A Skilled Obstetrician

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Fingers trembling, Elise dialed the phone number listed on the business card and waited anxiously for someone to answer. A voice, sweeter than nectar, answered, “Dr. Rice’s office. How may I help you?”

Elise answered in a quivering voice, “This is Elise Green. I would like to make an appointment.”

Again, the sweet voice of the receptionist inquired, “Would like a regular appointment or an after-hours appointment, ma’am?”

Elise clutched the telephone cord tightly to her aching breasts, her heart beating furiously in anticipation, “An evening appointment, please.”

A knowing voice answered, “Very good. We can fit you in tomorrow evening at seven. Is this acceptable?”

Suddenly shy, Elise stammered, “Umm, yes, very good.”

Elise heard the rustle of paper as the receptionist penned in her appointment with Dr. Rice. Once more, her beautiful voice spoke in Elise’s ear, “How far along are you, Mrs. Green?”

Elise’s free hand moved to cover the large mound of her stomach as she answered, “I’m in my eighth month.”

With a final, “Dr. Rice will be very pleased. We will see you tomorrow at seven, Mrs. Green. Have a nice day,” the receptionist’s voice faded from the phone line. Elise carefully replaced the phone in its cradle, her heart still thumping furiously. She couldn’t believe she had actually called. Anticipation, with the sting of an opiate, rushed through her.

Today, Elise had met a high school friend, Veronica, for lunch at an upscale Italian restaurant. Amid discussions of old times and gossip, Elise revealed how terribly unhappy she had been lately with her sex life.

Veronica, fingering the stem of her wine glass with manicured nails, drawled, “Elise, dear, how does your husband Jeff like your blossoming physique?”

Elise confessed, “Veronica, Jeff hates my pregnant body. He hasn’t touched me in five months. He says he can’t get turned on with my stomach in the way. I’m so very horny, I can’t stand it!”

With a Cheshire smile, Veronica slipped a business card across the table, “Take my advice, dearest, and switch obstetricians. I saw Dr. Rice throughout my pregnancy, much to my pleasure. Call and remember to ask for an after hours appointment. You won’t regret it.”

Slipping the card in her purse, Elise didn’t call for a few days, although the card escort and its implications never strayed far from her thoughts. After her husband again neglected to satisfy her aching pussy, she screwed up enough courage to call Dr. Rice.

The evening of her appointment, Elise carefully zipped herself into a tight dress that displayed her burgeoning body and swelling breasts. Looking in the liquid-smooth surface of the mirror, Elise noted how shiny her red hair looked and how her emerald green eyes glowed. She had gained very little weight except for the baby, and she still looked slim despite the bulge. Slim and still attractive, or so she hoped. Spraying a puff of perfume at her throat, Elise tried to ignore the pulse of desire she felt deep in her womb in anticipation of what might occur tonight.

Arriving ten minutes early, Elise signed in at the desk. With a sinking feeling anchored in the pit of her stomach, Elise thought she might have been mistaken about the purpose of tonight’s appointment. The office looked too normal, adorned with pictures of grinning babies and drab art work. When the nurse called her name, Elise resigned herself to an uneventful doctor’s exam.

After taking her weight and height, the nurse handed her a thin gown and said in a clinical tone, “Please remove all your clothing, including your panties. The doctor will be right in.” Elise stripped of everything, her nipples hardening and dripping with pre-milk in the cold air. She shrugged into the paper thin gown and sat on the examination table to await the good doctor.

When he knocked and walked in the door, Elise felt her vagina tighten and drip. He was tall and unexpectedly handsome. With a smile, he looked at her chart and began, “So, Elise, is there anything I should know about?”

Annoyed at the breathless quality of her voice, Elise answered, “Nothing I can think of, Doctor. Everything has been completely normal during the pregnancy so far.”

He laid down the chart and crossed the small room to the exam table. Pushing her back gently onto the table, he said, “First, I’m going to do a thorough breast exam. Just lay back and relax.” Dr. Rice lowered the top of her gown, baring both of her swollen breasts. As he noticed the damp surfaces of her nipples, he murmured, “So you are already leaking milk? How interesting.” escort bayan With his big hands, he began massaging in tiny circles her left breast. With each stroke, droplets of milk leaked out, leaving streaks of wet across her torso.

