A Sick Day unlike Any Other

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Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


Erin was sitting at the kitchen table, eating her breakfast alone. She could hear her dad in the bathroom, taking his shower. Her mother was already gone for work and she would spend her day alone with her father. She was just a bit too sick to go to school, a nasty cold that threatened to become a flu. A day at home should do wonders.

Her father was also going to be there, as he had planned to work at home today. Erin sighed, thinking that she could have had a day all alone. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her dad, but being alone was a rare luxury. If she had been alone today, she would have spent the day in her pjs, sleeping as often as she would have liked. Between her naps, she would have watched too much tv, eaten too much junk food, masturbated too often and done nothing else. She could still do that with her father around, but it wouldn’t be the same thing.

Besides her cold, Erin wasn’t feeling all that good anyway. She had been single for the past year, having rejected the guys, or males, that had only wanted to sleep with her. There was nothing wrong with sex, but she wanted something more. Erin wasn’t ready for marriage or anything like that, but she was tired of boyfriends that were no more than friends with whom she had sex. Sadly, she had not found any suitable guy.

And so her fingers had worked their magic overtime in the past few months. She had been tempted by one night stands a few times, had even allowed herself to say yes to two of them a few months ago. But while the nights themselves were pretty fun, it wasn’t scratching her itch. If anything, it had made her masturbate more often afterwards.

Maybe that was why, when Erin saw her dad walk out of the bathroom with only a towel on, she had growled low in her throat. Erin’s dad was a big solid man, standing way over six feet tall with wide shoulders, big arms and big thighs. He was walking towards her with a concerned smile on his face.

It wasn’t the first time that Erin reacted to her dad as a female could react to a male. Not at all. For about two years now, her sexual feelings for him had grown through the taboo. For most of that time she had felt ashamed of those feelings. Eventually though, she had simply accepted them. It wasn’t as if something could happen anyway.

When he grabbed the huge bag of dog food with one hand, Erin saw his muscles flexing and this time she had to bite her moan down. “Shit!” she thought. “I really need to find a guy that will fuck me properly!” Her dad put away the dog food and came to sit with her at the table. Sitting like this, with only his torso visible, it looked like he was naked. And powerful. And muscled. And… “Damnit!” Erin thought, feeling her face turn slightly red, “This has to stop!”

He asked how she was feeling and they talked for a bit before he began reading his newspaper. Soon he started doing his crosswords, and Erin was sure that he was completely oblivious to the effect he was having on her. She was breathing faster, was pretty sure her face was turning redder and redder, and couldn’t keep from looking at his pecs and arms. It was strange to see such a piece of a man doing crosswords, but that wasn’t enough to distract Erin.

Nothing sexual had ever happened between the two of them even if she fantasized about it. Even if, she thought with a smile, she knew she looked a lot like how her mother had looked twenty years ago. Just a couple of weeks ago, as she came out on the patio wearing a bikini, her mother had said to her dad “Look, dear. Doesn’t she look just like me when I was younger?”

Her dad had looked at her from head to toe for a second, then smiled and nodded to his wife. “Yep, she does!”

Erin had felt weird about that situation, but even though she had been looking for it, she hadn’t see any sign that would have indicated that her dad had looked at her as a woman. She was just his daughter. And it was the same thing right now. Erin hadn’t put a bra on before coming out of her room this morning, and she was aware that her pyjama top was rather thin and tight. An old pyjama couldn’t really contain breasts that a 34D bra barely could. Any guy in the world would have noticed her large breasts. Any guy but her dad.

Erin sighed. She wasn’t really hoping that something would happen between them. “My fever still isn’t high enough!” she thought. She may fantasize about him from time to time, but that was it. She knew that her overworking imagination was just the result of her self-imposed celibacy. Still… This morning, feeling as down as she did, if he offered her to take her to his bed… “Shit!” Erin thought again. “Think about something else, you naughty wench!” Erin smiled, but her father was focused on his game and so missed it.

