A Matter of Trust

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This is a story inspired by a female fan. It started out as a tissue tease, but the more I wrote and thought about it, the longer it got. It took me a few days to figure out some logistics and how the characters should react, but I finally did it. So, it has become (in the sense of all my other writings) a full fledged story.

I hope you all enjoy it. I look forward to reading your feedback!



She laughs at his frown as they walk through the door. She turns towards him as he closed the door behind them.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asks him, smiling sweetly.

He smirks and replies, “You’ve been very naughty.”

“Oh what ever do you mean, sir?” she asks innocently.

His frown wavers as it follows with a chuckle.

“You know darn well what I mean.”

He leans in and kisses her. He feels her arms wrapping about him as his lips press firmly against her lips. His back now leans against the door. His eyes close as their kiss continues. He hears an audible click as the lock on the door is turned.

She could feel him leaning in before she saw him leaning in. She knew him well. She knows what makes him happy. Knows what makes him sad. Oh and she definitely knows what makes him horny. Maybe it was the little devil in her, but she also loves to keep him teased. The longer she teases, the better. She smiles inwardly as he leans towards her, kissing her. Her lips return the kiss, equally passionate. Her mouth opens, knowing his tongue would soon follow.

He turns his head slightly as they kiss. His tongue moves into her mouth with ease. He hears her moan as his tongue touches her tongue lightly. His passion on fire, lit by her teases throughout the evening. He is more than glad that they are home. Not sure if he could take any more of her public teasing. He had suggested they retire back home. He was so relieved when she agreed. All the way home, she continued to tease him in one form or another. He knows she had been doing it on purpose. He had noticed it after dinner. The way she looked at him or touched him. She knows where to touch him, nothing obvious as his cock. But a well placed kiss to his neck. Or the tone in which she spoke when discussing what they would like to do for the rest of the evening. Then there was the way she stroked his arm or touched his leg. He would have missed it were it not for his body telling him his current situation, uncomfortable arousal.

She is not sure how it came about. Maybe it has been building up the last couple of weeks. They haven’t seen one another over the last few weeks for various reasons. Mostly it was because of work or work related obligations. Maybe it’s her subconscious telling her something; she laughs to herself on their way home. If it was not for the phone calls late at night or the notes sent to each other over the computer, she is sure she would have grabbed him in the restaurant, throwing him on the table to have right there. It feels like an eternity since she’s kissed him or touched him, let alone sees him. As the evening progressed, everything felt ‘right’. She was sending him signals. She had often laughed that he called these ‘signals’ teases.

Now, here they are, standing against the door. She could feel that his body had received her signals. It is obvious in the way his hardness press against his pants. And through his pants, she can feel him, consciously or unconsciously, grinding himself against her.

He loves the feel of her body pressing against his. His arms move up to wrap about her as he pulls her closer. All the while, their lips continued to kiss. He moans slightly as her lips move about his tongue, only letting him move but not letting him out. He also feels her hands move down his back and up his sides, stroking him.

She smiles inwardly again as her mouth pulls at his tongue. She slides her tongue tip against his tongue, feeling his body react with a slight shiver. She almost laughs as her hands move down his sides and reaches behind him to grab his ass. She moves her hips forward, anticipating his body’s reaction. She feels his hardness press against her.

He hears himself moan again as her hands grab his ass. He feels her grind against him, against his hardness as his body moves his hips forward. He feels her hands release him and move back up his sides. His tongue moves along her tongue, hoping to lure her tongue into his mouth. But to his frustration, her tongue does not follow along and move into his mouth. He feels her hands moving towards his chest. He subconsciously follows the movements of her hands but his concentration focuses on her lips pressing so nicely against his lips and her hips and body leaning so pleasurably against his body. His back is firmly leaning against the door as her hands reach his chest. He feels her hands firmly press against his chest.

She presses her hands against his chest, allowing her to push away from their kiss. She smiles at his expression.

“Honey, I’m thirsty,” she says as she turns around.

Taking a step g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri towards the living room, she turns and looks over her shoulder, saying with an innocent smile, “Mind getting me some juice while I change into something more comfortable?”

“Tease!” is his first reply.

His second is a quick slap on her ass.

