A Sensual Encounter with Sir and Lady J

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It was a warm July afternoon. I was sitting on my bed poring over various profiles on a sex website. As usual, like an addict not knowing when to stop I lay there torturing my sexless manhood by drinking in the images of wonderful couples who had taken the time to display their most intimate moments to the world. Couples who had everything in life I so desperately wanted but knew I would probably never have because of my lack of get up and go, my anxieties, my self-doubt and fear.

Several hours later, I still lay there reclining against the headboard on my bed, rubbing away more and more furiously at my frustrated manhood as the images made me drift away into deep sexual arousal.

I studied an image of a Gentleman pleasuring his Wife’s rosebud with his tongue. You could see his saliva glistening in all it’s high-definition glory on her tender rosebud. I imagined what he must be feeling tasting such a private place. I traced my finger softly between my buttocks as I imagined what the Lady must have been feeling as his eager tongue worked it’s hungry magic.

All of a sudden I noticed a message on my account from an account named “Oldrope”. I gathered myself together and clicked on it. The message simply read, “6pm Sunday July 15th, Master and his good Lady require assistance for their anniversary celebrations”. At the bottom of the message was a hotel name and room number.

As I lay on my bed I wasn’t sure what to think. All sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. I couldn’t believe I’d received such a message. My account profile was so dull I thought nobody would ever message me. My heart raced a little, I felt a little afraid, I felt a little excited. Was I really considering turning up to meet two strangers in a strange hotel tomorrow ?

I woke up the next morning and tried talking myself out of going to the hotel, but as the morning dragged on my sexually frustrated manhood began making the decision for me against my better judgement.

Soon enough the clock read 4.30pm and I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I told my family I was going for a walk on this warm summer afternoon. I knew the hotel was only a one hour walk away and I could gather my thoughts as I made my way their slowly.

I took the scenic route and walked along some pleasant country lanes. Every so often I’d feel butterflies in my stomach, closely followed by apprehension and then a warm tingle in the tip of my virgin manhood. My emotions were all over the place, but still I walked on.

Soon enough the hotel came into sight. It was now approaching 5.50pm. My heart jumped a little as I realised there was no going back now. I made my way through the car park and into the reception area of the hotel.

I walked hesitantly to the desk and told the Lady I was supposed to be meeting someone there. I gave her the room number and she said, “ah yes, they told me to send you straight up”. “Thank you”, I replied sheepishly as my paranoid mind wondered if she had any clue as to the nature of my visit.

I made my way up the stairs and the room was facing me immediately. “Well, there’s no going back now I told myself”.

I timidly knocked the door and a Woman’s voice said “Come in my darling”.

I turned the handle and immediately I was hit by the scent of a dark and deeply sensual perfume luring me inside. As I pushed the door open further, time stood still for what seemed like minutes. Then my eyes adjusted to the sight of a beautiful Woman sitting up on the bed completely naked. Her wrists were bound to the headboard and she wore a mysterious black mask over her eyes. Her delectably attractive face carried a most inviting and very comforting smile. I was frozen in awe of her delicious, most perfect curves and her deeply entrancing eyes accentuated even more by her mask. All the while she kept her strikingly flawless legs crossed tight.

“Come in and shut the door silly boy. My name is Lady J” she said in a sensual voice. My trance was broken momentarily as I obeyed her request.

As I neared the bed I hear the door shut behind me and the door lock. I turned around to see an extremely imposing muscular Gentleman standing bare-chested wearing a tight pair of leather trousers. “This is my Sir” said Lady J.

As Sir walked nearer to me he gestured silently by ruffling my collar swiftly. “I think he wants you to remove your clothes” said Lady J. I felt a little scared and intimidated, but Lady J’s smile had a wonderfully comforting quality.

I began removing my clothes until I was naked all but for my boxer shorts. I looked at both of them wondering whether they wanted me to go further as a sense of embarrassment came over me. “Take everything off silly boy” said Lady J.

