A Late Night For Frances Ch. 2

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As Frances stood before me naked, I felt a twinge in my wet pussy. She was not as nervous as I thought she would be. My antagonistic intentions for her faded as I admire Frances’ natural beauty. This is the first time I have seen Frances with any make-up. I was speechless in awe of her. Frances broke the ice by pointing at my panties and saying they were wet. I noticed my skirt have risen above my waist by the excitement, and my legs were stretched out which exposed my panties. Frances nudged the wet spot with her right foot. I cradled her foot and guided her to sit on my lap.

I kiss her deeply and caress her tongue with my wet lips as I massage her feet gently. I began to feel comfortable being the aggressor as we continue to kiss passionately. I play with Frances’ toes as Frances rested her head on my shoulder. I told her not to worry, because I would not tell anyone about her being a lesbian or the liaison in her office with Lourdes. She laugh lightly and told me that is the least of her worry, because she is probably the most secured person in the company regarding her job. She was transferred from London because she had an affair with one of canlı bahis the director’s wife. The director, one of the original founders of the company, is well known in Europe’s business world did not appreciate the potential publicity, because his wife, a designer in the fashion world, is a public figure in her own right. When his 50-year-old wife began to go out on the town with her new girl friend, the newspaper was on the verge of spreading the scandal. Eventually they reconcile and Frances was guarantee a lifetime job away from London. Despite the reconciliation, Frances still sees Katie whenever she visits the States for her fashion shows.

We continue to make small talk as Frances sat on my lap. I finally make my move; I shifted my hands toward her hairy crotch. Frances rise from my lap and stand in front of me as my right hand and middle fingers remains on her wet crotch. She lower her legs in a slight squat and held onto each armrest of my chair for balance, she moan softly to me “make me cum”. I continued to finger her wet pussy with my middle fingers. France is panting and begging me not to stop. I can feel her juice on my hand against her bahis siteleri wet pubic hair. I shifted my middle finger to caress her asshole lightly. Frances continues to pant and beg me to stick my one of my fingers in her asshole. Frances is in a rhythmic state as her face grimaces with each stroke of my middle fingers in her ass, and my thumb massaging her mushrooming clit. Frances let out a soft cry from the effect of a blossoming orgasm and gently collapses on me. My right hand continues to softly massage her wet crotch. We cuddle and kiss passionately and profess our love each other.

When Frances recovers from her orgasm, she led me to her office. Frances helps me remove my sopping wet panties. She told me to relax, because she is going to help me cum. She kneel in front me as I lean back against her desk. I gasp as her tongue touch my wet clit. I grab the edge of her desk tightly when I felt her tongue circle my clit. I have been with many women, but Frances is the only woman that has hit my zone so quickly. I was on the verge of an orgasm as her tongue ran across my slit to my asshole. I was in hysteria as I beg her to stop and not to stop. bahis şirketleri I whimper as I felt my juice escape me, and I grind my crotch against Frances’ face. Frances clutches my ass for support to drink my juice of love. Frances stood up as my orgasm subsided; her face was glistening from my juice. We kiss, as I taste myself on her face, mouth, and tongue.

Frances said it was getting late, and we should be leaving before the security guard makes his round. She invited me to spend the night at her apartment, which is only 10 minutes away. We continue to playfully tease each other as I help her dress. I ask Frances how much she pays Lourdes for sex. She laugh that I thought Lourdes was a prostitute or a cheap hooker. Frances explains to me that Lourdes cleans her apartment, and it is a part of a game they play away from her apartment.

The $100 payment she made to Lourdes was for weekly cleaning of her apartment. Today, Lourdes wanted to seduce Frances at the office. Lourdes is the housekeeper for Katie and her husband in her New York. They used to have threesomes whenever Katie comes to town. Katie managed to get Lourdes as a part-time cleaning lady in the New York office to get a little pussy every night away from home. Frances asks me if Lourdes can join us later on for a threesome. I told her the more the merrier; she can invite Katie when she is in New York.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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