She skips forward as his hand smacks her ass. She exclaims a quick ‘Ooo!’ and laughs, continuing on her path towards the living room then making a quick left into the bedroom.

He watches her walk off, a grin on his face. He stares at her ass as she walks into the living room. It was as if she knew he was staring at her. He sees her turn her head again and look at him. He automatically lifts his hand and waves to her. He sees her smile and makes a left turn towards the bedroom. He slaps his own forehead realizing he had just waved to her. Shrugging to himself, he turns left and walks into the kitchen.

He takes a couple of glasses out of the cupboard and puts them on the counter. Opening the fridge, he looks inside. Seeing a selection, he pulls away from the fridge.

“Honey! What kind of juice do you want?” he yells out.

“Anything!” she says.

Then she asks, “Wait, do we have anything with passion fruit?”

“Nice,” he says to himself.

Looking in the fridge, he picks out something with passion fruit in it. Puts the container on the counter. As he opens the fridge to take out the tray of ice, he wonders to himself why she is teasing him so much. It is not that he didn’t like it, but she seems to keep him teased. He wonders how much more she’s going to tease him before offering him more. Shrugging to himself, he drops a couple of ice cubes into each cup.

She walks over to the closet and takes out a tank top and silk-like bottoms. They’re her pajamas but he’s seen them on more than one occasion. Plus, she figures that they’re in for the evening. Might as well get comfortable. She kicks off her shoes as she unbuttons her pants. She pulls her pants down and sits on the bed. She unbuttons her blouse and slips out of it. She quickly proceeds to undo her bra.

He grins to himself as he thinks of ways to get even. He finishes pouring the juice into the glasses and quickly puts the container back into the fridge. He grabs a glass and walks out into the living room. Seeing that she isn’t there, he walks over and places the glass on a coaster. He sits down and patiently waits for her to return.

She pulls on her tank top and walks out to the living room. She sees him sitting there and a single glass on the coffee table. She looks at him questioningly.

“Only one glass?” she asks.

Smiling, he answers, “Well, I thought we could share. Being that I’m not that thirsty and all.”

Shrugging, she walks over to him and sits beside him. As she starts to reach for the glass, she hears him say.

“No no, relax, dear.” he says, “Let me help you with this.”

He reaches over and picks up the glass. He moves the glass towards her.

“You’re going to spill that on me, aren’t you?” she asks suspiciously.

He laughs and shakes his head, “Now would I do that?”

“Other guys, no. You? A resounding yes.”

His expression screws up into a mock hurt expression, “You wound me, lady.”

She snorts.

“Really, let me help you with this.” he said and reaches over with a glass.

She watches him as the glass approaches her lips. She leans her head forward a little and he tilts the glass slightly so that she could take a drink from it. She continues to watch him as he withdraws the glass.

“Now, did I pour it all over you?”

“No,” she answers, “But that’s because I’m watching you.”

“Now why would I possibly want to pour this juice all over you? It will ruin the couch!”

She smirks, holds up her hand and ticks off a finger for every answer, “One, you want to get even. Two, you want to see me jump up and down. Three, you want to see me all wet. Four, you’d do anything to get me out of my clothes. Five.”

“Stop!” he said, “I get the picture but I still say you’re wrong.”

She nods severely at him.

He chuckles and continues, “Okay, how about this. Close your eyes, keep your hand on my hand and I’ll continue to help you with this drink. We’ll call it a test of trust.”

She continues to stare at him suspiciously.

He laughs and reaches over and takes her hand. He guides her hand onto his wrist.

“Now, if you think I am tilting the glass too far over — you can push my hand away.”

He smiles at her waiting for an answer. Seeing that none was coming, he leans over and lightly licks her lips. He tastes the juice on her lips and presses his lips against her lips once more and kisses her. After she responds, he pulls away.

“Come on, close your eyes,ÔÇŁ he urges her.

She takes a deep breath and releases it. She closes her eyes. As she feels his hand moving forward, she opens her eyes and looks at him.

“Don’t try anything funny.”

Shaking g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri his head, “I wouldn’t do that, dear.”

