A Long Way Home

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Tina was in trouble! The company she worked for had just gone out of business, stranding her on a space station many light-years from home, Earth, with no way home. Being out of business, they were not going to give her her last paycheck, and the credits she currently had were frozen, since they were courtesy of her employer. She was 48 hours from being homeless, too, since her hotel room was paid for by the company.

She had been on board a luxury starliner for a one-year assignment as a maid when the company she’d worked for had won the contract. Then came the scandal about the owners taking all of the company’s money and disappearing. She’d been notified by her bank that she had no money, and by the hotel that here room was only paid for for the next two days. Now what?

She was sitting in a coffee shop pondering her fate when she saw an advertisement for “travel aids” from a temp agency. It spoke of free travel, room and board, in exchange for personal services. “Services?” she wondered. She made note of the location of the agency on board the station and took off for their office.

Tina was a “little person”. At 26, she was barely four feet tall, but her proportions were just about normal for a human. She actually looked like a young girl, but with breasts. The only “dwarf” parts of her were her arms, that didn’t hang exactly straight, but the rest of her was just perfect!

She walked into the temp agency office and advised the receptionist that she was interested in a travel aid position, to get her back to Earth. The receptionist smiled at her and told her that they actually had a specific program for little people. She gave Tina a touch-screen form to complete and called an interviewer. Tina sat down and worked on the form. She was just finishing up when a woman opened the door to the inner office and asked her to come in. She rose and walked to the door, handing her pad to the receptionist, the information already transferred into the company’s database.

The interviewer, Rose Ann, led Tina to an interview room and closed the door. “Please sit down. Let’s talk for a moment about the position.” Tina thanked her and sat down. “Are you familiar with our program?” she asked.

“Only what I’ve seen on the monitors in the coffee shop,” Tina responded, “they say you offer free transportation, room and board in exchange for personal services. There wasn’t much detail, but here’s my situation. I worked for Intersteller Maintenance until yesterday. Now I’m stranded. I need to get back to earth.”

Rose Ann raised her eyebrows. “Oh, I see. I just heard about their situation. You have my sympathies, and I guarantee we can help you. Let me say up front that most of the services you will probably be asked to perform will be sexual in nature.”

Tina’s eyes became round. “What?” she asked.

“Yes,” continued Rose Ann, “you would essentially be a temporary mistress for a traveling executive heading for Earth.”

“Whoa; I’m not sure I’m up for that. I have to sleep my way home? I’d have to give that some thought.”

“Tina,” said Rose Ann, “let me explain. First of all there are rules. It’s not like they can just do whatever they want. You have some room for negotiation. For example, you can specify no anal penetration, or no violence, or no restraints. They, for example, might request oral sex, with or without swallowing of ejaculate. Like I said, there’s a lot of negotiation. Also, there is a standardized contract that some of our regulars use. Above all else, our contracts are highly enforceable. Should your situation deviate markedly from your agreement, the contract is enforceable by the local police or security service, and we have a complete compliance history by law enforcement.”

“In the 10-year history of our service, we have never had a fatality, and a very low arrest percentage. For the safety of all parties, as well as to insure our continued operation, we do in in-depth vetting process regarding our clients. We want to be sure we don’t put our contract personnel in any form of danger. So, if you’re interested, we actually have a special program for little people. It’s an incentive for our clients in that the actual space travel would be in a suspended state. You would travel in a container with its own air and nutrition supply. There is a timed reanimation procedure, so you would be fully awake by the time YOU release the door. No surprises. Given that the travel is so much less expensive for cargo as opposed to an assistant that needs a seat, we have a waiting list for people like yourself. In fact, one of our regulars is waiting to depart for earth by way of a number of stops, as soon as we find a suitable partner for him. I believe you, two, would get along quite well. Do you have time to meet him?”

Tina sat, stunned, processing all she’d heard. She’d have to prostitute herself to get back to Earth. What were her options? She had no money with which to buy food, or to pay for a hotel room. She figured she’d at least meet istanbul escort the man and decide then. How her life had changed! Rose Ann handed her a brochure and a contract and said, “any questions?” Tina had a lot!

