A Long Day at Work

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A long day at work. We all have them, and sometimes they just happen to fall on a Friday. Is that better or worse? I’m still not sure. On one hand you just want to finish the day. On the other, the next day is Saturday, and you don’t have to worry about waking up early. I do know that there is little worse than still being in the office at 6 pm on a Friday after being stuck on the same problem since 9 that morning.

“We’re not gonna have to order pizza, are we?” John asks. I chuckle. “You paying for it? I know they’re not.” I gesture to the floor above us, acknowledging the gods who ruled on high.

“Definitely not making happy hour,” John grumbles. I sigh. A drink did sound nice. My phone buzzes and I glance at it, seeing a text from Lexi. I type a quick response, letting her know my situation, telling her I’d be home as soon as possible. My phone buzzes again, and I groan at the message.

“Tell me that’s a happy groan. Tell me that’s Sean, he’s saying screw this and everyone involved, and telling us to go home.”

“Close, but no. Just my wife, reminding me that we have plans tonight.”

“Where you guys going?”

“Nowhere special. Just getting some food with a friend of hers.”

“Emmy?” I raise an eyebrow. “Yeah. How’d you guess?”

“I met her at your place one time. She’s a cutie.”

He’s right about that. Emmy’s a cute blonde, short, slim, and athletic, a lifetime of lacrosse still paying off years later. She certainly has the legs and butt to prove all the effort. I notice her of course, but only in passing. I am more than happy with my home situation.

Lexi and I married young (that is a story in and of itself), just recently blasting past the five-year mark going nice and strong. We have a late anniversary gift all lined up, a trip to an all-inclusive place in the Caribbean. We’re both looking forward to it. In all honesty, I’m really just happy to be anywhere she is. I’m a decent looking guy, fit and athletic, but I still don’t know how I landed Lexi. She told me once after a few drinks once it’s because I like going down on her so much, and I’ll take it. She’s tall, slim, tan, with a head full of crazy hair. We work out together and she likes to keep everything tight, and her little butt at the apex of her longs legs drives me crazy. She’s funny, empathetic, caring, hard-working – I love her, she actually loves me, and marriage has been pretty great so far. She and Emmy go way back, and I do really like her, but after a day and week like this, a night on the couch with my girl sounds better than anything else.

“If you want to make it a double-date, I’m more than happy to attend.” I grin at John. “What happened to Jess?” John shrugs.

“Didn’t work out. Guess she’s not a fan of alliteration.”

“Or your thing for Emmy?” He laughs. “That was just an observation. But no, she probably wouldn’t be happy about that at all. I actually came out of the bathroom the other night to her digging through my underwear drawer.” I stare at him. “Seriously?”

He nods. “Yup. Turns out the trust issues were a bit more than I realized. We only last a few minutes after that.”

“Sorry man, she seemed pretty cool.” He shrugs again. “All good. Always next time.”

“No doubt. Maybe not tonight, but I’ll throw it by Lexi. See if we can set something up.”

“Think I have a shot?” I hold my hands up, questioning. “Why not?”

Did I mention that the only reason we were still at work right now is because we are waiting on our boss to okay everything we had worked on all day? He’s up there on one of the floors above us, and we, the help, were left waiting for his blessing to be cast upon the fabled shores of another weekend. So here we sit, discussing women and all else we could think to pass the time, while awaiting the verdict.

It comes about 6:45. Sean, all in all a decent guy to work for, stands in the doorway with a sheaf of papers in one hand. “Sorry guys, just a few changes. Should be quick. Soon as you’re done, shoot them to me then get out of here.” John hops up and grabs the papers from him.

“You owe us a drink,” he calls to Sean’s retreating form. He flips through the pages. “Shouldn’t be too bad. You want the front or the back half?” I shake my head, non-committal, and he tosses me the front. We each set to work, our freedom in sight. The room falls silent except for the clicking of the keys on keyboard, and we’re walking out the door at 7:20. We split up in the parking lot and I text Lexi again, letting her know I’m on my way. I get home at 7:45. We’re meeting Emmy at 8:00.

“Hey baby, I’m home,” I call out as I walk through the door. “Think we can be a few minutes late? I really need a shower.”

“No need to worry Mr. Brooks, I pushed some of your appointments back. We have some time to take care of what’s necessary.” I freeze. That’s Lexi’s voice but it sounded too – official? Imperious? And what was this Mr. Brooks?

