Eki 26

A New Life Ch. 03

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I enjoyed the peace and quiet of a solitary Saturday, alone with my thoughts. Did I feel guilty about my sessions with Howard? Not really, I was craving attention and affection. My suppressed sexual desires had been released and satisfied for now at least. Was it wrong to have a relationship with someone I now knew to be only twenty? Not as long as no-one else knew, I chuckled inwardly at that thought!

On Sunday there was a street market in a nearby town, the day looked fine and I caught a bus to enjoy browsing round the stalls. Some nice fresh vegetables were purchased and I enjoyed a lovely milky coffee in a café down a side street.

As I left the café I heard a wolf whistle, I turned to view my admirer. There stood Howard, grinning as ever and heading in my direction. He was helping a mate, Derek, to move into a flat in the town he explained. He asked if I was staying a while as they would be done soon and would be going out for a few pints.

I knew Derek vaguely as he occasionally came in the Royal Inn and he seemed a quiet enough man, a little older than Howard and his mates but pleasant enough. I saw no harm in agreeing and said I would meet them by the Town Hall in an hour so if that was agreeable. Howard said that was fine as they just had some furniture to move from his van.

I browsed happily without adding to my shopping and then made my way towards the Town Hall, Howard and Derek were already there and greeted me cheerfully. Derek suggested going to the Red Lion which was very close nearby and soon we were standing at the bar, I offered to buy the drinks but they would not hear of it.

They were downing pints of bitter at a good rate, even on halves I was struggling to keep up and it was almost a relief when last orders were called. No all day drinking in those days! Derek suggested buying a few bottles to take back to his new place and Howard agreed saying he would take me home later if that was OK, I was relaxed and having fun so why not?

The two men carried a crate of bottles we had bought as we walked a short distance to the street where Howard had spotted me earlier. Derek unlocked the door to the downstairs flat, explaining that he had been wanting his own place for some time as living with parents was no fun. The door opened into a small living room furnished with just a sofa, a radio and a television, we made our way in. The crate was deposited by the sofa and Derek disappeared rus escort into what I assumed was the kitchen saying he had a bottle opener somewhere.

I shrugged off my coat laying it on the carpet, Howard was by now lounging on one end of the sofa giving me lustful looks. I whispered to him that here was not the right place and he just smiled. Derek returned triumphantly holding out a bottle opener and telling Howard to get some bottles opened. He also held out a five pound note to Howard, saying it was for the help and the bet.

Howard took the fiver placing it in his jeans front pocket. I enquired what the bet was, did he have a bet on a horse? Derek laughed saying no not a horse but it looked like a sure thing! I was puzzled and asked Howard what the bet had been, he looked sheepish and mumbled something I did not catch.

I asked again, and recoiled in horror as he explained that I was the subject of the wager. Derek and he worked on building projects together and after one of my early visits to the pub Howard had said how much he fancied me. Derek had laughingly said he had no chance and the friendly wager had been struck. He tried to placate me by saying how much he liked me and had said nothing to anyone else, he said Derek had known when I agreed to meet them for a drink but he had not told him any details.

I was furious and made to get my coat and leave, Howard grabbed me by the arms pleading with me not to leave. He pulled me up against him kissing me and telling me had been stupid. No the stupid one was me. He persuaded me to just have one drink and he would drive us home, Derek had swiftly opened three bottles and pushed one at me urging me to have a drink. He assured me that the secret was safe with him, the bet had been settled and that was it.

Drink does strange things at times, half a bottle of fizzy beer and I was sat back on the sofa with the two young men either side of me already on their second bottles. By the time I had finished the first bottle and another had been opened for me I was feeling distinctly light headed and giggly now my annoyance had abated. Howard turned and kissed me lightly, Derek said he wished the bet had been the other way round and laughed.

Howard laughed too, moving his arm around my shoulders, he asked if Derek could feel the way I kissed as a small sample. I was feeling drunk now and I knew I should not and yet I agreed. istanbul bayan eskort I turned towards Derek and closed my eyes, I felt soft lips on mine and they lingered. Howard’s right hand slowly dropped down my back and eased under my arm, caressing the side of my breast through my blouse and bra. I pulled away from Derek’s lips turning to remonstrate with Howard, his mouth was on me immediately, urgently kissing me his tongue probing into my mouth.

