m a little overweight but Liam insists I am perfect, so who’s to argue? I weigh in at about 125lbs, so you can make your own mind up. I like to dress well, Oh before I forget, my parents are quite wealthy, and they stood by me in the early years, and in fact they still do.

Now back to Liam, as he has told me, I know he is sexually active, and yes, he says he practises safe sex which I am glad about. I would hate it if he ended up in the kind of boat I did, although in my case, life is now perfect, almost. I have taught him to be respectful to his elders. He has done well at school and soon he is in college, our local one, which is an excellent choice. And of course he will be still at home with me.

Now he is an adult, legally that is, he has upped the ante with me. I am now his target full time, and I know I am weakening. And yes, I am having fun with it too, he doesn’t try to bully me, he isn’t even that insistent, but it’s there all the time. I can feel it. Even though I won’t show it, I am sure that istanbul escort one day, reasonably soon, he will indeed, get me if I’m not too careful.

When he is at home, which is about 3 or 4 nights a week he insists we sit on the sofa together to watch television, or we play scrabble or something. And he holds my hand, sits real close. And when I win, I get a great big hug and a kiss on the cheek for it. And though I know what’s happening, how can I tell him off, remonstrate with him when he is just being so nice, so adorable, and so loving.

I sigh with inner happiness sometimes, a woman, well this woman anyway loves attention, especially when it’s attention like this, even if it is from my own son. “I love you mom,” he says, but it’s not just the words, it’s the way he says them. There is real depth there, real feeling.

There have been a few times when I have felt so wanted and needed by him, even overwhelmed by the way he is. I have almost cupped his face in my hands and kissed him, which would have led ultimately to the real thing I know it. And those eyes of his tell their own story, it’s written in them.

He has never even batted an eye when I have brought a man home on occasions; he just seems to know that they’ll be moved on in a while. And while I have had sex with some of them, I have never done it with Liam in the house. He does brush up against me, and I must admit that that does get me excited.

He feel of his hard young body trying to attract mine is a very pleasurable feeling. He lets me know silently, that his sole purpose is to make me happy. That I come first and foremost in everything he does, everything he says. It’s all for me, and with me in mind. He knows me, it’s as simple as that really.

He said to me last week, “Mom, I know you are a little reticent about you and I, but it is real, it has to happen. We both know it, it’s just a question of when, not if.” And that put it in a nutshell really. I half nodded my head to acknowledge what he had said, but daren’t speak. He can rock me back on my heels sometimes.

And now I find myself making, or trying to make myself look good just for him. When he is on his way home he calls me. First to tell me he loves me, and second to tell me what time he will be there. And then I’m in the mirror, putting a little make up on, trying this dress, that dress, this skirt, that skirt, heels or no heels.

And when he comes in I get very suddenly breathless, I feel like a little girl sometimes waiting for her loving daddy. I tell myself off for doing it, but I do it just the same. When he walks in I try to be sat down so he has to come to me to kiss my cheek. But sometimes I feel so excited I’m at the door waiting for him, so I can hug him tight to me. Which again, simply leaves me breathless once more.

What I wasn’t aware of was, he was making plans, he had decided it had gone on long enough, that I wouldn’t fight him, that I would give in to him. I was resigning myself to the fact too, but I just couldn’t bring myself to bring my barriers down. And I think Liam knew that too.

Which was why, I think, he took the action that he did.

Now the Part 2 I was talking about.

Part 1 was the Before.

Part 2 is the after, past tense as it were.

He had called me to say, “I love you mom, my beautiful sexy mom,” I did smile when he said things like that. “And I’ll be home in thirty.” I was already showered and changed, and as it was a warm summer’s day, I was wearing a nice skirt, just above the knee by about 3″ it was all black. The top I had on was like a short sleeved burnt orange man’s shirt, but designed for a woman, it was a fitted one. I had no shoes on my feet.

My hair was down, I had looked in the mirror, and said to myself, “He’ll like the way you look today Georgi!” I heard him pull on to the drive and waited for him to come in. I was at the sink, being busy with something that I still can’t remember to this day. Liam walked in and straight to me, I half turned, offered my cheek for him to kiss which he did, he also hugged me.

I turned back to the sink, I was inexplicably feeling very excited by just having him near me. He does that, I look, or even think of him and I excite, tingle, it’s silly I know, even unreasonably justified. But he has this effect on me, and I know its grown along with him. I sensed a great awareness or imminence coming from him. I knew he was right behind me, and I expected another loving hug. Instead he said to me.