When her father dropped his pencil on the floor, Erin didn’t think much about it. When he said that it was all the way on her side, she only nodded and bent down to get it. Even when she had to kneel on the istanbul escort floor to reach it, she didn’t realize what was about to happen. It’s only when she turned around that she realized that her father’s cock was dangling between his legs, fully visible. And oh my gods! All of it’s wonderful length. All of it. Erin’s eye grew wide as she stared at it, marvelling at its girth and length, at how thick and heavy it looked as it hung there, half-way off the chair.

Erin closed her mouth and shook her head before getting back up. As she gave her father his pencil, she didn’t look at him and lowered her head. If she had feared being red-faced before, she knew she was now. “Erin, are you alright?” Damn it! He noticed!

“Yes.” she said, still not looking at him, pretending to be focused on her iPhone.

“You’re all red… Do you have a fever?” he asked, getting up and reaching for her forehead.

Erin resisted the urge to say “Yes I do, please take me to your bed to make it all better.” Instead she simply let him touch her.

“Hmmm. You do feel hot.”

In her mind, Erin’s mental voice replied “I am hot, I’m burning for you dad… Take me on the table, right now!” Erin’s eyes widened in shock: she had never consciously had these kinds of explicit thoughts before. Out loud, she said “Yeah. I don’t feel so good. Maybe I’ll go take a nap.”

“Good idea.” her father said. “Want me to carry you like I used to do?”

Erin laughed, shaking her head, but inside her little voice was screaming “Yes, carry me to your bed and fuck your little girl’s brains out.”

She stood up and walked to her room, closing and locking the door behind her. “What the fuck is wrong with me? That’s not right!” she wondered. “Maybe I do have a fever and my mind’s going haywire!” She threw herself on her bed and quickly turned on her back. A quick check with her fingers confirmed what she had felt: her pussy was drenched. Grinning, she thought “Well, at least that’s a good way to fall asleep!” as she pushed her fingers under her pyjama bottom again.


Steven still had a fatherly smile on his lips as he watched Erin disappear into her room. But even though he was genuinely concerned for his daughter’s health, he couldn’t have missed her nipples as they poked through her top. Nor could he have missed her breasts swinging as she walked, clearly without a bra. Holding his head in his hands, he sighed. “That’s not right… That’s not right…” he thought, unknowingly echoing his daughter’s thoughts.

Steven dearly hoped that Erin had no idea that he had unfatherly feelings for her. But ever since she had bloomed into a woman during her teens, his worst fears had come to pass: he was living with a sexually active teenager and his mind didn’t seem to care much about the fact that she was his daughter. He was pretty sure that some sick part of his mind actively enjoyed the taboo.

He remembered when his wife had mentioned how Erin looked like she had. Of course she did! And of course he had noticed! She was just as beautiful, just as sexy. He had prayed to all the gods he knew that neither Erin or his wife had noticed his erection when he had looked at her wearing her small bikini. His wife would be revolted, and so would Erin. Shit. Weren’t fathers supposed to be immune to their daughter’s sexiness? He certainly wasn’t.

When Erin was younger, it was fun to hear everybody telling them that she was the spitting image of her mother. But now, as she walked around wearing tank tops, bikinis or short skirts, it wasn’t as funny for him. Steven had met his wife at a huge party, and after an hour or so, he had decided to go and talk to the girl he had found the sexiest of them all. Three years later, they were married, the happiest day of his life.

But now, twenty years later, he was seeing that same devilishly sexy girl every day. And it was his fucking daughter! His wife was still very beautiful and desirable, but the years had changed her. His brain, despite being 20 years older, was still turned on by the same type of women, so every time he saw his daughter… Shit. He sat back at the table and tried to concentrate on his crosswords. He had barely been able to do it while she had been sitting across from him, sexy as hell even with her cold. Steven sighed and tried to focus on something else than his daughter’s breasts.

A few minutes later though, he got up, frustrated. He was not going to be able to focus on anything this morning. As he got up from the chair, his towel fell down. He grinned, happy that Erin hadn’t been around, but as he wrapped it back again, he suddenly frowned. “Had she… Damn… Had she seen my cock when she bent down to get the pencil? Crap! That was why she was red-faced! Shit!” he thought.