His strong arms pulled me to him, his mouth moved to my ear, biting gently with his teeth and whispering that he would show Derek how beautiful I was. My head was spinning and I lay back against the sofa watching as if I was hypnotised as his left hand moved to my blouse. Buttons were unfastened, my cleavage came into view, more buttons and the flesh of my stomach was visible, a couple more buttons and then he pulled back the left side of the garment. My nipple was enormous, pushing through the material as I gasped for air. Derek’s hand reached across and my eyes turned to him as he pulled back the right side of my blouse, my right nipple as obscenely erect as the left.

The jointly tense breathing of three people sounded as loud as the street traffic as two hands reached simultaneously for my breasts, thumbs rasped over my sensitive nipples, noisy slurping kisses fell on my upper breasts. A hand reached up my back, bra unclipped and lifted above my heavy tits. Gasps and compliments as they mauled a breast each, sucking as if in a contest to see who could extend a nipple furthest.

Howard’s hand on my knee, skirt sliding upwards, legs splaying apart, fingers stroking the gusset of my panties, wetness from within leaking. And my hips being raised, skirt unzipped and removed, panties sliding down and off my legs, the forest of pubic hair glistening, his fingers sliding inside me.

Another hand stroking my right thigh heading higher, Howard surrendered and returned to my breasts as Derek explored my soaking hole. He teased my clitoris until I came, sobbing and gasping as I shuddered. They stood over me, jeans being unclipped and unzipped, cocks erect and jutting and deliciously bare before they resumed their seats either side of me. My hands were guided to each erection, holding two cocks for the first time and struggling to find the correct rhythm with both hands simultaneously.

Derek’s cock was massively thick, almost half as much ukraynalı escort again as Howard and my small fingers barely reached around his girth. I wondered which would fuck me first, as if in answer my hand was removed from Derek’s cock. He reached down into the jeans round his ankles, pulling a packet of condoms from a pocket, the rubber rolled down the thick shaft. I was pulled to my feet and then facing Howard his hands pulled me down until I knelt on the rough carpet, Howard’s cock in my face then in my mouth.

Derek knelt behind me, his fingers fed his cock into my cunt, a massive and hard thrust sent him all the way in, his balls swung into me. I was orgasming in small waves the whole time such was my arousal. I was being fucked hard by Derek his hands reaching round to squeeze my tits as he pummelled my buttocks.

A groan from Howard, spurts of spunk in my mouth as I swallowed as fast as I could, an animal bellow behind me as Derek fired his load into the condom. Heavy breathing as we remained motionless for a few seconds, then Derek wandered off to dispose of the rubber. When he came back he opened more beer, we all took in turns to visit the bathroom and I sat naked and shameless between them as they once again caressed my needy body.

Soon their young cocks were showing signs of recovery, roles were reversed as I knelt in front of Derek and stretched my mouth to accommodate his thickness. Howard fucked me from behind, a spit lubricated finger slid easily up my bum and my arousement heightened. I was wanking and sucking Derek quite slowly, feeling the weight of his balls.

The cock in my cunt was removed, Howard’s fingers slid into me and he breathed that he thought I would like a cock in my arse. He slid two moistened fingers into my bottom, working them around and around. I felt his hard, rubber clad cock push against the resistance of my sphincter then he slid slowly in.

This must have pushed Derek over the edge, he gripped my head as he thrust upwards pushing more of his shaft into my mouth, a torrent of spunk erupted and it ran from my mouth. I felt a burning in my bottom as the first cock to enter there was thrust in and out ever more quickly. A different sort of orgasm enveloped me as Howard gripped my hips as his load filled the rubber deep in my bottom.

We slumbered and dozed on the sofa for a good while before I found the strength to wash and dress, my bottom felt a bit sore and I felt a lot dirty. I eventually persuaded Howard to sort himself and take me home, I had work the next day and I knew I would feel pretty dreadful in the morning.

We left Derek fast asleep, I had a feeling I would see him again and the knowledge of that was not comfortable.

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