A Phallophobic Daughter

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A piercing shriek, obviously loud although distant, pierced the air.


Hmm, why did that shriek sound familiar.

“Coach, come to the men’s locker room quick!” stated Trey breathlessly as he rushed into my office slash classroom. “It’s Adora.”

“What happened to my daughter, and why is she in the men’s locker room?”

“Some dumb senior prank to introduce a girl into the men’s room while there were a lot of boys still naked changing out of their swimsuits. I understand her shock, but why is she screaming like a banshee?”

“She’s had Phallophobia ever since that last Frontier Rendezvous your parents and I took you and Adora. It’s the reason we haven’t been back since she was 7 and you were 9.” Trey had graduated from this high school two years ago, but was found a job here as equipment manager. He got the nickname Trey (his real name is Theodore) from the fact that he was always third place in whatever athletic event he tried. In solo races throughout his school life he’d come in third place, and whenever there was a ranking for top athletes in baseball, football, basketball, tennis, wrestling, tiddlywinks, whatever…he got third place. OK, I kid about tiddlywinks but you get the idea. He was never good enough to get a scholarship in any one particular sport, and he had no head for academics, so he couldn’t even see himself in community college. Not a dumb kid at all, as he has more common sense than most professors, but he seemed to have no future and the school gave him a job because we felt sorry for him, as everyone liked him.

“What the hell is Phallophobia?”

“It is a fear of penises. At that last rendezvous I was at the men’s shower and rest room where everyone showers in one large room. Here she is, some sweet innocent 7 year old girl, waking up early in the morning and wants to see her daddy right then. So she goes searching for me, walks into the men’s building and voila, lots of dangling body parts she had never seen. She was positively frightened, and she could not even cope with the site of the building after that, which is why we’ve never been back. To this day, when she was supposed to have biology or ‘sex ed’ classes she’d lose it and have to go to study hall.”

Trey asked the obvious question, “Didn’t you ever try to cure her?”

“When you’re a father who wishes to protect your father from the predations of boys, you can’t help but think in the back of your mind it is better that she has this fear. I didn’t have to worry about her getting knocked up by some boy who was solely interested in releasing his sperm so he could think he was a ‘man’ now, not knowing that being a man biologically is not the same as becoming a man mentally and socially.” I finally realized I needed to have left already to tend to her, and started heading out the door, with Trey right behind me.

As we rushed to the locker room, the scream didn’t die off, but instead just increased in volume. My ears were telling me something my mind was already thinking…maybe I should have already find some cure for her fear of penises. After all, I want her to give me grandchildren someday. At the very least, I would not now be realizing what a healthy set of lungs she has.

Trey and I rushed through the locker room door. My Adora had backed herself into a corner, half-standing and half-sitting, shrieking as if Lucifer himself had cornered her. The boys that were still there were not vocal, but their faces showed fright. Their terror increased once they realized the girl’s father, myself, was there.

“EVERYONE GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF HERE NOW!!!” I was obviously not happy as a stream of boys in various stages of undress from fully clothed to practically nude dashed out. From what I saw of the penises that caused this terror in my offspring, I would have wagered only one or two might have caused the terror; the rest indicated to me that the vast majority of girls at the high school who were sexually active were probably rather dissatisfied.

“Coach Evers, what happened?” said Ryan, one of the two boys left. He and Jakob, the other boy who hadn’t left, had known Adora for years. “We were getting dressed, and all of a sudden Thomas, Cris, and Revin brought Adora in here on their shoulders, sat her down, and off she goes. She scared the shit out of me, and I think the rest of us as well.”

Comforting Adora in my arms, I tried to regain my calm. “Ryan. Jakob. I believe your story, but right now I think the fewer males around Adora the better.”

“Sure thing Coach. C’mon Ryan, let’s go.” Jakob motioned Ryan to the door. As they left, Jakob stated, “I remember her and Haya freaking out in biology class once; I guess I know why.”

Now that it was just Trey and myself left, I sat Adora down on one of the benches. Adora was starting to come around and in several deep breathes she started relaying what happened. “Daddy, it was horrible. Those bastards just picked me up, almost groped me as they brought me in here, and I have pretty much forgotten what has happened since.” lotusbet g├╝venilirmi She then laid down with a thump. “I saw Revin and Cris, and I’ll take Ryan’s word that Thomas was involved too.” She started to twist herself into a ball, as if she was starting to crumble again.