She glares at him as he chuckles. She closes her eyes once more. She feels his hand move forward. The cool glass touches her bottom lip. She opens her mouth slightly as he tilts the glass. The juice moves onto her lower lip as it slips into her mouth. The juice is nice and cold and she takes a mouth full. She leans forward as he pulls away the glass.

“See? That wasn’t so bad,ÔÇŁ he says to her, “The big mean man didn’t pour juice all over you, now did he?”

She opens one eye and looks at him.

He laughs, “More?”

She shrugs to herself and closes her eye.

Taking her non-verbal reply as a reply, he tilts the glass once more against her lower lip. He watches as the liquid pours into her mouth. The juice fills her mouth and he pulls the glass away from her lip. He watches as she closes her mouth. A single drop spills from her lips and trails down the corner of her mouth towards her jaw. He leans in and kisses the head of that drop. His mouth takes the juice in and he follows the path of the juice. He moves up her jaw to the corner of her mouth. His lips touch her lips. He sucks gently on her lips to take the juice. His lips reach her lips and he presses them against her.

She could almost picture the drop of juice spilling from her lips. She didn’t swallow the juice; she waited for him to kiss her on the lips. Her mouth opens slightly as his lips matched her. She slides her juice soaked tongue into his mouth and she feels him respond by closing his lips around her. She feels him slowly sucking on her tongue. After a moment, she pulls her tongue back into her mouth and squeezes her mouth. Some juice spills out of her mouth into his mouth.

He was shocked at first, feeling the juice pouring into his mouth from her. Realizing it was the juice, he slowly swallowed. He continued to kiss her for a while more and pulls back.

She opens her eyes as she feels him pulling away. She looks at him as he smiles at her.

“I think that was a successful test,ÔÇŁ he said.

“Now are you going to pour that juice onto me?”

He laughs and says, “No. I wouldn’t.”

After a pause, he looks at her and asks, “Unless you want me to?”

She chuckles as she pushes his hand away when she feels him moving the glass towards her.

“I see you still don’t trust me,” he says smiling at her.

“Oh, I trust you. It’s just with certain things that I don’t trust you with,” she replies.

Raising an eyebrow, he asks, “Oh? Like what things?”

“Little things like that,” she answers as she points over at the glass of juice in his hand.

“And things that concern this,” she continues her reply as she reaches over and pats his crotch.

She was somewhat surprised to find that he was still aroused. She pulls her hand away before she is tempted to do something more. She pulls her eyes away from his crotch and looks directly at his questioning face.

She stammers slightly and finishes, “Especially when it doesn’t get its way.”

“Oh, I get it!” he laughs, “You don’t think I can control myself.”

She smiles and winks at him, “You said it, not me.”

With his free hand, he grabs a hold of her wrist. And pulls her up off the couch, he takes her towards the bedroom.

“See?” she states, “Where are you taking me?”

He looks over his shoulder at her and says, “Well, we’re going to continue this game of trust in the bedroom. I’ll prove to you I have everything under control.”

She laughs, but follows him into the bedroom.

He walks her over to the edge of the bed. He bends over the nightstand and puts the glass of juice onto a coaster. He places both hands on her shoulders and gently pushes her down on the bed.

“Wait right there.” he says as he turns towards the closet.

She sits patiently waiting for him. She looks over her shoulder at him, as he seems to be rummaging for something.

“Honey, where do you keep those scarves?” he asks from the closet.

She rolls her eyes and says, “On the left side.”

“Where? I don’t.. Oh! Got it.”

She watches him as he walks out of the closet with a hanger full of her scarves.

“What are you going to do with those?” she asks, “You’re not cold are you? You’re going to wear them?”

He grins at her, “No no. It’s for the trust game.”

He pulls one scarf off the hanger.

“Careful with that!” she exclaims.

He chuckles and walks over to her. He holds a corner of the scarf in each hand and twirls them so the scarf becomes a band of material. He lowers it over her eyes and she pulls away.

“What *are* you doing?” she asks, slightly annoyed now.

“Well, I figured we can test your trust and our self control all in one shot.” he said with a grin.

Not sure what he means, but still interested in what he is doing, she shrugs. She sees him lowering the scarf over her eyes. Then she feels g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri him tie it around her head. It covers her eyes completely. She reaches out and touches his stomach then moves her hand up his body to his hand.

