A Real Gamble in AC Ch. 02

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My heart was pounding as fast as a cheetah on the African plains and as loud as one of those big drums that are played in the Symphony. For the first time in my entire life, I honestly didn’t know what to say or do. It was as if everything around me continued, but I was frozen like a statue. I could see that my Mom was getting pissed off about what was going on and I turned as red as a Jersey tomato, because I knew that I was pretty much screwed since my sister can’t keep a secret.

“Get over here, right this second, Mister,” demanded by mother in a loving, but stern manner.

I went over to the bed where my mother and sister had been sitting next to one another, but the ten foot walk seemingly took me forever, because I was so scared of what was going to happen next.

As I approached the bed, I nervously said, “Mom, I was only kidding with Sue and she knows that. I am sorry that I made the joke.”

I guess what intrigued me the most was that I was so afraid of the situation, although I am of legal age.

My mother said, “drop that towel, right this second and don’t ask any questions.”

I hesitated again, but with that, mother tugged off the towel that was covering my lower body and turned me around, so that my ass was in her and my sister’s face.

“Bend over that bed that you were suppose to sleep in last night, ALONE, now.”

I obliged, because I didn’t want to get into any more trouble than I already had found myself to be in.

The girls started to giggle, so I was able to relax a little bit. The next thing that I know, I feel a stinging pain on my ass cheek and I turn around to see my mother smacking my bare ass with her high-heeled shoe that she had been wearing only moments before.

My mother is a strong woman and it was quite evident with the cracks that she was giving me with the shoe. I think she gave me around a half dozen of hard smacks before giving the shoe to my sister. My mother demanded that Sue would do the same to me for disrespecting her. Sue was a lot easier on me, but mother would have none of that, as she commanded that Sue smack my ass harder or it would be her turn to get discipline at the bottom of a high-heeled shoe. Sue smacked my ass harder and I damn near stood up. After my ass was stinging, burning, and whatever other adjective that you would like to add, they finally stopped. My mother told me to stand up and to face them.

I stood up with my hands behind my back, as I rubbed my sore ass cheeks. My cock was hanging inches from their faces, but it was flaccid at this point, because of all of the fucking that Sue and I did last night, and frankly, I am not into that whole pain is pleasurable bit. I have to admit that my cock looks great when it is flaccid or hard and I could tell that the girls agreed, as seen in the gleam in their eye as they couldn’t take their eyes from the beast.

“Sue, told me what the two of you did last night. I have to admit that while I am not happy about what happened, I am glad to see that she is happy again.”

I let a small grin slip out at the thoughts of the marathon fuck session that I had with Sue last night and how good it made me feel, so I could only imagine how good it must have made her feel.

In all honesty, a couple of months ago, my mother and I took a trip to Canada and we fooled around with one another, but she had to play this thing like she was really pissed off and all. And the worse part is that I started to get nervous, because I figured that my mother wasn’t going to provide me with the fringe benefits of fucking her any longer and my sister wasn’t going to give me any play, because she doesn’t want to get into any trouble. In either case, I wasn’t going to get sex any longer from these two beauties, and I was starting to kick myself for allowing my cock to control me.

As I am continuing to stand there, my mother takes off her other shoe and stands up and is only inches away from me. I am getting nervous, because I figure that she is going to crack me in the face for the way that I had behaved. She took the clip from her hair that had been holding her hair into a nice pulled-back look and threw it onto the bed. She starts to unbutton her white blouse, one button at a time, and takes her shirt off to reveal a sexy white lace bra that had been holding her perfect 36Ds in a beautiful bak─▒rk├Ây escort offering. If my cock wasn’t hard before, it was now, and there was no way in hell that I would be able to control it now. She took her right hand and unbutton the back of her skirt before shimming out of it to reveal white crotch less panties. I took a deep breath, as I could smell the sweet aroma from her pussy lips that started to fill my nostrils.

Sue is staring at my mother in disbelief, as was I. I didn’t know what the hell was going on and I would be crazy as all hell to question it. She walked over to the bar and poured herself a stiff drink. She took the drink and walked over to a chair next to the bed before slipping into the chair.

She said, “Sue, stand up, and allow your brother to undress you.”

Sue had only been wearing the sheer nightgown that she was wearing for only a couple of moments the night before. I am shaking and shivering like crazy because the air conditioner was still on full blast and I was as nervous as anything. Sue raised her arms in the air and I took the cloth in my hands and pulled it up over her head and gently placed it on the floor.

I knew that we were both cold and a little scared, so I took Sue’s hand in mine and pulled her close to me. My cock was rubbing against her pubic hair, which didn’t do anything to fight the erection that I had. My sister told me to gently lay my sister on the edge of the bed, so that her legs were dangling off. With effort and precision, I followed my mother’s directions to a “t”. As if she was the director of a porn movie or something, my mother started to call out actions that she wanted her son to perform to her daughter.

