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A Quicky for Mommy

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A Quicky for Mommy

stepmother & stepson are alone. She wants him, again & again

In a pleading voice, stepmom says, “Comm’on, stepson! You promised to fuck me, ‘later’, but I’m sooo horny right nowww. Pllleeease?

Now in a sultry wicked cadence, she then tries, “I’ll let you fuck me in the assss…,” as she roughly grasps her pillowy tits, pulls her nipples out to the extreme and hums, “Ummm, my tits are gonna pop. Wouldn’t YOU like to pop them, instead?”

Cue the misty colored memories…

This was just a typical mock drama for the mice at play in the Franklin house. That is, when Robbie’s dad, his stepmother Ginny’s second husband, who’s the roost’s cat, is away. And, when he’s gone, it’s usually for several days at a time. Dad/Hubby, aka Peter Franklin, had become a company man years ago. He wasn’t always, though. At the time of Robbie’s birth, Peter was a swashbuckling Puss-In-Boots entrepreneur with his own tech startup. Now he’s a decade into corporate management. His first wife soured on the once adventurous man she thought she had hitched to. “Salaried” husband no longer did it for her. By age 10, Robbie’s mom up and left for good, with a younger D’artagnan, and a suitcase, in tow.

Corporate Dad scored it big when he met the new department employee, Ginny McGuilan, at her first company New Years party. Initially the sex was red-hot. Then they got married, and Dad turned into Dud once more, leaving the VERY sexually liberated Ginny Franklin lacking for a scratch to her perpetual itch. Slut, you might call her, though slattern would be more apropos a label. After years of a semi-absent husband, Ginny had resented being relegated as Dad’s concubine on call. She was Second Wife to his first love… the All-Mighty Dollar.

Ginny quickly realized that she had to have a readily available carnal substitute, which is where Peter’s bio-son Robbie came into play. He had just passed the threshold of manhood when Dad remarried. The “blended family” all enjoyed the stable environment that had developed in their newly common abode.

Robbie would often catch Ginny nonchalantly stealing a view of him, particularly when he was in tight swimwear. He couldn’t discern whether it was only his hormone-saturated radar being hyper-aware, or his stepmom’s genuine lustful interest, that he perceived as the impetus for her sideways wanton glances at him. When he busted her with a return stare, she would look down half-guilty with a tight-lipped “oops” grin to defuse their shared embarrassment.

However, Robbie was just as culpable of sneaking a peek down her revealing strapless plunging necklines on nights she would accompany Peter to yet another boring company soirée. The slutty attire she brazenly clad was her tacit protest for her obligatory attendance at his side. Dad was so blind when brown-nosing the boss on such occasions that he failed to protest her risqué display as he should. This worked out just fine for Robbie, who couldn’t have missed the lewd show if HE were blinded. The way she smugly grinned at him when she caught him looking at her chest and panty-less tight dresses, Robbie could swear the show was exclusively done for him. He would furiously rub one out on such nights watching MILF porn images of her likeness, while thinking of her sexy body and smile.

Robbie had a couple of girlfriends during High School to exercise his misdirected frustration on, but they were too prissy to let themselves be defiled on other than the rare “special occasion.” They considered being fucked as his award for heeding their continual prompts for obsequious doting. Needless to say, this did not quench his thirst, and he gave up on dating cohorts for some time. Enter the perfect hole to be filled for his “incel” love life, his stepmother. She could tell by his constant furtive glimpses at her swaying hips and bouncing tits that he was ripe for the picking. The first time Dad skipped town for a whole week on a company retreat Ginny successfully seduced him.

And so it became a regular ritual of incessant, incestual fucking that they would play out when Dad was gone, which was at least a couple of days every month. The intermittent pauses between business trips would afford Robbie the opportunity to recharge his sperm supply. For when they were by themselves, the torrid acts to follow he would surely be drained…

And, now: back to the future…

Robbie finally lifts his head from his iPhone and stares directly at stepmom’s twin airbags, which she has lewdly stretched out by the nipples, “Mom, it’s been, like what, maybe an hour. Ya gotta give me a little recovery time, my balls can only produce so much so fast, you know.”

Irate, Didim Escort Ginny plops her nude ass on top of Robbie’s lap, facing him, and shoves both breasts into his face, “Recovery, smovery! Do your son-ly duty! You told me that if I suck your cock and eat your sperm, delicious as it is, you’d ‘take care of Mommy Alll day!’ The sun’s still up son, so YOU get it UP and RE-do me already!”

