A Mother’s Dozen Ch. 04

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It has been 1 week since she first had sex with her middle son, Jeff, and since then her two youngest sons have been keeping her very busy. Johnny’s even had her three times in one day. She’s had sex with both of them in their beds every day. She’s fucked Johnny in the shower, she let Jeff give her ass the pounding of a life-time on the family couch and she’s even been fucked by Johnny while her husband was in the bathroom in her room. Johnny knew about Jeff too and both discussed their experiences with each other.

Cindy has been wondering for a while now what it would be like to fuck her eldest son, Adam. They don’t see him in the house very often anymore because his hours were increasing at work as he stays back late. Maybe since Adam is older and works a lot he wouldn’t have the sexual urges of her other two sons?

Cindy started to feel horny. She walked down the hall to her son Johnny’s room to see him. While Jeff had met her in her room this room morning with his morning-wood, she could really go for Johnny’s tongue ripping in and out of her and pushing her right to a climax. Cindy opened the door and was stunned to see what she saw.

A young girl with dark brown hair and a short skirt on was lying on Johnny’s bed and Johnny was nowhere to be seen. She was rubbing her inner thighs and working her way up to her panties until Cindy walked over to the bed and interrupted her.

“Who the heck are you?” Cindy asked.

The girl immediately jumped up and pulled her dress down, shocked at seeing Johnny’s mom.

“Sorry for doing that, I’m Natasha, Johnny’s friend…well sort of.”

“Uh…where is my son?”

“He’s just in the bathroom getting changed, I’m waiting for him. We’re gonna go to the movies with some other guys”

Cindy places her hands on her hips.

“Okay so let me get this straight, your ‘friend’ is getting changed, which if you know my son takes around one minute, and you’re in here about to finger yourself?”

Natasha goes red in the face and attempts to cover it with her hands.

“Well the thing is…I really like Johnny. I want to date him! It’s just I don’t know if he feels the same way. My plan was to be fingering myself and for him to come in here and be turned on and then maybe that would start something.”

“Natasha, if you want my son, just tell him how you feel. Doing what you’re doing only makes you look like a slut.”

Cindy then thought about how she was the one who was letting her sons fuck her at any given time, and how technically, she was the slut.

“Besides, you were doing it wrong anyway. If you really want to feel something amazing, you need to enter yourself…what am I saying. I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.”

“No go on! I’ve never spoken to my mum about this kind of thing and well…you seem kind of cool about it!”

Cindy smiled and pointed to her crotch.

“If you use this finger at around this area, it should do something for you”

Natasha then boldly pointed to her friend’s mothers crotch.

“You mean…right there?” Natasha asked.

Natasha then made a very quick poke at Cindy’s crotch. Cindy looked startled, but she could feel something stirring inside of her.

“That was it right there…” Cindy responded.

Cindy and Natasha were making eye contact with each other that Cindy interpreted as Natasha trying to start something. Suddenly Natasha jumped up.

“Has anyone ever told you look amazing for your age?” Natasha questioned.

Cindy stared in disbelief as Natasha started to feel her crotch. She start digging her nails into her underwear straps and feeling around.

“Natasha I’m not…”

“Neither am I, it doesn’t mean we can’t try something new…”

Natasha then kissed Cindy’s hand and moved her way up her arm. Cindy could feel her pulse running wildly and then watched as Natasha made her way up to her lips.

Suddenly they could both hear the door opening, it had to be Johnny back from the bathroom. Cindy ran to the other side of the room while Natasha fell to the bed and sat.

Johnny looked surprised to his mother in the room.

“Hey mom? What are you doing here with Natasha?”

Cindy walked over to her son.

“Well I was making myself acquainted with her I hope that’s ok with you. I was looking for you but I found her. Anyway I hear you halkal─▒ escort two are going somewhere, so enjoy.”

“Oh but mom, what did you want? I’ve got…5 minutes or so.”

Johnny winked at his mother.

“Uh….don’t worry about it. Go be with your friends.I think I’ve had enough of surprise for one day.” Cindy then turned around and winked at Natasha. Natasha smiled. Natasha suddenly realised that a lot of what she saw in Johnny, was in Cindy as well.

Cindy walked outside the room downstairs to find herself more horny than ever. She needed something inside of her very soon, and since Johnny and Jeff were both busy (Jeff had already gone out), she knew she’d have to drive out to Adam’s office to see if she could get some. She always said she didn’t want to be a barrier for Johnny with other girls, so fucking him now would be a bad idea.

Cindy makes her way into her car and drove out to a suburb that was near the city, where her son worked. She almost had sex with Johnny’s friend Natasha before, and she knew it was a mistake. She promised herself that before she had sex with anyone else, she had to do it with all of her sons first.

She parked outside the office and saw her son’s car still there, it was now 7pm and there was only 1 other car. Cindy could feel the wetness in her panties. She was so nervous about doing this.