I turned to Trey. “Trey, make sure no one, boy or girl, is hanging around here, and then go tell the principal’s office what happened. Better the office takes care of them before I decide to dish out punishment myself on them.” With a nod, Trey dashed away. I knew that Trey would do as I requested.

I practically carried Adora back to my office, where Adora was finally gaining something resembling 75% composure.

“I’m sorry for freaking out Daddy, but I couldn’t help myself. I saw all those…those…things…and I couldn’t think rationally. I wish Haya was here.”

“Who’s Haya?”

“Oh, she was my best friend in middle school, and I still keep in touch with her on Facebook. She is also scared of…of…those things. Her parents had a strict curfew for her back then, and now she attends private school fifty miles away, which is why you’ve never seen her.”

I thought it best if Adora kept talking, so I didn’t interrupt her as her thoughts kept racing from one point to another. “I don’t want to be a lesbian dad, but I’d like to know what it’s like to be a couple. But one thought about those..things and I shudder.” She looked pensively at me. “But then, when has a penis ever done anything for me except scare me.”

“Well,” I said, “it was a penis that got your mother pregnant with you, after all.”

She gave her first smile of the day. “Well, besides that…penis.” Well, at least she was coming around by using that word. “Whenever I think of that day eleven years ago when I saw all of those…things dangling, they frighten me but somehow, the times I picture yours, I don’t get scared. Why is that?”

“Maybe because, deep down, you know it’s Daddy’s and you can’t be scared of Daddy.” I sat beside her on my desk, her strawberry hair dangling upon my shoulder.

“Oh Daddy, what am I ever going to do? We’re not Catholic, but maybe I could become a nun.” She sighed, “The only…penis…I don’t fear is yours.”

I decided then I had to do something; but what? Then a thought occurred to me. If she could get used to a penis, maybe she could learn to overcome her fear. But whose penis could do the trick. A thought occurred to me, one I wanted to chase away but I knew I couldn’t. Only one penis could possibly do the trick and, as incestuous as it was, it would have to be mine. My determination to do it promptly kept me from realizing I should have waited until we got home.

“Honey, I have a solution. It is a bit drastic, but it has to be done.”

“Anything Daddy.”

“Close your eyes and keep them shut until I say otherwise, understood?”

“Yes Daddy.”

Once she closed her eyes I unbuckled my belt, and let my pants and underwear drop to the floor as I stepped out of them.

“Now Adora, keep your eyes closed but use your hand to reach out.”

“OK Daddy.”

Once she reached out, I aimed her hand to my penis, having her hold it.

“Uh Daddy, what am I holding…”

“Trust me honey, it’s the only solution. You need to be comfortable with penises, and since this is the only one you seem to like, it will have to do. Now, because we don’t want to scare you, keep your eyes closed as you touch it.

“Uhh, okay Daddy.”

She was rather tentative holding my dick, but eventually she got surer of herself.

“Now honey, the part you are holding now is my foreskin. Continue to pull it slightly down and then back up.” The feel of her velvety hand upon my cock was amazing. She had a natural gift at this.

“Now, use your other hand and play with his friends underneath him. You’ll like them as well, even if they are a bit…nutz.” I smiled.

“Daddy, you and your sense of humor.” She sighed, but she dutifully reached out for my balls. I have always loved having my balls played with but neither my first girlfriend nor my wife and mother of my child (God rest both their souls) liked to do it. But like I said, Adora’s a natural. She instinctively knew to play with my balls as if holding a newborn kitten. Her soft touch was making it hard for me to keep my self-control. The tiny hairs of my balls (I try to keep only a minimal amount of hair down there for hygiene’s sake) seemed to develop pleasure nerves of their own from my daughter’s caresses.

“Now honey, while continuing to play with your new toys, aim your eyes skyward away from them and then open them.” She dutifully did so, although the tentativeness with which she opened her eyes was obvious.

“Now, start to lower your head so you only slowly start seeing my cock. When you begin to see it, start lightly blowing on it and, especially, my balls”.

She tried to comply, but she would start to shudder as she got close to seeing my penis and would involuntarily close them again. lotusbet yeni giri┼č She did start a light blow, and while it felt great, I felt like she was regressing.

