A King’s Conquest Ch. 02

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As the sun rose in the early morning, Helyah awoke from the deep sleep that he had succumbed to after having made passionate love to Jezmen. Helyah looked at his lover’s face, and felt a longing to kiss his lips, his cheeks, his forehead. He understood that he was just as in love with Jezmen now as he had been when he believed the boy to be a maiden. Helyah was not a stranger to sexual encounters with young men. Often, young men were sent to battle with soldiers in order to provide a release for the soldiers that could otherwise be unavailable for weeks, months, or even years. Helyah himself had bedded with one or two of these young men during some of the longer battles in which he had fought. But this behavior was not frowned upon. It was much considered a necessity in order for the soldiers to fight as fiercely as possible.

However, had a soldier fallen in love with one of these young men, it would have been considered aberrant behavior. But Helyah could not help what he felt. He wondered if he had just really known all along, or had he really been deceived? He could not reason why he had wanted this maiden for so long, and so fervently, yet continued to desire Jezmen after the truth had been revealed to him.

“Your majesty?” Jezmen’s whisper startled Helyah.

“Yes?” He replied.

“What…” Jezmen searched Helyah’s eyes before continuing. “What will happen to me now?”

Helyah felt his heart sink. What would he reply? He wished more that anything that he could promise Jezmen a place in his life, by his side. But he couldn’t.

“I will return you to your father.” Helyah finally replied. He could not bring himself to look at Jezmen.

“I cannot go back.” For the first time, Helyah heard Jezmen’s voice in its full capacity. It shocked Helyah slightly. “I prefer death.”

Helyah turned to look at him. Jezmen’s eyes were fixed on the floor next to the bed.

“I’ve loved you ever since I was a child.” Jezmen began to confess. “My parents were terrified that the Battle of Menil would still be ongoing when I reached the age of the compulsory draft. So, ever since I was a very young child, they raised me as a girl. They took great pains to ensure that the deceit would be successful. They even deceived me- for a time. I know they believed this to be the right course to take, but it must not have occurred to them how much pain it would cause me.”

Helyah was tearing apart inside as he listened to his lover’s confession. Jezmen’s voice did not falter. It was as if this was his final day on earth, and he wanted to unburden himself of everything.

“I learned the truth in my twelfth year. I came upon a couple in the forest. The maiden wore a dress much like the ones that I wore. But then-then they began to remove each other’s garments. That was the day that I understood why I felt so different from the other children. I approached my mother in tears. She tried to hold me while she explained, but I wanted nothing to do with her. She told me that my father was not to know about what I had learned because it would hurt him very much. So I continued to pretend that I did not know. I know not what they expected my future to be like.”

Jezmen was silent for a brief moment, but continued. “I knew for certain that you visited the tavern to see me. I thought about you from dusk to dawn. I dreamt about how you would claim me as your own someday…” Jezmen finally turned to face Helyah, his eyes full of sadness. “I had convinced myself that you knew. That you wanted me as I was. That you could not-were not-deceived. But my father knew better. Didn’t he?”

Helyah closed his eyes for a few moments before responding with a nod.

“Then why…” Jezmen choked back a sob. “Why did you take me last night? Were you only curious? Or did just want some satisfaction for the dowry that you paid?”

Helyah was torn. He loved Jezmen. He could not understand why. He had seen a beautiful maiden day after day, and had fallen in love with her feminine beauty, and for no other reason. Yet, with the truth revealed, the maiden-and her beauty-had vanished. And what was left in her place was a beautiful young man full of love for Helyah. But also full of sadness at the injustice that had been forced upon him. And Helyah had done nothing but create more pain for the young man.

“You can stay here then-as my guest. I will have the servants prepare a room for you” Helyah said.

“Your guest?” ata┼čehir vip escort Jezmen rose from the bed, and searched for the gown that he had worn the previous night. Helyah stared at the boy’s naked body, and felt a hunger for him again. He silently chastised himself for having felt that way. Jezmen found the gown, and slipped it on. “I suppose that I cannot demand any more from you considering it was my foolishness to believe a warrior king could love me as I am”. He turned away to hide the tears running down his cheeks.

