A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 06: Sis Love

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“Baby, could you pass me the salt?”

I snap out of my reverie, quickly glancing to my left and right.

“I’m sorry?” I say, a little lost.

She looks at me, with an amusing expression on her face. Her parents are smirking and her sister is looking at me…

“I said, pass me the salt, sleepy head”.

“Oh yeah sure,” I mutter quickly, as I execute the order.

“Is something bothering you, dear?” her mother asks.

“Nothing really. My mind just started wandering. But thank you for asking.” I answer, while I sneak a look at her sister, who’s smirking.

I can go to great lengths to get laid, which is pretty amusing, when you think of it. It’s one thing women will never understand about me, I guess. They think just because I stick around for months or meet their parents, I’m in love. They couldn’t be further away from the truth. If I want a particular girl, if I set my mind to having sex with her…Well…I’ll do anything to reach my goals.

Which is exactly what is happening right now, with my “girlfriend”. Good Catholic girl, very nice. Told me we’re not sleeping together until I meet her parents. I decided to do so today, knowing fully well that we’re not having sex even after that. But I wanted to see her sister again.

If only they knew what we did. Just this morning, we were together, at my house. If only they saw the rough sex, the freaky stuff we did, if only they heard her moans of pleasure, my cries as I was thrusting inside her…If they knew how I was fucking her sister, I guess her parents wouldn’t welcome me like this.

As I am answering a question about my professional aspirations, I look at her, our eyes meeting for a second. A memory of her, naked, her butt in the air, offering me her pussy, flashes in my mind. While her father is talking, she takes a strand of hair from her face and rubs her hand on her arm.

I wonder if she remembers how I grabbed her hips, and slapped her ass hard. How she when she felt the delicious pain, how she begged me for more. How I kept circling my finger inside her while slapping her ass cheeks making her scream, how I ate her from behind, the smell of her filling the room. How sweet she was when my cock entered her, how juicy and smooth her pussy kad─▒k├Ây escort was when I slammed into her. She must be wondering why it felt so good when I grabbed her hair and pulled it back, bringing her ear closer to my mouth, as I whispered naughty things, my other hand kneading her breasts, as I properly pounded her pussy, taking her breath away from her as she gasped for air.

She must be thinking about the sensations that filled her when she came, her whole body came down on the bed, shaking, as her sweaty skin crawled under my hands. How I immediately started to suck her clit while her body hadn’t even finished shaking, making her scream loudly as she held my head between her legs with her hand as she came hard in my mouth.

How she got up afterwards and started to dress up, not even letting me cum. Selfish girl.

“Thank you for the meal. It was very nice,” I say to her mother.

“It was nothing dear,” she says with a bright smile.

“I certainly hope we could…,” I start to say, when a I feel something slithering up my leg, crawling against my skin.

“I…I…,” I stutter, suddenly realizing that she’s running her feet against mine, caressing me under the table, while her sister who is my girl, and her parents are talking to me.

“What is it, dear?” her mom asks, encouraging me. She glides her foot higher and higher as I’m answering.

“I was saying that we should do this more often. She used to tell me how wonderful her parents were,” I say, turning to look at my girlfriend who’s rolling her eyes, “but I had to see for myself”.

Her parents are visibly flattered. Her sister seems to be smiling absently, while her feet is going up and down my leg under the table.

“We appreciate it,” says her father, as her toes poke my leg. “We should do this more often, indeed”.

She starts to slide her foot up to my knee. I can’t take it anymore.

“Can I use the restroom?” I ask brutally.

Her mother looks confused. My “girlfriend” looks at me curiously.

“It’s upstairs. You go past two doors, and it’s the big room in the back.” her mom says.,”Are you ok, dear?”

“Perfectly fine ma’am”. ├╝sk├╝dar escort

I leave the table and climb the stairs quickly, conscious that every set of eyes is fixed on me.