Suddenly, the doctor took one aching nipple in the wet cavern of his mouth and began to suck. Deep, rhythmic pulls on her nipples until, with a sweet gush, a small stream of milk let down into the heat of Dr. Rice’s mouth. She could feel an answering stream of liquid flow from the depths of her vagina, until her pussy throbbed and ached with wanting. After enveloping the other nipple with his mouth, he looked into Elise’s eyes and drawled, “Feels like your breasts are in perfect working order, Elise. You should be able to breastfeed with no trouble at all.”

Lowering the gown even further, he kneaded her swollen belly with his hands and removed the gown from her body. Murmuring “I don’t think we need the gown any longer. I want my exam to be as thorough as possible, and I need to see all of you.”

Gunshot-loud in the quiet of the exam room, Dr, Rice extended the metal stirrups and placed Elise’s feet in each cup. The paper covering the table crinkled as he pulled her bottom to the very edge of the table. Lying back, with her swollen breasts bare and her legs open to their maximum so that her clitoris unfolded in the cool air, caused an ache deep in the recesses of Elise’s swollen womb. Dr. Rice removed a speculum from a drawer, and Elise’s eyes widened at the sight of its rather large size.

Nervously, Elise stammered, “Um, Dr. Rice, I think you’ve misjudged me. I can’t take something that big inside of me.”

Staring at her with hypnotizing eyes, he rejoined, “Elise, with the proper preparation, you can accommodate it easily, pleasurably. Trust me.”

Closing her eyes, Elise answered, “I do trust you, Doctor.”

“First, Elise, I need a urine sample. Would you please urinate in this cup?” Elise felt Dr. Rice position the cup beneath her urethra as his other, gloved finger began to hum against her clit. “Now, listen carefully, Elise. I do not want you to let go of your urine until you cum. It will feel delicious when you pee as your pussy throbs, I promise you.” Well, holding it while pregnant is a challenge, but Elise fought the sensation of urine passing bayan escort from her bladder as she focused on the strumming of Dr. Rice’s finger.

He replaced his finger with the hot suction of his mouth, pulling her delicate clit into his mouth the same way he had sucked on her nipples. She tensed as the familiar sensations of an imminent orgasm flooded through her: pussy clenching, toes curling, womb contracting. Suddenly, she tensed as Dr. Rice inserted two gloved fingers into her hole, and she came, splashing large amounts of urine into the poised cup. The release of her bladder made the orgasm so intense, she gritted her teeth as tears slipped past the closed lids of her eyes.

Dr. Rice removed his fingers from her vagina and placed the now full cup on the counter next the over-large speculum. With dread, Elise watched him pick up the speculum and felt him place the cold metal at the entrance to her hole.

His voice, a relaxant, melted over her as he said, “Relax, Elise, I won’t put it in until you’re ready.” Again, he stimulated her clit with his soft lips until she felt herself open. He took the blossoming of her body as a sign and slowly inserted the speculum into her swelling pussy. He did not open it up, yet, as he continued to nibble on her sensitive nub. Slowly, so she didn’t even notice the change, he began to expand the speculum until her head thrashed from the delicious fullness of her pussy.

He stretched her so wide, she could feel nothing else but the gigantic pressure in her vagina and the endless stroking of his tongue on her clit. Again, electricity blazed to her pussy as she swelled and gripped the speculum with her cunt muscles. She was close, so close to coming from the hardness of the metal instrument invading her body. Unbelievably, Dr. Rice increased the pleasure by inserting two lubed fingers into the delicate flesh of her asshole. She felt so full, with metal in her cunt and fingers stroking her rectum, Elise orgasmed so hard she shook.

Dr. Rice swabbed her vagina for cells, removed the speculum, and scribbled a few notes on her chart. After handing Elise her gown, Dr. Rice murmured, “Elise, I would like to see you on a weekly basis for the duration of your pregnancy. Please make your next appointment on your way out? It’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

Fingers trembling as he left, Elise dressed, her pussy tender from the most thunderous orgasm of her life. As she made an appointment with the receptionist, Elise couldn’t wait to find out what Dr. Rice had in store for her next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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