Eki 22

A Rainy Night

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On this Thursday night, the wind was blowing as a light drizzle fell from the sky. Michael was relaxing on the couch when he heard a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, he got up and answered it. Standing there clad in a trench coat over stockings and heels, was Lauren.

Lauren had been “in the mood” all day and felt like surprising Michael by doing something alittle different and daring. So, she decided to go over there dressed only in sexy lingerie under a rain coat. With long brown hair loosely framing her oval-shaped face, and a sparkle in her eye, Michael knew she was up to something.

Their lips locked in a passionate kiss as he pulled her inside, wrapping Lauren in a bear hug and offering to take her coat. She declined, feigning the need to warm up a bit first. Taking a seat on the sofa, she watched as Michael disappeared into the kitchen. He returned with a bottle of chilled champagne, two crystal flute glasses and a bowl of fresh strawberries. After popping open the champagne, he poured them each a glass and handed her one. Then he grabbed a strawberry and dangled it over her mouth. She took it between her teeth and sucked on it, as she pressed her lips to his, opening them so he could taste the sweet fruit too.

Sitting down, they Escort Bayan sipped their champagne and continued to feed each other strawberries by mouth. Michael leaned over and started unbuttoning her coat, letting his fingers sensuously linger over each one. Suddenly, he realized that all Lauren was wearing underneath the coat was a black lace push-up bra and a purple satin garter belt with black lace trim. He slowly slid the coat from her shoulders and stared in amazement at her voloptuous figure, then picked up a piece of fruit and rubbed it between her large breasts, before devouring it in his mouth. She unbuttoned his shirt, took a strawberry and ran it down the center of his chest and back up again, wetting his skin before licking it clean. Tracing his nipples with the strawberry, then sucking the juice from each one. Lauren slipped off her heels and put her stockinged feet in his lap, massaging the bulge in Michael’s trousers with her toes, making his cock throb harder and harder. Then she wrapped both feet around his shaft, and started moving them up and down over the material.

Michael got up and headed for the bedroom. After a few minutes, Lauren followed with the filled champagne glasses and the bowl of fruit. Placing them on the night table Escort as she stared at him lying naked in the middle of the bed. She climbed on the bed and crawled over to him very slowly, not breaking eye contact. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra and lowered her lips to his for a deep, wet kiss. His hands immediately went to her breasts, massaging them as they kissed. Then he cupped them in his hands, alternating between licking and sucking each nipple. Lauren took some champagne in her mouth, turned around and wrapped her lips around the bulbous head of his cock, before flicking her tongue underneath the rim. The hot and cold sensations making his body writhe beneath her, driving him wild. Licking her way down the shaft to his balls and sucking on them softly as Michael let a loud moan escape from his lips. This encouraged her to grab his ass and plunge his rod into her mouth. She started sucking it in and out, very slowly and sensuously. Teasing him with her expert tongue.

Grabbing her legs, Michael pried them apart and placed them around his head, positioning her pussy over his face. His cock never leaving her lips as she continued going down on him harder and faster. Swirling her tongue around his shaft as she moved her mouth up and down on his Bayan Escort prick, taking him in deeper each time as Michael sucked and tugged on her clit while fingering her wet pussy. Her orgasm erupted violently and she moaned loudly as his hot cum started to fill her mouth. She swallowed all of his seed and kept sucking until he was hard again for her.

After catching their breath, he pulls her to him for a long, deep wet kiss. Then Michael stands and picks Lauren up off the bed, carrying her over to the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist. He teases her clit with the tip of his cock before thrusting it all the way in, making her grunt with pleasure. Her back against the wall, holding onto him tighter while he fucks her slowly. Their naked bodies pressed together and moving as one. She grinds her pussy down on his prick, clenching her muscles and pulling him deeper inside of her love canal. He starts fucking her furiously, pounding that pussy harder and harder. Moaning loudly as waves of orgasms sweep over her body, the juices running down his shaft. Her pussy contracting tighter and tighter as he shoots his hot load deep inside her womb, milking all the cum from his body. Both of them sweating and breathing hard as he carries her back to the bed.

Michael places her down on the mattress gently and climbs into bed. Wrapping his arm around Lauren’s waist and pulling her closer to him. Their bodies fitting together perfectly, like two spoons. They spend the rest of the weekend in bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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