“Okay honey, I see we are making progress, but we need to have more. Let go of my cock, relax your arm that is holding my balls, and close your eyes again as you open your mouth.”

“Umm, okay Daddy, but will this accomplish?”

“Trust me.”

She dutifully did as she was told. Carefully holding her head, I aimed it to her mouth’s destination…around my cock. She opened her eyes wide once she realized what she was taking into her mouth, but since my penis was in her mouth, she obviously couldn’t see it.

“Honey, women have the penises on the men they love in their mouth all the time. Think of it like a thermometer you should lick like a Popsicle.” Figuring any distraction would help her mentally, I followed “and don’t forget to continue to play with my balls with your other hand.”

It took a few seconds, but she got her coordination developed from years of volleyball back. She had a slight gag reflex that she inherited from me (good thing I’m hetero) so she had to release most of it from her mouth, but the friction of the constant back and forth felt great.

“Don’t try to get the entire penis in your mouth; just concentrate on tonguing the head like it’s a DQ cone. That’s where most of the nerve endings are. The additional pleasure men get from their women deepthroating them is mostly psychological.”

She briefly removed my cock from her pretty lips. “You taste a bit sweet.”

“Well honey, you know my sweet tooth. The taste of men’s cocks and their semen are derived from what they tend to eat.” She went back to her blowjob.

The exquisite job she was doing to both my cock and my balls was beginning to be too much. “Honey, I am beginning to cum.” I pulled out just in time for her not to have to swallow it, but instead cum shot from my dick all over her precious cheeks and forehead. After making sure none would reach her eyes, I began to direct it to her lips and forced some to go in her dainty lips.

“Uhh, Daddy, I’m not sure I want to eat any. It’s bad enough it is all over my face.”

“Honey, whenever a man comes you need to be prepared to have his cum in you or on you, regardless if you pleasure him with your mouth, pussy, or even anally. If a man isn’t worthy of having his cum in or on you, then you needed to have seriously question why you had any sexual contact with him. Besides, you don’t want your clothes stained.”

We were both starting to recover from the most wonderful moments of our father and daughter relations. Usually when a woman has made me come I like to play with her goodies, as it were. However, I also knew we needed to get home. While I debated the two options a third option was forced upon us.

“Coach Evers, are you in there? All the office staff is gone already and we’ll need to report on them tomorr…what the hell?”

Trey had opened the door of my office, only to see remnants of my cum on Adora’s face as she continued to playfully cup my balls. It was definitely not a sight he expected to see. I needed to think fast.

“Trey, shut the door and lock and bar it.” He complied immediately from the authority in my voice. “Adora needs to be cured of her fears NOW. Strip your pants off and put your dick in her mouth.” It was the fastest I ever saw a person moved before; it must have been instinctual.

“Daddy, wait a…” It was a sentenced never finished as I quickly moved her in front of Trey, aiming her mouth to once again enchant a cock with her lips, but this time with a different cock. She didn’t have time to consider having fear as us men directed her to her next female duty.

“Adora,” Trey exclaimed as he enjoyed Adora’s administrations. I could see Adora had a confused look, as if she couldn’t decide to be scared of this new cock or not. I knew I had to distract her again.

Adora often wore plaid, knee-length skirts and this time was no exception. It was a bit disheveled from the events of the past half-hour, which made it easier to do what I intended. With the two teens distracted I easily pulled Adora’s skirt off. Adora’s cotton white panties were as damp as the Missouri River.

“Trey, help me pick her up and lay her on my desk. Try to keep your dick in her mouth.”

“Best order I have ever been given,” Trey said with as much consciousness as he could muster. I was impressed with Trey; most boys his age would have cum from such an excellent mouth as Adora’s by now. We now had our goddess laying on her back on my desk. As Trey continued to enjoy Adora’s “mouth hug”, I quickly took off all of Adora’s clothes. That is when I finally saw Adora’s vagina for the first time since I quit changing her diapers. It was no longer a vagina; it was a pussy. It had the perfect amount of folds. It had the perfect amount of pinkness. I never saw a wetter pussy, nor a pussy I wanted more.

Adora slipped Trey’s cock from her mouth. lotusbet giri┼č “Daddy what are you do do doiiiiiiiiing”.