I take a few steps forward and open my mouth, but before I can say a word the breath is sucked from my body. Lexi rounds the canlı bahis corner in, the best way I can describe it, the sluttiest office outfit I have ever seen. It’s a business suit, but the dark-grey skirt barely covers her thighs, the red shirt is skin tight and half-unbuttoned. Above the shirt is a cropped jacket that matches the skirt, beneath it is a bra of black lace. She’s wearing black tights that sheathe and frame her thin legs to perfection. On her feet are the black heels that she usually only wears by my request. Her hair is pulled back in a fierce bun. She stops a few feet short from me looks up from the papers in her hand with a straight face.

“I know you’re a busy man Mr. Brooks, but we have things to discuss. I hope you don’t mind that I rearranged your calendar without your permission.”

“Uhhh…” I say, and she smiles. “I thought not. Come sit down.” She turns from me, moving towards our couch. I can only follow her, right? I’m hypnotized by the way she walks, my eyes glued to her hips. She turns just short of the couch, grabbing my hand and pushing me into the corner seat of the sectional. She looks down on me with a hint of a smile.

“You are a busy man, Mr. Brooks. And it is my job to ensure you are well cared for. Now,” she puts a finger to her lips, “where did I leave that one form?” She turns away from me then, facing the coffee table. She bends at the waist, spreading her legs but keeping them straight. Her skirt, already ridiculously short, rides up. She shuffles things around on the table but all that is meaningless against the vision before me. Her stockings are held up with black garters, the lines taut against her ass. Between those lines there was… nothing. Only flesh. I need only lean forward and we would both be in heaven.

My mind seems to race and be vacant at the same time. While I try to breathe, Lexi stands up and faces me, a tumbler partially filled with amber liquid in her hand. The stern look from earlier is gone, and she places her free hand against my cheek.

“You work hard, so hard. I need to make sure you are alright.”

I inhale the scent on her hand, a body spray we both love. I close my eyes and lean into her palm. She leans down and kisses me, a quick peck. She pulls back, the mask back on.

“Why, Mr. Brooks, I don’t think your wife would appreciate that.”

Quick caveat, we had talked about roleplay but never taken part. Our sex life is good, but this, this is something else. This is great.

“Miss,” I say, finding my voice.

“Misty,” she says, correcting me before biting her lip.

“Misty,” I say, firming my voice. “I need you to put that drink down.”

She arches an eyebrow but turns from me once more, placing the drink where she found it. Again she gives me that delectable view. I force my hands to remain where they are. She faces me, hands folded in front of her. I grab her behind the knee and ease her foot next to my hip on the couch cushion.

“It’s my job to ensure we’re both cared for, Misty,” I say, kissing her just past her knee. “I like to make sure my… secretary?” I kiss her further up her thigh, and I take her moan as assurance that my guess was correct. “Is properly cared for.”

Lexi is far from a prude, and has a fair share of lingerie. We like to try new things, but seldom does she go sans underwear. A few times she has actually stripped naked in the car after going out for a few drinks. We never waited to get in the house before going any further. Those were great nights.

But I digress.

This current sight is driving me wild. My lips move up her thigh as I push her skirt to her hips. My hands run down her firm ass, massaging her tight thighs.

“I saw us being in opposite positions here,” she breathes. I smile against her warm skin.

“You know there are some things I cannot get enough of.” She laughs, her fingers running through my hair. “Do I?”

Oh. Right. Roleplay. “Let’s say this is… on the job training.”

She snorts, a crack in the façade. I stop her with a quick kiss right on top of her clit. She gasps, and I move to lick all around it, covering her smooth mound with kisses. My hands run up her blouse, undoing the few buttons doing their job. I push off the shirt and jacket, glancing up to take in the sight of her in only a bra.

So I said Lexi is thin, and she is, and while her breasts are not large, they pop out from her lithe frame. They are perky to a fault, and she has had to explain to more than one person that they are not fake. All that to say, much like the woman herself, they’re perfect.

