A Real Gamble Ch. 02

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A few hours later, I woke up, lying next to my sister, nude. I started to grin, as I remembered all of the fun that I had last night with her. I wanted to wake her up in a way that I knew that she would enjoy.

I decided that I would wake her up with a tongue licking at her pussy. I went under the sheets and spread her legs apart. I took my left hand and opened the pussy lips apart, before burying my face into her pussy. I licked away like I was some sort of pro at this, and I have only done this once before and it was to, my mother.

I could feel her squirm around the bed, as my tongue lovingly worked her pussy. I could feel her pussy tightened as she started to cum. I went up to her and gave her a good morning kiss that was full of her sweet juices.

“That had to be the best wake-up call that I have ever had before,” Sue exclaimed. “I am glad that you liked it,” is the only thing that I could manage.

I laid on my back as she arose from her sleep. She took her hand and started to rub my cock, bahis firmaları in what started as very slow strokes, but increased to a pace faster than a NASCAR race. I didn’t know how long I would be able to take it, before she just stopped all together. I was kind of pissed that she just suddenly stopped stroking me, especially because I was getting ready to finish off.

I was a lot happier when she went down and gave my rock-hard cock, a long wet kiss. She ran her tongue down the side of my shaft before landing on my sack. She licked the ball sack before lifting it up and licking the underside of my ballsack. She started stroking my cock again, as she continued to lick my balls and underneath them. After I few minutes, I came all over the place.

Sue grabbed the sheet and wiped both of us off. She took my now-deflated cock in her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down my cock, while she took her hand and massage my balls. She would go all the way to the top of my cock, and in one swoop, have the whole cock kaçak iddaa inside of her mouth. Her face would be touching my skin.

After I got rock hard, real good. She stopped and assumed the position. The position being doggy-style. I have always told my sister that I wanted to do a woman doggy-style, but I could find a woman who would allow me to do it.

Sue put a couple of pillows under her stomach, so that she was propped up from the bed by a couple of inches. Playfully, she took her hands and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling them apart, and said, “Fuck my ass, now.”

Sue didn’t have to tell me twice. I got behind Sue, and put my firm hands on her waist. I took my cock and shoved it inside of her pussy, so that my cock could be lubed without needing lube. I gave my sister a couple of good pumps in her pussy, before I took it out and rubbed it outside of her asshole.

Sue started to sway side to side, so that was my clue that I needed to get it in. I shoved my cock in her ass, very hard. I didn’t want kaçak bahis to give Sue the opportunity to re-think her offer.

I placed my hands back on her waist and pumped hard. This time, you could hear my balls slapping her ass. I decided to spice things up a little bit, by grabbing her stringy hair. Her head arched back and she screamed, “FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD. FUCK YOUR SISTER.” I continued to pump her ass with my hard cock while I would occasionally pinch a nipple or rubbed her pussy.

I came inside of her pussy and kept my cock inside of her, as my cock deflated, as it was spent from all of the hard pumping that I did. After a few moments, I pulled out of her ass, and gave her a kiss before I went into the shower.

While I was in the shower, I could hear a knock at the door. I wasn’t going to jump out of the shower, so I yelled for my sister to get the door. I washed up and wearing only a towel, I came back out of the bathroom with a huge smile and yelled to my sister, “I hope that you are ready to get fucked again by your baby brother, you cock loving bitch.”

You can only imagine how I felt when I saw that my Mom was sitting on the bed with my sister. I was speechless…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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