A Princess In My Bed

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I came home from work and found my front door open. Shit!

Holding up my fist, I crept inside the dark condo and tripped over a pair of bright pink sneakers. Then on the hallway floor, I saw a line of clothes…

Frilly pink socks, a plaid miniskirt, and a “PRINCESS” t-shirt?

“Princess?” When I found the double-D bra and a pair of pink lace panties, I knew something was up besides my prick. The air held a scent of perfume and pussy.

This was a twat-treasure hunt. My laser-prick pointed to my bedroom.

And the naked treasure lay waiting in my bed. In the dim light, I saw a naked college girl. Petite and cute, with bulging tits and curly red hair, in both places.

‘Princess’ had her eyes closed, moaning as she fingered her fuzzy red pussy. While her other hand pushed a line of anal beads up her… ass?

I walked into the dark room, and the naughty nymph covered her eyes.

“Oh DEREK, I’m sorry. And I’m ready to do those naughty things you wanted.” ‘Princess’ spread open her brilliant pink pussy lips. “Get naked Derek and fuck me till I screamÔÇöthen yank the beads out of my butt!”

‘Sounds fun,’ I thought. ‘But who the fuck is Derek?’

I wasn’t Derek, but I got naked in a flash. My prick rose up like a fleshy sword, ready to serve the Princess. Climbing behind the redhead, I squeezed her lush tits. She saw my tattooed hands and slapped my face.


“Missy, this is MY CONDO and MY BED!” The petite redhead tried to slap me again. But I held her down by her plump tits and tugged on her ass beads.

“Ouch. Stop that! Th-those beads are for DEREK.”

“Look Princess Loco. You broke into my place, so tell me why you’re in my bed, naked and spread?”

Her face turned neon pink. “Uh, my name’s Alisha. And Derek was my boyfriend until he wanted me to do some nasty things. Stick beads up my butt, swallow down his gunk, and awful-awful anal sex.”

Alisha moaned with a shudder.

“Derek called me a PRUDE, so I left him. But now I want him back and decided to give in to his nasties. So I took an Uber from college to surprise Derek, and let him do those things…”

The redhead stared up at me, then her green eyes dropped to my throbbing boner. “I-I just wanted to make Derek happy and…fuck him like a naughty little Princess.”

“Um Sir…Do you have Derek’s new address?”

“Call me Bruno, and the guy who lived here married some crazy stripper and moved to Vegas. Then I moved in. Maybe I should’ve changed the door lock.”

“YES you should have! Then I wouldn’t be here naked in a stranger’s bed, sticking a bunch of beads up my ass.” Alisha’s eyes teared up. “Did Derek really marry a stripper?”

“Yep. And honey I’ll bet she ain’t no PRUDE. Probably riding him like a Russian gymnast.” Alisha screamed, burying her head in the pillow.

“Stop that Princess!” I pulled her head up. “What you need is a good smacking!”

The girl cringed, but I smacked her with a lip-sucking kiss. We fell back on the bed, and I felt her young body melting in my arms. Her pouty lips opened, and our tongues twisted together.

I squeezed Alisha’s cushy mounds and long nipples. My hand moved down, exploring her moist red slit as her pussy muscles clenched my finger.

“Stop Bruno, don’t do that!”

“Isn’t that why you’re hereÔÇöto FUCK?”

The redhead looked up through tear-filled eyelashes and nodded. Her breasts quivered as she pushed more beads up her ass. She opened her thighs a few inches.

“No Princess, spread your legs like a stripper!” Alisha bit her lip and grabbed her ankles, forcing her legs wide apart. Her pussy opened up, revealing her pink halkal─▒ escort rosebud.

“Excellent. I love a young, eager spreader.” My enraged prick pushed in, ripping through her clasping folds.

“OUCH, go slow Bruno, you’re boner thing is WAY bigger than Derek’s.” Alisha’s pussy was virgin tight. I could only force in halfway.

“Geez girl, how many times did you and Derek do it?”

“IT?” She blushed and wouldn’t answer.

“Boyfriend Derek must be hung like a pencil.” I laughed, pulled almost all the way out, and plowed back in, ramming through her clutching tissue. Alisha’s moans grew louder with each fuck-thrust.

Soon Alisha, gave a little yowl of pain as my dick hit the bottom of her cunt. I grabbed her hips in both hands and thrust in harder. Her yelps turned into squeals of pleasure.

The Princess humped her burning twat onto my prick.

Our hips slammed together as the small room filled with the squishy sounds of screwing. I fucked Alisha so hard her cunt lips actually rolled inside.

“Ouch, it feels like I’m getting fucked by a fence post.” Alisha jerked her head forward, ripping the beads out of her ass as she screamed, “AAAAH!”