Helyah wanted to tell him what he really felt. But that was not an option. He could never let himself touch Jezmen again. He did not know how to stop feeling how did towards the young man, though. He knew this would be his toughest battle yet.

Weeks, then months passed, and Jezmen became colder in his manner towards the king. He averted his gaze often, and kept his conversations with Helyah as trivial as possible. The king was-for once-not in control of his surroundings.

On one particular morning, Jezmen managed to stun the king as he appeared in the gardens to greet Helyah with his beautiful, long golden mane, cut to just above his shoulders, tied back, and dressed as a lad in drawstring linen pants, and a tunic. Helyah stared at him in disbelief.

“Do you want all of the servants whispering about how I brought a boy to pleasure me, & then allowed him to live here as my guest?” Helyah growled through clenched teeth.

“So I am supposed to continue to disguise myself so that your warrior king reputation is not tarnished? So that you can stomach to look at me everyday and not be reminded of your weakness when you bedded a man?” Jezmen’s voice was loud enough for the servants to hear from inside the castle.

“Lower your voice!” Helyah’s blue eyes were full of rage.

Jezmen did not say another word. He turned his back to the king and walked back into the castle. Helyah walked towards the bench in the center of the garden, and slumped down on it. He buried his head in his hands and began to quietly sob.

Jezmen had made up his mind that he had to leave Helyah’s castle. He would join the military and take part in battles like those his mother and father had so desperately tried to keep him away from. He would be gracious enough to let the king know in advance.

“No! You cannot do this!.” Helyah’s strong opposition to his joining the military took Jezmen by surprise. “You’d be killed the first day of battle. I will not allow it.” Helyah turned his back to Jezmen and searched his quarters for something to hold on to. He walked towards his dresser, and used it as support, all the while remaining with his back turned. The idea of losing Jezmen had caused him to feel weak.

“Why?” Asked Jezmen.

“Why what?” Replied Helyah, now short of breath.

“Why do you care what I do?” Jezmen insisted. The few seconds of silence that followed seemed like an eternity to both men. Helyah, still facing the wall of his room, turned his head around, and looked at Jezmen over his shoulder. Tears were in his eyes. “Because I love you.” Came the reply.

Jezmen felt as if his spirit had become whole again. He walked towards the king, and gently placed his hand on Helyah’s shoulder. “That is all I have ever wanted to hear from you.” Helyah placed his hand on Jezmen’s and gently squeezed it.

“What do I do now?” The king asked in a defeated tone.

“Whatever you believe is best for all. I love you too much to ask of you anything that would cause you suffering.” Jezmen replied.

Helyah turned around, still holding Jezmen’s hand. He looked down at the floor as he spoke. “I tried to make myself believe that I had fallen in love with a beautiful maiden, had been deceived, and had succumbed to insane lust.” He raised his head to look at Jezmen. “But I know now that that was not what happened. What I felt for that maiden-I felt for you. Wrong or right, I cannot change it. And I cannot-will not-agree to live without you. I want you to stay here, please.”

“If that is what will make you happy, then I will stay.” Jezmen said. He brought the king’s hand to his chest, and placed it over his heart. He searched Helyah’s eyes for a sign that granted him permission to kiss his lips. He did not have to wait very long. Helyah reached out and placed his arm around Jezmen’s waist. He brought Jezmen close enough that he could kiss his forehead, ├╝sk├╝dar otele gelen escort ever so gently, then his cheek, and then brush his lips against Jezmen’s.

“I love you so much”. Helyah whispered.

