A Rainy Night Alone

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It was rainy the night they met. Carla was working late at the Country Haven when he walked in. He sat at the far end of the bar, looking lost and alone. Carla approached him and asked, “What can I get for you?”

Toby smiled a sad, lonely smile and replied, “I’d like a beer please.”

Carla smiled back at him and said, “Draft or bottle?”

“Draft please.”

“Coming right up. I’m Carla. Do you live near here?”

Toby smiled as he looked her over with interest and replied, “I live on Appleton Avenue. I’m Toby. Where do you live?”

“Over on Keystone Avenue across from Washington Park. Are you from Indianapolis?”

“Not originally. I moved here in 1981 when I was stationed at the fort. I was born and raised in Virginia. Are you from here?”

Carla pours him his beer, looks him over with interest and says, “I”m orginially from Connecticut. Are you married?”

Toby smiles and says, “Yes, I’m married. Are you?”

“Yes, ten years. Any children?”

“Two grown sons. What time do you get off here? I’ve been married for thirty years now. My wife and I are living together as roommates more than partners or husband and wife.”

Carla cleans up near where he is sitting, looks at her watch and says, “I’m done in thirty minutes. My husband is out of town hunting in Montana. I’m going to stay here for a while and watch the band.”

Toby searches her violet eyes and says, “My wife is in Texas on business and visiting relatives. Would you mind if I joined you here for a while?”

“I’d love to have your company, Toby. Sit tight and let me finish up.”

Toby squeezes her hand and says, “I’ll be waiting.”

Two hours later, Toby and Carla are standing in front of her apartment. Toby runs his fingers over her hand, looks into her violet eyes then lowers his head and kisses her. Carla responds by lifting her hands to his shoulders and deepening the kiss.

Toby nibbles on her full lower lip and whispers, “I should go.”

Carla tightens her hold on him and says, “Can you come in for a bit?”

Toby lifts his head, searches her eyes and says, “If I come in, I’ll stay the night. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Carla responds by opening her door and leading him into her apartment. She shuts the door, leans back against it and says, “I won’t lie to you and say I love you. My husband has been gone for two weeks and I need someone to hold me tonight. I like you and I find you very attractive. If you kurtk├Ây rus escort want to leave now, I won’t stop you.”

Toby cups her cheeks, lowers his head and says, “Lord, help me.” as he kisses her. He runs his tongue along her lips and whispers, “Suck on my tongue like it’s my dick.”

Carla does what he asks then lifts her hand to his shirt and slowly unbuttons it. She nibbles on his lips and whispers, “Shall we move this into the bedroom?”

Toby pulls his shirt out of his pants then he picks her up and carries her over to the sofa where he lays her down. He lays next to her, slips his hand under her shirt and cups her average sized tits. He starts nibbling on her neck and whispers, “Your tits feel so good. Can I see them?”

Carla pulls her tee shirt off, looks into his ocean blue eyes and says, “Take your shirt off.”

Toby strips his shirt off then he looks at her golden mounds. He draws his finger around her rose colored nipples then he lowers his head and sucks on one tit while squeezing the other one. He lifts his head and says, “May I say you have a fine pair of tits, ma’am?”

Carla runs her hands over his fur covered chest and says, “Thank you. I love your chest. are your nipples as sensitive as mine?”

“Suck on them and see what happens when you do.”

Carla leans up and starts to lick and nip at his nipples which causes him to moan in pleasure. He holds her head against his nipples and says, “I’m not sure if I can handle your mouth on my dick.”

Carla slips her hands between them, unbuckles his belt and unbuttons and unzips his jeans. She slides her hand in and wraps it around his hard dick. Toby rests his head on her shoulder and whispers, “Careful. You’re playing with a stick of dynamite.”

Carla smiles as she gently pushes him away. She stands up, looks into his eyes and slowly starts to remove her jeans. She takes her pants and underwear off the slowly runs her hands over her smooth belly and shaven pussy.

Toby stands up, kicks his shoes and pants off then he stands there and says, “Play with your hot pussy.”

Carla slips her fingers into her lower lips and starts to caress her clitoris while watching him stroke his prick. She throws her head back and says, “Let’s go into the bedroom where we have more room.”

“Lead the way, honey, lead the way.”

In Carla’s bedroom, Carla lays spread eagled on her king sized bed and continues to stroke her kurtk├Ây otele gelen escort pussy. She looks at him and says, “Come here.”

