A Lovely Mother Strays

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Deep Penetration

I was becoming more and more frustrated, my husband was getting less and less attracted to me sexually. I think he still loves me, and I suppose I still love him. I also know I am on the brink of stepping outside of my marriage for the first time. I do get plenty of offers, admiring glances, whistles, and the rest of it.

I have always attracted the opposite sex, and sometimes some of my own! I was cute, and very pretty growing up, and I blossomed into an extremely attractive girl, then a feline sensuous highly attractive woman. And I am a woman too, I wanted everything being a woman can demand from her man. The opening of a door for me, the waiting for me, holding a chair, seating me.

I wanted and got attention, whom ever my boyfriend happened to be at any particular time, I was at the centre of their world. I went through lots of boyfriends, but I did not go through lots of sex. I was virtuous, much to many a boys chagrin, and later, plenty of men. I did have sex and I enjoyed it, but having sex was on my terms, not theirs.

I was looking for Mr right, my knight on a white charger, and I found him in the man I married. And it was a match made in heaven, but I didn’t think that after twenty years he would be sliding off his saddle. We have three children, Max, Laura, and Gerry, Gerry is the youngest at 18, and there is a gap up to the others.

We have a great life, on the surface, my husband is successful, and we are well off. I have my own car, the kids will get theirs, we live in a big house, several bedrooms, several bathrooms, enormous garden etc etc, you get the picture. But over the last several months, in fact, now I think about it, the last year or two, although we sleep in the same bed, that is about now as close as we get now.

I am Nicki Tremaine, I am 41, nearly 42, and I feel my life is going nowhere somehow. Robert, my husband, is too busy somehow, and if he isn’t, he is golfing or whatever. I do have my own social life, but I am always there for him, he is never there for me! So now I am checking out the opposition as it were, the guys, young or old, it doesn’t matter.

I am 5ft 7″ in height, dark brown hair, it is still lustrous and soft, it is my pride. It is cut short into my neck, its naturally wavy, rather than curly. I have a very appealing face, second glances all round every time. I am still fit, lean and slender, full bodied, and I can still get excited in the right places. Some where my husband has now forgotten apparently.

I do resent him a little, he would be shocked to the core to learn I was thinking what I am. I also don’t know what I would do if I got propositioned when I wasn’t expecting it, run a mile probably. I have often thought about this guy, and that guy. Some of his friends, some of our friends, my friend’s husbands, and more, even some of their fit young sons!

I didn’t know what to do, I had discussed it with my best friend, but that was a waste of time, she just said, that I’ll get over it. It’s an age thing, she told me. She would have died if she’d known her own husband had made the odd lewd suggestion to me! So I decided to face it head on, tell Robert, tell him that if he didn’t pay me more attention I was going to look elsewhere.

I hedged all around it, it took me about two weeks to actually bring the subject up proper. I dressed nice for him, sexily teased him, I let him know I was available at all times. I just talked to myself or the wall. And when I told him of my frustrations and concerns he was gob smacked to say the least. And on top of that he didn’t believe I was being honest, that he had tried with me, but I continually turned him down, can you believe that!

So it moved on to arguments, and even further separation from the issues, I even banished him to a spare bedroom at times. It also spilled over into our family life, even the odd criticism in front of friends. Then one night we had a real blazing row, it went on forever, it started after dinner, and kept going. Basically it culminated in me telling him I was going to find a man, a real man, not a fucking limp dicked wimp like he was.

He retorted that if that’s what I wanted, then I should go right ahead, I was furious, but thinking about it, I just couldn’t see myself doing it. I wanted to, I needed sexual release, love, tenderness, and I was not getting it any more from the man who should do just that. And I think he knew that too, he knew me of course, so he was confident I would roll over, and accept the status quo.

I decided to try again, I was waiting on him hand and foot, I was sex personified for him. And while I kept my temper in check, he took all this as my submissiveness to him. He was making a massive mistake, one I didn’t know he was making, well, in reality I did, but not the way I had been thinking of.

It was Friday night when the pan of rage in me boiled over, I had cooked a nice dinner, got the candles out, chilled the wine, wore a dress that halkal─▒ escort would kill any man within 50 paces. The kids were all out and away for the weekend doing their own things. Gerry was rock climbing, he was quite passionate about it. Then the telephone rang.

