A Juicy Session with My Boss

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I am Aakash. Aakash Mathur. Aged 27. Though I feel quite hesitant in giving a self-introduction, but it cannot be avoided here. Well, I am quite handsome with an athletic figure. And regularly visit the gym. Perhaps that’s the reason that I am a cherished guy in the eyes of the womenfolk.

I work in a MNC with a yearly package of INR 18 Lakhs. However, I have been in the same position since the last few years. Due to some unknown reason, I am not getting my due promotion, although there is every possibility for it. And this has been keeping me low recently.

That day I broke all my barriers of my hesitations and barged in to my Boss’s cabin.

Oh! By the way, I have not yet introduced my Boss to you. She is a lady. Amrita Chopra. Single child of a rich businessman and divorcee. She owns an attractive curvy hourglass figure – 34-23-34. Presently she looks after her Dad’s business. And now eventually, she is the actual owner of this Software Company. My office colleagues do whisper about some raunchy stories on her. However, I have not given much importance to those.

“May I come in Ma’am?” I asked her as I entered her cabin.

“Yeah, please come in…” Amrita’s sweet voice said, “…Be seated.”

With a courteous smile I pulled a chair and was about to sit…aah! My eyes got stuck on her boobs. She was wearing a tight white shirt and blazer with black trousers. The first 2 buttons of the shirt were undone. And the deep valley between the butter-toned, well shaped boobs were quite visible.

Sitting in the dark glass cabin on the 13th floor, I was feeling hot even as the AC temperature was 18 degrees. I was feeling thirsty. Smacking my dry lips and as I was trying to bring myself to the senses, I heard Amrita saying – “I think, you need some water.”

“No ma’am, it’s ok”.

“Are you sure?”, Amrita asked me in disbelief.

“Yes ma’am”, I said trying to reconcile myself.

Actually, whenever I tried to speak up, my eyes were panning towards her deep cleavage. Perhaps Amrita also could guess that. And that’s why she was offering me water.

“So, what’s the problem?” She asked me while working on her laptop.

“Nothing Ma’am!” I was unable to say anything more than this. My eyes got fixed on the beautiful anadolu yakası escort valley, peeping out in front of me.


“Actually…I was asking for…” I stopped, as my eyes met hers.

“Asking for what?” She looked at me directly.

“My promotion…” I uttered, trying to be sober enough.

In reality, I seldom visit this cabin. And one of the reasons for that is Amrita. Her hot and sexy looks makes me completely paralysed. She has maintained herself so well, that it’s really hard not to ogle over her perfect curves.

Suddenly, I got back to my senses. I saw Amrita bending over the table and looking at me. And her posture made the hot cleavage even more visible. I could see through her black inners.

“Why are you in such a hurry, Aakash? Don’t you like me anymore?” Amrita asked me with a naughty smile biting the pen with her teeth.

I somehow looked away from her cleavage and murmured – “Means? I don’t understand Ma’am!”

“Why do you need a promotion? Don’t you like me?” with a naughty smile she asked and closed her laptop.

“No Ma’am. Actually…I mean…”

“Mean? What do you mean?” She rested herself on the table with her boobs and put her hand on her cheek. “Tell me!”

“I mean…what to say…” I was unable to understand what was happening around me, looking at this voluptuous figure in front of me.

“That you don’t like me anymore!”

“No, no. I like you very much” I somehow gasped and said.

And as if she was waiting to hear these words from me, swiftly she turned around and said – “Oh, that’s why you stare at me like that?”

“No, I mean…when did I do that? I don’t stare at you…I actually hardly come here”, I hurriedly tried to manage myself.

Amrita now stood up from the chair, and walked towards me. “Why, why don’t you come here? Why do you avoid me?”

“No, nothing of that sort…” I was very nervous. Amrita Ma’am got more closer to me. I was sweating profusely even at 18 degrees.

“Then what Aakash? Why is that only ‘you’ avoid me? She asked while pulling and turning my chair towards her. She lifted her well waxed, pinkish, glossy left leg on my chair handle. It was soft as a feather. Well ataşehir escort toned. I felt like touching her.