In the end, they developed a check list of things that she wouldn’t do. There were suggestions that she couldn’t believe anyone would even want to do, but she admired the service for being thorough. She assumed it was easier, and less embarrassing than listing what she would do. It turned out to be the longer list. They also made up a list of things that were negotiable, such as bondage. She saw the “intoxication disclaimers” basically stating that it would be difficult to enforce parts of the contract if certain activities took place when she, or both parties, were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Basically, she needed to keep her wits about her regarding the question of the negotiable activities.


James Dunmore was the Vice President of Sales for a canteen supply company. They had contracts for the coffee and gift shops on dozens of space stations in this quadrant. He was making his annual field inspections and was on the homeward leg. He was meeting with his area sales managers and visiting the random store. It had been months, and he was ready to go home. He was also lonely, and contacted the temp agency for one of their little people. He liked the convenience to be able to ship his girl rather than have to make conversation or even pay for food in-flight. The shipped version was so much easier. He’d have his luggage sent directly to his hotel room. Just before bed time he’d engage the reanimation program, and she’d be ready for sex, then sleep, then sex in the morning. She was free to do whatever she wanted during his business day, as long as she was available by dinner, and for an occasionally “nooner”, if he had the flexibility. He often made the flexibility!

Rose Ann had contacted him via his personal communicator to advise that she’d found a suitable companion, and could he please come by. She also transmitted the will/won’t list for his review. It looked pretty normal. In his experience, most of the participants in this program were one-timers; regular women that found themselves in unfortunate situations and just needed to get somewhere at no financial cost. He contacted his next appointment and pushed it back to the afternoon. He wanted plenty of time to get to know the new girl.

He walked into the temp office, identified himself to the receptionist, and was ushered into the interview room with Tina. As soon as he walked in the door, he saw her and smiled. She was adorable! She stood up to shake hands. She, too, was smiling. James was about 5’8″, trim and if not muscular, at least he kept himself in shape. Under normal circumstances, Tina would have been attracted to this man. She was wearing a low-cut t-shirt, and had ample cleavage on display. Since he knew the routine, he asked her to sit and lean forward just a bit. Tina realized that he was looking down her shirt, he made no attempt to be subtle, after all. James advised Rose Ann that he was satisfied. She turned to Tina, “James has indicated that he will accept you. If you are likewise satisfied, I’ll leave you two to get acquainted. If you, too, are satisfied, you must both sign the contract. As of the moment you sign, the agreement is in force. Do you understand?”

Tina looked at the attractive man smiling at her, weighed her options and said, “I understand”. With that, Rose Ann left the room.

James was looking appraisingly at Tina. As soon as she turned and saw him, she blushed. He said, “Please take off your shirt.”

“You don’t waste any time, do you?”

“I’ve done this before. Given the nature of our relationship, all I really care about is your body. I don’t mean to seem cold, but what else would I care about? They’re going to give you a shot that will keep you from becoming pregnant for thirty days, and they have both of our complete medical histories. They got yours as soon as you signed the employment application. If you had any diseases, I wouldn’t be here. Likewise, if I had anything wrong with me, they wouldn’t accept me as a client. It’s all right there in the contract,” he said nodding toward the touch-screen pad Rose Ann had left for them to sign. “Please feel free to take your time to read it, but I’d appreciate it if you’d take off your clothes while you’re reading, as I have an appointment this afternoon.”

His clinical coldness bothered her a little at first, but then she realized that this was just going to be a physical relationship, and that his attitude actually made sense. She peeled off her shirt and picked up the pad to read. “Please keep going while you’re reading,” he said. She looked up at him, a bit annoyed. “I’m going to be seeing you naked a lot, and touching you, and having sex with you. I just want to see what I’m buying before I sign.” She set down avc─▒lar escort the pad, took a deep breath and released her bra, letting it fall into her lap. James’ smile widened, and his pants began to tighten. “Wow!” he exclaimed, “very nice!” She turned red and smiled. “May I?” he asked. She nodded. He reached over and cupped each breast in turn, running a thumb over each nipple. “Excellent!” he said, leaning back in his chair.

