A Quickie In The Backyard Ch. 01

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This is my first written erotic story. I intend to write a number of them, all based on something I and my wife have done together. Sometimes it will be a 100% true story, sometimes a true story with my own or my wife’s fantasies added. Often write them with my wife sitting next to me, slowly stroking my cock or positioned so I can look right up her asshole, for added inspiration.

This one is a 100% true story, and took place in Sydney one late Thursday afternoon. It is in the summer, sunny and hot, and I and my wife have just come home from work. And we are both very horny.

My wife likes it when I take the lead. I take her outside into the back yard. On the way I grab a blanket and our sun glasses. The back yard is fenced. One side faces a public walkway. After some local council work, the walkway was raised, and it has become very easy to look into our back yard. Opposite the walkway is our closest neighbor. Although the fence on this side is high, it is old and there are many ways to see through it. We don’t intentionally fuck in front of others, but both get turned on by the possibility of someone watching.

I lead my wife to a table in the middle of the back yard. She quickly and obediently strips naked and climbs on top on all four, especially as this is her favorite position to receive oral sex. If someone was to look over the fence, they will see my naked wife facing them, on all four. If our neighbors had a peek, they would be able to see right up my wife’s asshole, cunt and swollen clit. Her clit is already rock hard without me bahis firmaları even touching anything.

I sit right behind her ass and admire what I see. Her smell immediately hits me. My wife hasn’t had a shower since yesterday evening, and the aroma from her pussy and asshole makes my cock go rock heard. I place my hands on her ass cheeks, and spread them enough to fully expose her asshole. My balls shiver when I am thinking about what I am going to do to it.

The quickest way to get my wife dripping wet is to lick her asshole. I spread her ass cheeks further, and her anus slightly opens. I tell my wife how beautiful she is, and how much I love seeing her on all four. I move my face closer to her ass. I tell my wife how dirty and smelly her asshole is, and if she wants me to lick it clean for her. Her voice is husky with arousal when she says yes.

I feel her pussy with my fingers and she is moderately wet. I spread her ass cheeks a little further apart, so that the anus is now fully open. My cock throbs when I look into my wife’ gaping asshole. I put my tongue between the pussy and asshole, and lick upwards, pushing by tongue into her asshole as it passes over.

My wife moans and shivers. I place the tongue in the same place again, but this time I lick upwards slower. I stop and push my tongue into her gaping anus. It tastes good, so I push my tongue a bit further in. I stretch her butt cheeks as far apart as I can and use my fingers to expand her gape further, so I can push my tongue deeper. She grunts, and her hole twitches a couple of times. This only kaçak iddaa happens when she gets really horny.

I feel her pussy with my fingers and she is dripping wet, even though I have been licking her asshole less than a minute. I continue to lick her asshole with long deep strokes, while one finger finds her hard clit. It is throbbing, and I only need to touch it lightly, once, and my wife is moaning loudly. I know how much she loves this; bending over on all four and being licked in the asshole and masturbated at the same time.

She moans regularly now, and begins to push back, trying to get more of my tongue into her asshole. I relentlessly masturbate her clit, and lead her towards an orgasm. When she gets closer, her asshole gives her away by its twitching. I stop just before the comes.

Instead, I lean a bit further down, and lightly begin to lick her clit. Her pussy drips onto my face. I put one finger into her drenched pussy, and then slide it up her asshole. It is tight, but quickly opens. My finger is not even fully inside and she pushes towards me. I finger fuck her in the asshole a few times with her pushing back, harder and harder, moaning louder and louder. I can feel her asshole twitch again and know she is about to come.

I continue to finger fuck her in the asshole but take my tongue off her clit, and lick her dripping pussy instead. After a couple of licks, I go back to the clit, and push two fingers into her asshole. It opens willingly. Her pussy is now almost squirting.

I push the third finger in and my wife moans with pleasure. kaçak bahis I give her clit a couple of hard flicks with my tongue, and this almost brings her over the edge again. I pull my three fingers out of my wife’s asshole, and lubricate it with her pussy juices. I put four fingers together, and gently push her asshole open again.

My wife’s asshole is relaxed and willing, and when I hesitate to push my hand further in, she pushes back hard to take it a deeper. I go back her throbbing clit with my tongue. I gently lick it, enjoying her moans and cries of pleasure, and the feeling of her fully sketched asshole. I slowly push my four fingers in just past my knuckles, and now I know I can’t stop her orgasm. I lick her clit much harder, and fuck her with my hand in the ass, well past my knuckles. The air is thick with the aroma from her dripping cunt and stretched asshole.

My wife cares nothing about neighbors and people walking by, as she screams as her orgasm takes hold of her, I slowly pull my hand out of her ass to prolong her orgasm. I am no longer licking her, and instead watching her body convulse, and hearing her scream in pleasure. And watching my hand slide out of her asshole. I am rewarded with a nice and large gape, but the next convulsion closes it quickly. I wish I could capture those moments on camera.

I sit back and watch my wife orgasm for another minute or so, looking at her twitching asshole and smelling her newly finger fucked ass and her dripping pussy mixed together. After a couple of minutes I help her off the table, put a blanket on a little patch of grass next to the table, and position my wife on all four on the blanket. I unzip my pants and let my rock hard and throbbing cock out, getting ready to push it deep into my wife’s waiting asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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