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A Reunion With My Ex

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I saw my ex-gf today for the first time in a long time. She’s visiting my city on a trip with some friends so she decided to stop by. God, I’ve missed her so much. It’s been almost a year since we broke up, but it’s felt like so long without her, even though I’ve been so busy that the time has flown by. For a few months after we broke up, I was devastated. I kept thinking we would get back together at some point. I only got over her once I accepted that that would never happen. And now, happily, I’m over her. But I still can’t help but indulge the occasional fantasy…

When I met her outside my apartment, my heart fluttered and my stomach contorted in simultaneous excitement and disappointment, as I knew there was nothing more to our relationship than merely being friends. As we greeted each other and embraced, she squeezed me with her gentle and loving touch, a touch I had longed for ever since we split. The feeling was sublime – I got lost in the moment, and believed for a second that we were still together – a delusion quickly shattered as she pulled away without kissing me as she always had done before. I collected myself and started the small talk – asking about how she’s been, what she’s been up to, how things are going – all the conversation starters that I so deeply dread. As we entered my apartment, she sat on the couch and I on my recliner, and the trivial small-talk evolved into a wonderful conversation over the course of a couple hours, as we connected with each other just as we had when we were a couple. I always knew that we would make great friends even after we separated, and I was witnessing proof of just that.

Every moment of laughter and fun though, stung a bit, knowing that we were only friends, and would only ever be that – the connection we had, amazing as it was, just seemed somehow incomplete without its romantic and sexual dimensions. The night was getting late, and she had to go soon – I was trying to savor every last moment, holding on to her every word as though I would never see her again. Of course, I probably would, if not for a while – but I just couldn’t get enough of her. After delaying it for as long as humanly possible, she finally insisted on leaving, saying that her friends were waiting for her. It was quite late, so I didn’t take it to be an excuse – plus, she really seemed to be enjoying herself and I’ve always known her to be a terrible liar. So, I accepted our fate and walked her out to her car in solemn silence. We both knew how much we enjoyed each other’s company and we both knew how much we would miss it after she left. But we’re both adults and we just have to move on. Oh well, that’s life.

As we approached her car, we began to say goodbye, a process made all the more difficult when the next reunion is so far away. We hugged tenderly, and I rubbed my hands on her back as though to feel as much of her as I could before she left. As we pulled apart, she took my hand, as though by instinct, but quickly realized what she had done and pulled it back, tepidly looking towards the ground before reaching for her car’s door. Before she could open it I grabbed her hand and she turned to face me. I pulled her face into mine and our lips intertwined as though for the first time in forever. I tasted her pillowy sweetness, a taste I missed so much, and I put my hand on her neck as I buried my mouth into hers. I swabbed every corner Etiler escort of her mouth with my tongue, sensually licking every last drop of saliva out of her mouth and swallowing it, making her part of me. She reciprocated, and our tongues danced while our lips writhed passionately. I reached my hands behind her and softly caressed her back. I then reached down and felt her ass, in its plump and supple splendor. I carefully squeezed it, not being too rough to surprise her, and sensually groped her as we continued to kiss.

As we released our lips from their sloppy stalemate, we looked deeply into each other’s eyes, and she coyly smiled as she, still holding my hand, pulled me back towards my apartment. “My friends can wait,” she said, looking back over her shoulder and giddily skipping with me in tow. Once we got back, she pushed me back into my bedroom and onto the bed. She jumped on top of me, straddling my body, and we resumed making out. As she rubbed her crotch on mine, I squeezed her ass in rhythm with her gyrations. I then ran my hands along her body from her ass up to her boobs, which I touched with the same hesitation I had initially touched her ass with. After feeling things out, though, I groped them with strong but gentle force as I remembered their perfectly soft and firm feel. I reached under her shirt and began fondling her nipples as she continued to rub herself on my now-bulging crotch. She took off her shirt and I saw her boobs again for the first time in so long – the perfect size for me: not very big, but still big enough to have fun with, and perfectly shaped, round and firm, with beautiful nipples. I buried my face into her bosom, and began sucking on each of her nipples in periodic alternation. I licked every last inch of her chest, making circles of saliva around her nipples before gently nibbling at them as they got harder and harder. All the while, I continued to grope her ass, and then I reached under her pants and slipped my finger into her asshole, and after I pulled it out, steaming and juicy, I stuck it in her mouth and she licked it clean.

Deciding there were other of my appendages she wanted to lick, she grabbed my crotch. Having built up so much tension from the whole night as well as our sexual engagement so far, my cock spasmed in ecstacy, and I did all I could to hold in the cum. Even though I had masturbated earlier today, in anticipation of being horny when seeing her, I felt like my testicles had magically replenished themselves after spending so much time in her intoxicating presence. She then unzipped my pants and softly touched my dick. Not wasting a second, she plunged face first, releasing an onslaught of slobber on to my shaft. As she sucked it, she stroked my cock with her right hand and cradled my balls with her left, occasionally tickling them. As she went up and down my dick, she stuck out her tongue and ran it along the bottom, moving it left and right as her lips went up and down. It was the best feeling I may have ever felt – even better than the blowjobs she gave when we were together. It was probably just how long I’ve been dreaming of this that made it feel so immaculate. I lifted my legs up and opened my ass so she could give me a rimjob, which she did while still stroking my cock and balls. She licked my asshole and taint perfectly, even though she had never done it while we were together, and then Beşiktaş escort ran her tongue all the way from my asshole to my balls and then all the way up my shaft to the tip of my dick and then resumed sucking it.