Taking a deep breath, Steven walked silently to her room. If she was already asleep he didn’t want to wake her, but if not, he felt like he had to talk avc─▒lar escort to her about it. But as he leaned closer to her door, he heard something that would change the rest of his life. He had expected to hear utter silence if she slept, or maybe a few snores, or maybe the sound of her typing on her laptop or watching youtube. Instead, he heard her moaning very softly “Oh yes… Fuck me daddy!”

Steven felt his heart almost burst in surprise. If he hadn’t been listening in very carefully, he would have never heard that. And maybe she wouldn’t have said it if he hadn’t crept silently to her door. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?” he wondered. Then again, looking down and seeing his cock tenting the towel, his body knew exactly what it wanted to do. Briefly, very briefly, he had an image of him entering her room and jumping on her bed to fuck her silly.

But Steven shook his head and carefully walked away from the door. But not before he heard “Fuck me daddy… Fuck me with your big cock!” By the time Steven went to his room and closed the door behind him, he was breathing hard. When he removed the towel, his cock sprang up mightily and reflexively he grabbed it. Once again the images of him mounting Erin, from behind this time, burst into his mind. He pumped his cock a few times before stopping.

Like his daughter ten minutes earlier, he dropped on his bed and sighed, his mind filled with completely taboo erotic images and impulsions. And, like Erin, he eventually gave in to those images. He didn’t know it at the time, but Erin would have given a lot to be able to see him like this: naked, on his back, his huge cock in hand, masturbating while thinking about her.

He didn’t last very long as his mind proved very creative once he moved past the taboo. As jets of his cum landed all over his chest and belly, Steven realized that he hadn’t climaxed like this in months, maybe years. Rather than assuaging a forbidden desire, this climax had only deepened it. “I’m so fucked…” he thought before cleaning himself up.


Erin didn’t manage to find sleep after all. Her climax had been mind-blowing, but somehow she just wasn’t tired enough. It was, after all, just 9 in the morning. After getting out of bed she wondered if she should dress properly. She had pushed her pyjama bottoms off as she masturbated, and was now wearing only her top. It covered about half of her thighs. She wondered what her father would say or do if she came out of her room like this. No panties, just this top… Grinning wickedly, she decided to try it. If he got angry, she could just blame her fever!

When she walked out of her room, feeling naughty and sexy at the same time, she didn’t see her dad anywhere. When she went to the fridge to get an apple, she felt really exposed as she bent over. She went to the living room and crashed on the couch. Looking down at her legs, she laughed as she saw that in her current position, she was pretty much everything she had was out in the open. She managed to find a half-way decent position, both her legs turned to one side, and turned the tv on.

When her dad came back down from his room, he was only dressed in a pair of training pants. No sox or shoes or shirt. So once again she was forced to look at her father’s chest, her favorite body part. When he saw her, he came and squatted right in front of her on. Erin got suddenly very nervous: if she opened her legs just a bit, he would see right up to her pussy. When the wild thought “Well, I’ve seen him…” crossed her mind, Erin tried her best to let her excitement show.

A few minutes later, making sure that she was alright, he got up and went outside to work out. He liked doing that on warm summer days. She had watched him do that a few times, but now, in her current state, she nearly jumped up in eagerness to watch him. She stood by the backyard door and watched in fascination. Because of the sunlight shining on him, he probably wouldn’t see her even if he looked her way. And in any case, the windows only cam down to her belly button.

Grinning, Erin thought that even if he could see her, he wouldn’t know that she was masturbating. How naughty was she! Standing there, only thirty minutes after her last climax, and she was already fingering herself. “Feverish or not, I am burning up!” she thought as her first moan slipped through her parted lips. As her father worked on his back muscles, lifting weights in large arcs on either side of his body, Erin looked at them rippling in the sun. She had never had a boyfriend as powerful as her dad, mainly because few guys her age could be as big.

Her father wasn’t big because he spent hours working out everyday. He had just been lucky genetically. But the fact that he did work out a couple of times a week had turned a big guy looking slightly fat into a leaner powerful male. The first time Erin gasped as a peak of pleasure rose higher, she giggled. Then, on impulse, she pulled ┼čirinevler escort out of her pussy, grabbed the door’s handle and opened the door.