But I was in a world of my own. It had been six years since I got to play with a pussy and I was not to be denied. My fingers quickly found that wonderful firm spot in her pussy, the one to which would cause Adora to squirm. Adora’s cute clit was becoming more prominent, and I began to tongue it.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” shouted Trey. With no chance to warn Adora or even to take his cock out of her mouth, Trey shot his load. I could sense that Adora felt like her tonsils were drowning from that flood of semen. As they spend a couple minuets recovering, I continued to enjoy playing with the perfect pussy; the only pussy I myself created so many years ago. The only pussy of the only creature that had half of her DNA come from me. Her clit seemed like the most perfect sized mini-shrimp I ever had, and shrimp are my favorite meal.

Adora was trying to catch her breath, but she was having troubles doing so, recovering from the shot Trey had in her mouth and the serious attention I was giving her pussy. “Daddy, daddy, daaaaaaddy!!!” she exclaimed as she had the first orgasm of her life. Her long 39 inch legs nearly clobbered me as they twitched, to the point I was afraid of being killed by them. But then, would there have been a better way to go, save that I would have to have one heck of an explanation to give Saint Peter.

In my younger days when I had more stamina, this would be the time I’d take my reenergized dick and plant it firmly in the pussy I was savoring at the time. But I am no longer a young man, and what the heart wanted to do my dick could not; perhaps it had been in forced retirement too long. Obviously Adora was a virgin with her maidenshield still intact, but I hadn’t the power to conquer it, and if her phallophobia was to be cured it needed to be done now. Thankfully, at least there was another penis now that could do the job.

“Trey, there is no better time than now to take her virginity. Take her now.”

He hesitated. “Are you sure…”

“DO IT! That’s an order.”

“Right Coach.”

Adora’s eyes opened as wide as an anime heroine’s as she realized what was about to happen.



With that, only two feet away from me on the desk I was sitting by on my favorite chair, I saw my only daughter, my most precious treasure, lose her pinkest of cherries as Trey pierced her. Both cried “Oh God” as the barrier broke.

I have never wished to be a voyeur or to share a woman with another man, but having been forced already to do the second I willingly did the first. It didn’t take long for Adora to recover from the pain as she began to get into the rhythm Trey was setting. Even Ray Charles could see the two had natural chemistry together. I have seen plenty of pornos in my life and never have I seen a couple more perfectly paired for fucking each other. It was obvious that the heavens means for that cock and that pussy to meet.

“So Adora, do you like cock now?” I inquired from my perch.

“Ah, I like cock. Oh I like cock.”

Trey decided to get in on the act, “Do… you… love COCK!!!” he inquired, pausing at the end of each word for a powerful thrust.

“Oh God, I love cock. I LOVE COCK!!!” Adora was in total ecstasy.

“Man, my cock loves youuu” Trey exclaimed as he began to cum as well. Some landed in her pussy, but most shot from him all over Adora’s exquisite belly and breasts. Trey’s stamina finally went out as he collapsed on top of Adora.

The eyes are the gateway to the soul, and it was obviously that two souls met that day; one that had despaired from never having quite what it takes to win and the other who had always feared her phobia-induced prohibitions would forever haunt it. As the two souls recovered within their mutual bodies, I got myself dressed.

“OK, you two, get dressed as we can’t stay here forever. Trey, take her to dinner. That’s an order.”

“Yes, Coach.”

The young couple got dressed and left. As she walked out of the office door Adora said to me, “Thank you Daddy…for everything.”


Two months later and I am coming home from the chapel, the last to leave. Within a month after that fateful day Trey and Adora knew they couldn’t live without each other and wanted to marry in June. Despite the rush, I was more than happy to set it up. For some reason, Adora insisted that her bridesmaids left soon after her and that I should be the last to leave.

Still, it is bittersweet. I never got a chance to fuck Adora’s pussy myself. However, it is better in the long run that Trey has the only cock for Adora; if I had somehow had the better cock for her it might hurt her future relationship with Trey or any other man had she chose someone else. Trying to remain happy despite the despair of an empty nest I finally got to my doorstep. I was surprised when the door was opened for me from the inside.

“What the…”

“Hello, Mr. Evers.” I recognized from her face she was one of Adora’s bridesmaids.

“Who are you?”

She shut and locked the door behind me. “I’m Haya. Adora and I were best friends forever in middle school and I was just at the wedding, remember?” She had on the prettiest, but shortest, kimono I have ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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