At her lament, Robbie feigns his reluctance, “All right, if you put it THAT way….”

Ginny, “Don’t sound so enthusiastic. You better PUT THAT big hairy cock inside me, pronto!

Without any warning his stepmom covets his lips possessively with hers, “Wmmm… hummm Ummm,” Robbie muffles in shock.

After a time locking lips, Ginny seductively raises herself to her feet, then down on her knees in front of Robbie, grasping the root end of his already rock hard shaft with that same sense of possessiveness.

“Well, would you look at that! Robbie’s big pee-pee doesn’t want to ‘recover,’ it wants to get a mommy hug,” and with that she plunges her mouth over his entire 9″ thick staff.

Robbie tilts his head back on the top of the living room couch with his eyes closed and mouth agape in pleasure, “Ummm, Mommy, you suck cock sooo good. I’m so lucky Dad married you. Come up here and sit on my Johnson, backwards. I wanna squeeze those big titties really hard as I fuck you.

“You’re really hard, alright,” as she gradually picks up the speed of squats on his cock, “Huhhh…,” she breathes with a whisper, “Your stepson cock is inside Mommy’s dripping wet pussy!”

When he slowly raises the lids of his eyes, they go wide at the reflection in the mirror opposite the couch. Said vision is that of the back of his curvy lithe stepmother bouncing up and down on his lap with increasing vigor. His hairy manly legs slightly buckle with each collision of her ass on his lap. He can’t help the urge to caressingly slide his hands around her taut pear-shaped pink buttocks. His fingers migrate inside her mid-crack and take hold of the inside of her cheeks. He gasps as her darkened little tight round asshole is revealed to him. Ginny opens her eyes and is pleasantly surprised at his gawking expression. She turns her head to the left to get a fleeting glimpse of her ass being pulled open.

She smiles proudly, looks down at his enrapturement and says between gyrations, “Do you like seeing mommy’s asshole?,” he silently nods, but still fixated on her bottom, “Ummm! Are you gonna make mommy cum all over your cock? Are ya? ‘Cuz Mommy’s pussy is getting all hot and bothered by your big fat dick. Hmmm.”

Robbie looks up at his stepmom with a determined grimace, “Yah, I’ll make Mommy’s pussy cum. Then I’ll fill that pretty little nether hole with MY cum.

“I can tell you like looking at my ass. Tell me how much.”

“Oh mom! Dat azz is the best ever. I love watching it go up and down. And, your gorgeous milf pussy rubs my dick so good, too.

“You love that mommy cunt, don’t you? Ummm, I love when your big cock is ramming my hole. Oh! Here comes my first!… Ahhh uhhh!”

Without missing a beat, she picks up speed while leaning her upper body over his. She’s face down laying her forehead on his left shoulder, her breasts squash against his clavicles. Robbie stares intently at the mirror before him with stars in his eyes. The visual adds to his excitement, making his cock almost painfully hard. Its turgidity allows the under-ridge of his flared cock head to feel the most exquisite sensation. It’s that feeling that none could ever adequately describe with mere words.

“Oh Mommy how I wish you could see your beautiful reflection like I can.”

She raises her head momentarily. Ginny looks intently with love in her eyes, “don’t worry, baby, I can see the love and lust reflected in your beautiful brown eyes… oh shit! Here comes another… one!,” and she grits her teeth in a failed attempt to stifle her orgasmic oration.

She rides out her 2nd “O” slowly to prolong the pleasure, and to catch her breath, “Dang, Robbie! That was better than the first.”

She reluctantly dismounts him and notes his disappointed expression at losing cock contact with her vise-like mommy-puss. Ginny the stepmom stands up, turns away from Robbie, and leans over the couch’s arm. She presses her tummy against the arm, and presents her ass to her taboo lover. Ginny reaches back to take Robbie’s left hand to nudge him closer to her. She then looks backward, admiring his powerful towering height getting into position behind her.

“Here,” she says, “take a closer look at that ‘mommy’ ass you so love. Now doggie fuck the back of my pussy like you own it. Dominate it for your pleasure. Mommy just wants to make her boy happy.”

“Oh mom! I’m the happiest guy in the world to have my way with your slutty mommy cunt,” with that last expletive Robbie Didim Escort Bayan shoves his whole cock with a manly grunt – tip to trunk – mercilessly into his stepmom’s dripping, almost red from abuse, naughty, naughty widely gaping pussy.

