A Night At The Bar

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I want to thank ginobear69 for his excellent help on editing this story and for all of his wonderful suggestions. Thank you!

It was a Friday night and I was feeling a bit more horny than usual. I was going out this evening to meet Alicia, the owner of the A’s Place, a friendly neighborhood roadhouse where a girl can let her hair down and shoot some pool. I met Alicia several weeks before when I came in with a friend for a few drinks and a few games of pool. I found the place to be very friendly and met a bunch of nice people there. I was introduced to Alicia who, I was told later, was the owner of the place. Alicia was very pretty, about 5’8″ with strawberry blond hair and green eyes. She looked to be about 150 lbs. and was a 36DD. I’m partial to big tits and Alicia’s were perfect. I also enjoyed talking with her, as aside from being beautiful, she was a fun person to be around. I made it my business to go there as often as I could. I was developing feelings for Alicia, and I needed to let her know just how I felt.

We had talked, touched and shared a friendly kiss goodnight several times, but there was a feeling deep down inside me that I knew I had to have more. I got out my best jeans, very tight and form fitting. So tight that you would think that they had been painted on; you could see every crease between my legs. I went through my closet, looking for the blouse with the plunging necking that would best show off my 34D chest. I selected a pair of boots had just enough heels to put us at eye level. I took extra care when I put on my makeup and put on a spritz of my best perfume that I was sure she would like.

I got to the A’s Place around 9:30 p.m. which was kind of late for me, but in plenty of time to put my plan into action. I said hi to Paul, the doorman, a sweet kid working his way through college, and moved into the room. Melissa, the waitress, came over with my usual; “Jack & Coke” and I paid her, slipping her tip between her ample breasts.

After a few sips of my favorite drink I decided it was time for a little pool. I pulled out my pool cue and played a few games with some friends that were already there. I noticed Alicia out of the corner of my eye; I didn’t ignore her, but didn’t go out of my way to say hello to her, either. I didn’t want to come off as “overbearing” and blow the whole thing. I liked Alicia and didn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize my plan. I did notice that she was wearing a tight pair of jeans and a blouse that had a v-neck that showed off her wonderful cleavage. It was all I could do to concentrate on the game at hand.

After the third game, which I actually had to work hard to lose, I made my way over to Alicia. She was standing out of the way, watching everyone work when I walked up beside her and gave her a big hug. I whispered in her ear, “You look fantastic!” She hugged me back and said, “You don’t look so bad yourself, I really like your jeans.” I gave her a hug that was a few seconds longer than normal and it felt great. I loved the feel of her up against me.

I pulled back just a little, just enough to look in her eyes and asked how her day had been. I still had my arm around her and we were connected from the waist down. I wondered if she could feel the heat radiating from my core or smell the wetness I could feel gathering there.

She told me it had been a rough week and was glad it was the weekend. The place was noisy so I used this as my excuse to lean in close and whisper that I would love to make her weekend on a better note. I ran my hand up her back and pulled her closer, wondering if she would pull away. She didn’t, but asked me what I would do to make it a better day.

I couldn’t help but smile as this was the opening I had been hoping for. I leaned in close, my lips almost touching her ear and whispered that if she let me, I would love to take her to places she’d never been before.

I then began a detailed account of what I would like to do to her. I whispered wetly that I would start by kissing and nibbling on her earlobe and then I did just that. I told her how I would slowly kiss my way down her neck and across her jaw until my lips found hers. I would softly kiss her lips until I could coax her to part them for me. My tongue would invade her mouth, tasting her; and run my hands up her back pulling her close. I paused, waiting to see if she would pull away, but her eyes were closed and I heard a sharp intake of breath and then an exhale. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed to me that my words were beginning bahis firmaları to have an effect on her. I continued on telling her how I would kiss my way down her neck until my mouth found the swell of her breast, how my hands would be slowing undoing the buttons of her blouse until I had exposed her lace encased breast. I was still nipping at her earlobe as I spoke and each time I could feel her inhale quickly, her pulse was increasing and her breathing becoming irregular. I was just about to tell her how I would uncover one nipple and suck it into my mouth when one of her employees called her name. I pulled back and with a smile walked back to my table, leaving her to deal with the employee and the feelings I had stirred inside her as well.

At this point the next move would have to be hers. I was sure that she was interested but I had gotten mixed signals from her before. I knew that if she gave any indication that she was interested, I was ready. I didn’t want to push in the event that I might have misread her. On this night, though, I wanted her to know just how I felt about her.

I went back to playing pool and danced with a couple of guys I knew. I was hot and I wanted sex, but not with them. What I had in mind was something much softer and wetter. It was around 11:30 and I was playing a game of pool when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Alicia with a sly grin on her face. “Think you can give me a hand closing up tonight?” “Sure,” I said, “I’d be happy to.” She was really close to me and I managed to rush up against her with my body, wanting so much to do more, but knowing I had to hold back for now. It wasn’t that unusual for me to hang around until closing, as I normally left around midnight. Little by little the bar emptied until all that were left were the waitress, the bartender, Alicia and myself. I’m sure they must have wondered why I was still there. I was playing a game of pool by myself while I waited for them to clean up. When they were finished, Alicia told them that she would lock up and they left.

