A New Start: Prologue 01

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Author’s note: Hello, fellow Literoticans! This story is a rewrite of The Beginning ch.01 – my very first story to Literotica in 2003. Events in my life prevented me from doing much writing in 2005. I am slowly getting back into this passion of mine and decided to begin by taking my earlier stories and rewriting them. I hope you enjoy it. Comments and votes are appreciated. ( xxxtra note- This story does not contain any lesbian activity but I have placed it in the category due to the events in later chapters. )


Shirley’s story…

Growing up, Shirley had always been a good girl in the eyes of her relatives and friends. She was sweet and caring. She helped anyone who needed it. She loved her family very much but she had a secret that she had to suppress as she grew up. A secret that she knew would hurt everyone around her if they knew. Her secret: she found that she liked women.

Coming from a very strict and religious family this was a taboo that was not to have been thought about, much less spoken of. So, she had kept quiet about her desires and proceeded to act interested in boys. The fact that her parents would not let her date during her high school years did not bother her, although she had complained about it many times so that her parents and girlfriends would think that she was “normal”.

Sleepovers with her girlfriends, which were allowed, were a blessing and a curse. A blessing because she was able to see her friends in hardly any clothing. She knew many boys would be jealous if they had a clue as to how many naked breasts and pussies she had seen growing up. This same blessing was also the curse A curse because of the effect it had on her. Many times she would have to sneak into the bathroom and relieve the pressure.

Her parents finally allowed her to date during her senior year. She preferred to study but she had a great personality and people enjoyed being with her. She knew that she was attractive. She had long black hair that was perpetually kept in a pony tail. She stood at five foot one. However, she found that many of the guys were only interested in the size of her breasts, which were large for a girl her size. Large breasts were a trait that ran in her mother’s family, she was once told.

She started dating a young boy named Brad. He was a tall, blonde hair, blue eyed hunk who most of the girls wanted to date. The “shameful secret” that she had lost her virginity to him was closely guarded and known only to her, him, her best friend, and the diary that she kept hidden in her room. She found that the sex that she shared with him was okay. Brad always attempted to leave her satisfied ( and was successful on a few occasions ) but secretly she wanted to touch and taste another woman.

Shirley’s passion for sex began to dramatically increase the more she and Brad fucked. As a result of her growing passion, her interest in females also increased. After P.E. classes she would always find some reason to linger in the locker room just to watch the other young girls change their clothes. Just looking at the naked breasts would cause her to instantly become wet. The sighting of any other naked flesh would always cause Shirley to run to the bathroom and indulge in some “private time”. These fantasies remained only dreams as Shirley hid behind her boundaries and continued to have sex with Brad whenever they could sneak away. Their relationship ended after graduation when he chose an out of state college.

The day those boundaries began to crumble started only a few weeks after she began college. She had worked hard on her grades and was able to get a scholarship that would allow her to use her savings on a bursa escort small apartment at the edge of campus. Her parents did not like the idea of their “young, innocent” daughter living so close to the college but she had just turned eighteen and they were proud of her hard work, so they wished her luck. Of course, they made sure to warn her about boys, alcohol, boys, drugs, boys, studying, boys, partying, and of course… boys. Shirley had listened to them , hoping and praying that boys would not be a problem.

As school began, Shirley began to establish her daily routine of getting up, going to school, coming home, studying, going to sleep. Her parents could have saved the lecture she thought as she stared at the pages of her literature book. With the school work and tests, she had not had time to make any new friends.

“Can you give me a hand?”

Shirley looked up from her book, and simply stared at the gorgeous young woman standing in the doorway:

Long blond hair.

A few inches taller than herself.

Golden brown skin.

Thin waist.

Big breasts.

Tight white t-shirt.

Very short mini skirt.


Her new roommate.

Shirley really didn’t need a roommate. Her savings account more than covered the rent on the apartment for the next few years. However, a fellow classmate in her Chemistry class, Gina, had mentioned that she knew of a student who was in need of a place to stay. Shirley’s parents had raised her to help others so, she contacted Nancy to offer her a room. Shirley made sure to set a very low price and then they agreed to meet and discuss the apartment.