“Mom, hold out your hand behind you please, I have a present for you.”

“Which one?” I asked him.

“Doesn’t matter,” he said, I heard a drawer opening at my side and I thought, ‘Ooooh nice.’ I put my right hand, the one nearest and waited. “Now the other mom,” he told me. I did as he said, and I felt softness on each wrist, then a kind of zipping click. I looked then, my eyes travelled down and back, and there on my right wrist was a bright pink band.

I glimpsed avc─▒lar escort a bit of silvery looking wire hanging from it, and then felt my left wrist move. I looked at that one and my right wrist moved too, and on my left was the same bright pink band. It also had a bit of silvery wire attached to it too. I pulled both of them up, and my arms stayed behind me. And that was when I realised I had been cuffed or something.

I couldn’t get either wrist up, each time I pulled or moved one, the other went with it. A little frightened now, I said, “Liam, what’s going on, what are you doing?” He moved close to me, took me in his arms and told me not to worry, that he loved me, and would die before he ever hurt me. This made me feel a little better but still I was concerned.

You can call me naive, stupid, thick, or whatever you like but I didn’t guess what this was about. Him close to me, his breath on my neck, I was comforted, I trusted him, I believed in him, he was, and is my son, my soul mate. But what he did next focussed my mind a more than just a little, he took each of my breasts in his hands and cupped them.

“Liam?” I gasped, surprised by his forwardness, and his boldness. He didn’t say anything, but started to unbutton my shirt, I watched in fascinated bemusal, that’s all I can say now about it, I never said a word. Soon they were all undone, then Liam simply slid the silky material back over my shoulders, leaving me with only my bra to cover my modesty.

Later on I guessed he had planned everything, it all went as smooth as the silk shirt I had on, or nearly didn’t by now. He slid the drawer in front of me open and took out my sowing scissors, scissors that were not kept in that drawer. Then with two single snips he cut through the straps over my shoulders. I felt a brief fumble at my back, and he had undone the two hooks holding my bra together.

I watched it drop off me and down to land on the counter in front of me. Now realisation dawned on me, I had been kind of captured, I think? by my son. My arms were restrained behind me. And before I really even had a chance to say BOO! he had half undressed me. He was pressing up against me, body tight up, and I had my hips against the counter top, and nowhere to go.

Yet somehow I was feeling excited, what game was he playing? I was also scared out of my wits at the same time. He reached around once more, and again he cupped my breasts, only this time he took both of my increasingly distended nipples between thumbs and forefingers. As I was looking down at them and his closing fingers, I could see them getting hard. And when my nipples get hard, they get more sensitive that is needed. He squeezed both, and then rolled both. Then the charge of static electricity that bolted through me froze me to the spot. It was almost unbearable, in the past I have been able to grab fingers that were tormenting me and stop them, not this time, this time the digits had their way.

My neck nearly broke such was the sudden snap backwards it made, I felt my body sag too, but Liam behind me prevented me collapsing. My body was screaming for release, for continuance. Then his fingers disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived on my nipples. I hazily felt a fumbling at the waist at my back, I didn’t know it, but he was unhooking my skirt, then I heard the definite zzzzz of the zip being drawn down.

Liam pulled me gently from the counter, waggled my skirt to just over my hips, and he said softly into my ear. “Come with me mom,” I followed like a lamb to the slaughter. He put his arm around my waist and we headed for the kitchen door, by the time I got near it my skirt had slid down and was now wrapped around my ankles. “Step out of it mom,” Liam said, I did what Liam said.

I was now naked apart from my panties, and I was walking in a stupor with Liam down the hall.

“Come on mom, let’s go,” he softly ordered.

I managed to find my voice then, “Liam,” I protested, not very loud though.

His response was to turn me to him, crush me in his arms, move a little and grip a nipple. My protests were no more, my voice dried up again. I seemed to be in a cloud, a fog, my mind was flitting about, but I couldn’t find any cohesion from my brain.

I knew where I was going, and I knew what was going to happen when we got there, but I wasn’t with me. I was off somewhere else, and another roll of the other nipple kept me in the limbo I was fully in. Liam stopped and turned me to him again, and I was staring into those eyes, those eyes I have always had trouble not looking into, they sort of hypnotise me.

And we had a kiss, it wasn’t a peck, and it wasn’t a full blown kiss, but it lasted long enough for me to get the message. My resistance was over, it had been stripped from the feeble grasp I had had on it. Then bright light filled my vision, and that happens every time I walk into my bedroom, the sunlight streams though in the afternoon and I love it.