“Spread Sue’s legs apart from one another in a gentle, but forceful motion, using both of your hands.”

“Use your hands to massage her thighs.”

“Put your nose at her cunt hole and take a strong whiff.”

As I followed all of these directions, my mother’s hand had found her own cunt, which was soon being intruded my her fingers. I was amazed as I watched her polished nails rub lightly outside of her pussy lips before going inside. She started with only one finger, in and out, before dipping in a second finger followed by her whole fist after a while and her other hand was pitching hard as hell on her brown eraser nipples. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

I started to feel bad for my sister, because she was laying down and I could tell that watching mom was stirring something inside of her. Before long, I started to eat her pussy again, so that her pussy was being kept as busy as my mother’s. Every so often, I would allow my tongue to slip down the crack of Sue’s ass, which would make her go hog wild as she thrashed all about the bed.

I really started to get into this and forgot that my mother had been sitting only a few feet away in the same room. I continued giving Sue’s snatch a tongue bath like it has never been given before and I felt something wet on my cock. It was my mother, who while I wasn’t paying her any attention came behind me and laid underneath of my ball sack and started to suck on my balls to get my attention. All of this motivated me to eat my sister’s pussy faster, because I needed to get it on with my mom. A couple of minutes passed by with mom still rubbing my balls with her succulent mouth and hands and Sue was shaking like she was having a seizure. Sue grabbed the back of my head and kept my head planted on her pussy lips-she held me there so tight that I almost suffocated. I could taste her pussy juices filling up my mouth and I drank every last drip of it, because she tasted so good.

My sister had the biggest smile on her face, as I worked my way up her body giving little pecks all over. I reached her tits and I spent a moment or so sucking on them before giving her a long passionate kiss. My mom got up off of the floor and said,

“Son, I loved watching what you have done to your sister and now, I want you to do the same to me.”

I sat on the bed, as she walked over towards me and planted her pussy inches from my face. I moved my head towards the Promise Land and dove right inside of her pussy, as I kept my hands planted firmly on her ass cheeks, so that she couldn’t escape the wrath of my tongue. I know that Mom was be┼čikta┼č escort loving every second of what I was doing, because she had her hands on the back of my head keeping my head on her pussy. Her pussy lips were as hairy, if not more than my sisters, which was good. I liked the way that the pussy hair would tickle my tongue. One of the things that I did different with my mother while I ate her pussy out was I alternated between humming as I ate her, as well as played with her pussy with my finger and tongue. It took her a little bit longer to cum than my sister, but she is a lot older. She was letting out all kinds of moans and groans the whole time, which kept me racing towards the finish line.

When we got there, she let out the loudest, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” that I have ever heard in my life.

My mom collapsed on the bed next to my sister after she had been spent.

I was kind of pissed off, because I pleasured the both of them, and I am standing there with a rock hard cock. My mother told Sue that they would have to repay me for what I had done, because they didn’t want to give me blue balls. The two girls started to laugh with one another, as my mother whispered something in Sue’s ear.

My mother had found my belt on the floor, as well as some other things that she could use to secure me to the bed. Sue tied my hands to the bedposts, as my mother expertly tied my feet to the bottom of the bed. As I have mentioned, I am not totally into this pain is pleasure thing, but it would be worth it, if these two were going to make me experience it. The two of them again looked at one another and broke out into a giggle before grabbing one another’s hand and taking off into the bathroom where the door shut. I hear the water streaming down, but I don’t know what is happening between those closed doors-all I could do was use my imagination about how two of the sexiest women that I know are in the shower together soaping one another up, as they caress one another. My imagination made sure that my cock stayed at attention until they came back out from the shower soaking wet.

The two of them went to the foot of the bed and I was able to prop my head up just a little bit. The first thing that they do is dry one another off with soft, terry cloth towels. I loved watching as they paid ever so delicate attention to one another, as they made sure that no bead of water remained. Sue spent a lot of time drying mother’s breasts and the area around it off, because they were so huge and she admired their massive size. Finally, they finish with the drying off and they start to embrace one another with a loving kiss that had a lot of tongue. As I am watching all of this, I can’t stop myself from thinking about what really went on during the shower that they had taken.

The embrace breaks and they walk to opposite sides of the bed and to me. The two of them started to give me the best massage that I have ever had in my life. My mom was at my head and started to give me a sensuous scalp massage and worked out all of the tension that was on the upper part of my body, as my sister expertly massaged my feet, legs, and lower half of my body. They used all kinds of techniques while they were rubbing me down, which included using their whole hand, just their fingertips, deep strokes, light strokes, as well as kisses and licks all over my body. There was not an inch on the front part of my body that wasn’t touched.

