A Question of Friction

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I won the lottery. No, not the big prize, but I did get five out of six numbers, and that was worth $10,009.88. The amount was significant to me because it pretty much translated into my birth date of 10-9-88. The money itself was also significant to me, because I had been working and living on my own for almost a year, and the most I ever had in the bank was eight hundred dollars.

When my mother called me and asked me to come over for dinner to celebrate, I was wary. I hadn’t told her about it yet, but I guess I told enough people for the word to get back to her. When I moved out, we weren’t on the best of terms. We’d fought constantly during the last four years, mostly over the pricks she went out with, and the two she let move in with us.

When I told her I was busy, she said, “Come on Bobby, we don’t have to always fight, let’s just enjoy an evening together, I’m happy for you.”

Finally I said, “Okay Anne, but not if that asshole is there.” I called her Anne when I wanted to be cold to her. She didn’t like it.

She said, “I wanted to tell you, I threw Roy out two days ago, and yes, you were right, that was what he was. I’ll tell you about it when I see you. I’m looking forward to this. Okay, tomorrow night at seven, and don’t be late like you always are, I don’t want everything spoiled.”

I was just about to be annoyed, and argue that she was the one who’s usually late, but I was feeling too good about winning, so I let it go and said, “Right.”

When I got there the next night, I was in jeans, but my mother was all decked out. She looked like she was going to a party. Her hair was down; she had heels on, and a little black dress, that was very little. There was always one thing about her that nobody fails to notice, her body. She was born with it, and she did everything she could to maintain it. It was not the body of a woman in her late thirties. And most of it was on display.

Her cleavage was snow-coned out of the top, and the fabric was clinging enough to show the full curve of her ass. A small alarm went off in the back of my mind, knowing how she used her sexuality. Until I smartened up, it wasn’t hard for her to get what she wanted from a horny teenager. She would hug me to her breasts and say, “Oh, Bobby do this for mommy.” She knew what she was doing, and the annoying part of it was that the bitch usually got away with it.

I couldn’t help it; she always looked hot to me. Tall, pretty, busty, walking around in her underwear as if I wasn’t around. But she knew. Once, I was fooling around, making home movies with a cheap video camera she’d got me for my birthday. She was reaching down to get a pan from the cabinet and I said into the camera, “And here’s a close-up of my mother’s ass.”

She got up and smiled and struck a pose with her ass sticking out. Then she turned around and took a deep breath and stuck out her tits.” I couldn’t say the words so I said, “And here’s a close-up of my mother’s front.” She laughed, but I saw her look between my legs more than a few times when I was trying to hide the effect of her posing and teasing.

So we had the dinner, and the wine, and the small talk, and then we went into the living room. She sat by me on the sofa; close enough so that her thigh was on mine. I wasn’t that surprised when she said, “You sure were right about Roy…he maxed out my credit card. That was the last straw. Now I’m stuck, and I’m really behind.” She put her hand on the hand I had rested on my thigh. If she would have moved her thumb, it could have touched my dick. She said, “Bobby, can you help me out? I promise I’ll pay you back. If you let me have five thousand, I can get out from under and…”

I pulled my hand out from hers and said, “You know something Anne, blow me. What, you think because you show me your tits, I’ll do anything you want?” We’d had some no holds barred fights in the past and I even once called her a whore, but I knew we were getting into new territory. We’d both had a lot to drink and I was angry, getting angrier.

She said, “What are you talking about, a mother asks her son for some help and…”

I said, “Yeah and you just happened to wear that dress and happened to stick your tits into me every time you walked by me…what a joke.”

“Oh Bobby, ” she said innocently. “Maybe you’re attracted to me…boys sometimes feel that way about their mother, but that’s no reason to say I did anything…”

I said, “You really are a joke…” and then something shifted in my head and I said, “Ah what the fuck, who cares, I’ll give you the money…just don’t bother me anymore, don’t call me…”

She said, “Don’t be like that…I’ll pay you back…” She came up to me and said, “Bobby, you’re really getting me out of a jam; you’re the best.” She hugged me long enough for me to start getting hard. Her fragrance encircled me, her tits were in my chest and then she kissed my cheeks. I turned my head and when our eyes met, I saw a look that made me impulsively kiss her mouth.

