A Matter of Taste Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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I think Red ate anything coming in his mouth in a copious gesture, while I went for sensual flavor. I returned my tongue to his panting rectal opening and tried again to taste my love’s insides. He squirmed at the delicate feelings.

“Oh, Carla, more, lick harder, ohhhh.”

“Red, you taste so unbelievable. I can find garlic and even olive oil in your waste. You animal”

“You’re totally disgusting and nasty. Ughhhh… ummmm, don’t, please.”

I wanted more of his shit, more from deeper in. The fact that such a clump of mud was on the end of the cucumber meant he was full. I stuck two fingers in him, which entered without a fuss. I felt a good ball and worked it out, him helping. Into my mouth, chewed a little, dribbled the rest out, which fell on my tits.

She was fingering and rimming me like nobody’s business, eating pieces of my shit, chewing and tasting it obscenely and slowly. She spat out pieces she didn’t want; it’s as if she wanted to sample only and not fill up. I wanted all her mud, I needed her body, I was too far away from her and my legs were straining under the constant backward pressure. I think my bowels were about to explode from all that probing. She took some of the goop on her tits and smeared it around the nipples, slowly massaging it in. She took my hand to her breasts and had me join the rub-in. The air was thick with the animal scent.

Still on my back, she uplifted my ass again, my hole open wide, and kissed it with her oozing cunt. I felt a warm strong current rush in me. She was giving me a piss enema and much was dripping down on the sheets. How did she have so much piss in her still?

“Red, if I could lean over and kiss you now, I’d devour you on the spot!”

“Ohhh, Carla…”

My bowels were expanding with her unexpected fill-up to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly it felt as if I were overcome with that ice-water feeling and feared I would wash our fun away forever, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Before I could finish emptying into his ass, he jumped up off the bed, turned over and got on his hands and knees, kneeling over my mouth.

“Carla, I can’t hold it in any longer, please forgive me for what’s to happen…”

And he let go of a huge loud and very wet fart. A jet spray of my piss washed over my face with great force, followed by a few small chunks of his dinner. Then, slowly, a beautiful medium-sized log emerged into my mouth, shiny with my pee and his milky anal slime. At five inches, it broke off. I held it out, hard and black, little brown and black flecks etched throughout. It was braided perfectly, an exact contour of his lovely intestines. His beautiful bowels shaped this stunning object, its curves, its roundness. I gently licked all sides, the ends, the bottom. I bit off one end and squished the pieces along each of my teeth. Something so sweet never was so naughty.

“Ummmm, Red, that’s strong, that’s so good. Ohhhhmmmmmm. Incredible.”

This was Red at his innermost, his spirit, his soul. It was earth, it was grass, it was shit, it was piss, it was asparagus, sulfur, liver, a range of spices and flavors, some sweet, some very bitter. I chewed and chewed. I swallowed a little more and mushed the rest down my chest.

More of my piss came out and I gargled languidly until I spat that out too. I took a last swallow of the final piss, which he had been pushing out and reached around to kiss his lips. He took it all in and swallowed it immediately, causing his ass to heave the remains out onto the bed. He shit another large log, somewhat softer and more odorous. I picked it up and put it on my stomach, bringing him to me, we squished and squashed that shit to form an unbreakable bond between us.

We were holding each other tightly as shit lovers. I felt emptied out but ready to explode, I was in a totally dazed state, ready to put my thruster in any hole. I craved to fuck her unimaginable ass again, but she wanted to blow me hard. We broke our kiss and gently resumed our now mutually accepted 69 position we loved so much, me on the bottom again.

My asshole was burning and widened to the world and I held my legs apart. She lowered her pussy down around my mouth and began grinding into me. As she bent over to nuzzle the base of my rod, her brownie raised up and faced me. An idea came to me.

I slowly but easily slid my middle finger up her ass, deeply, in one motion. She moaned. Her loosened orifice took my index finger next.

“Red, uhhhh, ohhhhh jeez.”

My ring finger was next, which pushed the others deeper and widened the opening. My third finger dug into some of her mud pack. I twisted the three fingers around from side to side, all bursa escort well lubricated by the mess down there. She responded by panting quicker and gyrating her luscious bottom. There was no resistance. She was concentrating on my fingering and had stopped licking my cock.