“Nicky, I can’t make it,” he told me, “I am just about to board a plane for an important meeting that can land the firm million and millions. I hope to be home by Sunday, take care.” And the phone went dead, I hadn’t even had the chance to speak. He was being too cocky by half, I was going to teach him a lesson, one he would not forget in a hurry. I knew he was on his cell, so I texted him.

This time you have gone too far Robert, I’ve had it with you, when you get back, I will be a well fucked, and unfaithful wife!”

I muted and closed the phone, so if he called I wouldn’t hear it, and I threw it into the drawer next to my bed. I was absolutely livid, and I fully intended to go out and find a guy, to seduce into fucking me. It was something I knew I could do with ease, but I had to find a suitable guy though. I wasn’t the kind of person that could just pick up anyone, oh no, he had to be right.

I threw the dinner into the bin, and went upstairs. I went through my wardrobe and finally settled on a white short skirt, a matching white snug top, a thong, no bra, high backless heels and I was set. I got in my car and headed off, I had no idea where to go, I never went out on my own. I knew there were bars and the like in town, but I didn’t want to be seen, so I headed out of the city.

I was driving along, and picturing myself underneath some young hunk getting my ass shagged off me. Then I laughed when I also pictured myself telling Robert about it, for some reason I found it hilarious. I spotted a bar with lots of cars outside so I pulled up. That was the easy bit, getting out and going in was a different kettle of fish.

Music was blaring away, and it looked very lively, my main concern was that someone might be in there that knew me. There was, but I never noticed until later. I stood outside for an eternity, I almost turned and went home, but I steeled myself and eventually I went in. I was noticed immediately by lots of men. I got whistles, immediate offers of a drink. And I was ushered to the bar by a massive man, who seemed to have most people around him, me, us, wary of him to say the least.

I politely but firmly brushed him off after he ordered me a double whisky, “to get me in the mood,” he told me. I left it and went to the end of the bar. There was a man and a woman there so it made me feel a bit safer. But I was also on the verge of cutting and running too.

The woman introduced herself as Sheila, he was Tom, and I chatted, but they knew I didn’t belong, and Shelia advised me to leave. This gave me the resolve I needed to stay, at least for a while. I was constantly chatted up by different men, had drinks bought, and asked to dance. I did accept one offer, but after being groped I went back to the bar.

I also had too much to drink, I wasn’t pie eyed, but I don’t drink a lot, so I knew I had had enough. I decided to leave, said my goodbyes and thanked Tom and Shelia, and left. I was just getting into my car when ‘massive man’ came up behind me, shoved me in and got behind the wheel. Before I could say anything we were off.

What he didn’t know was, I had pepper spray in my purse, but he grabbed it, rifled it, he took out my money and credit cards. I was scared out of my wits, and told myself that this would not be repeated. Then he threw it at me, jammed his hand under my skirt and told me.

“I’ll have a look at what you’ve got in a minute darling!” and laughed. He pulled up off the road, I got my pepper spray out and let him have the lot. He slapped me in a rage, then he jumped out of the car screaming he was going to kill me. I took the chance and dived behind the wheel and drove off. I was thankful for escaping whatever it was he may have had in mind.

I was so upset and frightened that after a while I pulled up to try and compose myself. I pulled myself together after a while, did my hair, tidied my face and I felt better. So I set off again. I passed a night club that I had been in with Robert about ten years ago, so I turned back and pulled over. Ten minutes went by before I got out and went in, it was a much classier place than the other, but I still got lots of stares from the men in there, and lots of glares from some of the women.

I went to the bar and ordered a water, no more drink for me I thought. I checked my watch, it was 11.30, I pondered going home, I had had enough for one night, my plan for the evening was a failure. But there was one thing that had happened. I was horny, and I mean fucking horny, the excitement, the fear from before, had turned me on big time.

One man asked me to dance, so I did, taksim escort and at every opportunity he got, his cock pressed accidentally into my heated pussy. I had no intention of going anywhere with this guy. I didn’t rate him at all. I was far too beautiful and sexy for him to use me. But it did serve to turn me on even further. Now I was beginning to want sex, a good hard hump, that’s all it would take, and I would be happy, I hoped.

