A Sexy Roller Coaster Ride Ch. 02

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It was nearly one year ago we had our little bachelor party for my brother John. He’s now happily married to his beautiful wife Samantha. Her brother Mike happened to be John’s best friend and best man. He thought it funny for us to be part of the infamous Sexcoaster night at the House of Pleasure. We were part of the roller coaster. I’ve given an account of what happened that night in the first chapter.

When I say Mike thought it funny that we were part of the Sex Roller Coaster I have to mention that was before he knew that the bachelorette party of his own sister Samantha rode the rollercoaster that night. And thus our party had been intimate that night with the members of the bachelorette party of my brother John’s bride. All members! Samantha the bride, her maid of honour Pamela, mine and John’s 19 year old sister Georgie and her best friend Asia, both good friends of Sam, Sam and Mike’s two sisters Chloe and Joyce, their mother, our mother(!), their granny(!!) and aunt, the youngest sister of their mom. They all had been intimate with all our cocks as they rode the Sex Coaster. All of them. Without them ever having a clue.

As the first anniversary of the bachelorette party approached my mom let me know the girls wanted to organise a reunion. Off course I encouraged this idea, only asking to let me know when this would take place, so we could have our own little reunion. As soon as my mom prompted me it was going to be next week Friday, I had confirmation of the guys within an hour that all would be present again. One phone call to Nathalie was all it took to ensure our places in the next roller coaster…

Nathalie was the angel that had escorted us that incestuous night last year and helped us into our men pods in the rollercoaster. She herself had taken part in the fun, so we had been intimate with her as well. We had still enough time to get our medical test done and were all clean again and ready to go for the second round.

We reported at 19 o’clock at the house of pleasures.

“Glad you’re all here again, gentlemen. And good you all passed your medical. What a thrill we had last year. You blew my mind when in the end you said you were family of the bride’s party. I hope you had a smashing wedding, and a crazy life since?

“Tonight we have a nice reprise for you gents. I won’t tell you more, you’ll see… We’ll lock you up in the rollercoaster, you know the drill, hop you go.”

In the rollercoaster room we were greeted again by a few pretty angels. They were dressed in tight swimwear at least one size too small, outlining their hot bodies. I was right back in the mood, my eyes took in their beauty and roamed over the body of the nearest one with curly blonde hair. An angelic face, pale complexion, big blue fish eyes, an upturned nose, two perky tits whose pointy nips tried to rip open the tight suit. Her curvy hips accentuated the flat belly and drew my eyes to her love triangle. The fabric of the suit tightly encapsulated her mound and formed a very sexy cameltoe. No doubt her pussy was absolutely bald as on the day she was born.

“Hi handsome, if you’re lucky you maybe might plant your sword in there tonight, but don’t be sure about it,” the angel addressed me with a wicked smile. “Now take off all your clothes boy, you know the drill.”

When I was stark naked my cock pointed straight at that delicious creature. She stroked my cock saying “That’s a piece the ladies will like for sure, stud. And I might be tempted to feel you inside myself.”

We both smiled as we looked into each other’s eyes. Then the angel put my dick and balls through the hole of a crotch plate. Reaching under my twitching balls she pushed a button on the inside of the white opaque shield making the hole shrink until it fitted tightly and comfortably around my scrotum and pecker like a serious cock ring. Soon the plate would form part of the cover of the man pod I would lie in, my tools sticking outside in the open right through the curved shield. The lid is made of the same material as the crotch plate, and forms one whole through some electronic activated connection.

The images of last year came back as soon as I lay down in one of the twenty carriages of the coaster. The rollercoaster was more like a merry-go-round, a circle train of twenty carriages or men pods. As I lay down in my pod with my cock sticking up through the crotch plate the angel closed the lid. The crotch plate clicked into place sealing me inside the pod.

It felt different from last year, a bit more claustrophobic. The upper part of the pod was completely transparent last time, where now it was semi-transparent, like maybe some 50 per cent. Was this a malfunction of the installation? Or was this regulated on purpose maybe through electronic controlled led lights or something? I could still see through the cover and saw the complete train in the mirrored ceiling, although less clear. But again the pods were opaque from the outside, it was impossible to look inside. ikonbet giri┼č Soon all pods were closed and twenty rigid cocks stuck upwards through the covers, forming a crazy circle of fuck sticks. Among those twenty joysticks were the five rods of our group, mine, my brother John’s and his best friend Mike’s. And two more good friends.