“There it is, just like to want it, not that I care,” exclaims Robbie now that he’s switched to a dominant role.

After his violent insertion he guides his step’s arched back lower with a gentle push downward with a palm, “what a bad, bad mommy. Daddy is way too soft on you. You need a lesson on how to get properly fucked by your SON.”

The mere mention of the word “son,” sans the “step” prefix, causes Ginny to shake uncontrollably. It’s a powerful come. Her appendages’ jerky movements are akin to leaves in a stiff breeze on an Aspen tree. But, this time she issues warm clear fluid out of her pussy and around Robbie’s cock and testicles.

Reasserting her previously abdicated aggressive persona, she matriarchically chides, “Oh damn, you made your mother cream on both of us! What a bad, bad boy you are. I’m just gonna have to dole out punishment. It’s for your own good. Stretch over your superior mother’s lap, and be quick about it!”

Robbie gets the drift to recede into timidity, “O-okay, my domineering mother”

He then drapes himself across the legs of her comically smaller frame, ass up. She takes a moment to savor the sight of his muscular bald globes. His father’s are significantly less taut and prominent. His bad luck and Robbie’s fortune. At first her right hand surveys both Hill and Dale of his gorgeous male behind.

She issues her command, “Open those legs for mommy, my recalcitrant progeny! Ummm, that’s it, nice and wide.”

After caressing his nut sack by way of his rear valley, she retraces a finger back up to his spine. Suddenly, she raises her hand high in the air, and comes down hard with a flattened hand. It makes the sound she likes – a little sharp, a little echo. A devious smile develops on her countenance. Her eyes squint to simulate anger. Again she lowers the boom. He reacts to the more powerful swat by flinching in pain. She’s got him in just the right amount of horniness and trepidation.

With a swat punctuating each recriminating word, “This… is… what… happens… to… bad… boys…. You’re sentenced to make me come twice more with your mouth.”

She forces him off her lap and onto the floor with surprising ease for one having a demur frame. With him now upon his knees, Ginny spreads her legs far apart while her ass presses into the sofa seat cushion. She’s got just enough of a reach to latch some of her fingers on his earlobe. Once he leans towards her to avoid further pain, his stepmother grabs the other ear, and shoves his face directly on her box. There’s a maniacal look of accomplishment on his stepmother’s mug. She muses at how she can bend him to her will with minimal effort. Maturity has its advantages.

“Serve my Queeny, BOY! And, remember, I get at least TWO comes.

Robbie wastes no time in fulfilling his step-queen’s desires. His tongue is fully extended and already probing the sensitive margins of her inner labia. She hums while his mouth does its work on her aching pussy. She tries to temper her excitement, lest she yield control, but it’s pointless. Step mommy-dearest is enveloped in complete rapture.

“Yeah! My son. Make Queeny feel good. Ummm hmmm, yeah, like that. Don’t neglect her little clitty. Ohhh! That’s the way,” she mewls when Robbie surrounds her excited nub with his soft lips.

“Uh huh! Ooo dance your tongue around it more. Yah! YAH! That’s so goooood… Mommy’s coming again!

When Ginny recovers from her earth-shattering paroxysm, she calmly comments, “Not too bad, Robby-Boy. But, can you do that again? Here, let me help you and put my perky little ass in your face. And, I expect an even more intense a result”

Robbie is taken by the surprise of Ginny’s quick move. Before he has a chance to protest, she grinds her asshole over his nose and twerks it. An “evil scientist” laugh she then yields. Robbie is caught in place with neither resort nor resolve, so he pretends not to like what his stepmom has wrought upon him by holding completely still. If she wasn’t so darned horny, she might protest his lack of response. Instead, Ginny slips back to pleading mode.

“Awe, let’s get the party started. Pretty please. Make me cum from this, and I’ll let you fuck her.”

Robbie retakes the initiative. He roughly assaults his mum’s ass crack with powerful licks that push her forward each time. Ginny closes her eyes and coos. She’s completely yielded control back to her stepson. He’s taken total advantage of the turning of dominance. Robbie painfully grabs hold of her hips. He pushes on Ginny’s back to make her bend forward. Now he’s got her where HE wants. Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound Escort Didim of his right hand slapping across her right cheek reverberates throughout the living room. He then sports a determined grin. Robbie has full confidence in making her fulfill his nagging need for control by pleasuring her ass, but in his own way.