As I had done before to her cunt, I grouped the fingers tightly together and got the pinky in as well, so a four finger cluster impaled my lover’s breathless rectum. The stretching caused her to suddenly gasp.

“Owwww. Oh.. Red… uhhhh, slowly, pleassssee, no, no, no.”

But I felt she wanted more, wanted it all. I slowly rotated my hand to gradually stretch the taut opening, all four fingers all the way up to the third knuckles. I pushed gently, waiting for her response.

As I got my thumb into position for the final thrust, she cried out,

“No. No. It hurts, it’s ripping me apart, stopppp, please. Reddd, no, no.”

When he got two fingers in, it felt good, great. My insides were so packed, I hardly knew there could be any more of a filling feeling. But then the third finger went in, I felt it. I was loose and my mouth was buzzing with his shit taste. I wanted him in me, deeply. Oh, it felt unbelievable. I wanted more and invited him in by pushing and dancing on his hand.

I felt able to do this. I couldn’t believe I had gotten this far, but wasn’t going to back out now. His fourth finger slid in with some pain, I felt my anus stretching like something was really too big. Then the fullness, so complete. He twisted back and forth and owned my ass for that time. I knew he was with me as deep as any human being can be with another. He rocked my core and my anal tears didn’t hurt any more. I hoped he was going to go for broke. I needed his hand in me, I needed it, I begged him to do it. My bowels were full and packed and I wanted his hand in there to clean me out!

He tried getting his thumb in, tried so gently. But dammit! As his hand tried to penetrate me, a sharp pain ripped through my anus, spreading in an instant along my whole bottom, into and around my dripping parts. I couldn’t do on. It was killing me, he was going to ravage me to pieces and lose everything. I screamed in pain, really loudly, and pushed his hand out in one enormous grunt.

In fisting her I wanted desperately to turn her inside out just to be at one with her delectable unending brown and tasty waste. But the last thing I knew, even in my state of delirium, was to cause her any pain. She shit me out. Looking around at me, there were the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

I grabbed her face and kissed those eyes, smearing whatever lip muck I had over them. We locked lips and I begged her forgiveness. After a few moments, heartbeats slowed down and she said,

“Jeez my ass hurts, it burns with pain, fuck! OUCHH, I can’t move for a second… wait… it’s not your fault, Red, I really wanted to try it, I’m just not slutty enough, I guess. Let me rest it a minute.”

He brought up his muddy hand and we licked my shit off his fingers together, kissing each other back and forth quietly. And we both laughed. I was both traumatized and excited.

He gently turned me back over and kissed my wounded opening. The pain disappeared as his tongue found its way inside. I felt it wet all around the rim, now going in, deeper, looking for my meat again. I felt a finger go in slowly, it didn’t hurt at all. It stayed and circled my rectum. I began swaying my ass around it. He withdrew it and stabbed his face back in.

Her ass hole is now really loose. I felt so bad about the pain I caused trying to fist my love, but she was calming down and it seemed safe to resume. I wanted my hand inside her like I had done to her cunt. I wanted to grab all the caked-up shit in her bowels, but I was going to tear her in half.

I inhaled her depths. I felt a motion, her stomach swelled, she farts a deep stinky long wind. I inhale, I lock onto her extended asshole lips like an oxygen mask over mouth and nose and drink the scent in. We breathe together. It’s so thick I can taste the pungent gas, feel it liquefy over my tonsils as I swallow her smell.

I found her moist brownie, it kind of developed little labias that I could chew, they were sweet and bitter and stained brown. I sucked them, tongued her deeply, and stuck one finger in again easily, searching for gold. It began pulsating to my rhythm, grew red and glandular but it didn’t appear bleeding. There were remnants of cum and brown slimy mucus covering her royal pink rings. I gently licked her ass to sooth and nurture her pain.

“Red, stop a second, I feel something, wait, ooohhh no.”

At this most intimate moment I get a sharp stomach cramp. It hurts like bursa escort bayan a mother, but worse, I feel as if I’m going to explode my caked up insides in a shower of brown liquid horror all over my wonderful lover. Eating hard clumps is fine; drinking shit is awful, I couldn’t even think of how disgusting that would be. Another cramp. Oww! I yelled in pain and fear.