“If you wouldn’t mind, please stand up when you take off your pants and bend over for a moment. I like to see breasts hang.” Tina couldn’t tell if she was annoyed or pleased by his directness. It would certainly be less awkward later on to know exactly what he wanted. She had to keep reminding herself that this wasn’t a date. That there wasn’t going to be a getting-to-know-you phase. If she signed the contract, this man would be in charge of her body for the next three weeks.

When Tina released the clasp of her bra, James could hardly control himself. She was hot! When the bra dropped, he could see that her breasts were firm and perky. As the room was chilly, her nipples were prominent. That just added to her already high score in his mind. She stood to undo her slacks and let them fall. Her legs were slender and shapely. He immediately noticed her singular flaw, her dwarfish arms, but overall, more than acceptable!

She placed her hands on her hips and bent over to slide her panties down her short legs, and stopped, looking up at him. He was not looking at her eyes, and he was nodding. She could feel that she was bright red. She sat back down, crossed her legs, and began to read. James reached across to the pad, turned it towards him, signed it and turned it back to her. She went back to reading, feeling his eyes on her breasts. As he saw her reach the final paragraph, he placed his hands on her knees and spread her legs, running his hands on the tops and insides of her thighs. She had to fight the automatic urge to grab his hand, and remain passive.

James stood and took off his dress shirt. He knew he was attractive. Not 25 anymore, he didn’t exactly have a six-pack, but he was trim and muscular. He was watching Tina read. As he peeled off his t-shirt, she looked up and smiled. She was actually reading the contract, and nodding her understanding. He undid his slacks, stepped out of them, and folded them over the chair back. At that point she looked up and noticed his fully –formed erection poking out of the waistband of his briefs. She quickly looked down, blushing, and finished the document. James pulled down his underwear and placed it on the chair, standing for her to see. “I can’t imagine she’s a virgin,” he thought. “Um, you’re not a virgin, are you?” he asked.

“Hardly. I’m just not used to sitting naked with a man I hardly know, being appraised and touched while reading a life-altering contract. That’s all. I’m fine.”

“Um, I have only done the little-people program once before, so I’m assuming that my size won’t be a problem for you, but really let me know if it is. Maybe I could not come in all the way or something?”

“Really, it’s okay. Your size is not an issue. I mean you are pretty big, but I believe I can, um, accommodate you.”

Tina finished the document just as James set his underwear on the chair and stood up. She looked him over and smiled. “Given the circumstances,” she thought, “not an awful start.” She signed the form and hit “enter”.

As soon as he saw her hit the green button he said, “please come over here.” He said. Tina stood and walked to the man, standing well within his reach, her hands at her sides. He ran the backs of his fingers over cheeks, cupping her face in his hands, running them down her neck and over her shoulders. He ran the backs of his fingers over her nipples, tracing circles with his finger tips around her aerola. As her nipples became fully erect, he rolled them gently between thumb and forefinger. He dropped his hands to her belly, feeling the gentle roundness, then dropped to his knees as his hands went to her hips. From there he worked his way around to her firm buttocks, and back to her legs. He placed his palms on the tops of her thighs with his thumbs between them. “Spread your legs,” he said quietly. Tina shifted her weight to one foot and moved the other out to shoulder-width. He ran his hands up and down both legs, brushing her vagina with a finger, but not penetrating. He stood up and said, “please kneel, and take me into your mouth.”

“He doesn’t waste time,” she thought. “Are you going to come in my mouth?” she asked, looking him in the eye and trying to sound as cold and clinical as him.

“Not this time; I’m giving you the opportunity to get me wet before we have sex,” he replied. There was a twin bed against the wall of the interview room. She hadn’t paid much attention to it up until that moment. “They change the sheets after each use,” he said, seeing her eyes move to the bed.

She dropped to her knees and put ┼čirinevler escort his member into her mouth, both hands grasping the shaft firmly. She was confident that her vagina could accommodate him, her mouth was not as stretchy, and he was pretty well endowed. “I’m not sure how deep I’ll be able to get you, but don’t push and let me work you in, okay?”