Jezmen could no longer resist the overwhelming urge to passionately kiss his lover. His tongue pried open Helyah’s lips. He felt a hunger that surprised him. His hands traveled up and down Helyah’s body. He ripped open the king’s tunic, and let his tongue and his lips alternately caress Helyah’s chest. He concentrated on his nipples, and a series of soft whimpers escaped Helyah’s lips. This only ignited Jezmen’s passion further. He undid the knot on the king’s pants, and let them drop to the floor. He glanced up at Helyah, as he dropped to his knees. Helyah looked back at him longingly, in anticipation of what was to come. Still looking into his lover’s eyes, Jezmen teased the head of Helyah’s cock with his tongue.

Although this was the first time he had ever sucked a cock, Jezmen had learned from watching the couple that he had spied on in the forest as a child. After licking Helyah’s cock from its base to the head several times, Jezmen placed his lips around the tip and slowly swallowed the huge cock. Helyah’s head was reeling from the sensations he was experiencing. His hands reached back for some support, and was relieved to find the dresser close enough so that he could place his hands on it, palms down,to keep himself from collapsing.

Jezmen continued to suck Helyah’s cock voraciously. “Stop…Please-stop.” Helyah gasped. “I want something. I want you to do something for me.”

Jezmen slowly released the throbbing cock from his lips, and looked up at Helyah. “Whatever you wish, I will do for you.”

Helyah took a moment to recover before continuing. “I want you to take me.”

Jezmen looked up at him, puzzled. Helyah fell to his knees, facing Jezmen. He leaned closely, and whispered in Jezmen’s ear. “I want you inside of me.”

“But-” Jezmen began, but was silenced by Helyah’s lips on his. “Please.” The king begged.

Jezmen frowned, and lowered his eyes. “It will hurt you.”

“Did I hurt you?” Helyah felt a sudden surge of guilt at not having been gentler with Jezmen.

Jezmen nodded. “But it was amazing.” He looked up at Helyah, and gave him a coy smile. The king reached for the bottom of Jezmen’s tunic, and slowly pulled it over the young man’s head. Jezmen fumbled with the knot on his pants until he managed to untie it, and then stood up in order to remove them.

Helyah, still on his knees, reached out and cupped his hand around Jezmen’s penis. Jezmen moaned as Helyah stroked his cock up and down. This was a strange sensation for the king. Even during his encounters with young men at times of battle, he had never been attentive to their needs. As far as he had been concerned, they had been there to fulfill a duty-to pleasure him. But he wanted so much to please Jezmen. He would do anything.

Helyah hesitated at first, but he leaned towards Jezmen and placed the young man’s rock hard cock in his mouth. Jezmen’s large cock twitched in Helyah’s mouth. The king explored every vein and ridge with his tongue. Jezmen’s moaning encouraged Helyah to continue to devour the young man’s cock. After a while, Helyah found himself enjoying the sensation of kissing, licking, and sucking his lover’s throbbing member.

“Oh, my lord…” Jezmen moaned. “That feels wonderful.” He reached down and brushed his fingers through Helyah’s jet black hair.

Helyah brought his free hand up to Jezmen’s buttocks and caressed each cheek, while his other hand pumped Jezmen’s cock. He slid his hand between Jezmen’s butt cheeks and eagerly searched for the tight hole. When Helyah’s finger found the silky opening, it was pulsating with anticipation. The king’s middle finger slid inside fairly easily. Jezmen gasped and placed his hands on the king’s shoulders for support. Helyah’s finger slid in and out of Jezmen in response to Jezmen’s attempts to impale himself on the king’s finger.

Helyah momentarily released his lover’s cock from his lips. “Do you want more of me?” He asked.

Jezmen understood the question immediately. “Yes.” He almost growled in response.

The king removed his finger from inside of Jezmen and stood up. “But you have a wish to fulfill first. Remember?” Jezmen nodded.

Helyah walked towards his bed, ├žekmek├Ây rus escort and sat on the edge. He looked over at his lover and reached out his hand to him. Jezmen took a few steps, placed his hand in Helyah’s, and sat on the bed next to him.

The two men looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments, and then Helyah broke the silence. “I want to feel what you felt that first time. And-I-I want you to feel what it feels like for me. For a man…” He was afraid Jezmen would misunderstand what he meant. “I want you to always have a choice.”