I could tell when she turned toward me that she was unsure of what she was doing. I had no such problem as I had been thinking about this for weeks. I walked towards her and stopped when we were about six inches apart. “Are you ok with this,” I asked and she kind of laughed and said, “No, but yes.” “You know,” I began, “we can stop anytime, it’s your call. I really want to kiss you, if it’s ok with you.” I don’t think Alicia expected me to be so forthright about my lustful desires and she let out a little gasp. She nodded her head and I moved towards her.

I knew what I liked when I was kissed and I intended to give her the same. I reached up and ran one hand around her neck, caressing her as I went; my other hand was stroking her face tenderly. I moved in closer, I tilted her head and pulled her to me, my lips just barely touching hers. I moved back slightly and the hand stroking her face moved down her neck and shoulder until it was resting on her waist. I moved back toward her again, giving her a chance to pull away. Her eyes were half closed and her breathing was irregular, I could almost hear her heart pounding as our lips met again. I pulled her closer and my tongue traced her lips until I felt them part. She was holding her breath now as my tongue hungrily invaded her mouth, probing and searching. We were meshed together, two hearts beating as one as our lips and tongues locked in passionate lust. I was hotter than I’d ever been in my life and I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second.

I pulled back and whispered, “Breath!” She inhaled and I felt her chest expand, pushing harder into mine. I kissed her full, red lips again, little kisses at first, then licking her lips with my tongue. She was passive at first but slowly began to kiss me back. As my hands ran down her back to cup her luscious ass, she began to explore my mouth. As I began to moan, it gave her encouragement. Our tongues dueled; a meeting of desires and needs evident in the way they explored. Our whole bodies were centered on that one kiss, giving and taking, lust and desire. The heat between us was almost unbearable. I wanted more and I knew that this was not the place. I wanted her in bed, over me, under me where I could taste every inch of her. I wanted our lovemaking to be a celebration; a union of lust and desire.

“Come to my place”, I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head in agreement and we headed for the door. “My place is only a few minutes from here”. I could tell kaçak iddaa from the look on her face that she couldn’t wait.

Alicia locked the door and we got in the car. My place was only a few minutes away but that didn’t stop me from running my hands over as much of her as I could while driving. I was softly whispering what I wanted to do to her as well, keeping her hot on the short drive.

In no time flat, we pulled up in front of my apartment, a small studio with everything in one room. We got out of the car and walked the few short steps to the door. I opened it and when we stepped in I shut and secured the door quickly before turning to her to repeat the kiss we had shared a few minutes before. Our lips met in unbridled passion; I simply couldn’t get enough of her.

She responded quickly so I moved a step forward, my hands stroking her back, down to her ass and then between us to rub her breasts through her clothes. She moaned into my mouth as I deepened the kiss even more and I begin to unbutton her blouse. I opened her blouse quickly and my hand was on bare flesh at her waist. I ran my hand up her side and around to her back where I quickly undid her white laced bra.

While still kissing her I backed her slowly to the bed and before pushing her to sit I removed her blouse and bra. As she sat down I continued kissing her, pushing her back until she way lying back with her feet on the floor. I leaned over her, my hands stroking her breast and I kissed her neck and moved lower to her collarbone. I was in absolute ecstasy as I ran my palm over her breast and felt her nipple stiffen. I took her nipple in my fingertips and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, pulling it slightly as I did this. She was passive beneath me, not actively participating, but enjoying every minute of it. I was slowly and passionately working her over, not wanting the moment to ever end. I wanted to make love to Alicia like it was my last night on earth.

My mouth moved lower until I reached the swell of her breast and started tracing circles around her breast with my tongue moving ever closer to her hard nipple. My other hand was still pulling and playing with her other nipple and my hand was running up and down her thigh. I had moved over her so that my knee was between her legs, pushing against her hot sex. I could feel her getting wet even through her jeans and I couldn’t wait to taste her. But I knew that this was her first time with a woman and I wanted to make it something she would remember for a long, long time. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter but I was patient and concentrated on her beautiful breast with my hands and my mouth. By this time her moaning was non-stop and I could tell by the way she was moving under me that she wanted more. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it gently, rolling it around with my tongue while I took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could. She pushed up off the bed offering me even more and I took all I could. I squeezed her other breast, pinching the nipple and pulling on it while I gave her a tongue bath, then I pushed them both together and went back and forth, sucking and biting her nipples until I was sure she was on the brink of her first woman-to-woman orgasm. I pulled back, leaving her wanting; I needed for her to want more. I placed small butterfly kisses lightly on her smooth, flat stomach, moving lower until my lips reached her navel.