“What is it, love, what hurts?”

“Nothing, Red, just a little gas.”

I was ready to get up and make a run for the bathroom, I just couldn’t defile our nest like this. I started to slowly slide out from our tangle, prepared to end our session right there out of shame for what I felt was going to happen. Then, a distinct gas pain jabbed my intestines and I relaxed and fell down loosely on him, my mouth next to his still hard cock, waiting for the next stroke. I released a long sputtering fart into his nose, resting under my crotch, between my cheeks. Another fart came, but by that time, he was plugging my star with his tongue again.

My four-fingered anal violation seemed to be the last straw of poor Carla’s retention. The activity awakened her inner bowels, and a little mud flowed from the deep. At first I thought her pain was going to finish her off, or worse, release something horrible. But now her gentle but now fleshy asshole let go a little slurry of liquid, followed by two medium hard long pellets, rich in smell. It seemed like olive pate with specks; I once again tasted the already digested olive bits. I sucked and swallowed them whole.

“Ohh, my word… Red, don’t eat it…”

And my insides gave forth, just relaxed. His mouth was at my outpipe and I just let “what will be, be.” My shit began to flow, and into his waiting mouth. If he didn’t care, I didn’t care. I lost all shame, if ever I had any. His cock was dancing hard and pulsating, begging for attention. I heaved my pumping rectum up and over his mouth, sealing it tight, and invited his glistening crown into my lips. I opened wide and in an instant, his meat was raking my throat. I began long mouth fucks in and out and he started groaning.

As I gobbled his meat, my guts continued emptying. I long lost any sense of shame, it was up to Red what he was going to do. I felt the most glorious relief as my inner tubes spewed forth my cakes. I licked his wonderful throbber around the head, the side and tasted shit, salt, my piss, more mud, some teeth smear. Ohhh the wild absolute nastiness of it.

It slipped out as I tongued the bottom of his scrotum. I liked to taste things so much, I wanted to do what he was doing to me. I dradled his hairy balls and anal hair and savored the residue on the fibres, sucking each piece off bit by bit, feeling him squirming. I punch-tongued his hole and it bucked. We were in a deep rimming contest and I needed to win. Some bowel squirt ran onto my chin. There was very little left in him, only some pellets. My saliva melted over its bitter texture slowly dissolving the sediment until it coated my tongue

My pussy was heaving forth and the contractions of my bowels caused some more gunk to leak out of my flaps. But my ass, ohhh jesus the relief. A huge and impossibly long log wound its way out slowly, I knew its size from the stretch, I swear it felt more than two inches in diameter. I let the whole process just flow without pushing. I didn’t want my sphincter to cut off the tuber. It went out, and out, and out… one inch, two, four, possibly eight, I lost track. And the longer it went on, the deeper Red fucked my throat.

Now my tongue was sunk into the bottom of my mouth, his hardness stuffed down the back of my throat and I was gushing around it, begging for it to explode.

As she began perhaps the greatest blow job I was ever to have, her champion asshole opened and collapsed onto my waiting mouth. As my tongue habitually found its way into the loose cavern, the tip of a turd emerged onto it. It pushed under its own weight; she was busy sucking and caressing my brown plugger in her mouth and I detected no contractions, no pushing. Another inch came out, hard and confident. Two inches now into my mouth and I knew this was it. This was the plugged-up muck that was caking her bowels, preventing her from shitting for the past days. This was the culprit keeping her from regularity while traveling. The snake grew thicker and my tongue sensed the bumps and veins on it. It kept coming and now was jamming down my throat.

She was deep-throating me and I was doing the same to her brown love log. She moved her head up and down around my muddy shaft and with a tremendous shudder and a pelvic squat, she shit the end out with a blast of gas, thick and syrupy. I barely had time to chew as it went down, escort bursa though most fell off my mouth onto the bed.

