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A Randy Retirement Pt. 13: Katie

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: One-night stand turns to play time weekend.

May, 2017 — OBX house

Halley had called at the end of April, distressed that her parents told her that they couldn’t afford to pay for as much of her college as before. The upshot was that she was going to have to stay in Savannah all summer working two jobs to make ends meet with her education.

The thought of offering again to help her flashed in Randy’s mind, but she cut him off forcefully before he even broached the subject.

“And I know what you’re thinking. Nope. Don’t even start. I’m doing this on my own, even if it limits our time together,” and he had left it there. He respected her for her determination and not wanting to take out loans, was proud of her for it. But the truth be told, he missed her. He missed fucking her too, but mainly he missed Halley (see previous stories).

As a result, Randy felt the need for rejuvenation and travelled to his beach house on the Outer Banks to spend the month of May. He spent the first few days going over the house and cleaning it, as well as setting up the video recording system so that he could start it with a remote that he put on his keychain. Anything to occupy his mind.

Finally, he decided to venture out for his supper after a week of scrubbing floors, shampooing carpets, checking various systems, long walks on the beach and watching the setting sun play with the colors of the ocean as it set in the western sky behind his house.

His favorite casual spot was a pizza joint that had a bar in the little hamlet of Corolla. Sam was the roughly 75-year-old bartender whom Randy had befriended. Although Sam knew little about him other than disparate thoughts on sports or politics shared over the oaken bar, they had a genial relationship and Randy respected the old man, even though he would occasionally tease him unmercifully. Sam, in return, suspected Randy had money and lots of it. Sam also suspected that Randy would occasionally pick up women and knew of at least one young lady in the bar about eight months earlier. The older man still wondered about it occasionally.

It was a Thursday night, one week after his arrival, and Randy was sitting at his usual table eating a BBQ chicken pizza with red onions when Sam came by to see if he needed a refill on his sweet tea. After he had topped off the red plastic glass, he lingered and Randy asked him, “Something on your mind Sam?”

“Huh? Oh, no, no.” but he did not move away, still lost in thought as his mouth worked his dentures.

Randy set down a half-eaten slice, “Have a seat Sam and get it off your chest.”

Sam sat with the tired thump of his seven-plus decades and looked off into the distance toward the front door for almost a minute before he ventured into what he wanted to know. “Last fall, that high-dollar working gal from New York that was in here.”

The man who was 20-plus years his junior interrupted him, “You mean the one in the blue mini dress that left with me and you didn’t see her again?”

“Yep, that’d be the one.”

“I took her home and fucked her all weekend.”

The old man slowly turned his eyes to Randy, and licked his lips, then looked off again and thought some more before asking, “How was she?”

“Sam, she was excellent. She liked it in the ass,” and he picked up the unfinished slice and took another bite.

Sam ventured further, “Do you do that a lot?

Randy chewed and regarded him, “Fuck women in the ass?”

“Ah, no. Pick them up in bars?”

Randy continued to chew, but never took his eyes from across the room while answering, “No, not a lot. Sometimes I pick them up in restaurants, or grocery stores, wherever the opportunity presents itself. And the answer to fucking them in the ass is that I do it every chance I get.” and Sam shook his head and closed his eyes.

“I’m picking on you Sam. To answer your question, ‘a lot’ is a relative phrase. What is a lot to you, might not be a lot to me,” and Randy laughed as Sam’s eyes darted while he attempted to keep up.

“If I pick up a woman, there must be something there to interest me. Some spark, some aura. I pass on a lot more than I take, but I tell you what. Don’t look Kayseri Escort over there right now, just look at me,” and Randy waited for Sam’s eyes to land on his.

“There’s a brunette across the room in her mid-to-late 30s. She’s eating alone. Wearing shorts and a beige tank top and has a real nice tan. When you get up and go back to the bar you can get a look at ‘er. Before the weekend is out, I’m gonna tap that.”

