A Sketch of a Sex Story

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Cody’s cock is in your hands. You look up at his sweet and sexy smile. He has come to you in the middle of the night, as you were dreaming of him. He is naked and you are holding his cock, not as large as yours, but beautiful, because he is Cody. He kisses you and holds your cock. Both of you are so hard, that you can barely stand it.

It’s a hot night, so you were sleeping naked. Now he runs his fingertips feather duster feeling across your chest. To your nipples. He bends to them and touches them with his tongue and his teeth. Electric sparks fly through your chest and stomach and cock. He holds you near to him. He wants you to hold his ass and feels the sigh in you as your hands touch him there and massage them. He says, fuck me, and his tone is Texas, and he says fuck me, and his hair is gold and his eyes sparkle in the dim room lit by the table lamp by your bed.

You stretch out before him as he stretches before you and you cradle each other. You feel his body so warm and so smooth beside you. Your cocks laying one on the other. His uncut. Yours cut. Yours long and thin and filled with power. escort ata┼čehir His cock he rubs against yours. Yours is thicker than his. He has blond pubes. You have dark pubes and a lot of them. You ask this of him: is this a dream? He shakes his head and says no, this is no dream.

Then he turns over on his stomach and you rub your hand down his spine. You touch his shoulders. You hold your hand over his globes. He is tanned as are you. He spreads his legs and you get on your knees. You would rather fuck him from the front, but maybe he will let you later. You get the lube from your table drawer. KY Silk. You rub it on your dick making it tingle and so hard it is to the ripping point. You open his asshole and kiss it and put the KY on it and stick your finger up to the ring of Cody’s hole. He says, don’t be gentle; I want your entire dick, all your love, Imad, inside me. And you lean down and kiss his lips as he turns his head to the side, the side of his lips.

You feel so good being naked with him. You accept it now. He has come to you. You reach under him, feel his hard cock and big kad─▒k├Ây escort bayan balls. You take your dick, rubbing it, and stick it into the opening as Cody winces and shudders. He says I never have been fucked before; I waited for you. You are both virgins. You push your dick further inside, and Cody sighs and says now all of it nowÔÇöso you slam it into him and Cody screams and begins sweating profusely and crying go for it, man, go for it, fuck me till my whole body is your cock in meÔÇöhe says it pantingly, words wrong, breath wrong, order out of order, and you think I am fucking my dream and he’s real, and you push all the way, you bottom out in his ass.

And he shoots all over your bed as you touch a hand to feel his spunk. And he starts moving in rhythm with you. You and he have made one and one become one. And you move your dick in and out, your balls slapping against his ass, as Cody says hit my ass, hit it, fuck me…so you do and you feel his ass fucking you as much as you are fucking it, as he moves his ass back to you, back and forth, and your dick goes deeper and then almost backs escort bostanc─▒ out and Cody says no stop stay in meÔÇöand his hole is wide now with your cock and he wants you to shoot spunk into him and not let any of it out, as his hands turn to fists and his fingers grasp the bed spread he is lying on, and he wants you, he wants your dick and he wants to show you how it feels to be fucked it’s so very very hot and hurtful and fun and otherly. It is his prostate your dick is rubbing. It is his soul you are bruising.

And you feel the balloon fill in your stomach and you feel your balls tight in their sac. He feels your cock grow bigger in him, feels it ready to shoot all your hot tight gooey wad of cum in him and he grits his teeth and his legs and arms have tension in them and he is a comma of a man under you and you start to explode, you start to cum. It is your cum, Imad, it is yours first shot off in Cody’s ass. It feels utterly fantastic. And you gush. More and more. And you hold your body like its being pulled out, the inside of it with every cum you’ve ever had multiplied by a million. It takes, it seems minutes, to expend it all.

Then you collapse on top of him. Cody is crying. You gently take his head and put it on your shoulder. And you both sleep. Knowing full well, without a doubt, when you wake to the sun, you both will still be there. Forevermore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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