I know what she likes, so the bra doesn’t stay on long. The flesh held behind it moves near not at all, and my hands are quick to replace the material. She sighs and leans into them. I move my tongue lower between her legs, delighting in the bare skin. I lick up and down, and when I know she’s ready I cover her clit with my lips and suck in, applying gentle pressure. Her entire body reacts, her hips moving against my face, her abs tightening and rippling. Her fingers enmesh bahis siteleri deeper into my hair. My fingers massage her breasts before concentrating on her nipples, pinching and rolling. Her breath quickens and I increase the pace of everything I’m doing. She drapes her leg around my shoulders, giving me even better access. Her head lolls back and I double down on her clit.

After a few moments she tenses, her hips driving against me while her hands try to pull me away. I fight against her for a moment before breaking away and bringing my thumb gentle against her clit, barely touching it as I rub the petite nub. Her face is red and her breathing quick, and as she rides the last wave she pushes my hand away. She opens her eyes and smirks at me.

“Mr. Brooks, that was very unprofessional.” I meet her gaze and move my hands to her skirt. She moves her foot to the ground when I find the zipper, and I pull the tight skirt to the floor. She moves her hands to the garter but I shake my head. She laughs as I pull her to me so that her knees straddle me.

“I thought not,” she says, before I pull her into a kiss. We keep our lips locked as pulls my tie free and unbuckles my belt. I raise my hips and she slides my pants and underwear down just far enough.

“It’s been difficult working for you while only wanting you inside me,” she whispers in my ear. She grabs my shaft as she speaks, guiding it into her. She sighs as slides all the way down, my hands gripping her ass when she sinks all her weight onto me. She begins to ride me, but I stop her, lifting her up a few inches. I move to the edge of the couch. We lock eyes and she smiles, adjusting herself so that her feet were behind me. She sighs again, and I begin to move her hips for her, grinding her against me instead of moving her up and down. We kiss some more, hers becoming sloppier as we continue on. Her movements move from slow and languid to short and jerky, her lips beginning to frenzy against my own.

Another great thing about Lexi, once you give her one orgasm a lot more tend to come pretty quick.

She moans into my mouth, pulling away as the pleasure takes hold. Her body stiffens again and her eyes snap shut, her mouth hanging open. I try to do my part, thrusting up and pulling her against me, driving into her as deep as possible while continuing to grind her clit against my waist. She collapses against me after a few long moments. I know she needs some time, but I again drink in the sight of her garter belt and stockings, and I feel her heels against my back. I remember her lip bite as she stood over me. The thought makes me twitch in her, and she giggles. With as much tenderness as I can muster, I pull her hair from her bun, releasing the thick waves. I pull her legs from behind me, folding them up against her body. Then I fall sideways onto the couch, keeping her on top of me. She may have the position, but I am in control. She gasps as I thrust into her, and then proceed to pound away.

“God yes,” she says, panting against my ear. “Harder baby.” I know that sound. All pretense of her ruse has fallen away, and it’s just the two of us again. I grab her ass with both hands as tight as possible, pulling her into me as thrust as fast as possible. She moans and bites my ear. I keep this going as long as I can, pushing her up and taking her nipples into my mouth by turn. She cries out anew with each one, grabbing my head and pulling it against her. I suck and run my tongue around them, doing what I know she likes. My own need is taking control, and I know she’s fine with it when she starts laughing through the gasps. Her whole face is lit up and glowing. I gotta tell you, it’s a great look.

When I get close I sit up, raising my hips. She clings to me and draws in her legs so that I can roll to the top. It takes a few extra movements on the tight confines of the couch, but we make it in good order. Here I slow my thrusts but push them deeper, and I’m rewarded by a whole new set of moans from Lexi. We kiss some more, and she feels me enlarging as I reach my own climax. I break our kiss and tell her anyways. She locks her legs around me and flexes what seems to be every muscle in her body. That’s all I need, and I stare into her eyes as I finish.

“So what’d you think?” We’re in the car, and she looks great. No matter how much I pleaded she insisted on changing before we met Emmy for a (very, for me) late dinner. After a quick shower she’s wearing a black strapless top that shows just a hint of midriff and a white skirt that, while nowhere near as short as her skirt earlier, still shows plenty of leg. I smile at her from the driver’s seat.

“I loved every bit of it,” I say, and she smiles and turns to face me, drawing one leg up to her waist to do so. “Really?”

I know I said she smiled, but right now she’s really beaming.

“All of it. I don’t know if you’ve ever been sexier, and that’s saying something.” She laughs. “Where’d it come from?”