As the train started to move slowly in a circle the ladies entered the room. The women were dressed in short summer dresses and skirts. From our vantage point we could easily see under their garments. This was your ideal peeping tom position, as the train moved round and we were close to the floor. Of course the forfeit we had to pay was that our wares were now out in the open and subject to the mercy of the females. Our peckers were openly on display and available for the free use by the ladies in whatever way the saw fit.

Meanwhile I enjoyed all those upskirts that slide along and ogled at the pretty panties and the crotches still covered but soon to be naked. The memories of last year and the anticipation of what was surely going to happen made me happy. More so since my sister Georgie and her best friend Asia were present. Asia is the girl I had the hots for ever since I can remember. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ogled at her and at my sister every time they spent the afternoon at the pool in our garden, dressed only in super tight swimsuits. I always assumed they shaved the pubic hair on their pussies for they sported the cutest cameltoes. Since last year I knew. I’ve witnessed my two favourite dream girls up close and very naked, and both their bald pussies pierced on my lucky dick. And planted on my mouth. The pods not only left our pricks sticking out, but also had a hole positioned over our mouth so it was left conveniently reachable for use.

Our bachelorette reunion were veterans of the sex carousel, but the other participants today were not.

“Well girls, you’re now in our unique Sex Roller Coaster,” a stunning angel addressed the girls. “You see twenty ready cocks for your pleasure. They will stand at your attention for a long time since we’ve locked them into a tight cock ring like vice. All their owners have been given a powerful erection enhancer. And if needed we can adjust the pressure to remind the pricks what they’re here for.”

As she said this I felt a thin plug being forced into my anus. It was no doubt greased good for my virgin ass accepted this intruder without too much problems. There was no way I could have avoided my ass being penetrated with my body positioned in the tight enclosure. This was a new feature in the pods we were not told about. Once fully embedded inside the rod inflated and filled up my backdoor. It pressed against my prostate sending a shiver through my scrotum and up my penis. I heard a clear moan from the next carriage, suggesting all men were prepped in the same way.

“The pressure will ensure your toys will be in impeccable state. To start your fun I suggest you begin with an inspection round. Get familiar with the wares you’re going to have fun with.”

The ladies dispersed through the room and flooded the carriages, squatting down for a closer look and a feel of our flesh. A cute small titted beauty kneeled over my pod giving me a perfect view of the pink knickers under her pleated skirt. The cotton panties was tightly stretched over her crotch, clearly showing a hot pussy. She was anticipating the fun as well since a wet spot was visible right at the entrance of her honey pot. I’m sure I could smell the fragrance of her flower as it permeated through her pants near my face.

I felt her hands caress gently my hard-on. She gradually became a bit bolder. She pinched my flesh and her fingers peeled back my foreskin which had already retracted halfway my purple head. Small pleasure screams accompanied her exploration. The tension in her legs forced her to sit down on my pod and she shoved her ass over my face, pushing her crotch onto my nose. I gave her slit a lick through the fabric which elicited another joyful cry.

I felt her soft lips braze my glans. My heart made a jump as my big fellow found itself again in a warm wet mouth that gently nibbled on it. My loins wanted to push my rod upwards into that moist pleasure centre but my confinement blocked any movement.

“Please circulate ladies, there’s more to explore.”

As the pink knickers filled my vision again the owner stepped away. Next a familiar dress encapsulated my view. This had to be the yellow sundress of Georgie. My cock twitched involuntary as the naked pussy of my own sister came down towards my face. She apparently had gone commando, and her pussy was already oozing some cuntal syrup. Boy, was she horny today! Without further ado my pecker was engulfed with warm wetness. Georgie bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Gawd, how I love sibling sex, and especially the taste of my sister. I hungry licked at her folds and nibbled on her tiny clit.