She walked past the first floor and could see the boss still in his room. On the second floor she could see two guys, one was on the far right side and the other was her son down the left. The other guy looked very young, he was probably a copy boy on his first job.

Adam looked up in surprise as his mother walked over to his desk.

“Mom!! What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you at work! I hope that’s okay. I wanted to see why you spend so much time at this place and you stay back when practically nobody else does!”

“Mom…I have to impress the boss if I want to become a lawyer.”

“And what about that guy? He looks like he is the copy boy!”

“He is mom… but he’s the bosses son and he’s waiting for his dad.”

“Well Adam, I want to have a serious conversation with you, right now. Is that okay?”

Adam looked at the boss’s son who was photocopying.

“Go ahead mom.”

Cindy sat down at the cubicle and could feel knots in her stomach as she thought about what she was going to say next.

“I’m having an affair.”

Adam nearly dropped his paper and looked over at his mother in disbelief.

“You’re having an affair?! How could you do this? I know dad is giving you problems but seriously! How could you do this?”

“I have two.” Cindy stuttered and raised two fingers.

“Two? Two what?….Two guys that you’re sleeping around with?!”

Cindy nodded.

“I can’t believe this!! Why are you even telling me this! If you think this will ease your conscience I’m sorry I can’t forgive you for this!”

“You have absolutely no idea who I’m having an affair with?” Cindy questioned.

“No! Why would I! Tell me who they are!”

Cindy looked surprised. She did remember Johnny saying all three of them had fantasised about her, so she thought for sure they would’ve told Adam about what was going on.

“Would it make a difference if I told you their names?”

“Well honestly mom, I’m just really shocked. I guess thinking about it now it’s not that much of a surprise…I just wish you would’ve told me about your feelings before you went and had an affair.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because….because, I could’ve done something about it.”

“So you could’ve stopped me?”

Cindy was hoping that her son was going to say he wanted to be the one to fuck her, like Johnny had said.


“What if I told you that the men who I’m having an affair with…are your brothers?”

Adam looked up from the paper and stared into his mother’s eyes. Adam looked around to see if the boss’s son had heard that and he was relieved to find he was still copying. Adam stood up and walked over to the window. Cindy rushed behind him.

“I can’t believe this is happening…”

“Adam! The reason I’m telling you this because I know you want me! Johnny told me about what you guys say about me! I know that you taksim escort want this! I only want this with you guys”

Cindy pulled his hand over to her body. Adam looked down at his mother as she placed her hand on her tie.

Cindy then stood on her toes and moved her mouth closer to his lips. Adam watched in disbelief as his mother slowly pushed her lips on to his and they met as lovers for the first time. Adam could feel his insides churning and cock starting to throb.

He looked over at the boss’s son who was still copying. Adam grabbed his mother by the hand and led her over to another part of the building where the files were stored.

Cindy could feel her legs tremous as her son led her to a file cabinet near the back.

Adam then grabbed his mother and drilled his tongue into her mouth and she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmmm” Adam moaned.

Cindy could feel his tongue and rolled her tongue around his as he started to reach under his mother’s dress and feel for her panties.

Adam took his tongue out and kissed his mother on the lips before loosening his tie and taking it off. Cindy helped him to remove his jacket and his shirt, then his belt and pants.

Adam then reached down and grabbed his mother’s panties and pulled them down and reached for her snatch. Cindy squealed as he felt his finger touch her spot. She noticed the bulge in Adam’s briefs and reached down and started to finger it.

“Oh fuck me mom”

Cindy started to pull down her sons briefs and finally saw his fully erect cock. It was the biggest out of all three of her sons. She thought Jeff had the biggest because he was so big and strong, but her tallest son had it. She wanted it in her.

Adam then grabbed his mother and threw her to filing cabinet and pushed her dress above her hips. He positioned his dick right outside his mother’s entrance while they were still standing. He then shoved it all in with one go.

Cindy for once, was so shocked she tried to scream but no sound came out. She could feel her son pushing right to her vaginal walls. Adam then started to to fuck his mum standing up and pushed his cock further and further up with each push.

Cindy continued screaming but no sound came out. She could feel her back being pushed onto the cabinet handle. She lifted up her legs and wrapped them around Adam’s waist as Adam positioned himself to another side of his mother’s pussy.

Adam could feel his dick reaching wetter and wetter places with every push, and then pushed his tongue down his mother’s throat again to stop her trying to scream.

Cindy could feel herself dripping onto Adam’s cock as she felt her pussy throbbing.

Adam then reached behind and cupped her ass and lifted her more horizontally so he could push himself even further with each push. Cindy reached behind and dug her nails into her son’s ass as Adam groaned.

Cindy started squealing with Adam’s tongue in her mouth as she could feel herself close to reaching an orgasm that she’s wanted now for 3 hours. It was well worth the wait.

Adam then stopped himself as he could feel him getting close to cumming. Adam grabbed his mother off the filing cabinet and carried her into the middle of the room. Cindy rested her head on his neck and started to shiver as she felt his pre-cum moisten her pussy walls.