They had arranged to meet at a local coffee shop. Shirley had tried to remain calm and strong during that initial discussion but she was so turned on by Nancy that the conversation became a blur. Nancy had shown up, on time, wearing a bikini top and a small skirt. She had gone to the beach and had done some tanning, Nancy had explained and the effect of the small bikini barely holding up a pair of large breasts caused Shirley to be very distracted. After a few hours of talking and trying not to glare at the naked flesh before her, Shirley offered her the room and Nancy accepted.

Nancy cleared her throat and Shirley realized that she had been staring into space, lost in the memory.

“I’m sorry to just pop in,” Nancy apologized. “I knocked and got no answer. I found that the door was unlocked.”

“That’s okay, ” Shirley held up her book. ” When I study, I lose track of my surroundings.”

Shirley stood up, suddenly very glad that she had decided to wear her jeans and baggy t-shirt. One of the freedoms that she had grown accustomed to , over the past few weeks, had been the freedom to walk around in as very little clothing as possible. While still uncomfortable with total nudity, she had progressed quite far. Because of her English test, she had actually forgotten that this was to be Nancy’s first day, and had come home and started studying before she could get comfortable. If she was wearing her favorite small t-shirt, Shirley thought, then Nancy would have gotten a good view of her tiny nipples as they had become very hard.

Staring at Nancy, Shirley sat the book down and smiled. “Let me help you.”

As they proceeded to bring up boxes , Nancy began to share more of her life. Shirley, however, didn’t hear one syllable. She was so captivated by Nancy that she began to wonder if this was a good idea. After those school sleepovers, her friends would be gone the next day and the temptation would ease. This time, however, she would wake up in the morning and Nancy would be there. Coming escort bayan home from school, the gorgeous young woman would be there. Going to bed, the sexy girl with breasts almost as large as hers would be lying just a short distance away.


Every night.

Her thoughts distracted her and barely heard a word as Nancy talked. Shirley was able to learn that Nancy is a year older than she is. Shirley did notice an odd look in Nancy’s eyes as she talked about Gina but paid no attention. All she could do was to imagine how it would feel to hold Nancy.

To kiss Nancy.

To run her hands through Nancy’s long golden hair.

To spread those long, tanned legs and bury her face between them…

“So what’s your major?”

Nancy’s question broke Shirley’s thoughts.

“Um… Business. I’m not sure what I am going to do yet.”

“Who does, ” Nancy laughed and Shirley chuckled.

“Nice laugh, ” said Shirley as they sat the last box down in Nancy’s room.

Silence lingered between the two of them.

“Thanks for your help, ” Nancy said.

“You’re welcome. If you need anything at all , I’m not far away,” Shirley offered and walked back to the living room, wondering if she had placed an emphasis on “anything at all”.

The evening progressed slowly for Shirley. She finished her studying but knew that she had not learned a damned thing. All the time she thought of Nancy.

After unpacking, Nancy had gotten comfortable. A loose fitting t-shirt and very short shorts. From time to time, Nancy would emerge from her room to get something from the refrigerator and would always smile at Shirley. Shirley would return the smile and Nancy would go to her room. Never had Shirley been so turned on by another person and she didn’t know what to do.

The rest of the evening was pretty tame. Shirley had finished studying and retired to her room to watch television and cool down. Nancy knocked on the door and peeked her head in, saying that she was going to go and grab something to eat and asked if Shirley wanted to tag alone. Shirley politely declined the offer, saying that she was taking a small break and needed to resume studying. As the door closed, Shirley heard Nancy say in a playful voice… ” All work and no play…”

Shirley spent a hour watching television. The entire time she fantasized about Nancy. Finally, she told herself that she really needed to do some more studying as Professor Jones’ face and his test came to mind. She grabbed her books and walked into the empty living room. She sat down at her small desk and started reading, with visions of that small bikini popping into her thoughts from time to time.

“Hey, bookworm. Wake up.”