Sam’s eyes bugged out, but he did not respond. He worked his dentures some more, nodded, then rose and returned to the bar. He pointedly looked across the room as he went. Indeed, there was a woman whose hair was a mix of the browns you found on pecan shells. She was about 5’6″ and 130 pounds and indeed had a deep tan. When she caught Sam staring at her, his mouth open, she smiled at him. The elderly man went behind the old-style bar with the shiny brass railings and blushed, the red of his face highlighting his snow-white hair.

Later, when Randy had finished eating, he went to the bar to pay for the meal. “What’s the damage Sam?” and when told he asked, “and how much for the lady’s meal?” Sam did a slow doubletake but said nothing, checked the ticket and relayed the cost. Randy paid for both meals and told him, “If she asks, tell her I’ll be back again tomorrow night about six.” He winked at Sam and turned to leave, pointedly looking at the woman to his right and nodding at her as he left.

As Randy’s truck was headed north, he thought about the 36B-32-36 body that obviously lifted weights, and was cut nicely for a woman nearing middle age. He wondered what she looked like naked.

Twenty minutes later the woman approached the bar to settle her check and Sam cleared his throat before telling her, “No charge, bill’s already been taken care of ma’am.”

“What? By who?” she asked

“The gentleman with the shaved head who left a little while ago paid for your meal ma’am.”

She made a face and cocked her head, “Really? Well, that was nice of him,” and she paused for a moment, “Did he leave his name?”

Sam stuttered, “Well, ah, yeah, kinda. His name is Randy. He eats here a lot when he’s on the island; said to tell you he’d be here tomorrow night at six.”

She smiled, “He did, did he? Well then, maybe I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow night. Thank you, sir,” and she wheeled on a sandaled foot and left with a bounce in her step.

She got in her car and paused before starting it, taking a deep breath, and saying to herself, “Gentleman with the shaved head, huh. Must have been the older guy with the sexy smile. Well Katie, looks like you might have yourself a date,” and she left the unpaved lot slinging gravel.


Randy was dressed in khakis and an untucked black, silk shirt when he walked in on Friday at six. The brunette was seated at his usual table, already drinking a beer. He walked over and she looked at him as she was sipping and quickly put down her mug, swallowed and grinned.

“I’m already one ahead of you, this is my second. Sam said I should sit here. I understand that I have you to thank for my dinner last night,” and she held out a hand, “Thank you, my name is Katie.”

Randy introduced himself as he shook and noticed her firm grip, “Nice to meet you Katie and you’re welcome,” and then he held up a finger. “Give me a sec, I’ll be right back.”

She watched as he casually walked over to the silent jukebox in the near, rear corner where the doorway to the kitchen was located. His deck shoes made no sound and she noticed he wore no socks. He deposited some coins and made a few selections. She admired the curve of his ass as he bent over the glass and as the first song started, she all but made up her mind. The outline of a firearm under his shirt at the small of his back did not deter her, she owned two herself, and unless he turned out to be a raging nutjob she was taking him somewhere and fucking him, maybe even in the parking lot.

Randy returned and sat in his usual seat with his back to the wall. As he scooted his chair in to the table, the first song started and the Bellamy Brothers classic tribute to double entendre filled the bar.

‘If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold It against me?’

She smiled as she listened and then spoke again, “I figured tonight was my treat.”

Randy nodded, “Okay, if you insist, but I,” and she interrupted him firmly.

“I do.”

Randy dipped his head and chuckled, “Alright. Now that that’s settled, I guess we should order. Since you’re paying, what would you like to treat me to?” and winked at her.

She smiled and let the latter go for the moment, “Per your friend the bartender, you seem to come here a lot, what would you suggest?” and she drank again from her mug.

“Pizza?” he offered as he lifted his palms and looked around the place in sarcasm.

“Okay, I asked for that,” and she shook her head and grinned again. “I meant what KIND of pizza. How about one with all the meats. I like meat, the more meat, the better Kayseri Escort Bayan I like it,” and he could tell she was proud of herself for the insinuation as she grinned tauntingly at him. He noticed the small lines of age and sun that had just started to appear in her face. They did not intrude on her beauty, they only enhanced it.

Randy nodded, “We’ll get along just fine then,” and he called for the waitress.