Toby joins her on the bed and starts to run his hands over her entire aroused body. He slips his hand between her legs and groans as he feels her wet pussy. He nibbles his way down across her chest and belly then starts to lick her slowly, paying close attention to her clitoris.

Carla rests her hands on his shoulders and arches against his tongue. She runs her fingers through his light brown hair and says, “Eat my hot pussy, make me come.”

Toby lifts his head then slowly slides two fingers into her pussy. He starts to move his fingers in and out of her while sucking on her clitoris. Carla moves her hips against his active fingers and mouth and squeals in pleasure as she comes.

She slumps back onto the pillows, breathing heavy and gently pushes him away from her private area. She says, “That’s it. I’m too sensitive there after I come.”

Toby lays down beside her, takes her hand and places it on his dick. He kisses her, letting her taste her juices and whispers, “Stroke my dick.”

Carla smiles as she leans over him and says, “I’ll do something more. Lay back and relax.”

Toby leans against the pillows as he watches Carla kissing and sucking on his prick. Carla slowly nibbles on his shaft, licks his head then she slowly lowers her head until his entire seven inch prick is in her mouth. She moves her head up and down slowly causing him to groan.

Toby rests his hands on her shoulders and says, “Don’t do that too long unless you want a drink.”

Carla lifts her head and says, “How horny are you?”

“Horny enough to go twice tonight.”

“Okay. Let me have a milkshake then.”

“Oh, baby, you’ve got it. Continue doing what you’re doing and you’ll have your milkshake.”

Carla goes back to sucking his dick then she slips her tongue down and starts to lick his balls.

Toby groans and says, “Stroke my dick while it’s in your mouth.”

Carla does as he asks then starts to swallow as Toby comes in her mouth. She cleans his prick off then asks, “Are you okay?”

Toby takes a deep breath and says, “I think so. Come lie down beside me for a few minutes and let me catch my breath.”

Carla lays down in his arms with her head on his shoulder and says, “What’s going to happen after tonight? Do you want a one night stand or something more?”

Toby leans over her and runs his fingers over her cheek as he gazes into her eyes. He lowers his head and gently kisses her. He runs his hand over her tits, pinches each nipple then slips his hand down between her legs. He slowly draws his fingers over her lower lips, then slowly slips one finger into her. He lifts his head and watches her eyes while fingering her and says, “I want something more. I know it’ll be hard to work something out between us but I want something more permanent.”

Carla arches against his finger and says, “I work every night from five to eleven.”

Toby smiles and says, “We’ll work something out. Right now, I want to feel my hard prick buried inside you and I think we’re both ready for that.”

Carla strokes his hard dick and says, “Please make love to me.”

Toby slips betweeen her legs, rubs his hard dick against her moist pussy then he slowly slides it into her causing both of them to moan with the sensations.

Carla digs her nails into his back as she feels his seven inch dick slowly slide into her. She searches his eyes and whispers, “This isn’t good.”

Toby moans and asks, “What isn’t good?”

“What I’m feeling.”

“I know what you mean, I know what you mean. This could be the start of something good and dangerous.”

Carla smiles as she starts to move her hips against his and says, “We’ll work it out later. Fuck me hard.”

Toby smiles and says, “Get ready, baby, for the ride of your life.” After he says that he starts to slowly fuck her until neither of them can stand it then he picks up speed as he feels the sperm start to move up his prick.

He lowers his lips to her ear and whispers, “I want you to come around my dick and wet my balls down. Make me come deep inside you.”

Carla slips a hand between them and strokes her clitoris as he picks up speed. She arches against him and says, “I’m coming!” as she reaches an earth shaking orgasm which causes him to come deep inside her. He slumps onto her breathing heavily and says, “I love you.”

Carla wraps her arms around his sweaty back and says, “I love you too. Stay with me tonight.”

Toby lifts his head, searches her eyes and says, “Yes, I’ll stay. Let’s not let this end. I want to be with you whenever we can. Would you be interested in experimenting with sex?”

Carla smiles and says, “As long as it isn’t too kinky or there is no pain.”

Toby rolls off her, slips his arms around her and says, “No pain or anything heavy. For now, let’s get some sleep.”

Carla rests her head on his shoulder and says, “Good night, Toby. I love you.”

Toby kisses her head and says, “I love you too. Good night, my love. Sleep tight.”

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