Princess orgasmed so hard her clenching pussy was a cock-milking machine. And I spewed into her milking-cunt. Alisha’s pussy quivered in another wave of cock-crushing orgasms and she collapsed on the bed, panting.

She looked up, “D-did you like that Bruno? Was I tight?”

I nodded and caressed her fuzzy twat. “Ooh Bruno, I’ve never climaxed so hard in my life. Um…by the way your cock is still stuffed up inside me. Do you know that?”

“Yes sweetie.” I sucked her mouth-watering nipples. My cock stiffened again. “Alisha, if you’re lucky you might get sloppy seconds.”

“No Bruno. I don’t think I could stand having that fence pole jammed up my tender cunt so soon. I just can’t!” Alisha pulled away from my prick with a loud slurp.

She looked down at the pink frosting dripping from her pussy. “Jerk you fucked me so hard you made me bleed.”

“Good! Nothing like a well fucked sloppy fuck-hole.”

She laughed and we kissed. “Bruno I’ve been using the beads to practice…you know. “Now Bruno, I-I’m ready to get fucked in my ass. No one’s ever gonna call me a prude again!”

I rolled Alisha on her back. “What are you doing! I want you in my ass!”

My arms hooked her knees, pulling her legs back. “Don’t worry Princess, I will fuck that gorgeous ass, but I also want to play with your bouncy boobs. I can’t wait to see your eyes when I stuff my cock up your tight anus.”

My hand squeezed Alisha’s boobs and twirling her hard nipples between fingers. My cock lined up with her puckered asshole, and I press forward into her ass, then I caught the nervous look in her big green eyes.

“Alisha, guide my prick into your acorn-size anus.” She bit her lip and guided my fat cockhead to her tiny asshole. I pushed in, and she gasped, wrapping her fist tightly around my shaft.

“Wait, I-I can’t take it any deeper!”

“Sure you can. Just pretend you’re a stripper. They never say no.” Alisha gritted her teeth, and I slowly fucked in and out of her tight anus. Her eyes bulged out when I picked up speed, ramming my cock in deep.

“Bruno…you don’t have to stick it all the way in.”

“Yes I do.” My prick gave her Princess asshole a good reaming. Her little hand gripped my shaft, while the other hand frigged her swollen clitty.

“Ohhh Yess!” The redhead climaxed, and I followed fast behind, blasting cum deep into her anal canal. After the last spurt, she collapsed, and I pulled out slowly.

“Gosh, olgun escort you really stretched out my butthole.”

Alisha snuggled close, kissing my lips. After a few minutes, I got up and washed my dick off. When I walked back into the bedroom, Alisha laughed.

“Bruno, I planned to give my anal cherry to Derek. But I’m glad you plucked it. Thank you for screwing my ass.”

I knelt between Alisha’s legs wiping off her cummy holes and pulled up my boner. “Don’t Bruno, ’cause you’re just going to get them gooey again.” She was right.

We screwed like rabbits the rest of the day, pausing only to eat.

When I had to take a leak, she’d followed me into the toilet and held my prick for me. After the last piss Alisha also had to pee. She squatted on the toilet, tinkled, and looked at me with mischief in her eyes.

“Alisha I love your puffy pink lips. Plush and perfect for cock sucking.”

“And you have a such a lovely cock.” The redhead licked my pee-hole then and sucked my cock into her throat with her tongue sliding along my shaft.

Bobbing her head, Alisha sucked faster as her long, red ponytail whirled and flew around her face.

Alisha’s little fingers grasped my balls and fondled them. “Oh honey…it’s so good.” I felt my hard prick swelling in her mouth. She took my cock deep down into her throat in long, sucking strokes.

Princess licked it all the way with her flicking tongue.

She bobbed her head in a frenzy of sucking until it spewed down her throat. Alisha gagged but swallowed until my balls emptied. Foamy cum dripped from her mouth as her green eyes glistened.

I kissed her forehead. “Alisha, you want a beer to wash that down?”

“I’m not old enough.” She laughed, “I’m old enough to drink cum, but not beer.” She took the beer anyway. After a few more beers, Alisha gigged. “It’s bedtime for Bruno.”

She walked toward the room while stripping, leaving a line of clothes in the hall. The naked Princess bent over in bed. “Cum and get it…Either hole.”

I did, and we fucked the night away.

The next day we went to a topless beach. I’d screwed Alisha more in a single day than Derek ever did. By now my sweet Princess had a sore pussy. Very sore.

Whenever Alisha saw my lump, she looked up at me in a panic. But the beach was topless, and the free-flapping titties gave me a raging boner. I pulled Alisha behind a sand dune.

“No Bruno, you already screwed me raw. My pussy feels like it got fucked by a hammer.”

I laughed and rubbed my dick between her naked, jiggling boobs. “Bruno, what are you doing?”

