A Morning at the Bay

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We made the trek down the stairs from the car park to the stone and grass lined beach of the semi-secluded bay. I was happy that Anita had found her way to the front of me so i could admire the soft swing of her hips.

It was almost like an adventure as the path wound down the hill and through a tunnel that had been created by the thick small trees. It had a nice North East aspect so in the autumn or even winter it was reasonably well protected from the cool southerly ocean breeze.

We laid our towels out on the thick spongy grass where it was nice and soft. The golden hot autumn sun was beating down on us. At this time of the year and being a weekday people rarely came down to catch the rays of the sun.

Anita had laid down on her towel on her stomach with her muscular well-toned legs and arse in the air. I glanced at her lower body and took in the breathtaking sight but I didn’t linger too long.

We had been friends for a long time with nothing romantic between us and I didn’t want to offend her with any unwanted leering. She had on a light coloured tight fitting bikini. The bottoms were pretty high cut and also a little see through and didn’t help me with my inner fight of not looking.

“Charlie, can you help me with some sunscreen please? I didn’t think the sun would be this harsh. It’s in the bag towards the bottom.”


I replied a little uneasy about what was coming next. We were both married and I was always cautious around other women, but with Anita I was a little more liberal but it still made me a little nervous when she asked me to help with the sunscreen. I dug around in the beach bag and pulled out the sunscreen.

“Here you go” handing it to her,

“Could you rub some into my back and shoulders?

“Ah, okay, are you sure you want me to do that?”

“Of course!”

“And what would Adrian say about that?”

“Well, he’s not here, and he wouldn’t help me out with that anyway so I don’t see why you shouldn’t do it”

I looked at the bottle and saw that it was a mid-strength sun block but also a moisturizer. I squirted some in my hands, the white creamy fluid was a little cool so I rubbed it in my hands for a little warm up.

“You don’t have to do that you know”

“Well it’s a little cool and I didn’t want to shock you”.

Anita had untied her bikini top so I could rub unimpeded all the way up and down. Her back looked almost as good as her legs and arse.

I started on her shoulder blades and rubbed in big circles, moving all over her back, up to her shoulders and then her neck, just as she had asked.

“Oh bak─▒rk├Ây escort that feels good” she moaned. “Can you rub a little more? Give me a bit of a massage? Please?”


I answered with a little nervousness in my voice. I rubbed her shoulders with a little more firmness. I then moved down her back and I could feel a little tightness so I rubbed the spots and I heard some more moans.

“Oh that feels soooo good. Can you get the sunscreen a little lower so I don’t get a tan line too much?”

“Ah I think that would be pushing it a little, don’t you?”

“No, not at all. It’s okay.”

I grabbed the bottle and put some more on my hands and again warmed it up and put it on Anita’s lower back.

I rubbed a little firmer this time and massaged her lower back. I pushed the lotion a little further down to the edge of her bikini bottoms. I got another moan. I rubbed about 2 centimetres under the hem all the way across to the outer edge of her hips. She squirmed.

“Is everything okay” I enquired…

“Oh more than okay. I didn’t know you had such great hands.”

“Oh well, you do now” I laughed a little nervously.

“Can you do the backs of my legs as well?”

“Sure, why not.”

I again had the bottle in my hot little hands, squirting the lotion out, warming it up. I started on her left calf and quickly moved up spreading the lotion around on her upper thigh.


I moved back down to her calf and started rubbing the lotion in with a little more pressure. I made some circles and pushed some tight spots around and then moved up to her thigh.

I circled again and then made some longer strokes from the back of her knees and up. I lightened the pressure and rubbed her inner thighs a little. Soft strokes moving up and up.

“Ohhh, mmmmm”

“Should I stop there Anita?”

“No no, keep going it feels amazing. Oh and don’t forget the about the tan lines.”

I hesitated and thought a little too long. Anita picked her head up and looked me in the eye.

“It’s okay, it feels great.”

She turned and put her head back down. I gathered my courage and ran my hands up to the bottom edge of her tight bikini. I rubbed the slick lotion up under. I could see the hem pulling from her hips and her groin as I moved my fingers around underneath.

“Oh yeah Charlie, that’s goooood”

I worked my way to the outside of her hips and then back, pulling my fingers back out from under as I got closer to the crease between her arse cheeks.