It ikonbet yeni giri┼č was a come and go of salacious chicks who all were eager to get their hands or mouth on our cocks. Gradually my vision got more and more obscured. Either the malfunction of the pods had worsened, or the settings had purposely been altered since last time. I did vaguely see my brother’s wife Sam getting down on my pod, but after that I was completely confined in darkness. Luckily we could still hear everything that went on. We now lay more or less in a glory hole, where we could feel and hear and enjoy, but we hadn’t a clue with whom we were intimate. Bereaved from sight our other senses were no longer distracted and started to work more intense on their own.

“Now you all take the thing you just received and use it like I do. Just do as I do.”

I heard someone say “Whew!” and a little bit later I felt a tube being pushed over my cock, something like a fleshlight. It was pressed down and held there. The anal probe came alive and I’m sure it even got a bit bigger. It started to throb and the pressure on my prostate increased. Then the fleshlight started to attack my senses from the outside as it started to squeeze and suck my dick. My arousal increased fast and when the tube was pulled slightly off and pushed back down I started to lose it. As the fleshlight was being forced up and down in a steady rhythm the plug in my ass went berserk and I spewed a big load into the spasming tube. Suddenly the tube was lifted away.

“If you wish to do so you may now orally clean the penis you just have pleased, and if you have a kinky inclination you may hold the tube over your partners mouth so he can taste his own spending.”

My cock was lovingly cleaned, and then I felt something sticky drip into my mouth. It was definitely semen, and yes, it might very well be my own. Meanwhile my butt plug had shrunk to a more moderate size but it stirred as an afterthought to let me know he was still there.

“Let’s now do the dick dip. You all stand over the carrousel with one leg on the inside, the other to the outside. Face the direction of the feet, that way you see the cocks coming your way. Now watch me how to play this.”

I remembered from last time how Natalie had squatted down to every approaching cock coming by, and how she had adjusted her height to the length of the passing rods. Now the angel on duty did exactly that. Suddenly I felt how the tip of my cock was touched. A quick gentle contact, just the kiss of a passing breeze. The rollercoaster revolved with a fairly moderate speed. More and more touching occurred, faster, and apparently more and more pussies got into play every turn. It was a different experience now my vision was blocked and I could only enjoy my hearing and feeling. In a way it was more intense.

With the memory of last year I understood more and more visitors joined in and the kisses of the cunts blurred into a continuous stimulation of my cock. Having all been forced to an orgasm already with the fleshlights the combination of this stimulation and the chemical erection enhancer we had been fed before the start resulted in a thorough preparation of our tools for the action to come. As the teasing brought me almost to another orgasm the train slowed down again just in time so the stimulation reduced to a more tolerable intensity. The gradual cool down was very welcome.

When the coaster came to a full stop I felt the train move again after a few seconds. And then it stopped again. This was repeated so my position shifted maybe some three feet every time. At one stop I felt a pussy lower over my cock. It sat down fully, and when it was lifted off again the coaster moved one position. I suddenly remembered this cunt dipping from last time. Clearly the shifts were now only perhaps maybe half a carriage, so this time there were possibly a lot more chicks, maybe forty…

Before long a pussy was pushed over my cock at every stop, accompanied by a lot of giggling and chatter. And pussies sat down on my face. I took the chance to taste the flowers and stuck my tongue up inside those wet snatches. A wild bouquet of fragrant twats passed by and I tasted them all.

My anal probe stirred again and gave my prostate a mild massage. The dipping of the pussies on my prick and my mouth went on for a considerable time. By then quite a few muschi’s started to cream and trickled sweet nectar on my tongue.

It was evident that we had been intimate again with probably all the ladies present. As we had been last year. Although I hadn’t seen my mommy before I was cloaked in complete darkness she had to be among those present. She was last year, and she had prompted me about Sam’s bachelorette party reunion. There was no reason why she wouldn’t be present now. More so since none of Sam’s party had a clue that last time we had been on the train and that in fact they all had had incestuous sex with their own folk. We knew, but they didn’t.

So ikonbet g├╝venilirmi again my dick had been embedded already inside the pussies of my brother John’s hot wifey Sam, our own cute sister Georgie, her best friend and my lifetime favourite eye candy Asia, Sam’s maid of honour Pam, both Sam’s and our moms, Sam’s and Mike’s twin sisters Chloe and Joyce, and their damn hot sexy aunt. And possibly even their grandma…

And a lot of other unknown sex-hungry sluts we didn’t know and would never meet again. Or maybe we would. Every guess could be right.