She cried out in great relief, “Ohhhmmmmm.” I know she wanted to exclaim her exuberance and utter relief at the emptying after all these days, but her mouth was awfully full. Her cunt farted a loud expulsion and some pussy gunk oozed out. I caught every bit and swallowed. Her expertise was getting me so close I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot my entire tongue deeply as I could into her ravaged rectum and licked and tasted and greedily sopped up anything possible. Her battered back end was by now a brown flesh cave which quivered and pulsed. In its looseness it more than covered my mouth and lips and even part of my nose as I jammed aggressively inside her. That beautiful hole begins to pucker outward, her colon begins to come out and I pull it into my mouth with a powerful suction. I’m sucking on a red shiny tube whose inside keeps feeding me sweet, soft nectar. It pushes out further, almost an entire inch; the pink ring glistening in the faint light. With a sheen of thick intestinal phlegm lubricating it, a final delicious turd French-kisses my tongue. Her hole quickly returns to its normal concavity with a grunt as she relaxes her diaphragm muscles. The wet sloppy opening, still pulsing and pink, loses the turd in its entirety into my gaping mouth. Ohhhhh, my lover.

Our passion reached incalculable highs as we thrashed in our muck and liquids. As my last huge shit escaped, it felt as if he sucked my asshole inside-out and began blowing it. His entire body, all under me tensed up and arced with all his strength and the next thing I knew, I was trying not to choke on his repeated shots of hot thick cream. They kept coming, he kept shooting down my throat. His pelvic thrusts slammed into my chin buy I didn’t want to lose any. I finally swallowed and was able to taste the fresh man-grass, the dark shit scent of his brown spewing cock. It heaved and heaved and it seemed to begin streaming come not in bursts but in a long syrupy and slow finale.

My mind was all messed up. I thought I was seeing colors and seeing flavors. I actually was trying, on some subconscious level, to analyze the flavor and texture of her final turd which was like a delicate truffle in my mouth. I was thinking how amazing it was that a piece of her shit, so impacted way up her colon, was still so hard and chewy. And in the moment, my hips raised off the bed about a hundred miles. I lifted her entire beautiful weight with me, my turgid and desperate hammer deep in her throat. And I shot. I pumped and pumped my buildup, my anticipation down into her mouth. Past the shit, into her gullet. She drank and tried to catch it all. It kept coming. I felt it so thick fly out of my soul into hers. My balls were being drawn within her lips and we were flying. She shouted a muffled scream, I thought she would choke, or at least gag and cough me out, but she held fast. Her mastery just milked me to heaven. With a few short but still confident spurts, we collapsed as a wreck of creamy and blurry love.

I lay there a few moments in a daze, the room was fuzzy, where was I? I heard her moan, “oooh.. Red” and begin lightly tonguing my dazzled shaft. Her ass was above me still, now breathing on its own, releasing a slight puff of rectal air. I couldn’t move, I was jelly. Suddenly, the corporeal feelings returned with an immense pressure on my bladder, all the beer, I realized.

As our panting slowed down and we were to resume into a lover’s embrace, he repositioned our spent bodies on our sides, his limp pole still in my mouth, his head trying to find a resting place in my crotch. My mouth was all of a sudden alive with a salty wet spray. And it continued. I drank his pee, his beer, his release. It got stronger and began spilling out on the sheets. He wouldn’t quit. I kept the focus on my teeth and tried to feel the jet on my gums, down my throat, washing away the brown waste, but most of it leaked out. Some went up my nose and I coughed, throwing him free. He peed on my face, then under my chin. A big sopping wet spot developed under my head as he dribbled to a finish. All done.

We did embrace and kiss then. So long, so loving, so passionate. That kiss, the kiss alone was worth it. We tasted every flavor experienced that night, one by one. Our tongues cleaned each other and refused to give up. I felt I loved this guy, I just loved getting fucked and shit on by him. I felt I’ve been waiting all my life to share something this profound, this nasty, this taboo. My bowels were his life and love and vice-versa.

“Red, you’re leaving tomorrow, aren’t you?”

“Yes, my love.”

“Will I see you again? When, how?”

“Yes, Carla, you will, I have a feeling I’ll see you many more times. I love you. I can’t explain it.”

“You don’t have to.”

We fell asleep like that, in the filthy nest we made. We had found each other.

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