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A Last Breath Part 1 An introduction

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This story is quite lengthy so i have broken it into several parts. The tags apply to each individual section seeing as people seem picky about the tags. Please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors as i use a phone for this. Ummmmz the only other thing i wanted to say i guess was that this story although it is clearly fictional a lot is based on life, I leave it to you to decide what parts are which.*******************************************************************************************************************

It hurt. Breathe… in and out, in and out. Slowly the pain becomes manageable and she shakes her head disparagingly. She knew better, had done this enough times to learn, to learn she couldnt rush after they cut the monster from her flesh. The padding held in place with surgical tape stains a dark crimson, “Shit“ cursing under her breath at popping yet another stitch, she sighs softly as her shoulders slump with the weight of her life. So heavy it seems and yet still so young, but age isnt always measured in years, and the short 25 years she had lived certainly endured to many decades. Leaning heavily against the thick pole supporting the tin shelter roof of the bus stop she closes her eyes with exhaustion. The simple exericise of walking from the hosptal doors 400m away to here had depleted the small store of energy she had.

As the roar and loud hiss of the buses brakes sounds in her ears as it pulls up before her she gives herself a small rousing shake in order to board the bus. After paying her ticket and moving to the back, she sits heavily and stares vaguely out the window. It isnt until the bus begins to roll that she notices the dark shadowed figure of a large man standing hidden in a thicket of trees on the other side of the road. Her pulse leaps oddly and she turns her head to look at him as the bus moves away, having an odd sensation that its her he watches.

Strong hands move firmly over her ribs to lightly feather the bottom curve of her breasts as they span her ribs. Soft warm lips move sensually over hers, his tongue caressing over her lips before pushing past. With a soft sigh she opens to him, winding her arms around his neck, pressing her soft curves into his tall hard frame. Moving her tongue hesitantly against his, she soon melts at the warm rush of pleasure as he explores her mouth, slowly coaxing her to return his passion. As a heavy heat settles low in her abdomen she shifts her hips against him, moaning low at the feel of his evident desire pushing against her waist and stomach. Pulling back slowly to peer up at him, she gets a glimpse of dark eyes before…….. She sits up alone in her bed, in the familiar surroundings of her bedroom.

” Nooo..” Her strangled cry echos emptyly around her and she throws herself back on her pillows with a dissapointed sigh. Staring at the ceiling a slow steady burn from bursa merkez escort bayan the wound on her arm begins to intrude on her attempt to recall deatils of her dream. Huffing softly with irritation she rises from bed favouring her arm, the padding darkly stained. Flicking on the light to the small bathrooom adjoining her room, she moves to the mirror to stare into the mirror. Absently curling her long brunette hair behind her ears she obseveres the flushed pale cheeks and slight glaze to blue eyes. Shaking her head at her own sillyness she turns the tap on to rinse her face, raisng her eyes to the mirror vaguely, she gives a small cry of fright at the sight of a large dark figure standing behind her.

Spinning on her heel she stumbles in relief at the empty bathroom, doing a quick check behind the door and in her room. Scowling at what she puts down to her vivid imagination she quickly goes about changing the padding on her arm, her heart racing. Peeling it slowly back she sighs at the sight of four little stitches knitting her flesh together. Seeming so small and harmless it isn’t until the light hits her arm properly that the dozens of small whites scars become visible. Pulling at the popped stitch, she hisses softly as it slides from her flesh. Flooding the wound with antiseptic and laughing at the thought that septicaemia could kill her before the monster did, she covers the wound once more, switches off the light and returns to bed.

” The aisle second from the far wall, about half way down on your left and I think…” Pausing in thought Rebecca brushes the hair back from her face absently as she thinks, ” third row from the top” watching as the teenager turns and goes in search of his sought for book, she returns her attention to cataloguing the new shipment of books that had come into the library just this morning. Yawning she sits heavily in a nearby chair, tiredness sweeping through her. Having not slept well and with dreams invading her rest she had woken grumpy, tired and very turned on. A soft blush rises up her cheeks at the memory of her dreams.

“Becca there you are! I swear I need to put a bell on you girl!“ The bouncing tones of one of her closest friends washes over her. With a pleased little sigh she puts the last of the new books aside and peers up into the warm brown eyes of Amy.
“Im here Amy, not hiding. Although now that you‘re here…. “ Laughing Rebecca folds her hair behind her ears as she stands to lean against the counter.
“So what brings you here Amy? I dont finish for another couple of hours yet.“ Scowling darkly before a broad smile curves her lips she bubbles happily,
“ Kids were a pain but for once hubby came through and told me to go out for my birthday!“ Watching as Amy claps her hands with joy, Rebecca shakes her head with a soft laugh.
“ Alright then, so bursa merkez escort bayan what are we doin? Drinking and partyin?“ Slapping Rebecca lightly on the arm Amy grins wickedly,
“Oooh girl you read my mind, make sure your ready at nine and we will pick you up!“ Sighing softly and forcing a cheery smile, Rebecca pushes her tiredness to the sideand nods,
“ok“ Watching as without further adue Amy flounces out of the library, too late Rebecca remebers to call out after her,
“ Wait! We who?“ Shaking her head and smileing at her friends energy she returns her attention to the new books.