The rollercoaster started to ride again, first with moderate speed, but gradually faster and faster. The ladies on top got noisier. They tried to stay on top, pierced on a stiff prick or glued on a hungry mouth. As the train gained momentum more and more chicks fell from the train, first the mouth grinders, then the fuckers.

I made a mistake. Feeling a tight juicy pussy on my shaft and another twat on my mouth was plain breath-taking. Add to this the anal probe that kept my prostate peaked high and my butt hole filled up to the brim made me feel extraordinary horny. The velvety squeezing chunnel around my hard-on made me nearly go crazy. As my mouth lost contact with the leaking cunt on my face because her owner flew from the coaster I remembered the switch. I held on to two handles on the bottom of my pod. There was a switch inside the handle which opened two hatches in the cover. Last year I cheated a bit by lifting my arms through the slots and held the hips of Asia firmly down on my crotch.

As the speed increased even further I didn’t want to lose that heavenly feeling around my pleasure stick. I hit the switch and grabbed the hips of the anonymous fuck doll on my crotch, holding her pussy firmly planted on my prick.

A high pitched shriek cut through the room. I felt my wrists being tightly gripped. I didn’t want to retract my hands since the feeling in my cock was so overwhelming I had to keep that cunt down. And retracting now would certainly be very awkward. The tension was incredible. The chick tried to get off but didn’t let my wrists loose. Meanwhile her pussy spasmed around my prick sending shivers to my brain and bringing me to a second orgasm.

“Stop! This can’t be!”

Damn, that was Georgie. Her voice was very near, right where the chick sat on my dick with my freshly pumped load inside. My cock was uncunted and both hands of the girl grabbed my right wrist.

“O! MY! GOD! This must be Davy’s ring! No doubt about it! Mom, come here and look at this! This can’t be another ring than the one you gave Dave for his last birthday, can it?”

My heart stopped for a moment, then ran wild. Busted!

“Let me see, honey.”

Definitely my mom’s voice.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right, hon. That’s Dave’s ring alright. But how can this guy wear Davy’s ring?”

“Because he IS Dave?!” Georgie said.

“Why would Davy be here?”

“Because he likes women to fuck his dick, I think. He surely loved fucking me just now. He did his thing right inside me, mom.”

“Was he good, Georgie?”

“Gee mom, what a question is that?”

“Well, I thought since you did fuck your brother it better be that he is any good.”

“If he really IS my brother!”

“If you really want to know we can find that out.” That was Nathalie, last year’s leading angel. “Since this stud cheated we can lift his anonymity. We’ll alter the setting of his pod cover so you can see inside.”

“Will he see us as well?” Sam asked. Apparently she had joined the gathering at my carriage.

“Very good question Sam. Until recently we couldn’t change the settings. The Sex Roller Coaster was designed to be a gloryhole experience for ladies. Unable to look inside this serves two purposes. Not being confronted with the men it helps to lower inhibitions, as you have experienced yourselves. Secondly, only to deal with the genitals unattached to its owners you can concentrate entirely on your own sexual pleasure.”

“And the other way?” someone else asked.

“Well, before the modification the occupants had a clear view from the inside out. The lid worked as a one-way-mirror. Since it was all anonymous we never saw any harm in this, and it helped as an incentive to attract the studs.

“Last month we had a malfunction where one pod became completely transparent from both sides. We modified the coaster so we can set the covers like we want. The default setting now is blacked-out from both sides, giving a true intense gloryhole experience for all participants.

“But now we can look inside pod number twelve and see if this is really your Davy.”

Shit! I’m truly fucked now. There was a flickering and suddenly I saw the girls huddling above my position, among them Georgie, mom and Sam. Asia stood near my face, giving me another stunning view on her delicious tight little slit. I gave them my best wicked grin as the lights went out and I was back in my confined darkness. A chattering broke loose as apparently they could see me now lying in their midst.

“Girls, ain’t this gross knowing he has been amusing himself with us and seen all of us naked? For all we know he has had his dick inside us all, even his own sister and mother…”

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