Liam was behind me by this time, his arms around me were crossed, ┼čirinevler escort and that was so his fingers and thumbs had total capacity to scramble my brain by rolling and squeezing my now super sensitive nipples. I heard me moan, it was a moan I know so well, it was me giving in!

I ended up sitting on the edge of the bed, everything that was happening seemed to be in slow motion, some frames were missing from the film, one minute I was here, the next minute I was there. I was standing up, now I was sitting down. Next I was leaning over and lying down, the next I was on my back looking at my son.

But the full film of him undressing in front of me was played out in full colour, in all its glorious splendour. He was gazing intently at me, I was compelled to gaze back the same way. His clothes disappeared one by one, the last item were his shorts. For this he turned his back on me. I realised it was so I could view the full spectacular in one scene.

He turned in such a purposeful manner I had to groan as he did, his strong, youthful manly body, was there for me to see for the first time in years. But at his core was the centre of his being, and what was going to become mine. His manhood was standing straight out, if slightly pointing up, and he looked as good as any naked man I had ever seen.

I had seen this day coming from a long way off, never really believing that it would arrive, but also knowing it would, or believing it would. Liam and I had been living together all these years, mother and son, brother and sister, best friends, hate to be apart from one another. To soon becoming erstwhile lovers, if not lovers of such intensity it would sweep us both up and deposit us in the land of love and paradise.

He slid to me, I opened my arms, he went into them, I went into his. The moment he had been intending, working for, patiently, even predicting was here. I fell into my own self, saying to me. ‘Here Georgi, this is where you are now, is it where you belong, and the answer came back, yes I do!’

There have been many times in all of our lives that we turn around and say things like. “Where did that come from, or where did that go, how has this happened, I never saw that coming, it came and went before I knew it. When you clearly knew all along, but just chose to ignore it. My hasn’t time flown, I hardly had time to notice, it went by so fast.”

Well this applied to my situation, I was in control, then I wasn’t, I was waiting for it to happen, I was prepared for it. Then it happened, and I wasn’t prepared for it at all, I wasn’t ready. My son Liam seemed to override everything, every scenario that I had run through my mind in preparation for the day when he made his move.

He had come in, said hello, handcuffed me, got me upstairs, put me on my bed, undressed, and now I was being advanced upon. And I was lying there with bated breath, enthralled anticipation. The film was playing out its scene, with the exception that it was all jerky, bits were missing, I was there, and then I was here, how? I was looking at my son, as I watched him put one knee on the bed. His cock bobbed and weaved, and I was hypnotised by it and him.

My hands almost under me but not quite, and I knew that even if I tried to roll away, I would roll back and give in to it, to him, I did. He took a gentle but firm hold of my thong like panties, and off they came. Now I was open to him, like an all night shop, my door was open.

He had the right of entry, and I welcomed him in, My eyes locked on to his as he loomed above me, he hadn’t said a word, I just knew where we were going. His body covered mine, the thrill was unbearable, the wonderful fear factor biting at my most inner secrets, knowing that soon my son would be excavating his home port.

As he lowered himself down, that unmistakable touch of cock on or near pussy made me shift to where he wanted me to be. I was now directly under and waiting for that first immeasurable, incalculable delight of cock pushing in. Liam wasn’t the biggest I had had, but I was soon to find out he was the best, I think I had already decided that nothing was going to compare to the takeover of me as this was, and did.

Our bodies closed, he was in me, I felt the heat, the hardness, and I screwed up into a ball internally. My knees appeared from below, I managed to lock my nails into his thighs the closer he got. His hands were under my shoulders, and the last 2 or 3 inches were in, my feet locked over his thighs. I sighed with utter pleasure, I had never felt like this.

“Mom,” he said.

“Oh Liam, Oh Liam,” was all I could say.

“Now you are mine mom, forever, don’t even think of ever trying to say no again,” he told me, there was love and delight in his voice.

“II won’t baby, never again, Oh Liam I need you darling. Do me baby, do me like you know you want to, like you know you can, Yes Liam, Yes!”

That seemed to put extra gas into his engines because he took off and flew me with him. I have only ever had sex with 6 men in my life, the first was Liam’s father, the rapist. The other 5 were on again, off again lovers of no real consequence to me. I had believed because of what had happened to me and then giving birth at such an early age. I was destined never to be able to form a lasting relationship, or fall in love proper, until now.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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