As I slipped off my boxer shorts I caught glimpse of my much less than impressive manhood. Excited as I was I always struggle to achieve an erection at the best of times. Perhaps it’s because of a nervous sense of inferiority or inadequacy, I’m not sure. Nonetheless, coupled with the anxiety I was feeling in my present situation, my lazy looking manhood made no attempt to stir, even in the presence of such a divinely beautiful Goddess lying naked before me.

Lady J studied me from head to toe and gave Sir a slight smile, who in turn gave a seemingly uncharacteristic smile back to her.

“First things first. Do you agree to submit to our will boy” Sir’s voice boomed. Startling as it was, Sir sounded pretty much like I had expected given his stature. “Y…Y…Yes” I stuttered, having been convinced by Lady J nodding softly to me encouragingly in her now familiar comforting fashion.

“Me and my good Lady are going out for dinner in a short while for our anniversary and we need you to put us in the mood for our romantic candlelit evening together” Said Sir straight to the point. Sir then reached behind him and pulled out a collar and chain. He fixed it firmly to my neck and padlocked it. At the other end of the chain want a leather loop which he placed in Lady J’s bound hand. Lady J then gestured for me to kneel at the foot of the bed and I did so without hesitation.

As I looked into her eyes and turned my gaze slowly down towards her divine toes, Sir gave her knee a push and Lady J smiled up at his dominant figure. She then began slowly uncrossing her legs. Immediately I felt my 29 year old denied manhood stir a little. This would be my first glimpse of a Woman’s intimacy in real life and I was almost shaking with excitement. At that moment my trance was broken by Sir tapping me on the shoulder with something. “Here, put it on” said Sir. It was a silicone chastity cage and padlock. I immediately felt a little overwhelmed.

“If you want to see my good Lady J’s body in all it’s glory and make our evening special, then put it on boy”, said Sir.

I began putting on the chastity cage as Lady J said, “Oh, we brought the one with spikes in the end. We hope you don’t mind. It is for your own good after all my darling. We wouldn’t want to corrupt our little virgin.”

I slid my slightly more erect manhood inside with a little difficulty and closed the padlock shut in line with Lady J’s urging. Sir then placed the keys to the padlock on Lady J’s chest just above her voluptuous breasts.

Lady J then began opening her legs once again. I was aware of her divine feet moving away from one another in my peripheral vision as all my attention began to focus on the sacred place between her delicious thighs. There it was, slightly parted and glistening subtly like a pink rose covered in morning dew. I started becoming aware of the spikes in my cage as they gently prodded at the tip of my manhood.

Sir walked around the side of the bed and reached between Lady J’s legs and gently parted her soft petals further. “Beautiful isn’t it” Said Sir. “Yes Sir” I simply replied.

“I want you to kneel on the bed and get a closer look at my Lady” Said Sir.

I climbed up on the bed as I watched the chain to my collar sag in the middle and fall across Lady J’s thigh as I moved closer.

“Now, get as close as you can but don’t touch” Said Sir.

I moved in closer and I was greeted with the most heavenly scent on Earth. A scent of sweet perfume mixed with the most exquisite carnal musk.

As I inhaled Lady J’s most erotic scent Sir appeared to be a little overcome with desire himself and pushed his face against her breast. He gently teased her nipples with his tongue leaving a glistening trail of his desire on them.

Sir could see my eyes falling heavy under the trance of Lady J’s scent and immediately cut my arousal short by telling Lady J they needed to hurry up or they’d be late for dinner. Immediately Lady J crossed her legs and Sir walked over and untied her bound wrists. Lady J then handed Sir the loop from the leash attached to my collar and he wrapped it around the headboard before padlocking it in place.

Lady J waved the keys to my chastity cage playfully and gave me a wicked smile before heading off to the bathroom.

Sir began changing ready for their romantic evening out. Lady J emerged from the bathroom, minus her mask, carrying a small pouch, placed it on the bed, and started slipping into a beautiful dark red backless dress. I just sat on the bed feeling more aroused and vulnerable than I had felt since I arrived.

When Sir and Lady J finished getting ready, Lady J picked up the pouch and said to Sir “We mustn’t forget this”. Then sir took hold of the pouch, reached inside and pulled out a gold plated butt-plug adorned with a pink jewel.