Jezmen’s eyes were full of love. “I have made my choice. My love for you has nothing to do with how I was raised. I believe I would have felt the same regardless.” Then Jezmen blushed. “However, I would be very pleased to oblige his majesty in any and all requests.”

Helyah knew Jezmen spoke the truth about what he felt. But he had also observed how everyday the young man became more masculine in his demeanor. Each day less, and less remained of the maiden. And Helyah’s only concern was that one day Jezmen would no longer desire him.

Jezmen’s gentle kiss shifted Helyah’s thoughts to the present. “What are you thinking about?” Jezmen asked.

The king shook his head and smiled. “Nothing for you to concern yourself with, my love.”

They kissed again, this time passionately. The intensity quickly became almost fierce. Helyah placed his hands on either side of Jezmen’s face, and Jezmen took hold of the king’s wrists. Their kisses became harder, and the two men became breathless. The lust between them was overpowering. Helyah pulled away long enough to lie down on the bed, and Jezmen followed, sliding up on top of Helyah. Their kissing continued almost uninterrupted. They would stop briefly to catch their breaths, and look at each other.

After a while, Helyah gently pushed Jezmen off of him, and rolled over on his side, his back turned to his lover. He reached behind him for Jezmen’s hand & indicated that he wanted Jezmen close to him. Jezmen obeyed and moved to a spooning position behind Helyah. Jezmen brought his leg over Helyah’s thighs, and caressed the king’s leg with his toes, while he flicked Helyah’s ear lobe with his tongue.

Helyah brought his knees up to his chest, and pushed his hips towards Jezmen. He could feel Jezmen’s erection against his buttocks. He reached behind him and took hold of Jezmen’s cock, and guided it inside him. Jezmen positioned himself so that Helyah could easily continue.

At first, the pain was intense. Helyah felt as if he would be torn inside. Jezmen knew that his lover was hurting, and so began to kiss Helyah’s shoulders, his neck, his back, in an attempt to distract him. It had the desired effect. Helyah relaxed somewhat, and this allowed his reluctant hole to admit Jezmen’s large cock head inside. Finally, Helyah pushed his hips a little more in Jezmen’s direction, and allowed almost half of the young man’s length inside.

Jezmen remained still from the waist down. He did not want to cause his lover any more pain. Helyah’s hand was clenching the linens as he began to feel the large cock rubbing against his prostate. Now he needed that large cock fully inside of him! He pushed back all the way until all of Jezmen’s length had disappeared into Helyah’s opening. Jezmen was startled at how quickly his lover had responded.

“Please do it harder.” Helyah pleaded. “Move inside me-” He grasped the linens tighter as Jezmen acquiesced to his demands. “Yes. Like that. I love you so much.”

Jezmen’s thrusts became harder in harder in accord with Helyah’s breathless pleadings. Jezmen’s legs were now tightly wrapped around Helyah’s, so that both men’s testicles were exposed. This was the best position Jezmen could manage in order to drive himself as deeply into his lover as he was begging for. The heavy bed rocked and creaked with the almost violent thrusting.

“Harder. Faster.” Helyah demanded. Jezmen was trying not to reach orgasm, but he was certain he could not hold out much longer. He reached over and grasped Helyah’s cock in his hand. He began to jerk it. Soon after, Helyah let out a scream, followed by a sizeable amount of pearly cream that shot out of his cock. His opening clenched tightly around Jezmen’s cock, causing the young man to almost convulse as he orgasmed. Helyah’s tight hole released Jezmen, and a flood of hot, white fluid.

After a few moments, Helyah rolled over to face Jezmen. Jezmen smiled at him. “I love you.” He blurted.

“I love you too.” The king responded. Soon after, both men fell asleep. Helyah’s dreams were again disturbed by thoughts of the future. The difference now was that he knew for certain that Jezmen would be a part of whatever future awaited him.

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