When bahis firmaları I realized that she was kissing me back, I pulled at the top of her dress and soft bra with one hand and her left boob became exposed. I took it in my hand as she was saying, “No Bobby, no…” But she wasn’t stopping me. She was still kissing me. She didn’t put her hand on mine to stop me from massaging her big tit or from taking her nipple between my fingers. What she did was put her hand on my cock and say, “We can’t Bobby…”

I didn’t say anything; I kept kissing and feeling her. When I stopped kissing her, I sucked on her nipple. She put her hand through my hair and said, “No baby, no…” And the way she said it, I knew I was going to fuck my mother, right then and right there.

As I undressed her, she played at fainting, or sleeping, or some such nonsense. She didn’t help me and she didn’t stop me, and I managed to have her naked pretty quickly. She really did have a spectacular body. He legs were long, and everything was round and firm and curved and smooth. Even her pussy was shaved and I was surprised how sexy I found it. I felt as if I could come as I opened her legs. I gathered myself and maintained control.

I brought my cock to my mother’s pussy and as I first inserted it into the wet center, she ‘Woke up’ and said, “Bobby, what are you doing?” It would have been funny if I weren’t actually fucking my mother. I penetrated her creamy hole and she moved her hips and said, “Oh God, why are doing this to me Bobby?” She could have easily pushed me off her, and if I thought for one second she didn’t want me inside her, I would have stopped. She moved and clawed at my back and said, “Bobby, your cock is inside me…what are you doing…?”

I played the game. I said, “Mom I’ve thought about screwing you for a long time. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m fucking you, I’M FUCKING YOU…that’s what I’m doing, so stop asking me, because I’m going to fuck you until I get off inside you and fill your pussy with my cum.”

She said, “OH God…” and she grabbed the couch with her hands by her sides and her legs spread as wide as she could get them. She humped up at me and I gave her the full length with each stroke and she moaned with each thrust.

I touched her clit only once and rubbed it a little. I didn’t expect the reaction I got. She went over. “Oh God, I’m coming…OH…OH…” I thrust hard and fast into my mother’s pussy because I wanted to come as she did, and I let myself go with rapid-fire releases. She was breathing hard after she came and she didn’t open her eyes. I pulled out of her and got up. She turned to her side, facing away from me.

I put my hand on her beautiful ass and stroked it for a moment as a slight shiver went through her body. I said, “I’m going…you’ll get your check.” She didn’t move or say anything. I thought to myself ‘That was a five thousand dollar fuck, but it was worth it.’

All night, I thought about calling her, but I had no idea what to say. I wasn’t sure what the hell had happened, but I didn’t see it as my fault, and I didn’t feel as if I had to apologize. I thought that maybe she would call me, but she didn’t.

The next day at work, I think I had a hard-on 90% of the time thinking about the night before. I wanted more if there was any chance of getting some. I knew it was her day off, and I went straight to her apartment after work and let myself in. She was sitting having a drink and she looked surprised. She said, “Bobby, I wasn’t expecting you. Listen…”

I said, “Anne, I didn’t come to talk, I came for a little more of your sweet pussy.” I took out the check and let it fall out of my hand.

“No Bobby,” she said. “Don’t talk like that. Last night was a mistake; it shouldn’t have happened.” Then her demeanor changed and she said quietly, “You know it had nothing to do with the money?”

I said, “Sure,” sarcastically. But the way she said it, I actually believed her.

I walked up to her and began to unzip my fly. She said, “No Bobby…it was a mistake I’m telling you.”

I took out my cock and said, “Was it mistake that you came like a freight train last night? Was it a mistake that your pussy was so creamy it dripped?”

I held my cock near her lips and she looked up at me and said, “Bobby, don’t make me do this.”

All I said was “Suck it ma.” I never touched her. I never put my cock on her lips, but her lips ended up around my cock. She opened her mouth as if she was going to swallow the whole thing.

“Mmm…Mmm…Mmm…” Each time she moved her head forward to take my cock into her mouth, she made that sound. It was loud and distressed. It was the sound she might have made if I was holding her face and forcing my cock down her throat. I wasn’t. Then they became hungry sounds as she licked and sucked. I undid my pants. I took my cock out of her mouth and lifted the shaft back. I didn’t have to tell her what to do. She licked my balls and sucked on them.