As she walked next to her dad across the yard, she knew he was watching her. He couldn’t miss or ignore her. Most of her legs were on display, and her two large, free breasts swung enormously as she walked. But most of the way to her car to get her bag, her invented reason, was past where he was, she couldn’t see him. At her car, she opened the door and leaned in, feeling that most of her ass was exposed. But because of the door, her dad wouldn’t have been able to see anything.

And then, bag in hand, she walked back to the door. And this time, as she felt her breasts bouncing lewdly, she could see him looking. And staring. For a few seconds he just stared at her breasts and then stole a glance at her thighs. She deliberately didn’t look at him too long because she didn’t want him to feel like she had caught him. As she was passing him, she smiled and didn’t say anything.

Inside the house, with the door closed, Erin laughed, pleased with her little stunt. She knew her dad was a breast man: her mother was the proof of that. While he hadn’t looked this morning, he probably hadn’t been able to stop himself now! She sat on the couch with her legs crossed under her. In this position, not only was her pussy visible but it was plain slutty. She laughed again, feeling hot all over.


When Steven found his daughter on the couch, he instantly noticed that she wasn’t wearing her pyjama bottoms anymore. Erin sometimes walked around with only a pyjama top, but they had always been much longer than the one she had on right now. He sighed and walked to her. Unable to help himself, he had knelt in front of her. “If she moves… even barely…” he thought as he listened to her telling him that she wasn’t feeling too bad. Quickly he got up and went outside before his erection could grow too much.

Fifteen minutes later he was now focused on his workout and had stopped thinking about Erin and his incestuous thoughts. And then he heard her coming out. Wearing nothing but her damn top, too thin and too tight for her breasts. No bra, and, if he had guessed correctly, no panties. Was she teasing him? As she walked towards her car, he stared at her ass non-stop. As she was there, he told himself not to look at her. A good plan.

Yet as soon as she turned around her car to walk back, he couldn’t help himself and stared at her two large breasts swinging around erotically. And her thighs… Shit! if the wind would hit her just right, that short top would fly… As she walked, most of her thighs were exposed and the effect was remarkable. He knew he had a partial erection and if she looked at it directly… But she didn’t. She didn’t even look at him. “Was she really teasing me? Or is it my imagination working overtime?” he didn’t know.

Just before she entered the house, she shot him a glance and Steven could have sworn that he saw lust in her eyes. Earlier today, when he had heard her moaning “Fuck me daddy.”, part of him wondered if that was not simply a generic phrase coming from porn. Maybe she wasn’t thinking about him, exactly. But now… With this pant-less and bra-less walk of lust in front of him… It was slowly dawning on Steven, despite all his mental barriers, despite his wariness concerning his own lust and despite his incredulity that it could actually be true, that Erin was actually trying to seduce him.

After dropping his weights he walked inside. He saw Erin at the kitchen sink, both her arms over her head as she stretched. Lower, he saw the apple of her ass appearing below her top as it was pulled up by her stretching. “That, at least, wasn’t planned.” he thought. “She couldn’t have know that I would come in at that precise moment.” He walked towards her nonetheless, feeling that his partial erection was still alive and squeezed himself between her and the kitchen island.

And so, entering whatever game his daughter was playing, Steven let the back of his hand graze her two buttocks. He vaguely mumbled sorry as if it was a regular accident that didn’t matter at all. But it did. Steven felt a surge of blood going to his cock, partially because of the remarkable smoothness and roundness and fullness and softness and sexyness… of what he had just willfully touched, his daughter’s almost naked ass. But mainly, what aroused him the most what that he had willfully touched her there.

And that she hadn’t reacted. At all. She whispered “No problem.” after he apologized, but stayed there and kept drinking her glass of water. As he watched, he saw that same devilishly sexy line appear, the apple of her ass, the fine line between her bountiful ass and her smooth, lean thigh. Throwing caution to the wind, Steven walked behind her again, but this time he turned so that his semi-hard cock rubbed against her ass.

As he moved behind her, he felt his cock following the rounded contours of each of her buttocks and shuddered as his cock almost slapped the flesh in her crack. And he had a mini heart attack when it happened, convinced that Erin would scream out bloody incestual sexual harassment. She did no such thing. In fact, she only coughed a few times and shot him another glance like the one outside, minutes ago, filled with lust.

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