“Okay. I’m going to test your trust.”

She nods.

“I promise not to stick my dick into you unless you tell me I can.”

She laughs but nods. She is not sure he can do it. It has been a while for both of them. They haven’t seen each other in a while so this might even be tough for her also. She knows that he’ll give in first. She smiles to herself. She normally does not go for this kind of stuff but tonight she feels excited about it.

He leans in and kisses her lips lightly. He feels her respond but she doesn’t push forward. He moves back and sees her lips in mid kiss. He picks up the glass of juice and places the glass against her lower lip.

She feels the glass against her lip again and she opens her mouth. She could feel him tilting the glass towards her. She feels the cool juice flowing again into her mouth. She drinks it, slowly. The ice cube hitting her lip startles her. It is cold against her. She pushed slightly forward and she could feel him tilting the glass back. She hears the ice cube hit the bottom of the glass.

She hears him putting the glass on the coaster again. She feels his fingers sliding lightly along her cheek. She tilts her head slightly against his fingers. She misses feeling him stroking her skin these past few weeks. She almost moans at his touch. With her mind’s eye, she follows his fingers.

The backs of his fingers trail along her cheek. They move up towards her ear and just before touching her ear, they move down. Gliding lightly, touching softly against her skin, his fingers move down the side of her neck.

She feels his fingers moving slowly down her neck, it feels like tiny electricity sparking between his fingers and her neck. She grew excited. She is enjoying this. She continues to follow his fingers as he moves down from her neck. His fingers move down her shoulder until they reach the strap of her tank top. She almost sighs as he pulls his fingers off of her skin.

She feels his fingers touch the bottom of her tank top. She feels him lifting it.

“Raise your arms, dear,” he whispers lightly.

She found herself obeying, lifting her arms as he pulls the tank top off of her. Once again, she sees him staring at her. She could almost feel his eyes staring at her breasts. She knows he wants to lean forward and just take her into his mouth. She bites her lower lip as she realizes she wants him to do just that. Almost sighing, she feels the cooler air touch her naked skin. She shivered as she felt his lips touch her neck. She feels his warm breathing trailing her skin as he moves his lips lightly along her neck down to her shoulder. She feels his hands moving between her arms and her body. She follows his lips instead of his hands then. She feels his lips moving down her shoulder towards her left breast.

His lips moves down her left breast and she feels herself pushing her chest forward slightly. Her nipples tingle. They tingle with the anticipation of the feel of his lips against them. She opens her mouth as his lips touches her nipple. Slowly at first, with his soft lips. Slowly squeezing her nipple then carefully she feels his lips close about her. She shuddered as she feels his mouth pulling her nipple. She feels her nipple harden in his mouth and against his soft lips. She reaches up with her hands and brushes her fingers into his hair.

He continues to suck on her nipple as he moves his hands from behind her and reaches up to take hold of her hands. He pulls her hands away from his hair as he gently licks the tip of her nipple with the tip of his tongue. He feels her shiver again. He guides her hands down to the bed and presses them against the bed.

She feels him pushing her hands against the bed and lifts his off her. She sighed as he releases her nipple. The cool air hitting her already hard nipple causes her to take in a quick breathe. She waits for him to touch her again. She feels her entire body tingling now. Anticipating, hoping for his lips to touch her. She did not wait long as his lips touched her right nipple. She heard herself moan as his lips closes around her nipple. Her nipple was hard before he touched this one. She pushed forward again, pressing her breast against his face. She feels him sucking against her nipple as she feels his fingers on the waist of her pants. She feels his fingers slip in under the front of her waistband. She feels him pull away from her nipple and again the cool air hits her wet nipple.

“Lean back,” she heard him say.

She leans back and feels his fingers sliding deeper into her pants and panties to take hold of them. She feels him pulling and she lifts her ass up so he can pull the pants and panties down. She feels him sliding the clothes down to her ankles. She feels his hands on her ankles. She feels his hands gently slide over her feet to make sure she does not have any shoes on. His fingers moved lightly over her feet, caressing her. She pushes her feet against his hands as he slides his hands away from her feet; he pulls her pants and panties off of her ankles, one at a time. Then she feels his lips on her knees. Kissing one then the other.

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