Her cleavage was popping out of her white shirt, in front of my face. I could hear her soft breaths and smell her soothing body fragrance.

“Tell me why”, I got back to my senses as she asked me again.

“What?” I asked feigning ignorance.

She removed her left leg from my chair and sat on the table in front, while removing her heels – “Why do you avoid me?”

“No, not that!” I tried to save myself.

“Then why don’t you come to me?” She asked me in a husky tone, looking directly at my eyes.

Slowly, she raised her right leg and put it on my chair, in between my thighs. Looking at her well waxed, off-white feet between my thighs, I was almost felt dizzy.

I muffled and gasped – “I do visit you. See, I am here now…” Amrita was just 1 hand away from me.


I was feeling extremely nervous seeing her behaving like this. Anybody could enter the cabin, any time. So, I thought of leaving the room at the earliest and gathered myself to say – “I mean, it’s been long…now if…”

“Now if what?”

Suddenly I felt a spark in between my spine. I felt a warm press on my dick. I looked down and saw Amrita pressing my dick with her tow – “Now if, what, Aakash?” She was smiling naughtily.

“Promotion Ma’am…aaah…what are you doing Ma’am?” I panted.

“What am I doing Aakash?” She smirked at me, rubbing my dick even more.

She pulled me towards her by pulling my tie. “Ma’am, anyone can come in any time…”

Amrita was playing with my dick still.

“No one will come in. I have instructed the guard not to allow any one when you come to my cabin”.

My little sonny was getting harder with every stroke of Amrita’s pedicured toe. I could feel Amrita’s unrest as well. I took a chance of the moment and said – “Ohhh!! My promotion…”

Amrita jerked up and pulled my tie to drag me almost on to her. I felt her hot breath and the toe press was also increasing.

“Yes, it will happen!”

“When will it happen?”

“It can happen tomorrow as well.”

“Aahh Ma’am…tomorrow?” I felt joyful even under that scenario.

“Hmmm. ümraniye escort But that will depend on your performance” saying this she looked at my lips.

“Means?” I asked her in surprise, looking at her eyes.

Amrita gripped my dick sharply with her toe.

“Aah!! It’s paining!” I shrieked slightly.

“Tonight is your exam on bed. For your promotion and increment” saying this she pulled my cheek and smacked a tight kiss on my lips.

My Boss, my supreme, my all in all, wants to spend time with me in bed!! She is seducing me! What more can I ask for, as an employee?

Amrita was sucking my lips. Her tongue was rolling together with my tongue. My tongue was unable to match the intensity of her tongue. Moreover, her toe was still rubbing my dick.

I hardly remembered when my hands gripped her boobs.

Amrita’s lips were dipped in to my lips. I kept kneading her soft boobs and I didn’t notice when I pushed her and laid her on the table. Amrita has already opened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, stroking my chest.

I had removed her blazer and was pressing her boobs with her shirts on.

The room was humming with our love sounds. Lip smacking.





Suddenly, ‘tring, tring, tring…’ he mobile rings and disrupts our heavenly moves!

Amrita picks it up annoyingly – “Hello… after 5 minutes!”

She keeps the phone and in that same annoyed tone – “Go to the washroom and freshen up. I will see you tonight at your place. Ok?”

“Ok ma’am!” I was about to get up, but Amrita stopped me and hushed in – “The key to your promotion will be your performance tonight! Keep that in mind!”

“Definitely ma’am!” and I gave a long, wet kiss on her lips. Her eyes were still horny as she said, “I think you have enough ability and courage to satisfy me…”

“Definitely ma’am!” I sparked confidently.

“Great my boy! It will be pleasure to be fucked by you…”

“Yes darling, you will really enjoy it…” I kissed her again.

“Smart boy. Daring as well!” Amrita said, being amazed.

“Go now. People are waiting outside” and she kissed me before pushing me to her washroom.

I came out of the washroom after restoring myself quickly and sat on the chair again.

Amrita also freshened up after me and sat back on her chair.

The phone rang again – “Yes, send them in!” she told the guard.

The client entered the cabin. We were busy with our meeting. I mean, busy play acting!!

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