A Perfect Welcoming

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She ambushed me as soon as I got home, coming up behind me and running her hands all over my body. Soon both my sweater and shirt lied crumpled on the floor as she ran her hands all over my naked torso, distracting me completely. Then her hands slid in under my pants and my distraction moved onto heights unknown. Her hands hardly left my skin even when she opened my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. Standing there stark naked she took hold of my member and led me to our bedroom.

She pushed me down on my back on the bed. When she wants something nothing can stop her, not even or perhaps more accurately especially not me. When she wants me all I can do is to go with the flow… She claws at my chest as her lips move further and further down. From my chest and down across my belly. All the while she’s looking up at me with that hungry and predatory look in her eyes, like she’s going to devour me completely. As her tongue makes contact with my skin it isn’t long before she does. She slowly licks along the entire length of my member, like licking a popsicle on a hot day. But she isn’t cooling anything down, rather she’s raising both my temperature and her own. She teases me before devouring me. With myself quite inside of her mouth I automatically raise my hips as if trying to come further in. She leaps at the opportunity and soon her strong fingers are grasping my previously protected rear so hard it hurts a little. I feel like screaming but all I can do is to moan uncontrollably. I want to tell her she’s the best lover I’ve ever had but that will have to wait until later when I can put two words together.

I’m about to reach heaven when she suddenly stops and pulls her head away. Surprised I look up at her and see her grinning widely. When she casino şirketleri starts climbing on top of me I realise that she’s been pulling her pants and panties down. I catch a glimpse of her furry animal and know that I am lost, for once that beast of hers has been released it will not calm down until it has been completely satisfied. Until I have filled her every need. She climbs on top and takes me in, her animal swallowing at first my tip and then my whole spear and she exhales in a happy sigh. She is a goddess when she rides me, beautiful and omnipotent. With her hands on my shoulders she whips my groin with hers, thumping me with her pussy. Conquering me with her cunt.

She holds me down as she rides me, leaning down now and then to kiss me hard and bite my lower lip. She rides me hard my cow-girl mistress. Fortunately she havn’t branded her initials onto my skin, she’s only branded them into my heart. It’s a gallop and it doesn’t take her long to place me where I was before she climbed on board. I try to hold back but she’s to strong, the torrent she’s whipping up inside of me is to powerful for me to be able to stop it and she won’t slow down. In the end I drown in it. I push my fingers deep into the mattress as I come and keep coming, banging my head into the bed as my spine arches and relaxes. She holds me down firmly as I wriggle under her. When I come back to the real world she’s smiling at me. She leans forward and kisses me gently before rising up again and pulling off her top. She’s beautiful. But she isn’t moving.

I lie there panting and looking up at her, all she does is smile back at first. Then she starts letting her fingers play all over my belly, tickling me intensively and not letting me get away. Her fingers play sends tingling casino firmaları signals of pleasure up and down my spine and into my emptied member. She starts riding me again. My member is flaccid and sore but she manages to awaken it, even though it hurts a bit. By shear determination she makes me hard again and uses me. By now she isn’t using her fingertips but her nails on my skin. Reaching out with weary arms I touch her thighs as they press against my sides and hip, letting my hands and fingers wander up and down her magnificent form. At first it hurts having her ride me again so soon but after a while she’s pushed me over the limit yet again and I simply have to have it. Pushing through the pain like it wasn’t there. I grip her hips to make it all go faster.

She lets her hands wander now that I am keeping her up. Caressing and twisting my nipples, going so far as to take a choke hold on my neck and squeeze my throat a little. I don’t care, or rather because it is her I accept it because I would let her do anything to me. If she wants to own me she needn’t do a thing because she already does. The sheets are drenched with my sweat and I keep going, counter-thrusting at every opportunity that I get. She starts to look like rather than a human being she was riding some mechanical or just quite fierce bull. Bouncing around on top of me. From the way she is moaning I feel assured that she’s enjoying it as much as I am. I wonder if she feels it before or after I do when I first feel her tight animal starting to contract around and milk my staff. She’s coming and as I realise that I have to go faster, trying to come with her or at least shortly after her. Two insane animals mating for our own pleasure, that is what we are at that moment in time.

She güvenilir casino starts moving on top of me as her sinews contract and relax in rhythm with each approaching wave and I’m going insane. She’s in the middle of her big O and I can feel my own coming closer and closer to the horizon about to come crashing down on me. This one is even bigger than the last one, I can feel it. My muscles are going into cramp but I have to keep going, clenching my jaws. I could scream as I feel myself reaching the peak but by then I’m so out of it that I don’t know if I actually do it or not. She’s only just slowly coming back to earth as I blast off into space. She once told me that I am like some vibrating motel-bed when I come, I’m quite sure that she’s right about that. My spine arches and relaxes as I go off, doing so again and again with each stroke and I have to keep going. I need to expel every last droplet and her glorious cunt is most eager to help me. It feels like I’m shooting bits of my spine or even rather parts of my brain into her. Each push leaves me feeling more and more empty and spent. By the time the cramp in my arms starts wearing off they are like spaghetti. If I was tired after the first time I’m half-dead now. I cannot move and I’m breathing heavily. She’s panting on top of me and starts drawing little patterns in the sweat on my forehead.

She’s managed to exhaust me almost completely and it’s still just a late friday afternoon. But lying there with her resting on top of me I feel like and think that she could not have given me a better welcoming. Later I ask her if there was any particular reason behind her ambush, she answers that she was feeling frisky so she came home early so that she would be able to surprise me. She adds that because I was a little late she began looking at some of the old nude pics of myself that I gave her early in our relationship. She said that they had inspired her a bit extra. I only wish that I may keep inspiring her for years and years to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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