After I felt like I was about to cum, I grabbed her by the ass, picked her up, and threw her on the bed. I grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs up next to her head and then tore off her panties. I looked at her amazing pussy – a forbidden delicacy that I had been too long without. I began drooling at the thought of burying my face in her crotch. After staring into her vagina in a daze for a few seconds, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into it. With mouth wide open I devoured her inside and out, covering every inch of her vulva with my warm saliva and prying into her pussy to taste every inch of her insides. I sucked on her lips and tickled her clit, alternating between them as my tongue made a continuous circular motion around her vulva. I reached my hands up to her pussy and began fingering her as I ate her out, first with one finger, then with two, and eventually three. After thoroughly feeling her pussy, I reached once again for her asshole, which I very slowly penetrated with my thumb. I then returned the favor and ate her ass as well, which tasted almost as good as her pussy.

My mouth and face were covered with her glorious juices, and when I came up to kiss her, she licked me clean. While leaning over her and kissing, she reached down, grabbed me by the shaft, and guided my pulsing dick to meet her pussy. As I continued to kiss her, she rubbed my tip against her clit, and then put it right at her entrance. She grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her, engulfing my penis in absolute, all-encompassing ecstacy. The soft walls of her insides warmly flowing around me, firmly gripping me from all angles. As I began to thrust, I felt every inch of her pussy touch every inch of my cock, and felt the juices flowing between them as I went deeper and deeper inside her. I felt my tip hit her cervix with every thrust, and like a cushion I bounced off of it every time. As I was fucking her, I grabbed her tits and sucked them again, after which I ran my hands through her hair, firmly held the back of her head and began kissing her again with vigor.

After continuing to fuck her from this position, she sat up and pushed me onto my back. She lifted her leg over me and straddled my body, facing towards me. She put my cock in position and began riding me cowgirl. She pushed her hips up and her back down, making the perfect angle for her pussy on my cock. She moved so that her pussy ran along the full length of my cock, going as deep as possible as her pussy pounded the base of my cock with every stroke. She put her hands on my chest as I grabbed her boobs as they bounced up and down. I put my head back, closed my eyes, and let out a deep moan of pure, unadulterated pleasure. I began moaning in sync with her riding my cock, and once she reached her hand back to gently tickle my balls, my moans became even deeper. She really knew how to work me, and she knew all my buttons to press. It felt absolutely incredible, a feeling I wanted to last forever.

Unfortunately, the tingling of my balls was telling me that it wouldn’t, so I decided we should change positions so that I could get a quick break. I lifted her off my dick and positioned Taksim escort her doggy style. I began powerfully thrusting into her pussy from behind, grabbing each of her ass cheeks with separate hands, and groping them as I thrusted. I then wrapped up her hair and pulled it back, her head extended behind her. She was loudly moaning the whole time, whimpering in pleasure just as I was. I fucked her as hard as I could, bringing my cock all the way out to its tip and slamming it in all the way into her cervix every single time. I grabbed her hips for better traction, and instead of thrusting my body, I pulled her ass into my dick and pushed it back. As I was fucking her from behind, I put my thumb in her ass and wiggled it around. I took my cock out and bent over to lick her asshole. I stood back up, generously lubricated her asshole inside and out, and pushed the tip of my cock up to it. I rubbed it around her ass before very carefully pushing it in. Oh-so-tight and wonderful it was – even tighter and warmer than her pussy, I started thrusting slowly and sped up until eventually I was banging her asshole as hard from behind as I was her pussy previously. I was as deep as I could go, probing every inch of her rectum with my cock. I didn’t even have a condom on, so I could feel her juicy insides sloshing around on the skin of the dick as I anally fucked her.

I kept pounding her ass as she begged me to keep going harder and harder, but I was on the verge of busting a fat nut in her ass. I didn’t want to finish yet, so I pulled out, turned her around, and stuck my dick into her mouth to have her lick it clean before sticking it in her pussy again. After sucking my dick, she pushed me back down onto the bed and got on top of me, this time facing away and pushing her freshly pounded asshole right in my face for me to eat. I feasted on her succulent butt, licking up the anal debris that remained after I ravaged it with my cock. After thoroughly cleaning her asshole, she pulled her butt away from my face, grabbed my cock, and put it in her pussy as she rode me reverse cowgirl. With her ass high and her back arched, she pounded my dick as I stared into her beautiful butt hole. I grabbed her cheeks, guiding her butt up and down on my cock. I again stuck my thumb in her butt as I pushed her heavy ass up and down. I then slapped it, making red marks as she begged for more. I slapped her as hard as I could and she shouted in surprised joy.

She lifted her knees off the bed, keeping my dick inside of her, and squatted from her feet, lifting her ass up and down on my cock, going faster once she safely positioned herself. With her hands on my shins, her head down, and her ass up, she pounded me in this position. I couldn’t last much longer. “I’m gonna cum,” I told her as I felt my balls pulsing. She kept pounding me as I screamed in pleasure, grabbing her ass, pushing it down on my cock as hard as I could, and thrusting my hot load into her steaming pussy. With every shot of cum I pushed my cock deeper inside of her. I moaned without restraint until every drop of me was inside of her and I was completely empty. I collapsed onto my back and she turned around, putting her pussy right on my open, drooling mouth. She touched the base of my cock and sucked it, licking all of the cum and juices off it as she rubbed my balls. I began eating her pussy as she sucked my now-sensitive cock, which twitched with every stroke. I stuck my fingers in her pussy as I rubbed and licked her clit, bringing her to a climax just as she had done for me. After she came, she collapsed beside me and with my arm wrapped around her, we drifted off in post-coital bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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