They spent the interim getting to know something of one another, flirting along the way, but the flirting had an edge to it. She was assertive and blunt, and he liked it. If the night turned out as he anticipated, he was going to have fun with her.

Katie was from Tennessee and worked as a field producer at a local television station. She was 39, on the Outer Banks for vacation and pronounced herself single and unattached. She rode a Harley to work and liked to lift weights, which was obvious as her short, jean skirt and black, off-the-shoulder cropped top revealed. She wore strapped leather sandals and a simple gold chain around her neck. As she talked, Randy noticed her pierced tongue. No tattoos were visible.

When the food arrived, she ordered a third beer and the conversation slowed as they ate. Halfway through the pie, she told him, “Nice touch with the music, I particularly liked the first song.”

Randy nodded, “I thought it fit, but the song I was looking for wasn’t on there,” and he turned his attention to more of his supper.

She patiently waited for him to continue and when he was not immediately forthcoming, she reached out and touched his forearm, “What song were you looking for?”

Without missing a beat, he told her, “Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Let’s get drunk and screw’.”

She just smiled, then signaled the waitress for a fourth beer as they finished up the pizza at their leisure. She liked this guy and her intuition told her that he wasn’t some wacko. She decided in that moment that she was definitely going to offer to fuck him and she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

True to her demand, Katie paid the bill and they walked out, with Randy taking her gently by the elbow and turning back to wink at Sam behind the bar.

In the parking lot she turned without warning into Randy’s arms and kissed him hard, grabbing his crotch in the process. The ball imbedded in her tongue made an impression and so did her hand squeezing his cock. When she came up for air, she asked him, “What happens now Randy?”

“That depends. What do you want to happen now Katie?”

She ran the studded tongue provocatively across her lips and wrapped her arms around his waist, “I made up my mind inside that I wanted to fuck you. Judging by what I just felt, I really wanna fuck you, if you’re of the mind to.”

Randy regarded her and bent to blow the words softly into her ear, “I’m of the mind to.”

Katie inhaled through her teeth and shivered before taking the back of his head and turning it to face her. “Actually, I want to fuck the shit out of you.”

He nodded once and told her in a matter-of-fact tone, “I can accommodate that.”

She smiled and her pearly whites shone in the deeply tanned face that blended into the settling night, “Can I leave my car here, I’m not sure I want to drive after four beers.”

“A little tipsy?” and she nodded, “Your car will be fine. I’ll call my friend Sam, the bartender, and let him know. My ride is over there,” and he led her to his old pick-up truck.

She smiled at him from across the bed of the truck as they went to their respective doors, “Ooo, a pick-up truck man. I might have hit the jackpot.”

Randy was still laughing when they both settled into their seats and buckled up. “I bet you have your choice of pick-up truck men back in Tennessee.”

A sarcastic laugh came, and she wistfully let him know, “My choice, yes; but the field is pretty thin. You do this kind of thing often?”

Randy ticked his head to the side as he turned in the seat to back out, “Hold onto that question, what kind of car do you have?”

“A silver Toyota,” she answered, and he stopped the truck after backing out of the space and pulled out his cell phone.

Calling from the parking lot, he described Katie’s car and the Tennessee plates, and asked Sam to look after it for the night.

Sam croaked, “She’s goin’ home with you?”

“Yeah Sam, she’s goin’ home with me.”

Katie, realizing the gist of the conversation, leaned over and yelled toward the phone, “I’m gonna fuck him all night Sam!” and giggled.

As Randy shook his head, he heard Sam stutter on the other end of the line and then the call went dead.

“I hope you didn’t give him a heart attack,” and Katie giggled some more as he pulled out on NC 12 and headed north.

By the dim glow of the dashboard lights, Katie began to remove her gold necklace and revisited her last question, “So, do you do this sort of thing often?”

‘Pick up women?” he asked to clarify.

“Yeah,” and she put the necklace Escort Kayseri in the pocket of her jean skirt.

“Probably once a month or so. I’m somewhat selective.”

She placed both sandaled feet on the dash, spread her legs and began to play with herself.

“I don’t know that I’d call once a month selective. You ever been married?”

“Nope,” he replied firmly and quickly.