Then the most amazing thing happened.

“Mrs Tremaine, what are you doing in here, are you alright?” a voice asked in my ear behind me. I nearly jumped off my bar stool. I spun round and was faced with my son’s best friend ‘H,’ short for Harry, everyone called him ‘H.’ He and my youngest son had been born within one week of each other, and had been the best of friends from the get go.

“I, er, I, erm, oh hello H, I’m just having a drink of water, thank you,” I told him, the surprise in my voice evident, he really had caught me on the hop.

“You shouldn’t be here on your own, it’s not the kind of place a woman like you should be in,” he told me.

This made me bristle, “And what kind of place is this H!”

“It’s a knocking shop Mrs Tremaine, a place where hookers come, not people like you,” he said. I was shocked to hear him say that, but when I looked closer around me I got the picture.

“I came here ten years ago, it was okay the H,” I replied.

“Well it isn’t now, you need to leave, I’ll see you get home, come on,” he said and took my elbow. Why I let him guide me out and control me I don’t know, maybe it was because I knew I was out of my depth really.

We got to my car, then he said, “Even though you shouldn’t be in a place like that Mrs Tremaine, you do look gorgeous, if you don’t mind me saying so,” he smiled. It softened my stance and attitude, and I thanked him, I kissed his cheek, and got in my car. I waved to him as I drove off, but I needed release. I was hot sexually, my pussy was dripping, and as soon as I got home I was going to have it, my vibrator was going to get some overtime!

I pulled onto my drive, and locked the car, as I was unlocking my door H pulled in too and got out.

“H,” I said, “what are you doing here?”

“Just making sure you got home okay, I was a bit worried in case one of those Bozo’s in there followed you,” he told me.

“Well they haven’t thank you,” I was a bit annoyed he had followed me, but also a little grateful. Then I tripped on the step, he grabbed me and held me steady. I opened the door, and thanked him again, kissed his cheek again, and walked in closing the door behind me.

Then guilt hit me, I was being very rude to a boy I loved. I opened the door and called to him as he was getting into his car, “Coffee?” He grinned and came towards me and into the house. I led him into the kitchen and put the coffee on.

“So,” I said, “what were you doing in there H?” I asked.

“Actually,” he said, “I was passing when I saw you getting out of your car, and a bit later I thought it was odd so I went back to see if you had gone in, and you had.”

“Well well well, my own knight in shining armour, you have saved me from a fate worse than death, thank you kind sir.” I giggled.

“Any man would want to be your shining knight Mrs T,” he told me, “looking like you do, I would ride a white charger anywhere for you my beautiful lady.” I giggled again, how could he be so nice, so considerate, I thought. He was making a big impression on me, one that would blow my brains out in a few minutes, but as yet I was unaware of it.

I stepped to him, put my hands on his broad young shoulders, and kissed his cheek again. I was playing the role as I said softly, “I accept your offer Sir knight, to be my champion.” He smiled happily, closed the gap between us to touching, and then he was kissing me. I was so shocked and surprised I never moved, I couldn’t, I was frozen to the spot.

I never saw, nor knew it, but my arms had slid around his neck, I was holding him tight to me, as he was holding me tight to him. The sexual tension between us was palpable, his body, hard and wiry, was up against mine. And his cock, oh his cock, was poking into me. And the kiss was full on, it was heated to white hot immediately.

I had had no intention of doing this, I hadn’t even thought about it, he was the same age as my youngest son for God’s sake. I was itching to get my vibrator out and going full tilt. Now I had what no vibrator could ever match, a hot hard cock pressing into me where nothing could ever detract it, or retract it from either, my crevice. It was where the gateway to desperate relief was deeply required and begging for. This was what I had been wanting all night, even though I had decided against it. I was sexually irreversibly aroused, and nothing could stop it, short of someone walking in, and I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

The fact ┼či┼čli escort that the owner of the hard cock was so young. The fact that he was my son’s friend, The fact that he was young enough to be my own son never mattered one jot. I never reasoned with it, it didn’t matter. It was what it was that mattered, and I needed it like you need oxygen. Then H settled it all simply by pushing then rubbing himself on me.