“I want to fuck your luscious tits.”

“A titty-fuck? That’s a real thing?”

“It sure is Princess. Squeeze them juicy jugs together.” I forced my cock into her cleavage. Alisha pressed her boobs together, wrapping my shaft in soft, titty flesh. My cock slid back and forth between her mounds.

The redhead watched cross-eyed as my prick slid faster between her soft boobs and hard nipples, and she licked my knob with each stroke. Alisha twisted her long nipples while squeezing her tits around my cock.

She pinched her nipples harder and moaned. My cockhead slipped between her lips as she moaned. I got ready to burst and forced my cock into her mouth and spewed.

“Ungggh!” The Princess gagged but kept swallowing as cum dripped down her tits. Alisha pulled away, panting and she looked down at gobs of cum in her rubbed-red cleavage and smiled, proud of herself.

“That was some great titty-fucking.” Alisha sucked some cum drops off her nipples. ┼či┼čli escort I kissed her forehead, and we lay together in the sand, watching the sunset.

“Um, Bruno, have you done a lot of tit-fucking?”

“Yep missy, last month I titty-fucked a Swedish stewardess. She wanted to taste American cock before she flew back to Sweden. In the ladies’ restroom, she wrapped my prick in her generous mounds of titty-meat.”

“Then I told her I wanted to feel Swedish pussy before she left. Feel it wrapped around my dick. I fucked that stewardess against the wall while she lifted a long leg around me.”

Alisha frowned and crossed her arms. “But Bruno, you like my tits and pussy better than hers, right? I fuck you good, right?”

“Yes sweetie. You make my dick ache.” Alisha flashed a little smile, and we left. The antsy redhead fidgeted all the way back to my condo. We got out of the truck.

“Um…Bruno, I’m not sure if should I go back to my mom’s house or…” Alisha stared up at me with her clear green eyes. “Say something dude.”

“Something.” I handed her the key to my truck and a razor.

“Bruno, what’s the truck key for?”

“So you can get your stuff and move in with me… If you want.”

“Yes I Want!” Alisha smacked me with a kiss so hard I fell back onto the pavement. The naughty girl jumped on me, unzipped my pants, a pulled out my stiff dick. She yanked her panties to one side, displaying her hairy red pussy.

“Bruno I’m going to ride you like a Russian Gymnast, right here in the parking lot.”

“Alisha someone might see us.”

“I don’t care!” The limber redhead mounted my pole, twisting her hips, screwing her pussy onto my fuck-pole, with her fat tits bouncing on my face.

The giggling girl jumped up and down on my prick until it spewed. Then we lay on the pavement, panting and hugging. “Bruno honey, what’s the razor for?”

“Ha. To shave your pussy you furry beast!”

“Okay, let’s do it in the shower.” I followed Alisha into the condo. She stripped off clothes as she walked. In the shower, I watched her shave off most of her fiery red patch, carefully working the razor around her exposed labia.

But she left a small curl of red pubes on top of her juicy slit. Alisha giggled and leaned back against the shower wall. We both stared at her freshly shaved twat. She whispered, “Lick it. Eat my pussy.”

I licked her slit like it was a piece of pink candy, then stabbed my tongue into her fuck-hole. Alisha squirmed as my mouth sucked on her sweet pussy, and my tongue lapping inside her like a dog.

“Ohh Bruno… that’s so good…” My tongue found her clit and tickled it. Then my lips pulled on her clitty like it was taffy.

Alisha gripped my hair and screamed. “Ohh… Yes…yes…I’m Cumming! ” Her young pussy undulated, and I felt her clit throbbing on my tongue. I came up for air with my mouth dripping in pussy juice.

But she kissed me anyway.

Alisha was the perfect tight-bodied, fuck-machine. And I had the perfect boner. Lifting her against the wall, we screwed in the shower until the water turned cold.

In the morning, Alisha brought me coffee and anal lube. She instructed me to work the beads into her ass. The Princess rolled over to her hands and knees. “I want you to fuck me! Hammer my ass like yesterday.”

The beads popped out of her asshole, but she was still tight. I pounded Alisha’s anus as she thrust back. She grabbed me as I shoved in balls deep. We fucked like feral beasts, screwing, clawing, and climaxing…

We collapsed onto each other, panting in the sweaty afterglow of hot sex. Alisha rubbed her pussy and laughed. “Now dude, you’re ready to meet my Momma.”


That same day I helped Alisha move out of her mother’s house and into my condo. But her Momma gave me the evil eye and spit on the floor. I don’t think Momma liked me…at all.

“Alisha, you just met this Dick-Head two days ago!”

“Yes Mom, two days and twenty-two orgasms ago.”

“Oh my goodness…never mind dear. I hope you and your pussy have lots of fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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