I put my cock back in kaçak iddaa her mouth and I said, “Now suck until I come in your mouth; show me what a hot fucking mother you are.” I picked up her sweater and practically tore her bra off. I knew that her big bare tits would only make me come faster, but I wanted them in my hands. I wanted her nipples between my fingers, so I could hear her squeal when I pinched them. She did, and she momentarily caught her breath while my cock was still in her mouth. I said loudly, “Don’t stop sucking mom.”

She went back to it and did a good job of blowing her son as her lips stretched around the width of my cock. Then she amazed me; she took me deep into her throat. I didn’t want to think about how she’d learned to do I, but it felt unbelievable. She was taking me so deep, I was able to fuck her mouth. As I felt the cum rising in my balls, I let go of her tit and took a handful of her hair from behind her head. I fucked her mouth until I couldn’t hold it any more. ‘YES…YES…suck it mom…suck my cock…ANNIE…” I shot off the first release as if it came out of a canon and she gagged a little. I think it was the first time I ever made that loud a noise when I came. Of course it was the first time I ever came in my mother’s mouth.

I let go of her hair and stopped thrusting my hips, but mom made up for it by moving in and out on my cock until I finished releasing into her mouth. She then turned her face into the pillow on the couch.

After a moment I caught my breath and I said, “Come on Anne, that wasn’t something you’ve never done before.”

She raised her mouth from the pillow enough to say, “But not with my son… I just let you come in my mouth Bobby!”

I said, “Listen Anne…I know what’ll take your mind off it…” I pushed up her skirt and started pulling down her panties.

She said, “What are you doing bobby?” I answered by positioning her and pushing her legs apart. Before she could object, I went down on her. What a sweet pussy she had. She started moaning, “Oh God…Bobby,” as I licked the wet lips of her vagina. She had the most sensitive clit of any woman I’d been with. It looked large to me when it emerged, swollen, from under the hood. The slightest licking over the tender nub made her writhe and moan. She’d said the word no almost all the time, but when I sucked on her clit she couldn’t help but say, “Yes Bobby, yes…” I took the slick shiny flesh between my lips and sucked on it. A deep moan came from her and she came in my mouth with an intense arching and an extended arm as if she was reaching for the ceiling with her fingers. The long moan continued from the back of her throat and it was animal passion, pure and simple.

I didn’t give her much time to rest before turning her over. She hugged one of the pillows as I mounted her doggy-style. I penetrated her soft warm pussy and she dreamily sounded an unending ‘Mmmm…” as I went in and out of her. I’d had enough experience, but mom’s passion was exciting. I rubbed my thumbs into the firm flesh of her rounded ass cheeks spreading the globes apart; her pink puckered circle turned me on. I put a finger on it and rubbed as I fucked her.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna fuck little Annie in her ass.”

We went back to playing the game. She said “No Bobby please, we can’t do that, it’s too much, I’m still your mother…you’ve gone crazy…how could you want to do that to your mother?

I laughed, “Because you’re the best piece of ass I’ve ever had, and you’ve got a big beautiful ass that needs fucking…doesn’t it mom?

“She said, “No Bobby, no…” I pulled out and grabbed her pussy and started massaging her clit with my fingers. She moaned. My cock was sopping with her juices.

I said, “Say it Anne, say it.”

She said, “Oh God…yes…I need fucking…okay?”

“Tell me your ass needs fucking Anne.”

She was pushing back as I massaged her pussy and her ass opened as she leaned back on her heels. She said, “Yes…what difference does it make now…yes…my pussy needs fucking…my mouth needs fucking…my ass needs fucking…my ass needs fucking…”

As she said it I pushed my cock into her ass and drove it deep. She let out the longest and loudest, “OHHHHhhhhh…” that I’d heard from her since we’d started.

I had only imagined what anal sex would feel like, and I was all wrong. It was so much more intense, so much better. I said, “OH FUCK that’s good…what an ass you have.” I was drilling her with long strokes and the width of my cock opened that tight lane enough for it to hold my cock in a viselike grip. Her pucker had disappeared and only her ass stretched around my cock. I used my hips to drive each stroke between her firm globes. I said, “You love fucking, don’t you Anne?”

She said, “Yes…I love fucking.” She sounded almost out of breath. It wasn’t that warm in the room, but we were both bathed in sweat.

I said, “Even if it’s your own son fucking your ass, you love it, don’t kaçak bahis you?”