I lightly flicked my hot, wet tongue around her navel as I undid the button on her jeans. I slowly pulled down the zipper, thinking what a truly lovely sound it is. She raised her hips and, in one smooth move, I grabbed the bottoms of her jeans and pulled them off.

I expected to find lace panties to match the bra I had removed earlier. Was I was surprised when I looked down to find she wasn’t wearing panties! Her pussy was as bare as a newborn, slick and wet with her juices and she smelled wonderful. I couldn’t wait to get my tongue in her love box but I was determined to do this slowly, deliberately, giving Alicia all the pleasure that only another woman can give.

I sunk down to the floor, kneeling between her legs, my hand running up and down her legs as I kissed my way lower and lower until I was poised just above her clit. I didn’t want to make contact with her clit right away, I wanted to tease her, make her beg. I spread her legs apart as I kissed the inside of her left knee and then her right. I worked my way up her thighs kissing and licking until I was just a few inches from her gorgeous pussy.

I kaçak bahis blew warm air across it and heard her moan, “Give it to me, give me your tongue, please!” I was in no hurry as I took my index finger and ran it the length of her slit, stopping just short of her clit, and then I lowered my face to just above her labia and gave it a very light lick with my tongue. Alicia groaned some more and she just couldn’t wait. I went back for a second pass, this time putting a little more pressure with my tongue. She parted her lips when I heard her whisper, “Do it, please, I beg you!” I flicked her clit with my hot, wet tongue and I tasted her womanhood for the first time. It was sweet, hot, tangy and incredibly delicious! My tongue sunk into her and stroked her deep inside. She cried out and raised her hips off the bed.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held her down while I stroked my tongue in and out of her hot pussy, pausing now and then to swipe my tongue across her clit. When I could tell she was getting close I covered her pussy with my mouth and sucked her clit hard, but pulled back before she could cum. I whispered to Alicia, “oh no, baby, you’re not cumming yet.” I kept working the outside of her lovely sex until she cried out for me to make her cum. I decided it was time so I parted her lips and sucked hard on her clit again. I swirled my tongue around in a circular motion. Once again, Alicia rose up on the bed and closed her thighs on my head. I held on for dear life as wave after wave of ecstasy enveloped her. She let out a loud grunt and then exhaled deeply. I knew I had scored. Then I worked my way up her body to kiss her deeply, sharing her taste with her.

Alicia was breathing heavily and I wasn’t sure, at this point, what she would do. I knew that I wanted her to make love to me, but I wasn’t sure if she would be secure enough in herself to act. I needn’t have worried. As we kissed I felt her hands at the buttons of my blouse and she undid them quickly, my bra followed and I was pushed over on my back. I was breathless in anxious anticipation of what Alicia would do to me. I knew she didn’t have much experience with women so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Her hands found my nipples and she treated them to the same treatment I had given hers, pinching and rolling them between her fingers. She continued to kiss me as her hand moved lower to my jeans as she rubbed my pussy through the material. Whatever her experience, she had learned fast. I could see that she wanted my pussy and unbuttoned my jeans. I didn’t want anything to get in the way of our lovemaking so I helped her get my jeans off quickly as we continued to invade each other’s mouths.

As soon as my jeans were off, I felt her hands moving down my body to cup my sex. She may have been new to this, but she handled my body like she’d been doing it all her life. I can’t remember when I was so hot and excited. She moistened a finger in her mouth and inserted it into my hot, wet pussy. I was so excited that as she did this I felt myself cumming. I tried, but I couldn’t hold back. I moaned into her mouth as I reached for her breast, pulling and tugging on her lovely nipples.

My juices were really flowing and I was desperate to have her tongue inside me. A woman knows what a woman needs and Alicia was no exception. She knew what I needed and wanted. Alicia pulled her finger from my hot pussy and put it in her mouth as if to decide whether she liked the taste or not. Apparently she did and quickly replaced her finger with her tongue, fucking me with it like it was a small cock.

I could feel my body reacting and I knew I was going to cum again. Suddenly I heard myself say, “Alicia! Alicia! Lick my clit and make me cum!” Alicia kept up the pressure and within seconds I came all over her tongue and she drank it all in. She moved up to my face and began kissing me again and I was grinding my leg against her pubic mound, wanting her to cum again.

As she shuddered against me I rolled her over on her back and stroked her body until she was calm. I kissed her slowly, tasting our combined juices as I played with her tits. I leaned back and looked at her, ‘You’re beautiful’. She smiled and I could see she was surprised to be here with me. “Any regrets?” I asked she shook her head no and smiled. I let her catch her breath and asked her if she was ready for more. “There’s more?” she asked. “Oh sure,” I said. You’ve only cum twice and I want to show you how much I enjoy you.” Then I began to show her how much more there was. We kissed and licked and probed in the passionate lovemaking that only women can share. Alicia and I came several more times over the course of the night until we fell asleep, locked in a mutually satisfying embrace.

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