“It’s something I’ve been planning for a while, but never really had the guts to bring it up. I got bahis şirketleri off of work a little early today, and once I realized you’d be late, I figured it would be a good pick-me-up going into the weekend.”

“I couldn’t ask for anything better. God you know exactly what I love. The heels, the garter belt, the stockings… even your hair in a bun, I don’t know, it was perfect.” She giggles, then leans over to kiss my cheek. “I certainly had fun with it.” She nuzzles against me and we enjoy the silence.

“One thing did throw me off a bit.”


“The comment about my wife not liking what we were doing.” She draws back a bit. “Was that too much?” I think about my reply. “I mean, you said it so I figured you were fine with it, it just threw me off for a minute.”

One thing that’s been ironclad between us is our commitment to monogamy. Personally, I’ve had no reason to complain about it. Thinking of Lexi with another man sickens me, so I can only assume that she feels the same thinking of me with another woman. Neither of us is the jealous type, we’re just committed to each other. I’m far from perfect and have seen plenty of attractive women, but in all honesty my reality could give even the hottest fantasy a run for its money.

Especially after tonight.

Lexi sits without speaking, facing forward once more. “I guess I was going all in as the slutty secretary.”

“And I loved it. Believe me when I say that is not what I have been dwelling on this entire time.”

“Good.” Another red light. “Because if you ever did cheat on me with some office bimbo I’d kill you.” I laugh and lean in for another kiss. “I’d expect nothing less.” We sit waiting for the light to turn.

“I honestly can’t stop thinking about you bending over in front of me.”


“And the way your skirt rode up revealing how little you were wearing under it.”

“It was a bummer putting underwear on before we left.”

I run my hand up her leg until my little finger feels the thin lace between her leg.

“I do like theses ones though,” I say, calling up the image of her pulling the black thong up her long legs. I caress the fabric with my finger, and she giggles. She widens her legs just enough to give me more room when her phone buzzes. She glances at it.

“It’s Emmy. She has a table.” My finger feels it mark behind the lace and hones in on it. “That’s nice of her.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Lexi says, dropping her head back against the seat. She breathes deep and I adjust my hand, hiking up her skirt and switching to my index and middle fingers. Still the pressure is light, just enough to be felt through the fabric. I keep my eyes on the road until a stop sign and I glance at my wife. Head back, mouth slightly open, nipples visible through her shirt, legs askew.


Her phone goes off again, and she reaches for it while cracking one eye open. She laughs at the message.

“She said ‘stop having sex and hurry up.'” I laugh as the traffic clears and we pull past the stop sign.

“She knows us too well.”

Emmy has a drink when we arrive. She’s at an elevated table near the bar, wearing a loose white shirt that hangs off her shoulders and tight jeans. She really does have a great smile. It lights up her face when she sees us making our way across the restaurant. Lexi waves, pulling away from me to get to her friend first. I notice no few sets of eyes follow her progress across the crowded floor. Emmy hops down from her chair and hugs Lexi. It’s been maybe 48 hours since they saw each other last. I roll my eyes, though I’m happy they’re so tight. Friends since middle school, they’ve somehow made it through being college roommates and into their late 20s being near inseparable. When I dated Lexi she was great, always fun and supportive of the relationship. We didn’t hang out too much, but not long before Lexi and I got engaged I pulled her to the side and asked her what she thought of me wanting to marry her best friend.

“Are you serious? I’ve practically been waiting for you guys to get married ever since she came home after your first date.” That threw me. “What do you mean?”

“Jack, I’ve seen pretty much every one of Lexi’s boyfriends. No one ever came close to what you did that night.”

“Ummm… I think we got milkshakes even though it was January.”

“And below freezing.”

“I shouldn’t have planned on going for a walk.”

“So you guys ducked into that little shopping center just to get warm and heard that guy playing guitar in that coffee shop.”

“But they were charging a cover for some dumb reason and I had zero cash.”

“So you sat on a bench outside and listened to the music and Lexi drank as much of her milkshake as she could stomach even though she was still freezing from being outside and dairy has never been too good to her.”

“Well when you put it like that…”

“It sounds godawful, right? I thought so too. I had like three friends over that night who thought the same. But she had this big dumb grin on her face, couldn’t even describe why. I’m not gonna say I called it then, but let’s just say I’m surprised it took you so long.” I remember looking at Emmy for a long time. “You know that story pretty well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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