I pulled my mouth from his in a gasp of sheer desperation, he gave me a small smile. My arms tightened around his neck. Then his hands hitched my skirt, then each one disappeared into my panties, his left went down the back, the right went down the front. The middle finger of each hand made contact with the epicentres of my then world, the left pressed and popped into my ass, the right, slid and burrowed its way into my pussy. Then it was me who popped!

I was in my heels but I still managed to rise up on my tippy toes, my knees spread as far as they could and he got me, totally. My hips pressed forward and his finger went in further, but not far enough, oh no, nowhere near far enough. I stared maddeningly into his eyes as a wonderful tiny orgasm rippled through me.

I wanted both fingers so far in me they would meet, I wiggled my bum, and pressed my pussy onto the other. Looking back I could not believe how so far gone I was, wild horses would not have stopped my headlong charge right then. I knew my mouth was in that perfect ‘O’ that I always do when I am aroused beyond breaking point.

I also knew H was staring at my mouth, men do that, they know how good it would be to kiss me, or even better if I were to kiss them. I get it all the time, men are consumed by the shape of my lips, the intensity in them. They know that if I were to kiss them, they would stay kissed. I did kiss H, it was my most powerful, consuming, all telling kiss. And it said to him in no uncertain terms.

“I want to be fucked and made love to by you H, right here, and right now!”

I broke it, and flicked my eyes at him, my hand dropped down and got his cock, for the first time in nearly 23 years of marriage I was holding another man’s cock, feeling it, feeling him, he was hard, oh so very hard. I sighed in full appreciation of what it was. I also knew I had to get it in me in the next few seconds or it may go to waste. I spun away, yanked my skirt to around my waist, pulled my panties off and bent over the table.

“Do it H, right now, go on, now, immediately, give it to me, make me have it!” I half yelled and half gasped. I heard the zip, I didn’t see his pants go down, but suddenly I was full to overflowing of super hard young cock, and it was magnificent, I came immediately, no wasting time, no messing about, in whump, out, in whump, and BANG I came hard!

I was hoping for this, everything would have been spoiled if I hadn’t got there first, but I did. I felt H’s balls slap me, then a thudding whump, and I felt the heat spread in me, he was cumming. His glorious hot cum, warmed my very soul. I was happy for it, for me, and for him. It had taken all of maybe ten seconds but we both got it. The most important thing was, I did, now I knew I, and he, would get more this night, he would not be going home!

I leaned back, making him step away slightly, then I stood and he came out. I turned and kissed him as passionately as I have ever kissed anyone in my life.

“Are you ready for this H?” I asked into his mouth. His head nodded as I kissed him again. “Come on then honey, let’s go,” I told him. I grabbed his hot wet, and slippy cock and took off. I knew the doors were locked, I flipped the light switch off and led him down the hall, from there I took him upstairs, my hand tight around his re growing cock.

I was amazingly calm about all this, I had just been screwed by my son’s friend over my kitchen table, it had been fast and furious but who gives a flying fuck about that. My husband was now the cuckold I had threatened him with, I had been fucked by another man, as I had told him I would be. And now I was going to be again, I was about to be the well fucked wife, I had told him by text I was going to be, and do you know what, I was deliriously happy about it too! and where was it going to happen now? Yep you’ve guessed it, right there him my marital bed and I couldn’t think of a better place for it either, could you?

I tugged H after me, and when I got to the bed I let go, pulled my top off, dropped my skirt, kicked my shoes off and dove into my bed. “Come on H, get on with it, I want you again right now, and then again after that, move it!” I ordered. He didn’t need telling twice, he was naked in a blur and climbing over me in another one. My knees spread wide, my feet went over my head. He was between me and crash I was full of his hot potent cock once more. I nearly died with happiness, in fact I thought I had died, and gone to heaven.

Incongruously the thought came into my mind. “Oh Robert, if you could only see me now Robert, oh, how I wish you could see me now!” The back breaking thump of H driving into me negated all further thought from my mind. Now my soul and body was fully fixated on the heart stopping murderous fucking, that I was being fabulously subjected to by the boy wonder on top of his best friend’s mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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