Anita squirmed again. I grabbed be┼čikta┼č escort the bottle and worked her right leg and thigh and got my fingers under the hem again. I was really starting to get turned on now and I was hoping Anita wouldn’t feel my hands starting to shake. I squirmed myself so I could position the hardness inside my board shorts.

I ran my fingertips all the way down to her toes and then back up the inside of her leg, all the way up her inner thigh and then ever so lightly allowed my knuckles to brush her bikini hem. My hands were now moving in a more erotic fashion. Long slow light strokes, finishing on her inner thighs of both legs and brushing her bikini bottoms. She was squirming more rhythmically now in sync with my hands.

“There. How’s that?”

“Ohhhhh. You didn’t have to stop. But it was great thanks. Can you put some on my front now? Here, can you tie my bikini top up first?”

She smirked at me as she turned over. Can she feel my hands shaking, can she feel the tension?

I scanned the stony beach to see if there was anyone else around. No one had come down here today. If anyone had come down they would most probably only see from our shoulders up because of the small tufts of grass that lay at the edge of the grassy area.

I turned and grabbed the bottle. I was feeling a little bolder now. My hands had stopped shaking. There was no one else around the bay and my very attractive friend of some 20 years was lying on her back eyes closed waiting for my touch.

The lotion went on her upper thighs with a little more deft touch this time. I massaged her right upper thigh using long strong strokes. Down this time from up near her bikini to her knee. I turned a little and moved up, not forgetting what she had said about the tan lines on her backside and rubbed up under the hem.

Again I could see the hem pulling. I heard a whimper and Anita squirmed. I worked my eyes along the hem and noticed her womanly bulge. I looked a little further down and realised there was a tinge of dampness on her bikini. She was just as turned on as me I thought.

I moved down and put some lotion on her right shin, left shin and then moved up to her left thigh. My hands worked her thigh. I now changed to a very soft touch and stroked her inner thigh up and grazed the bikini between her legs. The damp spot between her legs was growing.

I gathered my courage and changed the position of my hands so that when I moved up between her thighs my hand could cup her curves more easily. The next stroke was softer slower and lower. My fingers beylikd├╝z├╝ escort touched the towel between her legs as I moved up. I ran my fingers up between her legs and over her bikini. Anita’s legs squeezed together and she moaned a little louder this time. She sat up and looked around.

“There’s no one around, I looked”

She smiled a very sexy smile and then lay back down, closed her eyes and resumed the position she had been in before. She wiggled a little and spread her legs some more. Not crudely but just enough to show she was not on the defensive and we should continue.

I ran my fingers up both sides of her inner thighs and over her bikini. Her pelvis pushed up and rocked and Anita moaned again. My fingers lingered this time over the damp area and I started to rub in little circles. I looked around to make sure we were not seen and then continued rubbing.

My finger moved down between her legs and then back up over where her clitoris would be. Anita spread her legs more. My hand moved down. I pushed with a little pressure against her lips and then circled. Her bikini gathered a little between her lips and I could see moisture escaping around the edges. Anita’s moans of approval were coming thick and fast now.

My fingers now explored the edge of her bikini between her legs and I pulled it up slightly and pushed a finger inside. I could feel the heat and the slippery fluid making its way from between her lips. I smelled her scent.

“Mmmm you smell nice”

I pulled my finger back from the curtain of her bikini and up to my lips. I tasted… I smelled…

“My, you taste good too”

Her eyes flickered open and she saw me with my finger in my mouth. My finger searched for her lips again. This time pulling her bikini back and allowing the fresh air to come in contact with her sex.


I could see Anita tense. My finger found its way between her lips and I pushed the moisture up to her clit and started to rub. In next to no time Anita’s hips started to buck. I rubbed faster from left to right over her clit.

I pushed a finger inside her silky depths and Anita moaned long and hard. I felt the spasms of her sex on my finger, gripping it fiercely and relaxing in an orgasmic rush.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhh my god” she whispered.

I slipped my finger from between her flushed and slippery lips and tasted her nectar again. Anita grabbed my hand and pulled it to her own lips and licked her own juices.

“Mmmm, it does taste good doesn’t it?”

She lay back exhausted from the orgasm, smiling with a look of contentment. My hard man flesh was pushing at my shorts to get out. It was leaking juice and making a mark on my shorts where it had been for the last 20 minutes.

I laid down next to Anita. I could hear Anita’s breath calming, she sat up, looked into my eyes and then looked down at my manhood straining at my pants…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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