A little mascarra and eyeliner with the finishing touch of ruby red lipstick. Nodding her head in satisfaction of her reflection, Rebecca quickly runs a brush through her long hair before switching the bathroom light off. Sitting on the edge of her bed she pulls on the red heeled ankle boots to complete her outfit. A quick inspection of the wall length mirror hanging on the back of the door shows the black hipsters sitting snug and low on her waist, the low cut red halter top almost an identical shade to her shoes. Hearing the low purr of a car pulling up out the front of her small flat, she smiles with fondness at the sound of several raised womens voices in laughter. Shoving a few essentials into a small clutch purse she locks the door and heads out to meet her friends, her spirits already rising.

Her three best friends wait for her, the shiny red corvette convertible doing nothing towards subtle. Jen sat behind the wheel, the visor down as she adjusts her makeup, Amy in the passenger seat. Moving to the rear seats, Rebecca slides in next to Sky, the youngest of the group. “ Evening Ladies, where we headed?“ Rebecca tries for a light tone, but her exhaustion sounds through. Jen‘s eyes snap to hers with concern, “You ok to go out tonight? You been doing what you‘re supposed to be Becca? You know I‘ll flog you if you dont listen to your doctor.“ Laughing softly Rebecca nods in response, “ I‘m fine, a little tired is all. Lets go party been too long since all.four of us went out.“ Watching Jen frown and seem about to say more, Rebecca quickly continues, “ Besides its Amy‘s birthday and I dont want to hear more lectures“ Grinning she adds cheekily, “ You can text me your lecture tomorrow“ Moving forward in her seat, Rebecca wraps her arms around Amy‘s shoulders and presses a soft kiss to her cheek and murmering quietly, “ Happy Birthday Beautiful “ Leaning back she quickly buckles up as Jen reverses out.

Its as they travel along the highway that the evening begins to take a turn towards the interesting. The flash of red and blue lights behind them interrupt the giggles of the four women. The five point seven litre v8 chevy slowly purrs to a stop as Jen pulls the car over to a small alcove on the roadside. As altıparmak escort Rebecca watches her friends, she frowns slightly at the lack of response from Jen. The almost tangible anticipation that Sky displays deepens Rebecca‘s curiosity but she remains silent as a police office approaches the passaenger door. Amy peers up at the officer in confusion and when he requests she exit the vehicle Rebecca sits forward about to question why. Sky‘s gentle touch on her thigh and the meaningful look she delivers causes Rebecca to retain her silence.Showing signs of nervousness Amy looks to her friends for help only to find them encourageing her to do as instructed. Standing before the police man Amy stammers in an attempt to understand, “ W .. whats going on? Im a teacher, I h…“ She falls silent as the cop unhooks his cuffs from his belt.“ Ma‘am can you please face the vehicle“ Rebacca watches as the officer attaches the cuffs to Amy‘s wrists and turns her to face him.

From the corner of her eye Rebecca notices Jen switch on the ignition and insert a cd, the steady pulse of dance music fills the quiet night. The tearing sound of velcro has Rebecca spinning back to Amy and the now shirtless cop. Raising her brows she laughs lightly at the shocked expression on Amy‘s face and rests back against the seat to enjoy the show. Sky giggles and leans into Rebacca to whisper quietly, “ Our girl needs to get her sexy on. What better way than this?“ Grinning in agreement Rebecca watches as the man undupates around the cuffed Amy. His muscled chest glints in the moonlight as he moves against Amy , his hands cupping her jaw as he gives her a smouldering kiss. Pushing her back against the car, Jen gives a light laugh as he drops to his haunches before Amy. His hands trailing up her legs and thighs as he moves with a steady sway. He flings his hat into the car as he executes a set of splits, Rebecca starts slightly as Sky puts his hat on her head while laughing. Amy‘s broad smile is clear as she says over her shoulder without taking her eyes of the stripper, “ What a birthday present girls! Why cant they all be like this? Can I take him home?“ Giggling she gasps slightly as the man pushes his rear against her hips, and with a slight wiggle and another tearing velcro sound, his pants tear from his body and he is left in a tiny glittering gold thong. Raising her brows slightly, Rebecca shakes her head and laughs softly.

As the dancer undulates against Amy, he moves his hands over her, never touching too inappropriately but always with a silent promise of sex. “ I reckon I can hide him from hubby…“ Bursting out in mirth at Amy‘s comments, Rebecca dissolves into a fit of coughing, her throat on fire as she attempts to breathe. Pulling the tissue from her lips, the dark stain of blood causes her to pale further. Quickly hiding the blood marked tissue, Rebecca turns in time to watch the dancer kiss Amy passionately while uncuffing her. An ache settles in Rebecca‘s chest at the sight, her heart crying at the loss of what wont be. Shaking her head at her foolishness, she joins in the appreciating applause of her friends as the dancer bows elegantly and begins retrieving his clothes.

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