Adam then started fucking her again in the middle of the room and thrust himself into his mother with as much strength as he could. He could feel his dick ready to burst and couldn’t take it anymore.

He threw his mother onto the ground as she shrieked, this time loudly, and fell down to the ground and pushed himself on top of her. He shoved his dick in one last time and could feel his insides start to tighten.

Cindy watched in awe as her son started to cum right into her as she could feel like there were buckets and buckets of cum rushing into her. Cindy could feel her orgasm start to come in and while it wasn’t anything major, she started to scream again and feel her juices dripping out.

Adam finally stopped panting as he emptied his last drop into his mother and shoved himself as far as he could. Cindy could feel her orgasm starting to subside. Adam started to pant and pant and looked over at his mom.

“It’s been a while… I needed to ┼či┼čli escort cum,” Adam jokingly remarked.

Cindy looked up and smiled.

“I came too. I’ll admit not as much as when I’m with your brothers, but I think we’ll have lots more time to get it right.”

Adam chuckled and took himself out of his mother while she rolled on the carpet.

Suddenly they both heard a noise and jumped to their feet. Adam looked where he heard the noise and could see some movement. He ran over to behind the other cabinet and found the boss’s son trying to pull up his pants.

Adam was ready to go off at him, but Cindy ran over and stopped him. Cindy needed…more. And this guy seemed like he was ready as she looked down at his bulging pants.

“Adam, how old is he?”

Adam looked over at his mom in surprise.

“He’s 18, why?”

“If he wants to fuck me…then I say, why not?”

The boy looked around in shock.

“But mom, I thought you were only going to fuck us?”

“I did that…and it was great. But just know that my allegiance is towards you guys. I need to try new things though…different things. As long as it’s okay with you Adam.”

Adam looked over at the boss’s son.

“What do you say buddy, want to fuck my mom?” Adam laughingly asked.

The boy smiled and nodded.

“Greg, just remember, that you can’t tell a soul about this. I know you saw what happened and obviously you were jacking off to it. You wouldn’t have been jacking off if you weren’t cool with what was going on with a mother and son. So just remember, my mum is horny. As long as you keep your mouth shut, you can have her if she wants you”

“I swear to not tell anyone!” Greg responded, feeling his blood racing.

Cindy reached down to the boy’s pants and rubbed his crotch up and down. She unzipped him while Adam smirked and went over to go pick up their clothes.

Greg reached over and felt his co-worker’s mother’s breasts as she removed his pants.

Cindy then pushed down his underwear and placed her mouth around his ever-growing dick.

“Oh fuck….that’s fucken good,” Greg cried out.

Cindy pushed her mouth down his cock and back up and licked the tip as he took off his shirt. Greg could feel Cindy’s saliva drown his cock and he could feel her tongue move around it.

Adam had walked back and had started to become erect again watching.

Cindy then took her mouth out and lied down and motioned for him to crawl on top.

Greg wasted no time and jumped on top of her and quickly pushed his cock into Cindy.

“Oh fuck!” Greg shouted.

Cindy could feel his dick wasn’t as big as Adam’s or her other sons, but she could still feel herself getting wet again as she felt his pre-cum come into her.

Greg started to fuck Cindy on the floor and placed his hands on her cheeks to keep her still. Cindy could feel the roughness of the carpet and even his dick felt a little rough.

Suddenly Adam came over and pushed Greg’s head out of the way so he could shove his dick into his mother’s mouth. Cindy looked shocked as she realised she was going to get fucked by two guys, certainly not the two she pictured would be her first.

Greg continued to fuck her up and down on the carpet and suddenly started to moan louder as he felt himself close to cumming. Adam could feel his balls start to tighten again.

Cindy squealed as she could feel her orgasm cumming back and attacking her!

Greg saw his friend’s mom’s face after this and it was enough for him to start cumming.

“Oh fuck yes!! Oh fuck!!” Greg shouted.

Greg unloaded his cum right into Cindy’s pussy and Adam then came as well as he saw his mother so red and racy with her orgasm.

Cindy was so shocked she couldn’t even feel the cum seeping into her mouth and pussy.

The three of them stayed still for another minute and Cindy slowly got off her orgasm and flopped down.

Greg withdrew and stood up. Adam then wiped his cock on his mother’s lips and stood up as well.

“Greg, make sure you don’t tell anyone. If people know I’m fucking my mom, I’m as good as done here. You’ll never get another chance like this where you have free access to a woman at any time.” Adam asserted.

“Anytime?” Greg looked at Cindy.

Cindy winked back and stood up as well. Cindy had now fucked all three of her sons, she had set out to do what she wanted. She didn’t think that it would be immediately after fucking her third son that she would fuck someone out of the family.

Cindy was now going to experiment as much as she could, like she did earlier today, but she would always stay true to the three men in her life she loved the most.

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