Robbie abruptly yanks his mug free from her diminutive derrière and rises to his feet, still with his tight clutches on her waist, “Okay, wicked stepmother! I’m the alpha of this house! Now you’re gonna know why,” he gives her one last swat on her left butt.

She looks back somewhat concerned. What’s he going to do to me? Gawd, I hope it’s as good as the stern look on his face!, she thinks to herself, but expecting the worst. Maybe she’s pushed him too far this time, and he’s going to take it out on her. I might have possibly insisted on him servicing MY wicked needs too soon, not considering him at all. Perhaps this is way of telling me he’s got a girlfriend now and doesn’t want to fuck me anymore. Maybe…

With one swift rub on her clit, he mollifies her instantly. Through moans and gasps of extreme pleasure, she says to herself, TG, he still wants me to feel good and fuck me whenever I need. Just as suddenly his dripping wet hand is removed from her stepmother pussy. Robbie executes a standing 10 count of strategic pause. Her fears of yet another man of the house rejecting her momentarily returns. Then she feels his tongue dancing up and down the valley between her cheeks. This, again, gives her respite from rejection. The good feeling comes back when Robbie makes contact with her tits, and begins twirling his finger around her nips.

“Oh, Robbie, my son, what are you doing to Mommy, I’m scared,” His stepmother pretended.

Rob removes his mouth from her crack. He then sinks his teeth into the meat of her left buttock, making her shriek with delight, “Oh! You naughty boy. Just who do you think you are that you assault me so? I’m telling your father on you when he gets back, next Tuesday!,” with mock irritation, as they both know Dad isn’t due home for another four whole days.

She continues with the ruse, “That will give you till then to convince me you’re sorry.”

“That so?,” retorts Robbie, “Well… maybe this will make it up to you.”

He takes a firm grasp on his hard cock. But, first he spreads her ass cheeks apart with two fingers of his other hand. Robbie seeks out the warmth of Ginny’s rear love portal. Once located he has complete and exclusive access to her asshole. Stepson takes a moment to relish the sight of his stepmom’s spit-glistening asshole, which also heightens the anticipation. Rob bends his knees slightly to sink down to her level. He slowly slides his blood-purple cock head vertically about her nether hole. She takes a slow deep breath of bliss upon contact with his dick and her asshole. ‘Finally,’ her thoughts bordering on relief, ‘He’s going to take my ass! I’ve been waiting for months for him to take me this way.’

Robbie does not disappoint. He forges ahead with his insertion into her tight stepmother butt hole. She’s relishing the slow and deliberate sliding of his cock within her canal. Her rectum hasn’t been stretched like this, ever. His overpowering length and girth puts him far superior to his father’s equipment. Dad was always too “nice” to fuck her ass, despite many a dropped hint from her to do so. This handsome young boy has no such reticence.

When Robbie’s insertion is complete, she feels his coarse, curly pubes nestle against her smooth globes. That, and with his satisfying sigh of accomplishment in her left ear when he rests his chin on her shoulder. He pauses a few seconds to allow the both of them time to become accustomed. It seems like forever to her until he begins to pull his cock out of her ass. Robbie slowly retreats half-way out and holds still. She marvels at how a sweet thing like Robbie has the wherewithal to patiently cock his bow string. Robbie’s cock spears back into his stepmother. His pelvis violently collides with her ass, almost knocking her flat on the floor. She preemptively braces her hands against the wooden floor while still bent forward. She gives thanks to the Yoga deities for her flexibility.

“Fuck my ass, Robbie! Fuck it good! It’s been such a naughty thing lately. Always begging for a big stepson cock to swallow. Show her who really owns her!”

“Heck yeah! Mommy-bitch!,” the pejorative expletive only adding to their mutual cresting lust.

Robbie accelerates the pounding of his stepmom. Sweat begins to form on his face and back, and coats him in a manly sheen. He can’t tell if the moisture on Mom’s back is from his pelvis or her own exasperation. But, does it really matter? Robbie then takes the opportunity to reach over and get hold of the back of her lustrous raven hair. He retracts his arm, and she issues a grunt, but not in the least resisting. Robbie keeps pulling her up by the hair until she’s enveloped in his wiry chest hair. This has not slowed him down one bit. If anything, he accelerated his unrelenting slams into her butt. She couldn’t have been any happier than right here, right now.

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