In the bathroom, when I’m finished washing my face, I take a deep look at myself in the mirror, thinking what the fuck just happened. As I dry my face with a towel, I think that this is getting a little too dangerous for my taste. I’m gonna have to let them go.

When I get out, I am deep in my thoughts, mumbling to myself, looking at my feet as I walk slowly. When I raise my head, she’s standing in the middle of the corridor, her back against the wall, her arms crossed. Her look is one of pure sexual hunger.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, shocked.

“My parents and the brat wanted me to check on you. You were taking too long, I guess. Were you…?” she asks, arching one eyebrow.

“No,” I say, trying to avoid looking at her huge breasts, and failing miserably.

She smiles.

She starts to walk closer to me, making me walk backwards until my back touches the bathroom door.

“You know we can’t.” I whisper gently.

“Why?” she asks, brushing her chest gently against mine.

“My girlfriend, who happens to be your sister, is having dinner downstairs with your parents.”



“They are not gonna catch us. Besides…” she says, backing away from me a little.

“What?” I ask, a little worried.

“You know you can’t resist these.” she says, as she puts a hand inside her dress and pulls her tits out.

I inhale sharply and glance down the corridor. Anybody coming up could see us. But damn. Like she said. I could never resist these. Before I can think about what I’m doing, my face is buried deep between her boobs, my hands grabbing and squeezing them. I rub them against my cheeks, my nose, my eyes closed, as she grabs my crotch and pulls. I can feel my cock pulsating, throbbing inside my pants, wanting to get free.

I give a quick lick to her rock hard nipples, as I hold her boobs together, while I look her in the eyes. She slowly moans, and unzips my pants as I start to eagerly suck her titties. She pulls my cock out as I’m kneading and pressing tuzla escort her breasts, while my mouth is holding on them, life my life depended on it. Loud sucking noises are escaping out of my mouth and her facial expression is one of pure bliss as she pulls me away from them, grabbing my head for a passionate kiss. I never let go of her boobs when I’m kissing her, pulling on her nipples, shaking them, teasing them.

She slowly starts to stroke my cock as I begin to suck her again.

“You’re gonna last exactly less than a minute,” she says, as she slowly lick my earlobe, making me shudder.

She spits in one hand, then starts to rub my cock vigorously with both of them. I groan against her chest as she goes faster and faster, stopping sometimes, just to lubricate her hands. The wet sound coming from her hands, my own loud breathing, the smell of her perfume, the hard edge of her nipples drive me crazy. I can already feel cum slowly invading my cock when I suddenly hear a noise coming from the stairs.

My heart freezes as she stops too, aware of the noise.

“Is everything alright up there?” her mom’s voice asks, dangerously close, as the steps stop.

“Yes Mom!” she yells, her hand still holding my cock firmly. I try to make her let go, but she squeezes it more tightly and I almost bite my tongue while holding back a scream of pleasure.

“What’s going on?” her mom asks, from the stairs.

“We’re looking at my collection of exotic flowers!” she says, while her hand is gently stroking me again. I knead her boobs while I plant little kisses on her neck.

“We’re coming down,” I say.

“Well ok. Somebody here is pretty impatient to sit next to you again,” her mom says, obviously referencing my “girlfriend,” as she steps away from us..

I don’t know if it’s the danger that turned on like this. But as soon as we can’t hear her mom’s footsteps anymore, she gives three brutal jerks on my dick. I let out a loud moan as I’m cumming hard, standing on the tip of my toes, shaking. My sperm drops all over her hand and I bite her breasts, tasting her flesh.

She quickly puts my deflating cock back inside my pants, and bring her boobs back inside her dress. She kisses me hard, then steps in the bathroom without a word to wash her hands. A moment later, we’re both seated at the table, as her mother is serving dessert.

“You guys took your time,” her dad says.

“It didn’t even last a minute,” she says, winking at me discreetly.

I smile and hold my girlfriend’s hand, making sure that she understands how deeply I love her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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