She pushed back in the same rhythm I was giving it to her and she said, “Yes, yes, yes, bobby…you know I do…oh fuck…yes…Bobby, Bobby…ohhh…” once I got going, I didn’t want to stop and I penetrated her without letup stop until I felt my orgasm approaching.

I said, “I’m going to fill your ass mom…”

She said, “Yes, fill me, do it, do it…”

I squeezed the meaty globes and let out another, “OH FUCK YEAH…” as the hot cream shot out of me. I came deep inside her and my lubricated shaft became a piston as I released all the pent up sperm I had. Her ass was still raised as I finished and I reached for her clit to make her cum. Her channel was tight enough to keep me inside her even after I had come. I stayed inside her as I worked her clit with my palm and fingers. I had come enough to regain control and I teased her and said, “Should I stop?”

She almost whimpered, “No…” It didn’t take long for her to come. I loved the sound of her coming. It sounded hard, and complete, and satisfying. She collapsed and when she did, my cock slipped out of her.

Without saying anything, I got up and got dressed. Mom sat cross-legged, looking at me, with her arms wrapped around a pillow that covered her tits and pussy. I looked at her and she looked so vulnerable. I wasn’t used to seeing her like that. She said, “Bobby, don’t go yet.” I waited. She got up and came to me and put her arms around me. I held her, not sure what to do. She said, “Bobby could you stay a while…can we have some coffee, and talk…and not fight?”

I said, “Okay.”

She said, “Hold me for a minute.” I held her and stroked her smooth back. She was five-nine and always seemed so tall when I was growing up. Now that I was over six feet, and she was barefoot, she seemed like a girl in my arms. I was already getting hard again with her standing naked against me.

She reached down and picked up the check and said, “I don’t want it; I don’t want you to think that…”

I said, “Mom, I know that what happened didn’t have anything to do with the money.” She looked up questioningly. I said, “I do mom. I want you to have it, really. I don’t owe anything and I’m only going to blow the rest of it anyway.” She raised her mouth and kissed me softly without saying anything. The kiss lasted and I ran my hand over the downy curve of her butt. I said, “You really do have a great ass mom.”

She smiled and said, “Let me get dressed and make you that coffee.”

We sat across from each other and I guess we were each looking into a different person’s eyes. Her eyes sparkled and we talked easily, despite what had just transpired between us. It was as if it was an accepted thing and we were going on from there. She said, “Bobby, let’s never fight again.”

I said, “That’s a tall order for us…but we’re both tall…so what the hell, let’s give it a shot.” She grinned and then she said what we both knew was true. “Our lives are never going to be the same, are they Bobby?”

“I guess not mom,” I said. “We have a lot think about, and a lot to talk about…but I’m wiped now.”

There was a quiet moment when enormity of what had happened surrounded us. I got up to go and mom said, “You could stay you know, your room is empty, or…”

I said, “Thanks mom, but I have a lot things to take care of at my apartment, and I start at seven tomorrow…” Actually I didn’t have anything to do at home, but my head was spinning and I wanted to sort things out. And I also wanted to give her time to think.

I got up and kissed her and she said, “Goodnight…sweet Bobby.” I almost didn’t recognize her voice or the light that came from her eyes.

I said, “I’ll call you tomorrow after work; think about all this mom.”

She said, “I will baby.” She kissed me goodnight again.

It had all happened so fast. I didn’t sleep much, wondering where everything would lead. What did she really want from me? Did I want to sleep with her again? My dick was keeping me up as much as anything, so that was a stupid question. But was this going to bring trouble for both of us, and how long would it be before our cat and dog act re-appeared?

I called her the next day and she asked me over. She added, “Just to talk,” but it sounded more like a question than a pronouncement. When I got there she was barefoot, in a tee shirt and shorts. She said, “Do you want a beer, or a Coke, or something to eat?”

I said, “No thanks. How about if we talk for a while and then go for pizza?”

She said “Great! Yeah great…”

We sat on the couch and she said, “So what do you think about all this?”

I said, “I’m not sure…”

Mom asked me, “Are you sorry?”

I gave her an ‘Are you crazy,’ look, and said, “No way.”

She said, “I’m glad. Right from the first, when I realized what we were about to do, I thought, ‘this isn’t what people think should happen between a mother and son’, but I knew you wanted me, and I wanted you…”

“I know mom,” I said. “People can think whatever they want.”

She didn’t look at me when she said, “It was good Bobby.” She didn’t have to tell me what she was talking about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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