A Married Couple’s Monday Pt. 01

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*6:30 AM*

A married couple lays on a messy bed, clothes scattered around it. The alarm goes off. He slowly wakes up and turns it off. His wife has the day off so she doesn’t have to wake up with him. After a few moments of holding his wife in his arms, he stands up and walks over to the bathroom. On the way over he gathers the clothes on the floor and throws them into the laundry.

As he turns on the shower and soaps himself in his wife wakes up from all the noise. A smile forms on her face as she remembers what they had done last evening. She stands up, walks over to the bathroom and opens the door. Her face lights up as she sees him standing in the shower, his cock soaped in. “Good morning”, she says. He turns around and in the doorway is his wife, naked, looking at him. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” To his surprise, she doesn’t join him but instead walks downstairs. He quickly finishes showering, gets dressed for work and heads downstairs as well.

There he finds his wife, on the kitchen table. Naked, her legs spread and already dripping. Without saying a single word he gets on his knees in front of her and starts eating her out. His hands stroking her inner thighs softly as his tongue is circling her clit. She feels his warm breath touch her pussy, a soft moan escapes her mouth. He smiles, putting his mouth over clit and starts playing with it. It doesn’t take long before her breathing increases, feeling herself getting closer. At that moment he moans and sucks on her clit till she cums all over his mouth. With her legs still shaking around his head, he stands up and kisses her on the kadıköy escort mouth, gets his coat and leaves for work. Before he closes the door, he looks back at his satisfied wife on the table “Be ready for me when I get back, this was just the beginning”.

*Later on in the evening*

He comes home from a long day at work and finds his wife in the kitchen. Standing with her back to him, wearing just a tiny red apron revealing her firm small butt. He walks up behind and places a hand on her thigh… moving it slowly. A moan escapes her mouth as she feels his hand touch her, sliding closer to her pussy. She turns off the food, spreads her legs and bends over on the counter for him. His hand on top of her pussy now, feeling it get wet, ready to slide two fingers inside of her. She slides her hand downwards, ready to rub her clit when he stops her… grabbing both of her arms and holding them on her back ” I’m going to make you cum, not you” as he says that his fingers slide inside and start rubbing her g-spot making her moan loud in pleasure. Within minutes she’s dripping down his fingers, creating a wet spot very visible on the apron. He moves in closer, pressing against her body, feeling her get tighter around his fingers…closer to cumming. He releases her arms and starts to rub her clit with it, everything to make her cum. Her breathing starts to increase, she grabs a hold of the counter with both of her hands and scream out loud ” I’m gonna.. cum..mmm.. “. Before she even finished her sentence she starts shaking üsküdar escort on her legs, cumming all over his fingers…

He steps back and watches how his wife is laying there holding the counter, still shaking a little. He undresses and grabs his hard cock into his hand walking up to her again, rubbing it over her lips and clit. “Wa…Wait” she moans. She gets up and walks over to the couch, grabs a hold of the edge and bends over deeply… looking back at him “Please fuck me now, I’ve been wanting you all day.” Walking up to her, grabbing her hips and stroking her butt, teasing her even more. She screams “fuck me already!” and pushes her ass back into him, feeling his cock. He doesn’t wait any longer and with one big push he slides his whole cock inside of her warm wet pussy. She immediately starts moaning, feeling him inside of her.

She closes her eyes and feels his hard throbbing cock slide deep inside of her. Her hand reaching down rubbing her very sensitive clit, this time he doesn’t stop her. His hands have a firm grip on her waist, guiding his cock into her. Harder and faster with each moans she lets escape. He can feel her wet pussy tighten around his cock. Her legs barely able to keep her straight. She’s already close to cumming again, grabbing the end of the couch with both of her hands now as she feels it coming. With one last deep push into her, she starts to cum. He quickly pulls her body up close to him and starts kissing her neck from behind, his hand now rubbing her clit. She’s standing up shaking on her legs as she’s cumming with his cock tuzla escort still deep inside of her. She tried to say something but it’s gibberish, the pleasure is too much.

Before she even stops cumming he starts moving his cock in and out of her again. His hands holding her body now, unable to stand on her own legs. She feels something building up inside of her, her nails dig deep into his kin as she moans loud. She’s never felt like this before. It’s the perfect position for his cock to rub over her g-spot. The warm feeling inside of her keeps growing when suddenly she starts to squirt all over the floor, her body shaking in his arms. He quickly lays her down on the couch as she curls up and keeps trembling…He looks down to the floor and sees the mess she made. “I’m…sorry” she whispers. “That was amazing… look at you, you’re perfect.” A smile forms on her face as she hears him say that. Closing her eyes and enjoying the pleasure that’s still in her body.

After a good five minutes she sits up straight, unable to stop smiling. Looking at her naked husband holding his hard wet cock in his hand standing next to her. She reaches out and starts stroking him, moving him closer to her mouth. She wants to taste his cock after she came all over it. Spreading her legs as she takes his whole cock inside of her mouth. Rubbing herself ever so softly…making her moan on his hard wet cock. She pulls him out, gasps and looks at him “I can go again”. She stands up (barely able to) “Wait one minute and follow me” she slowly walks up the stairs into their bedroom. He jerks his cock as he looks at her from behind, his naked wife walking away. Counting down every second in his head. He hears a drawer open and close. “59…60!” He yells. Walking up the stairs now he hears a buzzing noise. As he enter the bedroom, he sees his wife bending over on the edge of the bed. Her head down, ass sticking up with her vibrator on her clit. “Fuck me, please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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