All of a sudden, they stopped with this relaxing massage that they had tenderly given to me and worked their way down the bed until they were next to my cock. My mother started my kissing the head and running her tongue all of the way down to my sack and Sue followed with the same, but went ever further and down into my ass crack-it was almost like they were trying outdo one another. There was no way that I would argue wit this, because I was getting some of the most pleasure that I have ever experienced in my life. The two beauties kept going back and forth with different techniques and I was getting ready to blast a rocket full of cum high in the air, but I wasn’t just ready, so I thought about all kinds of weird shit so that I could make myself last a lot longer.

My mother kept licking up and down my shaft while Sue remained totally focused on my sack and ass crack. beylikd├╝z├╝ escort Mom would take my whole cock in her wet mouth between her painted red lips and use a little teeth as she came back up to the tip before going right back down. Sue was quite content giving my sack a tongue bath and sucked each nut ever so gently. She had me thrashing all over my bed when she would lick underneath of my balls and towards my crack. They finally switched places with one another-mom is really big on ass play, so she spread my ass cheeks apart and lick my asshole with a frantic speed, as she took her free hand and rubbed my balls. Sue kept bobbing up and down on my cock like she was bobbing for apples or something.

I couldn’t take it any longer and screamed, “I am going to bust a fucking nut in your faces, mouths, and whatever else.”

The two of them stopped all of the sucking that they were doing and took my cock in their hands. They stroke my cock in slow, deliberate movements, so that they could prolong my eruption for as long as they could. I begged and pleaded with them to pump faster, because I would pass out if they kept this up. Mom looked at Sue and obliged to my request, so that started to pump my cock faster and faster until I was bucking all over the bed. The two women opened their mouths wide, as Mom pointed my pisshole towards their mouths getting ready for an explosion. Within moments, my cum was spraying out of my cock and landing on their wagging tongues, faces, and tits. I give them a lot of credit, because they swallowed all of the cum that had went onto their tongues and they rubbed the cum on their tits into their skin.

The two of them got up off of the bed and faced one another. My mom took Sue’s cantaloupe sized breasts in her hands, as if she was a fruit inspector or something and proclaimed that they were beautiful and appeared to be juicy. They proceeded to the other bed and laid down into a 69 position, as they explored one another’s body. Sue who is a lot bigger than Mom was on the bottom, so that she wouldn’t crush Mom. I couldn’t believe how gentle they were with one another, as they ate each other’s pussy out. In almost no time, they were both orgasming like crazy women. Mom turned around and gave Sue a long, deep kiss, so that they could taste one another’s juices. Mom and Sue walked over to my bed and took me out from my bindings that they must have forgot that I was still in. Sue laid on one side of me and Mom laid on the other side, as we proceeded to take a nap.

During our slumber, I started to have some of the most erotic dreams that I have had in a number of years. You know the kind of dream that if you were to turn over that you would probably break your cock and would wake up out of a sound sleep. I finally couldn’t take it any longer and woke up and did the same to them. I told them about my desire to have a threesome with them, because it was pretty much the only thing that we hadn’t done.

I positioned my body over Sue, who spread her legs apart for me, as I started to pump my semi-erect cock in and out of her. Mom was next to me and I was pumping her pussy with my expert hand, so that she wasn’t left out. Sue lifted her legs up, so I lifted them up even higher into the air and placed them around my shoulders, as I thrusted my cock even deeper into her pussy. I pumped with all that I could to the point that I thought Sue was going to cry from all of the pumping that I was doing until I busted hot spews of cum inside of her and almost through instinct, Mom went down and licked the cum out of my sister’s cunt.

I really had wanted to feel what my mother’s pussy was feeling like, because it has been awhile since I tapped that. I demanded that my mother get onto all fours, so that I could fuck her in the ass and cunt. I placed both of my hands on Mom’s skinny waist and started to pump my cock into my Mom’s pussy, so that I could get it all lubed up. She was soaking wet and I could hear all of the squishing sounds that her lovebox had been making. My sister was laying down and my mom was sucking on her tits, as I gave her the pounding of her life. As I am pumping her cunt, I took my thumb and rubbed her asshole, which made her squirm even more. I pulled out and gently shoved my cock in my mom’s asshole. It slid right in without any effort. As I was getting ready to cum, I pulled out and sprayed my gunk all over Mom’s back.

The three of us collapsed back onto the bed and we gave one another a loving embrace that only a family of lovers could. For the next couple of days, the Do Not Disturb sign stayed on the door and none of us left the room. It was the most pleasure that I have ever experienced.

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