“That was fast, won’t go there again, sounds like baggage. Let’s try this. Why do you do it? Pick up women I mean?” and she pulled back the hem of her skirt.

“Because I like to make women cum,” and he paused for a moment as they stopped at a traffic light, “Let me ask you, do you do this sort of thing often?”

Katie laughed haltingly, “I’m like you, I’m picky; but I have my moments. Just not monthly. You run into all sorts in my line of work. Occasionally, you meet someone who’s interesting.”

The light had turned green and Randy drove off with his right hand at twelve on the wheel and checked his mirrors, “Why do you do it?”

She sighed breathily as her hand moved quicker in the darkness, “Because I like to fuck,” and her voice had obtained a huskiness to it.

He turned to her, “Yep, we’ll get along just fine,” and he continued northward as she brought herself off in the seat beside him.

When they were nearing his house, she turned to him and asked, “I want to be ready when we get there, how much longer?”

Randy glanced at her and answered, “About five minutes,” and then looked again as she proceeded to remove her clothing, thinking to himself, ‘I gotta wild one this time.’

A hundred yards out he pressed the button on the sun visor to open the garage door. His house had multiple underground landscape lights next to the exterior walls on all sides. As he pulled in the driveway, the house suddenly appeared out of nothingness, lit by the dim lights in the darkness and the dunes. He parked the truck in the right bay of the garage beside his Lincoln sedan, hit the button to close the garage door and exited, waiting for her by the interior door to the house as she came around the front of the truck carrying her top, skirt, and thong.

There wasn’t any part of her that wasn’t tanned a deep and dark brown and she had a narrow landing strip that ran about three to four inches above her pussy. She had pierced her clit hood vertically with a small, silver barbell and it glinted in the light of the garage.

The phrase ‘built like a brick shithouse’ passed through Randy’s mind as he watched her approach on sandaled feet. Her tits did not sag, and they had a bounce to them, with large, dark brown aureoles topped by a small nub.

“Like what you see?” she asked him.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied, and he unlocked the door for her while hitting the button on the recording remote.

Katie walked deep into the house toward the floor-to-ceiling windows as he paused to put away the firearm at the back of his waist. He was already hard, but stopped to take a blue pill to make sure he lasted the evening and then followed her.

She walked like she had been there before, took off the sandals and tossed them and her clothes aside as she continued out of the French doors to the pool deck.

‘Untamed,’ flashed through his mind.

Randy followed her as she found her way left to the gazebo and turned her back to the Atlantic. She held her arms out to her sides like wings and let the warm sea breeze wrap around her.

When Randy arrived, he stopped to face her from a few feet away and just stood there to take her in for a few minutes. She was like a statue, her eyes closed, her mouth in a thin smile. Randy noticed the little dimples that bracketed the corners of her mouth. Finally, she opened her eyes, holding him in her gaze as she moved toward him.

Without a word, Katie squatted and began to unbuckle his pants, mewing in satisfaction as she took his erect ten-inch cock in hand when it sprang free. She opened her mouth and took the head in, smacking her lips on it with fervor and displaying no intimidation at the size.

She had taken the lead and Randy let her as she slowly worked her mouth up and down the first half of his cock and sucked it with gusto. The piercing in her tongue was a large silver ball and it was having its effect on him. He took off his shirt and stepped out of his deck shoes, sliding them aside with a foot.

When she was satisfied with her effort, she rose from the granite floor and backed him to one of the arm-less, straight-backed chairs that faced the ocean. The sea breeze had hardened her nipples and the little nubs had doubled in size. Randy reached down to tweak them as she bent over to relieve him of his khakis and Katie spoke her first words since entering the house.

“No, no,” she teased in a soft, but husky voice as she sat him in the chair, “not yet.” She kissed him deeply, brushed his cheek with her fingers, and whispered, “Don’t move.”

The beach here was isolated, being on the northern end of the barrier island and abutting a National Wildlife Refuge to the north, but anyone who happened to be on it and who looked up past the dunes to the house could have seen the two of them silhouetted by the low lights. He hoped, if anyone did happen by, that they enjoyed the show as much as he was.

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