“Fair enough,” he replied, and she took him into her mouth.

“I’d like you to wrap your lips over your teeth, press you tongue against my shaft and push me against the roof of your mouth,” he instructed. “Also, I like to feel you swallow”. She sucked him softly, moving her head up and down, pulling him in as deeply as she could and still breathe, swallowing as necessary. He had both hands on her head, mainly feeling her soft hair, but also controlling the motion just a bit.

After a short time, he lifted her head and turned her around. He held her by the shoulders, guiding her to the bed. She walked as directed. At the edge, he cupped his hands over her breasts and kissed her neck, then pushed her gently face-down. “We haven’t discussed anal penetration,” she warned him, as clinically as she could muster.

“Don’t worry,” he replied, “that’s not the plan right now”, and he caressed her back and buttocks. She lay there, feet still on the floor, resting on her elbows, allowing him to explore. He caressed her breasts, fondled her nipples, then moved his hands to her buttocks again. When he stopped, she turned and sat on the bed, moving herself to the center, where she lay on her back, hands at her sides.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“I want you to lift your legs, put your feet flat on the bed, and spread yourself wide.” She complied with his instructions and waited; hands at her sides.

James walked to the foot of the bed, admiring the naked woman at his disposal. She was submissive and compliant. This was going well! He kneeled on the bed and scooted himself between her legs. He ran his hands up her legs, kissing her knees. In spite of the clinical coldness of the exchange so far, Tina was becoming aroused. When the attractive man ran his hands up her legs, she felt a shiver. When he touched the insides of her thighs, she felt herself become moist. And when his finger touched the front of her vagina, she became excited.

He was going to explore for just a bit prior to penetration, but not long. He needed to get back to work. He traced his finger tips along the insides of her thighs, and onto the outside of her vagina. Then he placed his hand on her pubic mound, his thumb onto her clitoris, and rubbed gently. When he felt her getting wet, he guided the head of his erection onto her, and thrust his hips forward. The abruptness of the penetration caused her to suck in a breath. He then lay down fully on top of the short woman, resting on his elbows, his face inches from hers. Feeling how wet she was, he wasted no time penetrating her fully. She sucked in another breath at the complete penetration and turned her head to the side, still unsure of how this was supposed to go. He touched her nipples with the tip of his tongue, making circles around her areola, and her nipples popped to full attention.

Tina was not having a bad time, all things considered. This man was allowing her to lubricate, and being gentle. It was, if she closed her eyes, like the first time with a new boyfriend, except they usually spent more time with foreplay like kissing. Either way, she was excited and this did not feel bad. He was already deeply inside her, and his attention to her nipples was certainly not unpleasant. He was thrusting into her now, fully, deeply, rhythmically. He turned her head to face him and kissed her on the mouth. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue entry, and in it came, exploring gently, occasionally thrusting in unison with his hips. At this point he was making all of his motion with his abdominal muscles, hardly moving his body at all. He left arm was behind her neck now his right hand exploring her body. His touch was warm and gentle, as was his thrusting.

After several minutes of being probed and caressed, she felt the tempo of his thrusting increase and his body began to move with each penetration. His right hand was on her left breast, nipple between thumb and finger, his head at the side her neck, kissing and breathing.

His thrusts became more forceful and fully in each time. She felt his arousal climbing until finally he came. It felt like a great deal of ejaculate to Tina, but as it had been awhile since she’d had sex, and she hadn’t really had many partners, so she really couldn’t tell. After his climax, he stopped moving for a bit and she began to believe that he had fallen asleep. He mumbled into her ear, “I hate to sex and run, but I’ve got a lunch meeting.” With that he rolled off of her and began to dress. “That was completely acceptable,” he said, “I think this will be a good trip for both of us. Are you okay?”

“Fine, thank you,” she replied, turning onto her side, her head on her right hand.

He handed her a key card. “Here’s my room. Go ahead and move your stuff in and make yourself at home. I understand your financial condition, so please let me know if you need to buy anything for the trip. Also, you may order food from room service, but just be reasonable, okay?”

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