Lady J walked around the side of the bed nearest to me, Sir then hitched up her skirt before Lady J bent over revealing her most delicate pink rosebud to me. Sir ran his finger tenderly along the spine of Lady J’s exposed back and spanked each of her buttocks playfully. Lady J let out a delighted purr.

Sir looked me in the eyes and told me to move closer to Lady J’s exposed rosebud. At that moment Lady J pulled her buttocks further apart revealing her glorious treasures to me explicitly.

I placed my nose near Lady J’s rosebud and my senses were filled with the intoxicating scent of a dark, overtly human, yet most feminine and deeply arousing musk, quite similar to freshly ground pepper.

I drifted of into a trance as I heard Sir’s voice saying, “You want to please Lady J don’t you. You’d do anything for Lady Jay wouldn’t you”, and shortly after that I saw Sir moving Lady J’s divine bottom away from me. Sir then ran his finger between Lady J’s buttocks and I saw her tender rosebud twitch with each gentle touch. I could feel the spikes punishing my arousal once again.

All of a sudden Sir started rubbing the butt-plug between Lady J’s buttocks and teasing her ever more eager looking rosebud with the tip of it.

Lady Jay looked back at me and said, “Now it’s your time to help us darling”.

She stood up, took the butt-plug from Sir’s hand and run her fingers around my lips, gently parting them momentarily. It was at that moment Lady J moved the butt-plug to my lips and said, “Lick it for me my darling, take it in your mouth and make it as wet as you can for me. There’s my good boy”

I licked the plug cautiously as Lady J gave me a reassuring glance and probed it deeper into my mouth. As I looked back I could see Sir on his knees with his face buried between her buttocks. “Whatever would I do without a Man in my life purred Lady J.”

In an instant Sir stood up and wiped his mouth. This was Lady J’s cue to get back in position. She removed the plug gently from my mouth, handed it to Sir and bent over with her buttocks pulled apart facing me once again, only this time her rosebud was glistening with Sir’s hungry saliva.

Sir started probing the plug into Lady J’s rosebud. Little by little the plug went in deeper and deeper, until finally it disappeared into it’s heavenly place of rest with a greedy surge.

At that moment, I thought to myself, “I’ve gone full circle”. Just yesterday I was watching this in my bedroom on a computer screen and in 24 short hours I was a part of it.

“Right, all ready now” said Sir, interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes, time to go now” concurred Lady J.

“We’ll leave the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle when we leave. We won’t be back until around 10pm at least. Now you be a good boy and sit there quietly on the bed until we get back” said Lady J.

As they moved nearer to the door Lady J stopped, turned around and said,”By the way, I’ve left something for you to amuse yourself with under the pillow. See you later my darling”.

Sir opened the door and they both stepped out of the room. Lady J gave one last glance back accompanied by another one of her now famous reassuring smiles and at that they were both gone.

As I lay alone on the bed, naked, collared and chained. I noticed my clothes were nowhere to be seen. They must have put them somewhere when I was distracted. There was no getting away now, not even if I could somehow break the chain attached to my collar.

I then remembered what Lady J had said just before she left about her leaving something for me under the pillow. I lifted the pillow and staring me in the face were a most beautiful pair of knickers. I couldn’t resist holding them up to my nose and inhaling deeply. My senses were once again filled with a familiar scent I had experienced a short while ago. The scent was a little more subtle but it was definitely Lady J. At that moment I started to feel the spikes in the end of the chastity cage once again punishing my deeply explicit thoughts.

I trembled with lust as I lay there naked and vulnerable, clutching Lady J’s most intimate garment, completely lost in her scent, awaiting the return of two strangers I had given myself to completely. I felt like a silly fool,like a hopeless addict, but it all felt so exquisitely good.

I had barely felt the touch of Lady J but for the touch of her fingers on my lips, yet in spite of that I was addicted to her, completely addicted to her through sight and scent alone.

Whatever does the future hold ?…………………..No doubt that is best left to Sir and Lady J’s imagination.

The End

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