Shirley slowly opened her eyes and raised her head. She must have dozed off, she thought as looked up from the desk, her eyes focusing on Nancy.

Nancy was standing over her and had changed to her night clothes. It was a long night shirt but Shirley could tell that Nancy was not wearing any shorts. What was underneath ,if anything, was only left to Shirley’s imagination.

” I came back about a hour ago and you were resting so peacefully that I couldn’t bring myself to wake you up. I was about to go to bed and thought you would sleep better in your bed, “explained Nancy. ” Good night, ” she added and turned towards her room.

” Thanks and good night. ” said Shirley as she began to gather her books and slowly walked towards her room. Shirley knows that she learned absolutely nothing from all her studying and she surprised to find that, for once, she doesn’t really care.

Sleep, that night, was not coming easily as Shirley bursa escort laid in her bed and was not surprised that all her thoughts were on Nancy. Shirley finally pulled down her covers. Sleeping in the nude was a boundary that she was still uncomfortable about breaking but , on this night, her panties were so wet that she pulled them off. As she watched the underwear fall to the floor, she grabbed the bottom of her night shirt, pulled in over her head and tossed it away as well. She laid back down, pulling the covers over her and quietly was proud of breaking that inhibition.

Her hand began to move up her naked leg and she stopped it inches away from her pussy. She can feel the heat radiating from it. She had been aware how wet it was all day long. How it yearned for release. She slowly placed her hand on her pussy and began to rub it. Normally her fantasies are pretty tame but this night was different.

As she played with it, she imagined it was Nancy’s hand on her pussy. Fantasized it was Nancy who was playing with it… rubbing it.

Her other hand decided to not be left out and traveled to her breasts She moaned quietly as she took one of the small nipples and pinched it. She wondered if Nancy would like to pinch it as well. Wondered if Nancy wanted to take it in her mouth and bite it. As she pinched harder, the image of Nancy in her bikini returned.

Shirley moaned a little louder.

Her fingers continued to play with her swollen pussy and she found herself on fire with these thoughts. She slid one finger in her wet hole but no satisfaction comes from it. A second finger joined and Shirley moaned as she pinched her nipple even harder.

“Nancy…” she quietly moaned as she slid a third finger into herself.

Her body was on fire and her lust for Nancy was growing. She removed her hand from her breasts and quickly pulled the covers off her. The cool air in the room hit her body and she shivered. Even the chill that caressed her skin had felt sexual.

Before moving her hands back onto her naked body, Shirley reached over to a her nightstand, quickly opened a drawer and pulled out her toy: a ten inch dildo which had been given to her by a friend at graduation. Without any hesitation, she shoved it between her wet lips. Her body accepted every inch . She wished that it was Nancy who was doing this to her. Fantasies increased as her inhibitions were shattered.

She wanted to lick her sexy roommate.

She wanted to touch every inch of that sexy body.

She had to give her new friend every inch of her toy.

In and out, in and out…

She rubbed her pussy harder.

“Oh, Nancy… ” she thought.

.The world exploded as she found herself enjoying her most powerful orgasm ever.

As she laid there, enjoying the pleasure that filled her body, she noticed that she was becoming restless. Restless for the young girl down the hall. Restless with the desire to have her pussy looked at by that girl. Restless with the desire to by touched, licked and fucked by her new friend.

Restless with the desire to return the favor.

She began to play with herself once more.

“Nancy… ” she moaned as she came again.

She managed another orgasm before sleep overtook her. As she drifted off to sleep Shirley knew that she was now different. No longer will she hide behind her inhibitions and boundaries. She will be bad. No longer will she be the “good little girl” .

Shirley’s thoughts were once more of Nancy as she fell asleep, not noticing her door slowly opening. Nancy looked at her new roommate, who was lying naked on the bed and smiled.

She picked up the dildo that Shirley left on the bed.

The smell of Shirley’s scent sent shivers down her smile as she opened her mouth and licked the toy, enjoying the sweet juices.

Lying the fake cock by her sleeping friend, she quietly left the room and grinned..

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